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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IShirokumaKun

General Bottom Land: Role of ADC and Support

IShirokumaKun Last updated on April 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About This Guide

_I started to play League oF legends less then a year. Most of the time i like to fill in my team to be able to pick the champion that synergy the team. I play mostly AD Carry, Support and Mid Land, and encounter or watch almost every support and AD carry bot land. I hope this guie will have the information to help with whoever new to AD carry, support and want to fulfill these role. Anything you guys want to add or questions will be answer. Read this if you are new to ADC or support. I have hear a lot of player said that they cannot play ADC or support. I start off as a support player, then switch to ADC and now i play all role. Practice create perfection.
_I choose the best three ADC and support because of how the abilities synergy well. This is based on my own experience from watching other as well as play with/against. Also, support that have similar abilities or better can work well to. (Thresh> Blizcrank), (Nami<Sona)...
_Champion that i have not encounter or played enough to give experience: Nami, Fiddlestick, Thresh, Morgana, Lux, Sivir, Urgot, Quinn.

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Job of ADC

_You are the main AD damage of the team and the biggest threat to the enemy team. Your job is to stay behind the tank and mainly Auto Attack in team fight. DONT INITIATE THE FIGHT. It is the other role to initiate.
_There will be time that the other team have a assassin who can dive through the tank and burst you down.You will need your support to help to stay alive. Try to run away and kit them them because if you are down your team lose a big damage dealer. A good teammate will immediately react when they see an assassin dive into a AD or AP carry.
Landing phase:
_If you are the purple team help the jungler to take down the camp fast (smiteless is better). Blue team have this disadvantage unless your jungler go for read first, or your team switch land.
_You need to farm a lot and get the CS. Some carry can play a bit aggressive and they can poke the other carry, while the other carry need to stay back and farm. Try to poke without trading damage. _Only LAST HIT (your last AA kill the minion) because AA all the minion = you push your land._Try to keep the minion wave around the yellow zone so you are mostly safe from gank. If you are pushing the land your jungle may not choose to gank. Be aware of the map. Your support must have a good map aware + ward cover.
_With your support + jungler help you can even get a kill or two. Most of the time your jungler will let you get the kill.
_Dragon is nice to have, but not for a tower or a few kill. Only do so if the other carry go back or you just saw the jungler up top. Three people is best to take down jungler, and one of them has to be your jungler.

Mid game phase:
_Happen after the first few tower are down
_THis phase= getting tower, dragon and possible baron; defending tower and buff, stealing buff if safe; some team fight.
_Farming is still important so keep up. You are now having the few core items. Dont get caught farming alone. Your support should cover the land you farm with ward. This mean have a good map aware is critical. Usually you dont go to the enemy's land to farm unless you have a support with you. Farm alone when the creeps go into your side. Some team-fight may happen you still need to stay back to do damage. Only dive if you are sure you can get the kill. DONT GET CAUGHT BY THE OTHER TEAM. You will die within a few second.

_Late game:
_Happen when you react around lvl 16 and you are almost finish your build.
_This is usually win or lose. Lose a teamfight= baron+ inhibitors. Stay behind the tank and auto attack. Your AA deal the most damage with your item and ability. Try to get away from assassin or the other initiator.
Position of the ADC is important. Stay at the max range of your AA and AA the closet target. If you can peel the tank or the bruiser without take any damage you can "clean house". Your team will have to protect you and dealing damgage to the other carry as much as possible. Disengage when you cant win unless u can finish up all the kill.

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Tips For ADC

_Landing phase is all about working with your support. Communicate with him.
_ You have to know when to be aggressive (dive, chase) and when to be passive( stay back, poke). I have found many time playing to aggressive will get you kill or too passive will let your team fail. This came from the knowledge of how two teams are ( synergy, weakness, strength).
_Be flexible with your build. AD item is cheaper and AS item fully useful in mid and late game.
_Dont be afraid to AA and kit the bruiser or the tank. You have all the strongest damage item. You may not be able to kill the bruiser or tank right away, but they are not invisible to kill.
_Constantly position yourself to be able to kit without taking damage. This mean alway behind the other four members of your team.
_If you are fed, it mean you will be the priority target and your team can lose if your team cannot protect you from engage.
ADC who have strong early,mid game generally have a AD ability to harass and zone out ability; while late game ADC have a AS steroid, massive range and abilities that increase their AA damage. The reason is late games AA with AS do more damage then an AD ability. AS early game doesn't do a lot of damage because ADC's AA isnt deal a lot of damage.

