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Evelynn Build Guide by Solstice55

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Solstice55

Going DOPE with Evelynn

Solstice55 Last updated on March 13, 2017
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Who am I? None of your business

Hello forsaken creatures of the rift, my name is Miguel Ángel better known as solstice55. Ive been playing league since the beggining of season 3 back when Thresh was the brand new champ, that year I just dove deep in league of legends playing most of the games I have in my back owning the midlane with the help of Syndra and Orianna. Season 4 and 5 were more chilling for me playing a lot less until we hit season 6, where I finally managed to climb to gold.

My main role used to be the midlane where I liked to play high damage glass cannons and make red numbers go up my oponent arses, but with the time I got more experienced and started to realise that it's in the jungle where you have a better chance to have a deeper impact on the game. Even though i loved dishing out the damage I moved to a more team oriented offtank playstyle for which I chose to main Vi , Shyvana, Evelynn and Nocturne , some easy snowbally champs to carry low elo.

Thats me and how I became who I am, a jungle main who heavy focuses on taking objectives and making the enemy laners regret they ended up in my game.

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Why Evelynn? (pros / cons)

It was recently when I decided to give this old flavored champ a new chance to come back to my jungle pool, and OMG what a surprise it was. With this guide I will try to make you feel like I do when im fed with this champ, and give you the instructions to do so.

My Evelynn just felt like a monster craving to swim in foe's blood, getting kills so easily and escaping like danger was never a thing. I only needed just a few games to become addicted to it and fill my match history with nothing else than Evelynn games trying different builds to find the optimal combination.

Be a big burster and high dps sneaky assassin while being hard to kill due your tankiness and mobility, thats why you should go full Evelynn. Did i mention you are fkin invisible?

-You got dem sick burst thanks to Agony's Embrace and Ravage
-You can deal heavy sustained damage with Hate Spike and it's low CD
-You can roam around freely while invisible in Shadow Walk
-No mana issues thanks again to the incredible passive Shadow Walk
-Hybrid damage output makes itemisation a pain for the enemies
-If you get ahead you will snowball the hell out of the game

-Very poor first clear having to outplay the jungle to survive
-Bad at 1v1 popular junglers early on leaving you vulnerable to counterjungle
-Before you get your ultimate you have no CC to lock your oponents down while ganking
-Although good at small fights it's hard to have a big impact in teamfights, positioning is key
-If you fall behind early you are rendered plain useless for the rest of the match

Guide Top

Know and master your skills

Evelynn has a very unique kit of abilities making her a very special champion to play, mixing the fun of being an assassin who jumps in and out at will, with the utility of being an offtank who can duel anyone in the middle of the fight. All things combined make her a champion with a lot of style, damn bro she just radiates pure swag when played propperly.

Shadow walk: The passive that makes evelynn such an annoying champ to play against.
Enemies will have no clue about your position and will constantly feel the fear of being jumped by your criminal burst. Plus it gives you enough mana regen to make you stay in the breach for ever, if you are running low, just go for a walk and get ready for the next battle.
It's no spoiler that the enemy team will buy Pink Wards as soon as they see you on the enemy team, so be ready to get some gold outta them and master the "boomerang gank" where you come back to a lane soon after a failed attempt.

Hate Spike A spammable tool to chase enemies to death.
This is your main skill, you will hit the Q button till your fingerprint grinds down, it will make runaways a nightmare for the enemy specially with Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
It scales with AD and AP and does a considerable amount of damage given the ridiculously low CD it has. Just spam it whenever you fight or clear camps.
Note that it is targeted to the oponent you are autoatacking and even though it's not a propper skillshot it can miss if the target goes out of range.
This is also one of the main reasons why Evelynn is a great Trinity Force user, due to this skill's spamability you will have procs every time you want.

Dark Frenzy: A very usefull secondary skill for chasing and escaping.
At first sight it looks like a pretty lame ability, but after you play some games and get used to it you will realise that it is a really overpowered tool. It has a reset meaning that you can use it to go in for the kill and after you are done get the fk out in a blink, making towerdives an easy task for you.
Since you have an "infinite" mana pool you should abuse it to get the most time efficiency out of your jungling and ganking routes, just calculate it so you make it back to invisibility in areas where wards might be placed.
A very interesting point to keep in mind is that it cleanses all slow effects, so make sure to use it at the right moment when all of this effects are on you, not before.

