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Camille Build Guide by I Am Goliath

Top GoliathGames' Master guide to Camille

Top GoliathGames' Master guide to Camille

Updated on February 4, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author I Am Goliath Build Guide By I Am Goliath 1300 73 4,682,609 Views 81 Comments
1300 73 4,682,609 Views 81 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author I Am Goliath Camille Build Guide By I Am Goliath Updated on February 4, 2021
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Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash
Second Wind

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor

Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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My other guides:

Hey guys,
My name is Goliath. I've played League of Legends since season 2 and have mained top lane since season 3. I've been high Diamond in every season since season 4, peaking at Master tier. League of Legends has always been the main game that I have stuck with over the years.

Here is my OP.GG for anyone interested.

If you want to see me play, maybe learn a thing or two, or ask me some questions, you can find my stream here. Stop by some time, I'm always down for giving advice and helping you improve.

If streams aren't up you alley, you can also check out my YouTube channel here. I'm going to start uploading informative videos, as well as stream and gameplay highlights.

If you want more general info, like when I upload, or update, a guide, then you can find my twitter here.

If I'm offline on twitch but you still want some pointers or just wanna chill, then feel free to join my discord server and hit me up.

Why Camille?

Camille is an extremely unique champion due to having a kit that can do so many different things. Camille is at her core a brusier, but she can also be played as a tank or assassin, or sometimes even a mix of all three of those due to the versatility of her kit.

I would say Camille has a very high skill ceiling compared to most champions in the top lane. Oddly enough, I actually see this as a pro in a way; her skill ceiling makes her fun to play, and it can feel very satisfying pulling off a combo with her, or nuking somebody with Hextech Ultimatum(Ult).

Camille excels at splitpushing as well, and is probably one of my favorite splitpush style champions to play. She is also in a unique spot where she is a competent splitpusher and also still really strong in teamfights as long as you can ult onto their midlaner or ADC and nuke them with Precision Protocol(Q).

TL;DR: If you want to try out a brusier style champion that scale well into lategame, while also being competent in both teamfights and splitpushing, or if you just really like T H I C C legs, then you should try out Camille.


+ Good split push.
+ Good team fight.
+ Good dueling.
+ Good mobility.
+ Capable of killing tanks.
+ Strong ultimate.
+ Scales well.
+ Somewhat tanky.
+ Trades well.
+ Decent sustain.
+ Decent engage.
+ Decent peel.


- Very bad early levels.
- Mana hungry.
- Item dependent.
- No wave clear till hydra.

Overall Camille's pros outweigh the cons for sure; the biggest con you'll encounter while playing Camille is that she is pretty bad during levels 1-3 and sometimes even up until level 6, but after this you hit a pretty significant powerspike. The other big con with Camille is that she is pretty item dependent. Her two key items ( Trinity Force and Ravenous Hydra) can take quite a bit of time to purchase, but once you get these items you become a monster. Mana can be an issue since you spam Tactical Sweep(W) in lane fairly regularly, and all-ins can require a lot of mana, but Manaflow Band helps a bit with this.

Camille has very strong pros, and is capable of doing many thing well. Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) is a very useful ultimare ability, and is very useful for split pushing and 1v1-ing; It can even come in handy during teamfights if you can get onto the ADC or midlaner with it, which is actually fairly easy since Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) has a good amount range. This can also stack pretty well with Precision Protocol(Q), since its second part deals true damage and they can't build or protect against it.

Adaptive Defenses, Camille's passive, also makes her somewhat tanky, and really good at trading if it's up, Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) makes for a safe laning phase, great engage, or even a decent peel, while Tactical Sweep(W) adds a bit of CC and healing for trading; every single one of her abilities just feels solid and makes her kit really fun to play.
- OPTION 1 -

- Precision -

Hitting an enemy champion with 3 consecutive basic attacks deals 40-180 bonus adaptive damage (based on level) and makes them vulnerable, increasing the damage they take by 8-12% from all sources for 6 seconds.

This rune actually increases your DPS by a lot, so I've started running it on Camille instead of Arcane Comet in most matchups. It's very easy to proc since you have a lot of attack speed and multiple auto attack resets with your Q's. Though I still recommend you to take Arcane Comet in matchups against Jax and Tryndamere.

Takedowns restore 12% of your missing health and grant an additional 20 gold.

This rune is better then the other two on this row, and can come in clutch and save you.

Gain 3% attack speed plus an additional 1.5% for every Legend stack (max 10 stacks).

Legend: Gain Legend stacks for every 20 points earned, up to 10:

• 20 points for champion takedowns
• 20 points for epic monster takedowns
• 5 points for large monster kills
• 1 points for minion kills

Attack speed is always helpful on bruiser champions and same applies to Camille. We just want a bunch of attack speed for our autos in ultimate.