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Job Of Support

There are two type of support: agressive and passive. Agressive support will poke the other carry and support while the passive will heal and shield the damage and keep farming. Some support can set up kill with their hard CC, while some have shield, heal and some soft CC to stop the engage. All support can do well with all carry, but there are some who synergy well with each others.
_Your job: ward bushes and baron(around mid game) and dragon (after your first trip back), have a map awareness for the team, buy support item to give aura and protect your carry (some support will dive in with the initiator).
_This is where you ward in landing phase. Ward one of the two tower bush to prevent gank._This map show where you should ward mid game to late game. Be careful in late game when face-checking a bush because you can face all five member.
Landing Phase
_Be careful while poking the other. Some support with hard CC can turn aggressive and you can get yourself kill. If you can poke the other low enough to even go back, your carry get a lvl and gold advantage. If they overextend, you may be able to get the kill (with jungler help in some case).
_When the jungler come and the other team did not back off, DO NOT SUDDENLY turn agressive. Slowly turn agressive and land your CC onto them, or Exhaust.
_AWARE OF THE MAP. Even when you see the enemy coming top you can warn top land to back of or the mid land to push.
Mid Phase and Late Phase
_Ward around the map. Vision is very important.Note that you are not the only one who ward, but the main one (beside carry since you ward for carry). Other land must ward to protect themselves.
_If your carry are farming on the enemy's side, either go with him or ward around so he is safe.
_In teamfight, use your skill to stop the enemy from diving into your carry (sometime the AP)

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Tip for Support

_Help your jungle warding the enemy's buff can be helpful. Sightstone give you four wards so spare it. A buff give a lot of advantage.
_Dont be afraid to die for your carry , but that doesn't mean feeding the other teams or let both of you die. The survival of your carry, especially if he is fed is important. Only die if you have use everything and only one can be save.
_You should remember dragon and baron's spawn time, but the jungler should remember it too. 6 mins for dragon and 3 mins for baron after the buff wore off (7 mins).
_ The items order are Ward, Support Item, LVl 1 boot, Support Item, Support Item,Support Item, lvl 2 boots. Keep in mind that you may need to upgrade your boots if you thing you need the movement speed for escape.

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Very Standard for all ADC. U want to put most of the point into Offense Masteries.
For Support
I put one point over Summoner's Warth to get the passive of reduce target's Armor and MR. U can put that point into Veteran's Scar for some health.

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For AD


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
_Very standard for all AD.
For Agressive AD

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

_For Passive AD

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Gold

_Alternative choice
Go for Greater Seal of Gold,Greater Glyph of Armor if you want choose. You can mix between the passive and aggressive depend on your styles, or you just dont want to spend two runes page of support.

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Summoner Spell

Flash A must for escape for gap closer
color=#00ff00]FOR ADC[[/color]
Cleanse For a High CC team, counter Exhaust and Ignite
Barrier A Shield, can be helpful against burst or protection. THis shield is short but can change the outcome of a 1v1.
HealA heal that also heal nearby ally, alternative for Barrier
Ignite helpful to finish kill, counter Heal and occasionally Barrier.
Ghost give movement speed, alternative for Flassh because it have shorter CD, less reliable
Exhaust reduce damage from champion, very helpful to secure kill, reduce snowball champion damage in team fight.
Heal can help to get kill or stay alive but Exhaust is better
Clairvoyance a global vision granted, not really reliable but can be helpful to check baron, dragon.

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Standard Items for ADC

Damage ITEMS Getting at least two.

Item Sequence

The Bloodthirster

Blade of the Ruined King

Mercurial Scimitar

The Black Cleaver

Last Whisper
_ Blade of the Ruined King seem to be a really strong item right now, as it deal extra percentage of curent heal. Infinity Edge give you the most damage but is very expensive. The Bloodthirster give you high life steal. The Black Cleaver shred 25% of armor. Mercurial Scimitar is another Cleanse, but you can cleanse debuff such as suppression. Last Whisper help with high armor enemy.
_You will want to get at least one life steal item and one high damage items. The Bloodthirster+ Infinity Edge offer the most damage.
Attack Speed Getting at least one.
Item Sequence

Runaan's Hurricane

Statikk Shiv


Sword of the Divine
Phantom Dancer and Statikk Shiv have almost the same AS, MoveSpeed and Crits to pick one depend on your choice of ignore unit collision or a wave of Magic Damage at 5 target. Sword of the Divine buff you 3 second of 100% AS and Crits. Runaan's Hurricane give massive AS without Crits. Zephyr give you tenacity (CC duration reduction)
Survive Item
Item Sequence

Randuin's Omen

Guardian Angel

Warmog's Armor

Frozen Mallet
You can get one item to give you more survival, when your team cannot fully protect you and you have enough damage to kill. Banshee's Vei against high burst AP or hard CC. Randuin's Omen against AD damage. Guardian Angel give you another life. Warmog's Armor give massive health. Frozen Mallet give a change a slow and some health.
Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads

Enchantment: Furor

Enchantment: Homeguard
Most carry go for Berserker's Greaves to give AS and it is the cheaper boots. Mercury's Treads is the most expensive and give you Tenacity. Only buy it for a team with a lot of CC.
Upgrade the boots is for late game. Enchantment: Furor is for chasing and Enchantment: Homeguard is for guarding your base.
Rust Blade of the Ruined King; Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv. Get a high pure damage like Infinity Edge next.

