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Akali Build Guide by airok

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author airok

아카리 - Glimmering Shadow

airok Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Who actually reads this?

Don't be lazy. Akali is a fast champion.

She is Squishy so be careful!!
She does big bursts... on your keyboard.

Try out this build before rating.... it works if you are fast...

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Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Twin Disciplines

This passive gives a head start to Akali for speel vamp and magic damage.
Champions such as Twisted Fate's passive is more noticeable in late game.

Mark of the Assassin

This is a mandatory skill to have at level one. It has a very high burst after hitting a target with the mark. This let's you have a harass, last hit minions, scare champions, and do high damage.

Twilight Shroud

You should get this second, unless you are confident that you won't get ganked or take in any damage. You can use this skill move around, take no damage, and slow your opponent.

Crescent Slash

You can pop your Mark of the Assassin with this skill. This would mean you can use it while running or chasing, without the time for auto attacking. Use this also to hit two minions at the same time, if you can't last hit both(or three).

Shadow Dance

This move is risky and use it cautiously. Use it for leaps and kills to leap to other low health champions. You can do this up to more than three times during a team fight with perfect timing.
Spammable if used right.


Secure your kill with this SS. Try not to use it if they have pots, healing skills, healing etc.


Getaway move, try not to use it to secure a kill, play safe for flash.
for the rest of the skills, go aggro after level 6.



you can move around wards and like if you use teleport in Twilight Shroud they can't see you. great for using it in tough situations. Not sure if they fixed it or not.

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Why my runes??

What's the point of getting a lot of Ad if you have no armor penetration item for one attack?! and you aren't auto attacking anyways, a big waste!!

Also you won't initiate until after level 6 anyways. what's the point of getting that flat ad damage rune doesn't help late game and will hurt you. So by level 6 get one ad item booom your are set and you needed that ad item anyways for Hextech Gunblade which involves slow, damage, life steal, and spellvamp!!

The speed runes is good for every character to dodge skill shots position better, not get caught, not get ganked as easily, for everything. can't go wrong with speed runes...

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Try not to Get This Item

There are better items you can get that doesn't waste money for mana. This item is also only used for trading damage esp. for a melee champion. Akali is Squishy, the mr is removed... do not get it. Death Grasp is better because of the amplified damage after hitting. You can burst kill then run. in stead of chasing for that last hit. You aren't Master Yi.

Not as bad as Lich Bane but there are better items.

You are really Squishy... In a team fight, an Oracle and one cc is the end of your stacks.

Better to get Ad and Ap and spell vamp and life steal and a burst... Hextech Gunblade FTW

No more attack Damage items...

except frozen mallet is fine if only and if against fast true damagers like Irelia

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Why my Core items???


It gives the most Damage in the shortest period of time. Enough Armor, Magic Resist, and SpellVamp to get the work done. Better to get Fast kills one at a time then to chase kills slowly (Lich Bane), you will be easily targeted. Is it better to have 1000 health, or 500 spell vamp health per combo?

Why Deathfire Grasp???
You gain 4 seconds to do your combo and create mayhem. you combo usually ends in four seconds if the other champion player is tanky or good. Try to use it after they use cc.

Why Zhonya's Hoourglass??
why not rylai's, why not health. in team fights, using the hourglass will save you for about 2.5 seconds of damage. try walking in a team fight for 2.5 seconds doing nothing. You die in .5 seconds by focus. You also get armor from adc, sooo goodies!!


Warmog's Armor you aren't squishy now :3

Spirit Visage you get mr and you get to have more spell vamp :3

Void Staff Only if the other team doesn't have a good ap. Get this item rather than Abyssal Mask.

Liandry's Torment Only if you are lazy :b.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter This would go well with Lich bane and Laziness but you would get shut down easily during team fights. You don't see Katarina with Lich Bane

Guardian Angel If the enemies do not do much killing potential bursts(as a team)

Frozen Mallet Health and you can burst down one more time before they get to turret, jump over something. Lich bane is auto attack every time for full effect, this is one hit for one more second.

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Skill Strategies


Put Twilight Shroud behind the champion, then Shadow Dance to hit them while they are slowed.


Try to only use Shadow Dance after they have blown off their skills. Then run away. Great Trade!!


Use Twilight Shroud and travel around the circumference to run or damage.


Use Twilight Shroud to give you armor, and defense, not just invisibility.


Use Deathfire Grasp, Hextech Gunblade to start a fight against a champion.