Deal 7% more damage to champions who have less than 40% health.

Additionally, takedowns on champions grant an adaptive bonus of 9 Attack Damage or 15 Ability Power for 10 seconds.

Personally I just think it's better then the other two in this row.

- Resolve -

After taking damage from an enemy champion, their next three spells or attacks against you deal 15-40 less damage (at levels 1-18).

Duration: 3 seconds
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Bone Plating is a solid rune in my opinion in top lane right now. It has a pretty long cool down, but it basically guarantees a winning trade whenever it's up. Make sure you try and trade when it's up, since it'll reduced damage three times after it activates.

You generate stacks on enemy structures within 600 units, up to 6 after 3 seconds. Your next attack versus a structure with 6 stacks deals 100 (+ 30% of your maximum health) bonus physical damage. Demolish will only go on cooldown upon triggering the damage.

This rune is great on Camille; since she does a really good job at splitpushing, this rune is also just strong in general right now because of how valueable turret platings are.

Note: You can optionally take Second Wind against hard poke matchups.

- OPTION 2 -

- Sorcery -

Damaging an enemy champion with an ability hurls a comet at their location, or if Arcane Comet is on cooldown, reduces its remaining cooldown.

Adaptive Damage: 30-100 (based on level) (+ 20% AP) (+ 35% bonus AD)
Cooldown: 20-8 seconds

Cooldown Reduction:
Single Target: 20%
Area of Effect: 10%
Damage over Time: 5%

This rune is pretty good on a lot of champions, especially top laners that have a way to slow and poke from a distance. In this case it's really good with Tactical Sweep(W); it applies a slow, which means that the comet will pretty much always hit them. This rune is pretty good by itself, but the main reason we go into the sorcery tree is for the three other runes in it.

Hitting enemy champions with a spell grants 25 maximum mana, up to 250 mana.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Upon earning 250 mana, Manaflow Band restores 1% of your missing mana every 5 seconds.

This rune is just too good on so many top laners, it allows you to poke so much more and not run into mana problems. This is especially good on Camille since her kit is pretty mana dependent. If you poke with Tactical Sweep(W) a lot in lane, and especially if you go for all ins often, you will notice pretty quickly your abilities use a lot of mana, so grabbing this qualms a lot of the issues with mana you might encounter.

Gain 1.8 − 18 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage or 3 − 30 (based on level) Ability Power (Adaptive) while above 70% of your maximum health.

I like this rune since this is more of a poke build and you heal from your Tactical Sweep(W)You should usually be healthy enough to benefit from this rune giving you a bit of extra damage.

Your next ability hit sets champions on fire dealing 10 − 30 (based on level) bonus magic damage after 1 second.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

This rune is just to solid not to run, especially since you have a solid form of poke damage with Camille. This will just add extra poke damage to Precision Protocol(Q) and Tactical Sweep(W).

- Resolve -

You generate stacks on enemy structures within 600 units, up to 6 after 3 seconds. Your next attack versus a structure with 6 stacks deals 100 (+ 30% of your maximum health) bonus physical damage. Demolish will only go on cooldown upon triggering the damage.

This rune is great on Camille; since she does a really good job at splitpushing, this rune is also just strong in general right now because of how valueable turret platings are.

Note: You can optionally take Second Wind against hard poke matchups.

After taking damage from an enemy champion, their next three spells or attacks against you deal 20-50 less damage (at levels 1-18).

Duration: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Bone Plating is a solid rune in my opinion in top lane right now. It has a pretty long cool down, but it basically guarantees a winning trade whenever it's up. Make sure you try and trade when it's up, since it'll reduced damage three times after it activates.

Flash: Flash is a must have and very important on most champions and the same goes for camille, she also has a few flash combos that I will get into later.
Teleport: Teleport is a must take on Camille since you splitpush VERY often on her, and you will need to join teamfights a lot of the time.


Range: N/A
Cooldown: 16 / 13 / 10
Cost: N/A

Camille's next basic attack against enemy champions is periodically enhanced to shield her for 20% maximum health from either exclusively physical damage or magic damage, based on which type would mitigate the most damage from her target's damage.

The shield-typing is determined based on the total damage the target has dealt to champions that game (as a percentage) versus Camille's current armor and magic resistance.

What shield she will gain is displayed as an icon beneath an enemy's health bar: Orange for Physical or Blue for Magical.

Adaptive Defenses: This ability is awesome and great for trading in top lane. Whenever you damage an enemy champion Adaptive Defenses gives you a shield based on the type of damage the champion you're attacking does. For example if I attack a Renekton I will get a physical shield that blocks damage from physical sources, and if I were to attack a Malzahar then I will get a shield that blocks damage from magic sources. The cool down is 20 seconds, which is kind of long, but you want to try to trade whenever it's up in laning phase since it's pretty much just free HP. Another thing to keep in mind is that this ability scales off your maximum health, so building HP items on camille is pretty useful, which I will get into later.