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Standard Items for Support

Support Items

Item Sequence

Locket of the Iron Solari

Talisman of Ascension

Zeke's Harbinger

Mikael's Crucible

Runic Bulwark

Twin Shadows
Aegis of the Legion (aura), Locket of the Iron Solari(aura +shield), and Shurelya's Reverie (Movement Speed buff)is a must. Usually your jungler will get Locket of the Iron Solari or Aegis of the Legion, so get the other one. Shurelya's Reverie is great for disengage or engage.
Mikael's Crucible is best if you want the mana reg for poking or used hard CC more. Make you you get some CDR to maximize the CC. Best pair with Locket of the Iron Solari, [[Shurelya's Reverie] for it CDR.Ward
Item Sequence

Stealth Ward

Vision Ward

Ruby Sightstone

Oracle's Elixir
Sightstone is your first item and upgrade it to Ruby Sightstone ASAP. Grab some Vision Ward for dragon and baron, and potential ward places. Oracle's Elixir used to clear wards, but only get this after you finish one of the support item and get this early if you can stay alive for 5 minutes.Boots
Item Sequence

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Enchantment: Captain
Boots is pick up usually after the first aura items or when you need movement speed to get away. Most support dont pick LVL 2 boots.
Boots of Mobility give you ability to move around map quicker, make it ideas for warding and roaming mid game. Ionian Boots of Lucidity is good for support with great CC. Enchantment: Captain is for late game, but Oracle's Elixir is still more important.

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AD Carry + Support: Pros, Cons, Syngery and Counter


Caitlynn is probably one of the most popular ADC of the game. She have a strong landing phase and should be play agressive. Work well with a lot of support.
She have one of the longest attack range.
Can push land fast help push the land.
Can zone the enemy or prevent gank.
Have a escape or gap closer with.
Great poker from distance and Ace in the Hole can finish a kill
No Steroid= a bit weak mid to late game
Ability is not really useful in team fight
Ace in the Hole can be blocked by other enemy
No skill that can be spam

Top 3 best Synergy
Nunu Give Caitlyn a AS steroid that she dont have and a AS debuff onto the enemy carry. These two can push land and destroy tower very fast.
Zyra's seed can be used as a ward in bush, so Caitlyn can used her own trap to zone the enemy in land instead of putting in bush. Zyra's snare and knock-up is a free AA from Caitlyn and easy Piltover Peacemaker.
This is a very high poke pair, since Lulu have a decent range and good damage. Glitterlance have a very high slow so a easy target for [[Piltover Peacemaker.

Top 3 Support Counter
Champion who can step on her trap and engage her if she try to come close; or can heal the poke can poke is ideas
Shatter help migrate a lot of her AD damage early game. Dazzle have almost the same range as her so can stun easy.
Astral Blessing can heal up most of the damage. Wish can save a ally from Ace in the Hole
Rocket Grab and Power Fist is a powerful combo and can destroy Caitlyn if the carry follow with the combo. Blitzcrank can bait her by step onto the trap and pull her if she go for a AA(very rare.)

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is also a popular carry. She have a strong landing phase as much as Caitlyn in term of damage and zoning. She work best with support who can be agressive.
Very agressive ADC
Strong AoE ultimate
Can zone the enemy easy.
Passive give a lot of movement speed
Healing reduction in AS steroid
A bit weaker after landing phase due to her zoning ability
Bullet Time immobilize her (dangerous in team fight if not position well)
Passive apply only if not taking damage
Relatively short range

Top 3 best Synergy
They poke very well together can Sona can heal up MF if she take damage. Sona can boost MF passive further. Crescendo set up a perfect Bullet Time without any interrupt.
Dazzle and Radianceset up a great Bullet Time for it stun and increase damage (MF ult scale both AP And AD). Shatter can give Mf Double Up more damage. Very agressive pair.
Sunlight is a passive that increase MF damage. A full combo of Leona's Zenith Blade, Shield of Daybreak, Eclipse and Solar Flare completely lock up the other AD (or even the support if Solar Flare hit both target) and Bullet Time quickly prof all Leona's passive.

