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Garen Build Guide by mattow007

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mattow007

Garen 1v1 Beast

mattow007 Last updated on March 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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i'm gonna update this if people seem to care about my build, i would be happy to hear your comments

i'm not so sure about sharing this guide.. i only see noobs garen, i hope not to face a garen with this build xD,

1st of all this build is for when your already used to garen, this build is not for noob cause if the ennemi manage to scare you..i dont know how he could.. you won't get enought money or not fast enought to make it efficient... with this build i can 1v2 most of champ if i play smart or def if 2x range X_X

this guide is focused on early domination lane, that mean if the ennemi cant get any minion kills its a good advantage for the rest of the game... sorry for my wrong typing im not so good with english anyway this is my 1st guide on moba and i hope to get used to it soon

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-tanky start (50armor and 720hp)
-11hp5 + Perseverance no need of pots
-good farmer all game (gonna last hit early)
-easy to escape gank
- Flash+ Decisive Strike get u an easy kill
- Demacian Justice is a good way to secure kill
-good silence that grant movement speed bonus


-no CC
-need lots of farm or they won't be scared
-slow atk speed (not so bad with youmuu)
-hard to escape gank if you already spinned

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Summoner Spells and game play

im not gonna extend about these cause every other guide is doing it, i will just say that

is a must to place a well silence
is great for 1v1, give you a small CC

as for game play:

this build is to try to prevent the ennemi to get minion kills so harrasm, harrasm and harrasm more and try not being hit to hard

i'm not gonna guide you on how to drive garen, as i mentinonned earlier it's not a guide for beggener, i assume you already know how to drive garen but.

some way to go:

silence the ennemi with Decisive Strike cast your Courage so minions and ennemi dont hurt you so much, place a few hit then Judgment when he try to run.
tip: show the ennemi that you prefer last hit minions then hitting him that way he won't anticipate your next hit against him

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Skills Sequence

i put Decisive Strike 1st because i dont start with shoes.. and i need some extra mov. speed to escape/catch the ennemi, this silence is just perfect to harrasm and not being hit back by some powerfull spell, also selecting this 1st make you the real anti-morde :P

next i put Courage to max out def/mdef bonus early, the active is to prevent being hit to hard from minions/ennemi when you harrasm, this build is for total domination the more hp you have left, the more the ennemi will be scared to hit YOUR creeps because all the lane belong to you. trust me it work in normal and ranked game

then i max Judgment because this is your main dmg skill when the ennemi is running away
and this is AOE so this is the only way to last hit more then 1 minion at a time.

here is the order Decisive Strike then Courage then max out Judgment this is it

there is some exception where you should put Judgment before Courage
when the ennemi is trying to out harrasm you, like shyvana, shyvana is kinda your worst challenger
in some rare case you should select Decisive Strike then Judgment then Courage then max out Judgment

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Core Items build

this build is the core, if there is not to much heavy AD(carry) or not to many CC(caster)

this item is kinda your infinite pots item, when i started playing garen i was like others, shoes and 3 pots..but sometime when you face a high AD champ like Tryndamere or Xin Zhao(i mostly play 3v3 but works great 5v5) you need this extra 10def and 120hp, with this you start with 70ad, 50armor, 720hp and 11hp5(this is without your passive) that's an incredible good start that scary most of non-tanky champs

why shoes where is the damage.. well speed is damage for garen, your so tanky that they keep run away so if you can catch them they are dead and when your a good farmer you can get these shoes and 1 or 2 Long Sword if not The Brutalizer on 1st trip

i finish this asap why the hell would i do this.. there is 2 reasons, reason 1: for speed boost :D as i already explained the ennemi will always run away cause your mostly always full of hp due to your high hp5, he can just go heal to town and let you free farm.
reason 2: the atk speed boost it's to push turrets, im kinda a player of 3v3 and my team rarely push so i have to do it by myself, now i can damage turret more while the ennemi is backing to town.
extra reason= armor pen, damage, critical chance

i know what your thinking right now, is he kinding us...atmas before warmog really? yes, we already have enought tanky stuff with youmuu you got about 120-130 ad and with this u get around 180-190 ad..i prefer being able to kill a minion mob with a single spin then being more and more tanky to just scare them more, with this you can deal decent amount of damage, in most of my game i'm the one with the most ad when i get this... what more to say i'm an ad in a body of a tank

in 5v5 i get this right after atmas to max the stacks before the game end, but in 3v3 if i'm farmed like a king i can get infinity edge before for more pwn(you gonna play more smart) this item will make you about 4k hp and i won't count hp5, with this the ennemi's ignite will almost heal you, it's not rare that i survive with less then 10 hp left

not all game get this far, but i get infinity edge in honor of all spin to win guide...with this you get 320 ad and this is great for critical damage, but costy this is a must to have for all critical champs


(game rarely get to this point)

great for all what you fast, critical, atk speed
a good slow and some extra hp (hp=dmg)
if you want to get more tanky and have some aura damage
zeke's herald i guess this is good for team
not like if it was good cause your not dumb enought to die for no reason
why not lol always good for teamfight
if your good at not dying it worth it, its pretty good for 1v1
or you can always stack them, anyway game will end soon

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Situational Items

these items are if there is too many AD(carry) or CC(caster) or just if you feel you need them
is a must to dive turret and a good counter AD, i get this after youmuu if needed, just if their main AD is fed and they have 1 or 2 other AD, i get this in 3v3 when there is a fed Tryndamere too

i rarely get this but it's good if they have many AP users and their champs run faster then you... with this you never return heal, you just gank and your full hp..but it's mostly a waste of money, i prefer go atmas asap

if there is too many CC like Annie, Lux or someone like that, its pretty annoying to get stunned 2 or 3 time in a row so i get this

i'm not a big fan, but if there is way to many AP CC get reduce your mov. speed a lot compared to Boots of Swiftness so i never get them

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Runes and Masterie explanation

my runes are pretty basic, i max stats gained from them

greater mark of desolation i choose them to max damage dealt
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist i get these instead of flat mdef cause 40 mdef is enought to start i think
Greater Seal of Armor armor is the key of survivability in my world
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage i get them instead of more armor pen cause i like to start with 70 ad :P
greater quintessence of desolation you can get these if u feel you need more armor pen but your starting AD will be 63 or 64 instead of 70

Masteries now

lets start by saying both pros of 21-9-0 or 9-21-0

21-9-0 PROS

- 4% cooldown
- +2.25 dmg at lvl 18
- +10% magic pen
- +10% critical damage
- +6 armor pen
- +6% dmg when ennemi is below 40%

9-21-0 pros

- 2 more armor and mdef
- 8.2% cooldown at lvl 18 (its 2x more)
- 3 hp5 (+ your 8hp5 from Doran's Shield make it 11hp5)
- 1.5% reduced dmg (it always reduce damage not just when your -40% hp)
- +3% max hp and reduce 10% of incoming disable (with atmas hp=ad and tenacity is good to have)

to me there is no way we can sacrifice these goodies for 10% magic pen or some extra damage, the goal of my build is to total dominate and the more tanky you are the better it is, also when the other back to heal your almost full hp when he come back cause of your hp5 so no point going 21-9-0 if you have to back to town to heal, your losing the precious experience

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to end

to end i would just like to say that you can comment without downvote if you don't like my build but i played over 1000 game as garen...yes i'm not shy to say it, this is my main champ i played him every possible way (ad and tank) and to me this is the best build cause i'm pro with it :P

thanks for reading and i hope you comments