  • Use to Trade when off cool down.
  • Gives magic shield against against AP characters
  • Gives physical shield against AD characters.
  • Shield scales off max HP.


Range: N/A
Cooldown: 9 / 8.25 / 7.5 / 9.75 / 6
Cost: 25

Camille's next basic attack deals 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% AD bonus physical damage and grants her 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% bonus movement speed for 1 second. Precision Protocol can then be recast within the next 3.5 seconds at no extra cost.

If recast at least 1.5 seconds after the first attack, Precision Protocol's damage is increased by 100% and 55-100% (based on level) of the damage is dealt as true damage.

Both casts of Precision Protocol reset Camille's basic attack timer.

Precision Protocol: This ability is pretty good on it's own, especially if you can proc the second part of it; once you have Sheen or Trinity Force this ability does a ton of damage. After Q'ing once you have to wait 1.5 seconds to activate your next Q; you can also look at your characters hips for a visual/audio cue because they will start glowing and it will also make a sound. You have to react pretty quickly to the cues though, as it doesn't let you do the second Q for too long.

Another really awesome thing about this ability is that it's an auto attack reset, and since you use it twice that's two auto resets in one ability; this can make for some nasty combos that I will go more in depth later in the guide.

Another thing to note about this ability is that it gives you slightly more auto attack range, which can make it handy for trading or sometimes securing a kill. This ability also gives you a burst of movement speed after you hit the first Q, which also synergizes well with Celerity.

The mana cost is really low on this ability so don't be afraid to use it whenever there are small trades in lane or just using it to "poke" them when they go to secure a minion. Another interesting thing you can do with this ability is you can proc the first part on a minion, and then proc the true damage park on the enemy champion that you're against. This ability flows very well with Sheen or Trinity Force because Sheen is also 1.5s, cooldown so once you have Sheen doing Q trades can win you the trade easily.

  • Must wait 1.5 seconds in between Q's to get the true damage proc.
  • Synergizes with Sheen and Trinity Force very well.
  • Low mana cost.
  • Gives you extra movement speed after first Q.


Range: N/A
Cooldown: 15 / 13.5 / 12 / 10.5 / 9
Cost: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70

After a brief delay, Camille sweeps her leg to deal 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 / 190 (+0.6 per bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies in a cone in front of her.

Enemies hit by the outer half of the cone take 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8% (+ 3% per 100 bonus AD) bonus physical damage and are slowed by 80% that decays over 2 seconds. If she hits a champion in the outer half of the cone, Camille is healed for the bonus damage dealt.

Non-epic monsters take 50% reduced damage from Tactical Sweep.

Tactical Sweep: You're always going to want to take this ability first in lane since Camille is pretty weak in the early levels. This ability is going to give you a way to either CS or poke the enemy champion down a bit without getting destroyed by an early trade. You always want to try to position this ability so that you hit their champion with the outer part of it, so it deals increased damage and slows them by 80% over 2 seconds.

This ability applies a pretty long slow, which synergizes well with Arcane Comet, allowing it to practically always hit. Another unique thing about this ability is that it actually heals you if you hit a champion with the outer part, so it's pretty decent sustain in lane. You can also use this ability while in the middle of Hookshot / Wall Dive(E), meaning you can use Tactical Sweep(W) while still flying at them.

You can also use your Ravenous Hydra while you're channeling Tactical Sweep(W) for added damage, but I will go more in depth on these combos later in the combo section. You will want to be semi careful spamming this ability as it does cost quite a bit of mana at least until you get your sheen.

  • Need to hit enemy champions with the outer cone for this ability to be most effective.
  • Decent poke especially with Arcane Comet.
  • Decent heal against champions.
  • Massive slow if you hit them on the outer cone.
  • Costs a lot of mana.
  • Can be used while iusing Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) or with the active from Ravenous Hydra.


Range: N/A
Cooldown: 16 / 14.5 / 13 / 11.5 / 10
Cost: 70

Hookshot: Camille fires a grapple in the target direction. If the grapple collides with terrain, Camille will dash toward and bind to the terrain for a few seconds. While bound to the terrain, she gains the ability to cast Wall Dive.

Wall Dive: Camille dashes in the target direction, which has double range if leaping toward a visible enemy champion. Upon hitting an enemy or reaching maximum range, Camille deals 75 / 120 / 175 / 210 / 255 (+ 0.75 per bonus AD) physical damage to all nearby enemies.

If Camille hits an enemy champion with Wall Dive, they are stunned for 0.75 seconds and she gains 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80% bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.