Ravage: A destructive weapon to deal nasty amounts of damage to unaware preys.
Man what can I say about this monstrous way to tear appart enemy guts, it just feels so satisfiying to press E button and watch Evelynn smoke up your opponent's health bar.
I just love this skill and the insane amount damage it does with Trinity Force, because it does proc Spellblade on hit, and maaaaaan with a full 100% AP scale and some AD scale aswell, it can deal more than a half of an enemy carry's health.
Just a pair of downsides to it, first you have to be in melee range to execute it which leaves you easily focuseable, and second and not that evident, if an enemy fades away in a bush or gets invisible just after you cast it, it will cancel and deal no damage.

Agony's Embrace:: Your initiation weapon comes with a shield!
This is your ultimate and your only CC until you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you will use it a second before jumping in with your full combo. This is mainly because its damage is higher when their health bar is full.
It does a medium amount of damage but it packs a bunch of utility, at level 3 the slow is massive and the shield gets bigger the more targets you hit. So you want to place it in the middle of the enemy block and disrupt them before you blow up their carry while they can do nothing else than pop your shiled.
Agony's Embrace is a very useful ganking tool because its range is just as wide as your invisibility safe zone, so you throw the ultimate away and then press all the buttons over the enemy you wanna oneshot.
Dont be afraid to use it often as a 1v1 extra punch or as an scape tool because it's cooldown is low enough to forgive you for using it in a suboptimal way.

Guide Top

Build yourself correctly for the match

Im tired of telling you that Evelynn is special but she definitelly is and it also affects the itemisation, mainly because you can build almost anything and make it work.
You can go full AP, hybrid, full AD, offtank, full tank and fit in any combination of items to do so, just pay attention to what your team is in need of and fix the lacks it may have.
You can check some generic examples of final builds at the top of the page, but here we will go in depth about what items are core, what are situational and when to build any of those.

Starting items:
Hunter's Talisman Refillable Potion
These are my choice items for the start, simple and effective. You can try to take Hunter's Machete and make your early clear a hardcore survival mission, but i dont recommend it.
You should be able to get your first clear of 3-4 camps and come back for the Machete at that point.
Refillable Potion will help you through the game until you have to sell it for some gold or to make space. You can use it to sustain during your clears and just before any engage you think you might barely survive, always keep that secret deffensive weapon in mind.

Early rush:
Stalker's Blade Sheen
After you complete this two blue wonders you will have your first powerspike, the burst from the blue smite and the spellblade procs will offset the damage you lack early on.
I choose Stalker's Blade over other jungle items because of two simple things, the smite damage that synergizes well with your assassin's role and the slow that makes up for the shortage of CC you have pre 6.
You can try Skirmisher's Sabre for some synergy with your attack speed, but I personally preffer the chilling smite for the reasons stated above.
You might be asking yourself why do I recommend that early Sheen rush before you finish the jungle item, well, I will invite you to dance with me by the shores of value.
First of all, it is 600 gold cheaper, so you will be able to get it a bit sooner, that time you saved will pay off for the downside you get on damage and jungle clearing times.
Then here is the main reason why I do choose to wait a bit before I start building towards any upgrade, the upgrade itself. You should be reading the pace of the match and be ready to fulfill whatever they need: a tank to cover them late-game because they are already getting fed? more punch to help then recover from a tangled start or to push harder the snowball? Either way you should take advantage of that time you have to decide so you make the best choice.

Choose your Jungle Item:
Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk
This decission will determinate your playstyle and the role you represent for your team. Dont worry too much about it because you will be beefy enough even if you go for Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes and you won't fall short in damage when you build Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk.
I will give you some tips to help you decide between them.
Go for the Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes everytime you feel like their enemy comp hasn't got enough tools to prevent you from deleting their carries, wether they have low mobility or not enough CC to keep you locked down. If you get some kills early you should definitelly go for this, let the snowball begin.
However Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk should be picked when you have another assassin in your team or when your job looks like its going to be relegated to the frontlane. You will still have the capability to blow up an enemy carry if needed, but you will also be a bit more durable and with the help of the shield from Agony's Embrace you will be able to spread madness across the fight surviving every trade you attempt.

