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Gangplank Build Guide by Cookieloft

AD Offtank GANGPLANK IN THE JUNGLE~Short Guide to gank with the pirate

AD Offtank GANGPLANK IN THE JUNGLE~Short Guide to gank with the pirate

Updated on May 19, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cookieloft Build Guide By Cookieloft 5,558 Views 1 Comments
5,558 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cookieloft Gangplank Build Guide By Cookieloft Updated on May 19, 2013
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ARRRR ~ CLEAR THE DECKS !!! Welcome to my first Gangplank-guide "Gankplank". In the texts below I wil tell you why Gangplank is one of my favorite junglers and why he is so useful for the team.
I remember my very first game in the league with some of my classmates at the beginning of S2 on the 3vs3 map. I only got Ashe, after the tutorial, and the free champs inclueding Gankplank. And so I met my totally favorite Champion. I've played him jungle since S2 but he got even more powerful and better ganks in S3 because of the . It works perfect with your . Together with it's a permaslow when you gank and shoot the **** out of them. You see Gankplank is very depending on the right items.

But Why Jungle and not Top ?

Well, in competetiv plays and rankeds I see the role of the Jungler as THE MAIN ENGAGER. With this Items you can slow several Champions at once with if shot right at the right time. makes you the second support in Teamfight. Ye right, a support. In rankeds I try to make the other team as mad as I can to give all kills to the AD Carry. Damage is less important as Jungle . I think now you got the point of this Build. SLOW-SLOW-SLOW. So why not just a Jungler with slows like Sejuani ? HE IS A GOD DAMMIT PIRATE and with his he is more useful for the whole team and his 'dps can be used to help other lanes during ganking another lane. So Jungle is focused to carry the teamfight with his CC, DPS and slows.
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Runes and Masteries

There is no much to explain. You could go for penetration instead of pure attackdmg, it makes your endgame a bit easier but jungle will be much harder at the first lvls. Armor and MR for the sustain and attackspeed, working well with is just helpful for farming the jungle faster.

For masteries try 9/21/0. A bit Damage, but based on tankyness
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Sice you are Jungleplank aka Gankplank aka Slowpank you dont need dat much damage to kill the enemys ADC. Your Core-item is . This passiv is just incredible OP on him. You only have to hit because it counts as a normal hit. Thats the reason I prefer it over the Trinityforce. Thats probably the main-reason why to jungle . With any other Jungler you have to do a normalhit first before the passiv activates. If your Support is ******ed or plays Lux or any other actually non-support on botlane get instead of
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Skill Sequence

First give one point to ,than Parrel for doing the buffs realy fast. Then decide which lane you want to gank first. If there are champs with a lot of CC and stuns like than do the ,for the gank, if not do it for the sustain in jungle too. Max your Parrel first, than max the other skills alternately.
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I am used to play Gangplank with and

Isnt realy necessary on Gankplank, who has way enought speed with his

WHY ? isnt your enought ?

Mh.. is a beautiful skill right ?

Not the best choice, building this guide. There is enought slow with

Useful for some champs but definetly not for

You are not the support even I think clarity is useless anyway :)

Actually an useful spell for Gangplank with his global-ult

Teleport is useful for every lane but i dont see any sense using it on the jungler because you gank anyway

Well no. For sure ther is a shield or something like that on your team. If not, still no

Not needed. There are at least two in your team
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Pros / Cons

+ He has much slows
+ Much sustain
+ Global for pushing two lanes at once
+ CC King

- Not the best gank
- Very depending on items

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Creeping / Jungling

Gangplank is way no early-ganker. Start with Wolfes go over to Blue, Golems and than red. After that you should be 3 and have the spells you need to gank. Prepare to have less creeps than the other jungle, because before you didnt got Gankplank has 0 CC to farm fast. When You hit 6 concentrate to use your Ult to grab many as*sits as possible or even kills since the CD isnt high.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cookieloft
Cookieloft Gangplank Guide
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GANGPLANK IN THE JUNGLE~Short Guide to gank with the pirate

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