Top 3 Support Counter
Champion who can interrupt her ultimate without take too much damage and can stop her from Strut is ideas.
Janna have her Howling Gale and Monsoon to stop Bullet Time. Double Up can be shielded.
Lulu can save the ADC from poke with her shield Help, Pix!. Whimsy and Wild Growth stop MF ultimate. Lulu can also poke a lot.
Stranglethorns will interrupt the Ultimate. Zyra Deadly Boom or her Vine Lasher can stop MF passive easy.


Ezreal is a safe pick, for his range in Mystic Shot and flash-like escape Arcane Shift. He work well with support who can poke at range.
Mobile AD carry who can doge skillshot
Good range poke
GLobal Ultimate
AS steroid with passive
Buff ally AS with Essence Flux
Can be OOM if not careful
Skillshot champion
Fall off late game
AS buff required landing skillshot to keep up

Top 3 best Synergy
They poke very well together because of their range and Sona can heal up Ezreal if he take damage. Crescendo set up a perfect Truesoht barrage without any interrupt.
Both can poke very aggressive, and Glitterlance slow can help Ezreal land a skillshot. Lulu can further help you escape if Flash and Arcane Shift is not enough.
Sunlight is a passive that increase Ezreal damage. Ezreal can quickly follow if Leona engage because he can Arcane Shift. Both are strong early game can Leona can set up kill

Top 3 Support Counter
Any support who can heal or shield the poke can win the trade.
Since Mystic Shot do AD damage and Ezreal cannot spam Essence Flux, Shatter's passive can migrate some damage. Taric can burst Ezreal if he cannot Arcane Shift away from Taric quickly.
Soraka can heal the damage from the poke. The other carry have mana supply from Soraka and can outpoke Ezreal.
Sona can heal the poke very quickly and can poke Ezreal back. Hymn of Valor isn not a skill shot so it is easier to hit Ezreal.


Twitch is a strong ADC though all stage of the game. He can out-trade many ADC early game and is very strong in team fight from his ultimate.
Have a stealth for escape and speed boost.
Have two steroid.
Deal true damage per second.
His ultimate outrange even turret for 7 second.
His AS steroid, and escape stealth is not instance
Squishier then other carry
Need to be aggressive

Top 3 best Synergy
Support who can go aggressive early game is ideas.
Nunu early game help Twitch stacks Deadly Venom. Nunu also have AS debuff onto the enemy carry, which help Twitch out-trade.
Leona's aggressive play style can set up an easy kill, for Twitch can easier kill the enemy ADC with his stack Deadly Venom and Expunge.
Lulu can also go aggressive early game. Glittlerlance slow is amazing to stack up Deadly Venom. Her kit work very well with twitch.

Top 3 Support Counter
Champion who can stop his early aggression, heal up the damage or reveal his stealth is ideas.
Lulu is the biggest counter to Twitch. She can reveal his stealth, out-poke him before he can go agressive with Help, Pix! and [[Glitterlance].
] Soraka
Astral Blessing can heal up most of the damage. Infuse is great poke and can stop Twitch from going into stealth.
Eye Of The Storm can shield out a of of damage. Her kit can turn the trade greatly. Monsoon can heal a low health opponent if needed.


Vayne is a hyper carry, which her damage late game completely shred the tank because she deal true damage. Most ADC out damage and counter her early game, for her early game is the weakest.
Strongest at mid and late game
Easier chasing opponent with her Night Hunter and Final Hour
Tumble can uses to dodge skill shot and reposition
Deal % of health in true damage
Have a hard CC
Difficult early game
Required good positioning in team fight
Most ADC counter her early game.
Short range

Top 3 best Synergy
Carry who work best for Vayne generally can protect her early game as well as set up kill after lvl 6
Nunu Give Vayne's AS, which is ideas for Silver Bullet. He can help you trade with other ADC.
His combo stop many aggression from the other carry. Alistair generally position himself to Headbutt into the wall, which Vayne can Condemn for a stun. He have a heal for sustain too.
Since Janna can not really set up kill, she is a passive support. She can shield a lot fo teh damage for Vayne. After lvl 6, Janna's kit is amazing so set up kill

Top 3 Support Counter
Champion who can take her weakness in early game to force her out of land is ideas.
Lulu poke very hard and can force Vayne out of land easy. Lulu can reveal stealth and stop Vayne from chasing.
Sona can poke Vayne out of land early game as well as health Vayne AA.
Since Vayne need AS to prox Silver Bullter, AS debuff really hurt Vayne


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