Use Twilight Shroud to easily kill minions.


Avoid Spamming Twilight Shroud, because the cooldowns is slightly high and is the only escape Akali has.


After activating Guardian Angel or Zhonya's Hourglass spam Shadow Dance as fast as you can to the safest champion.


Use Twilight Shroud on yourself if your are running straight, or trying to. Remember if they go inside of it, they will be slowed.


Use Shadow Dance To hit Jungles if you are running away.


Try no to play aggressive until level six, then it is easier.

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Team Fight

Place Twilight Shroud on their side to slow them and if you plan to attack, you gain a shield and invisibility for the most part.

Kill the carries with low health or support, you can get more Shadow Dance.

Try to Zhonya's Hourglass before the damage starts coming. Whats the point of using it when you have 10 health, then 2 seconds after you die???

Deathfire Grasp before attacking because it amplifies magice damage.

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vs Champions

Character that has good cc like Swain - Just never initiate until he misses his stun. place Twilight Shroud Combo him and run.

Characters like Kayle place Twilight Shroud away from your minions. Run away if there ult is on, then place a Twilight Shroud on top of them and finish them off.

Characters like Lee Sin try to last hit only and harass... don't initiate unless you have a fellow jungler.

Characters like Darius is stronger with consecutive hits. You can make a good trade if you guys burst each other down. After your blood stacks rise, just run. You can't do much about his pull so it's best to trade when he pulls you in.

Characters with easy skill shots like Annie or Ashe. When they shoot their skill shot go close to them. Their skill shot goes in a cone, if you are next to them, their chance of hitting you is 1/3. Ff you are behind them, you would receive 0%. Twilight Shroud lasts a long time, be mobile in it.

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Bad Arguement

(didn't even listen to any of my points or tried it out..)
Not real in depth and real superficial, not showing half of akali power. that build will only work against a noob team. First in the runes section empowering movement speed will not grant you much, because akali isnt chaser/auto attacker, she is a chaser with her ultimate gap closing ability, you dont need any extra movement speed (and if you really want that, boots of swiftness will be good), and you dont need extra movement speed for escape, because you have twilight shroud to counfuse enemies. You dont have ad runes which are important to burst crescent slash, and activate passive, you don't have runes to burst your health... so basically it's a big fail rune page. Then again, the build is a fail too. Rylai's isn't for lazy hands... it's to help if you are ganked by a jungler, and one of the most important things to build first, after having the hextech revolver. That item will provide on-hit slow, which compensate the lack of movement speed runes, when chasing enemies. You bet on direct AP items like deathfire grasp and rabadons deathcape (which is useful only if you are feeded, and in late game to compensate health builds of enemies champs afraid of you, or that annoying tank that even one feeded champion can't take easily), and let lich bane for lazy hands section? that item stacks real great with akalis q- mark of the assasssin. The enemy team will focus you if they are not noob and you will die and feed so much. SO having a 15/10 or 20/15 score is good? No. You will compromise your team. You are tricking people with that lazy hands section. In fact, your lazy hands build is the better, and if you have the skill you can be fast, and use flash a lot to play ultra-agressive late game, taking multi kills and killing enemy in enemy turrent and then attack turrent. I tottaly agree with ability sequence. This guide will need a very very good review...
Your text explanation of akali gameplay, just lacked everything.
I would only recomend it to new players till level 20.
Thumbs down, I'm sorry. Good luck next guide

My Reasoning

look chapter 3 and item sections
what's the point of getting ad runes if you are going to get AD items anyways. no armor pen either. it's dumb. the movement speed help every character no matter what kind you are for dodging and landing hits or for better placement :b. And i'm the one that said she isn't chaser/auto attacker did you even read? twilight shroud confuses enemy?!, you must be playing bad players. hey you just said auto attack and chasing is not her play then why the hell do your write that for lichbane? did you even try that build out yet? nope you are being lazy and making assumptions...

what's the point of getting rylai's for slow, if you are going to kill them in one second with a better item anyways? you are being contradictory!!! seeing you only have one posts you are new here too Lol... dayum. the only reason you think my lazy hand section is because you didn't play people with high elo, you have lazy hands so it helped you more, and you never tried my build :b, I tried both builds i know what i'm talking about. The runes are meant for AP not AD, cuz you are not a chaser like you said. Unless you are Master Yi go for AD items and slows. the [hextech gunblade]] already slows :b. You are a burst character like you said. you aren't going to burst without armor pen for Crescent Slash.