Trinity Force is love Trinity Force is life:
Trinity Force
This is the core of your build, this is your main weapon, this is the bloody highest powerspike you will ever get in the match, so prepare to dilate some back holes and keep a never ending flowing stream of kills.
Complete this after you finish your jungle ítem and Boots of Speed and be ready to rule the rift with your insulting damage, you can now 1v1 almost everyone that isn't more fed than you.
One point that should be stated is why to chose this over Lich Bane. Although both are really good options, Trinity Force offers a bit more damage at this point of the match while being surpassed by Lich Bane after you stack more AP. Furthermore the extra stats it gives are all good for us, 250 health to bulk up, attack speed to stack with Ravage boost, on hit movespeed to be even more slippery, 10% more CDR and last and more important, this spellblade proc does physical damage, which favours our hybrid nature and makes good use of our hybrid pen marks.
Hope you understand why this item is godlike in Evelynn and if you don't believe me try it for yourself.

Some always good options:
Dead Man's Plate Abyssal Scepter Rylai's Crystal Scepter Hextech Protobelt-01 Hextex Gunblade Guardian Angel Liandry's Torment Banshee's Veil
Well, almost any combination of the items listed above will get the work done for you when stacked over Trinity Force and your jungle item. I will go over them just a Little to give you some insight about when to pick each one.

Dead Man's Plate Is almost core in every match, you will need that defense even if the only AD they have is from the carry. Life is also a great stat for you and dude, the Crushing Blow passive is just more nosense damage to your Ravage given by a deffensive item, nuts isn't it?

Abyssal Mask This one is an item I find me overusing, because it is pretty lazy to just complete your tankiness with some AP, CDR and magic pen. But thinked coldly it is more of a situational pick, you wont benefit fully from the magic pen because you're hybrid, and the fact that it's an aura will only reach it's full potential if you have more magic damage dealers on your back.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Hextech Protobelt-01 Both of them are good, both of them are compatible with eachother and both of them do the opposite thing. Chose Hextech Protobelt-01 when you have trouble closing the gap between your invisibility range and the enemy target, it will add even more burst to your arsenal with that pretty broken active. However Rylai's Crystal Scepter offers you better stats and a different passive that switches your playstyle enabling crazy possibilities of kiting and chasing. Go for it when you have no issues with the disintegrate-the-carry mission and you want to outplay the enemy fighters and never let them escape alive.

Hextech Gunblade This is a tricky one, because it will give you really harvestable stats plus a healing effect and another great active to crush people. Nontheless it's difficult to know when to go for it and fit this pure offensive weapon into your build. Purchase it when you are fed and wanna continue wrecking havoc, cause you definitelly will.

Guardian Angel Simply and briefly, get it as your last ítem when you are really fed and wanna come back alive to finish whats left of your oponents after they tore up their entrails trying to kill you in the first time. Also very valuable tanky stats to use. Lategame sell it and rebuy it when the active is back.

Liandry's Torment Maybe the most situational piece of this list, Get it along your Rylai's Crystal Scepter to maximize the effect. You will find you getting this item when the enemy team is really tanky and need extra magic pen aswell as percentage damage.

Banshee's Veil Your go to magic resistance option when they are heavy on the AP side and you are willing to sacrifice some damage to be the tank. The spell shield is really useful to prevent some dangerous things as you jump in.

Situational options:
Zhonya's Hourglass Randuin`s Omen Lich Bane Blade of the Ruined King
These are some of the things you can add to complement your build in some peculiar matches, I will explain a bit each one and some other niches that might work.

Zhonya's Hourglass Get this nerfed beauty when you are against heavy AD comps and/or you find yourself dying too quickly.

Randuin's Omen this along Thornmail are your best options when you are building tanky and find trouble dealing with enemy fed AD champs.

Lich Bane Upgrade your Sheen straight to this when you have the hunch that you are gunna rek them m8.

Blade of the Ruined King An old flavored Evelynn's good friend, take it with you when they have big walls and you find yourself comfortable autoatacking in the middle of fights. Not very recommended.

