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Warwick General Guide by Itchiboy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Itchiboy

Godwick - Because wins make history (in progress...)

Itchiboy Last updated on August 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Warwick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Morgana Morgana is WW's worst nightmare. It happened me many times, that I was about to use my ulti on champion, but in split of second she used her shield (E) on him, so it ignored my stun. Plus her Q and ultimate and damage from W. Terrible for you. Tips: wait for Morgana uses her shield (the best would be if she wastes it on her, so poke her) and then GO FOR CARRY!
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WAIT FOR IT please, I have now other stuff to do (I will finish it and make full guide clear)

its not nice, but it will be some time...a lot of text, I know, but usefull text :)

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my nickname is Itchiboy and I play on EUNE server.

S4 is my first ranked season and I started it in Bronze I. Playing Nasus, Teemo, Soraka I got up to Silver III. Then I discovered WW and Morgana (I play her only if there is some stabourn jungler who knows only 1 role in team). Thank to them I am now in GOLD division. I remember my first game with WW, I totally failed and screwed up that game (sorry teammates). But a long time after, I watched some rankeds where was WW. I was like...Woaah, I must try it again. So I did. Now my winning ratio is about 67-70%. My personal best is 71% from 62 ranked plays (only 5v5). So let me explain my style...

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Runes? I have rethought it thousand times. Some are clear, some are questionable.

BLUE: 9x scalling MR = 1,44 MR per level = 25,92 MR at 18. I know, most of players prefer immediately MR and ARMOR, but that's not good if you play WW. Let me explain. You don't need big deffensive stats before level 6. You start ganking after you reach it, so there is just small difference. If you had 9x 1,34 MR runes, you would have 12,06 MR at level 1, level 6 and even level 18. But if you follow my guide and use scalling MR, you would have 1,44 MR at level 1 (does not matter), 8,64 MR at level 6 (it is 3,42 less MR, but ok, let me go on), 10,08 MR at level 7 (-1,98 MR) and 11,52 MR at level 8 (only -0,54 MR and that is not observable). Level 9 is the crossroad. Scalling MR runes will give you 12,96 MR so it is +0,9! And after you reach this level, you can calm down about your runes. At level 18 you will have +13,86 bonus MR if you choose this way.

Same with YELLOW runes. This is even better, because normal runes gives you only 1 ARMOR each. It measn 10 ARMOR at level 1, 6 and even 18...But scalling ARMOR runes are the same as MR = 9x0,16 = 1,44 per level. If you remember, it grants you 8,64 at level 6 and this is only 0,36 ARMOR less than +1 ARMOR runes. So at level 7 you will be 1,08 ARMOR in profit what is really, REALLY GREAT!. At level 18 = 25,92 ARMOR so it means 16,92 bonus ARMOR for free. Remember your masteries, it gives you 5% bonus, so it is 1 more ARMOR. It is perfect, isn't it?

RED: I'm not exactly sure about these runes. You can put offensive ones. AD, AS, ARMOR PENE, etc. I prefer AD (scalling again)...normal gives you 9*0,95 = 8,55 AD, but scalling? 9*0,13 = 1,17 AD per level. 7,02 AD at level 6 (1,53 AD less) but at level 8 you are in advantage (+0,81 AD) and at max. level it is 13,32 bonus AD.

QUINT? There are a lot of usefull like AD, AS, HP...but thing you need is LIFESTEAL (4,5% from runes, 3% masteries + 10% SPIRIT VISAGE + 10 or 20% from passives of items when you are below x% HP) or even better is more MOVEMENT SPEED. I choose this one for higher mobility.

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When I'm bored, I take my notebook and I'm trying to discover new masteries combination. I can do all, but there doesn't exist better against balanced team than following one. Bonus ARMOR and MR? it is just 5%, but with my full build (MR boots, WIT'S END, RO, FH, BANSHEE and SPIRIT VISAGE) and these masteries and runes and level 18, it grants you 14 ARMOR and 13 MR (from 284 ARM and 263,5 MR). TOUGH SKIN and BLADED ARMOR may be useless late game, but it will help you a lot with gaining level 6 ASAP. VETERAN SCARS = 36 HP all the game. Nice in jungle, nice for ganks. JUGGERNAUT gives you 107 HP at level 18 full builded, so it is 143 HP from masteries. HARDLINESS is clear. 5 ARMOR + required for REINFORCED ARMOR = 10% less damage from criticals. Works well against YASUO, TRYNDAMERE, and others AD carries. SWIFTNESS? You must be swift. PERSEVERANCE regenerates you missing HP. It's not the best, but SECOND WIND is something! LIFESTEAL, HP REGEN, SELF-HEALING (your Q and AA) increased by 10% if you are below 25% HP (it means about 920 HP). Another perfect thing which won't let you die. That's all from DEFFENSE tree. You can have another mastery page with some more MR instead of armor which is good to use against AP-based enemy team. Others talents are useless. 50 HP shield? reason. +4 ARMOR and 2 MR for each nearby enemy player means 20 ARMOR and 10 MR in TF, but there are better points to have in UTILITY TREE. FLEET OF FOOT. More speed, fantastic! SCOUT and PHASEWALKER are useless so you have to give some points to mana regeneration (not best, but not bad :)). 3 points to SUMMONER'S INSIGHT so you can use your SMITE more often. Again 1 point to mana rege (2/3 in MEDITATION), because potions are useless. Finally some LIFESTEAL. Put all 3 points. What about last point? RUNIC AFFINITY as it helps you to stay in jungle for longer.

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Skill Sequence

Start with W or Q (I prefer W, but both are good). Focus your Q, then W and E at last. It is important to have 1 point in E before you reach 6, because it is important to gank. If you stay in jungle untill you're level 6, I recommend 2xQ and 2xW and E at level 5. Another choice is to have E at level 4, so you can have 3XQ and 1xW (W-Q-Q-E-Q) before 6. It's all upon you.

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Pretty simple, nothing to thinking about...FLASH to escape or kill, SMITE to gain level quickly


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