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Gangplank Build Guide by Mackattack

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mackattack

Gangplank - It's time for a duel

Mackattack Last updated on August 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey ladies and gents, this is my guide to gangplank. I've played gangplank many times and I've worked on quite a few different builds with him(even tried Ap...I don't suggest it). I've used this build quite a few times and it's worked out pretty well for me. Hope it works for you too.

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Good burst damage
Good mobility
Good survivability
Pretty easy to get the hang of
His W removes disables(great against exhaust)

Items are quite costly
Pretty dependent on items

Can't think of any more cons xD

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The masteries for this build are pretty simple. I grab the extra crit damage and extra crit chance all of the time with gangplank. I prefer getting the extra armor pen over maxing out Brute Force size 32 because of the fact that only a few items give you armor pen, and the extra 3 damage isn't that big of a deal. The only reason I put any points into Brute force is because I needed it to get the rest of the spots in the tree opened up. Now for the Utility tree. I prefer Utility over defense because of the fact that going defense will only give you a small amount of armor and magic resist. Going utility I have less time spent dead when I need it. Good And having some extra exp from allows you to level up a little bit faster.

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Runes. Things that can make or break you. Lets get started.

greater mark of desolation comes in handy because it gives you armor pen. Armor pen--> more damage --> better gangplank. It allows you to deal more damage to everything, but it really helps when you have to kill a tank that has a ton of armor.

I like this one because it increases your crit damage, not crit chance. I see people getting more crit chance and it saddens me. There are quite a few items ingame that increase your crit chance, but only ONE item increases your crit damage. These runes allow you to deal a lot more damage because it makes your crits that much more effective.

Really helps against magic damage dealers. Gangplank is squishy, and this provides you with some more survivability, while still being able to deal some damage.

extra crit damage. Refer to greater seal of furor for more info.

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I've seen many different item builds on gangplank. A lot of them depend on the summoner's skill. I've seen many parts of my build used on other builds. Seeing how other's built gangplank is the only reason I came up with this build. As anyone knows, is basically a must have on gangplank. If for some reason you aren't building AD then this guide will not help you whatsoever. End of story.
I get first so that I can hit people harder with
I try to get boots next, but if I'm doing pretty good in lane, then I'll go ahead and get just so that I can put out a little more damage.
I go for mercury treads because it gives me more survivability against magic damage dealers and it lowers the effect of disables. (very useful against teams that have lots of cc)
I try to complete my first so that I have a little bit of everything. More hp, more mana, better mobility, more crit, a possible slow, and so on.
Next, I start working on my . This item can make or break gangplank. It's usefulness on him is way to much for someone not to get it.
Now for some survivability. I like to get . I like it because it has a shield that blocks one enemy ability every so often. It's useful all of the time, because usually in team fights some people don't use a lower ability to deactivate the shield. Usually they use their main abilities and you can run away unscaved as they cry.
Trinity force, Infinity Edge, and Banshee's Veil are the core items for this build. These next items are good situational items.
Getting some lifesteal on gangplank is a very good idea. If you're facing a team that doesn't have a lot of burst damage, then lifesteal would work very well. On the other hand, if you're facing a team that has a ton of burst damage, then lifesteal is not nearly as effective. In those situations, you should go for more survivability.
Heavy AD Team:
works pretty well on gangplank. Since you are usually in the middle of the fight, you can deal damage to all nearby enemies. This works very well when you are going against an all melee team.
helps gangplank in a lot of ways. It gives you a little bit more armor, and extra crit. BUT it takes 2% of your maximum hp and adds that to your attack damage.
Heavy AP Team(magic damage dealers):
is great against AP champs. It has the highest magic resist in game. The regen is very helpful, and the extra bit of movement speed is nice as well.
is also quite useful on gangplank. Since it can block spells every 30 seconds it can be quite handy against karthus.
is very useful. Considering the fact that it removes a disable. Being able to remove two disables is awesome.

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Skill Sequence

I think that this is the trickiest part about gangplank. You can either choose to deal a ton of damage early game, but this requires not putting many points into your W. Not putting many points into your heal can ruin you early game, because you have to go back to base a lot more often. Staying in your lane longer allows you to accumulate more gold, which in return allows you to: deal more damage/have better survivability/more mana to use abilities with. So here's how my skill sequence goes:
is honestly a must on gangplank at the beginning of the game. (depends on if you are jungle or not) It's one of gangplank's main ways of dealing damage. Well this and his regular attacks. You have a much greater chance of getting first blood if you get this skill first.
is great against teams with heavy cc. This ability allows you to stay in lane longer. Stay in lane longer=more gold and more exp. This is also a very good counter to exhaust.
is a good buff for when you are getting ready to go into a fight. It's very helpful when your team has quite a bit of AD because it helps them too. I like to use this right before I use parrrley, because It increases its damage by a lot.
Here's my sequence:
Early Game:
> > > > >

Mid Game:
This is where you can change up the sequence depending on the situation. If the enemy team has quite a bit of cc then I would suggest putting more points into remove scurvy.
> > >

Late Game:
In this stage of the game, the abilities you get depend more and more on situation, and also on summoner preference. This is what I do:
> > >
> > >

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Summoner Spells

This is where summoner preference plays a big role. There are summoner spells that work better on gangplank than others, but honestly the spells you choose depend on what you like the best.

I chose and because these are two summoner spells that suit me well. I like using flash because It can either ensure me the kill, or let me escape from enemies, and ignite is good against since it reduces the healing effects on the target.

Here is a list of summoner spells that are great/ok/terrible.

Great Summoner Spells
works well with . It can allow you to escape easily or let you chose down fleeing enemies.
has just about the same use as ghost. It's better in certain situations. Example: You can flash over a wall and have greater chances of escaping in the jungle. If you have ghost then you have better chances of escaping in a lane.
is good against champs that I have pretty good lifesteal, ex. warwick.
works well against other AD champs, and it can also ensure you the kill, or allow you to escape from an enemy.

Ok summoner spells:
can save your life a lot, I just don't use it often.
allows you to spam a lot more, but other than that I don't find much use for it.
allows you to go back to base more often, but since you have your own heal it's not as effective.
Terrible summoner spells:
who uses this anymore?
so are you going to try to take out the tower in under 5 minutes or something?
is not a bad summoner spell, it's just bad on gangplank. Save this for your support.
save this one for the tank.

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Well that's about it. I hope this build works out for all of you LoL'ers out there. Have fun ladies and gents! And btw, if you have any suggestions on my build then plz let me know.