Chosing the right boots:
This is an easy but important decisión to make.

Take Mercury's Treads againts a puntual CC that is annoying you or if you want to invest more in magic resistance.

Go for Ninja Tabi when you want to stack armor, as simple as that.

Boots of Mobility are sometimes the dope choice, the enabler of a crazy roaming potential that will make you omipresent and set the pace of the match at your will.

Guide Top

Own the jungle

We have covered the technical part of this guide, so in this chapter I will attempt to train you in the art of being a ghost that is threatening when you don't see it and lethal lethal when it shows.

First of all, the dirty part of every game, the shabby first clear... well if you have tried evelynn you know you have to sweat to get through the first camps alive with the constant fear of being counterjungled and recall to buy a just a fkin machete!
Well the misery ends here because after that you have a level 3 choice, upgrade your Hate Spike and keep farming till you feel comfortable, or if you had placed a point in Dark Frenzy you are ready to do your first gank. Those first ganks whenever they arrive are vital, the match is fresh and the enemy is not likely to have purchased pink wards, so you will catch them off guard pretty much every time. Take advantage of your early ganks because the sooner you get ahead the easier it will be to snowball out of control.

How to perform a good gank? You may ask yourself, well with Evelynn it is easier than ever, you just have to be aware of your strenghts and limitations. Shadow Walk is your main weaopn of mass destruction, it gives you something almost no one does have the surprise factor! I may clarify to you how it works in order to make you the perfect ganking machine who commits no mistakes.
When you go nearby an enemy an eye may appear along with the circle which limits your range, it's safe until it goes red, so pay attention to your safety zone and keep champions out of it (minions wont reveal you so camouflage between them, you are a sheep). You can go around your enemy until you find the best position to ambush them to death, but if you slip and the eye goes red... jump in no matter what and give the best you can.

The combo you want to perform varies depending on the tools you have available. In the earliest stages you rely pretty much on your positioning and the slow from the red buff or your Stalker's Blade's smite. You get close, unleash the damage from Ravage and follow up with a big load of Hate Spike spam and autoattacks when you are close enough. Feel free to dive if you have your tanking capabilities under control because Dark Frenzy will get you out in time.
When you Get your ultimate, things get a lot easier, you release the spikes just before your combo to maximize the percentage damage and jump in with all your burst.

Another weapon you have after you complete your Trinity Force is to counter jungle. Be smart, you can duel some weak champs but the 1v1 beasts like Kha'Zix, Lee Sin or Vi will beat you up with ease. You should take long walks scouting for pink wards and stealing camps with the good clear speed you will have by that time.

In conclussion, you start weak but rapidly grow strong enough to make the rift your own playground. Be constantly moving, abuse pushed lanes and know how much damage you can deal at any point, cause getting the first kills is key to squeeze out the real power of Evelynn

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How to get the most out of fights

This is a delicate part of your life when you are Evelynn, because if you are fed you will be an unstoppable monster, but if you get behind you are just a big astray minion.

Always go for a small fight if the chance pops up, you excell at bursting one target and jumping to another with the numerical superiority, so propitiate those encounters. Always aim to kill the carry first, cause even if they have more damage, you will have on your side the surprise factor, they will be dead way before they realise they are expiring their last breath. These fights often take place in the midgame, where you are still somehow squishy, so jump in and out of the fight kiting and dishing out your damage while trying to be untouched.

When a large fight occurs, the approach is even more subtle. As I have repeated a bunch of times, positioning is the key, you can go around the enemy team unspotted and catch your target from behind, neutralize it and boom suddenly you are out of their sight again, leaving them in disadvantage until you decide you want to get some more blood. At this point you should be quite tanky, so you can stay in the crossfire for longer than before, duel anyone that you think you can bring down and be the one who hunt desertors cause... you are good at it.

Guide Top

In conclussion

This is all the knowledge I have acquired playing Evelynn, so I hope this guide did a good job transmiting it to you. I love this champ so I want to make everybody feel like I do when playing it.
Feel fre to give me your opinion, criticize or discuss anything, cause I'm open to new points of view and happy to improve this guide as much as we can.

Go full Evelynn guys, you won't regret it!