Hookshot / Wall Dive: This ability is crazy good, and can be used to cover a ton of distance. Basically, you cast it on to a piece of terrain, making you dash towards it; once you get to it you can recast the ability again to fly another short distance. An important thing to keep in mind is that the range on the second cast is doubled when cast towards enemy champions. A lot of high elo camilles actually tend to max this ability first since the cool down goes down really hard and the damage and bonus attack speed both scale really well. This ability can cover an insane distance if you're diving in on an enemy champion, not to mention it deals a good amount damage, applies a stun, and gives you bonus attack speed as well, so be sure to look for chances to use it.

Whenever you all in the enemy champion it's crucial that you hit this ability because the damage is quite high, and with the attack speed boost, it can make for a nice all in. This ability can also be used for escaping ganks since it covers so much distance, and is one of the main reason for why camille is very safe as long as she has her E up. Another interesting thing about this ability is that it can be used on stuff like an Anivia wall; so if Anivia walls you off, you can just latch onto her wall and then recast to fly right over it and get right back on her.

During laning phase you're only going to want to use this ability to all in if you know that you're safe, or if you have Flash to get out. With that said, it is very strong for all inning because the damage dealt is actually kinda crazy, and the attack speed boost is going to help a lot.

In team fights this ability can also be clutch for engaging, peeling, and even flanking if you can get a good angle to fly in and assassinate one of their carries. it's also very good for ganking a lane if you ever have the wave pushed in top lane and you want to roam mid.

  • You have to recast it upon hitting terrain.
  • Has good base damage and stuns the enemy if you land it.
  • Gives you attack speed if you lunge towards enemy champions.
  • Can hook onto stuff like Anivia wall and go over it.
  • Great for flanking and roaming.


Range: N/A
Cooldown: 140 / 115 / 90
Cost: 100

Camille dashes toward the target enemy champion, becoming untargetable during the leap. When she lands, she creates a locked, hexagonal zone around the target for 2.5 / 3.25 / 4 seconds, knocking away all other nearby enemies on impact.

The target can move freely inside the zone, but cannot escape it through any means.

While within the zone, Camille's basic attacks deal 5 / 10 / 15 (+ 4 / 6 / 8% of target's current health) bonus magic damage.

Hextech Ultimatum's effects end automatically if Camille dies or leaves the area.

Hextech Ultimatum: This ultimate is what makes Camille so fun in my opinion. Basically, you leap up into the air creating a hexagonal zone that the targetted enemy champion cannot leave; It also interrupts whoever you use it on, and knocks away everyone else that is close to them, meaning this can be great for singling out and assassinating one of their carries.

I should also mention that while you're leaping up into the air you're untargetable, so this can be used to dodge spells if you time it well enough. The really insane part about this ability is that every auto attack deals bonus % current health damage while the zone is active, which is insane for just about anything. This ability will shred tanks and squishies, and they can't leave the area by any means so they are almost forced to take it.

One thing to always be aware of when using this ability is that IF YOU LEAVE THE ZONE, IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY GO AWAY so make sure you don't accidentally step out. Sometimes the enemy team will have an ability that can also fling you out of this zone; so if there is a blitzcrank trying to Rocket Grab(Q) you out, make sure to try and dodge it because it could be crucial for securing a kill.

The trapping and damage portion of this ability is part of the reason why camille is so good at split pushing, but the fact that it also knocks people back while trapping makes this ultimate very useful for team fights as well. Make sure to try to use Precision Protocol(Q) correctly after you use your ultimate, and to try to get the auto resets out of Precision Protocol(Q) to maximize the amount of auto attacks you can do while in your ultimate. Every auto attack counts while in this ultimate, they do so much added magic damage that you'll want to stack up as many autos as possible.

  • Can be used to dodge spells since you go untargetable.
  • DO NOT leave the zone or it will automatically go away.
  • Enemies can't escape the zone.
  • Your auto attacks do a ton of % current health as magic damage.
  • Knocks other enemies away.
  • Great for 1v1ing and killing tanks.

Ability Sequence

> > >


Honestly, Camille is super flexible and I have seen camille mains max E, W, or Q depending on the scenario. I think majority of them max Hookshot / Wall Dive(E), and that's what I have personally maxed while playing her. I do this not only because it becomes very strong, but also because the cool down goes down a ton, and the attack speed steroid goes up a lot as well; it just seems very strong to me. Having this ability on a shorter cool down also makes you much safer from evemy ganks. I have also tried maxing Tactical Sweep(W) and Precision Protocol(Q) first, and they both felt okay; so if you aren't good at landing Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) then you can try the Q or W max instead.

Camille has a lot of combos, I would recommend practicing most these, or at least most of the basic ones, in the practice tool so you can get them into muscle memory.

= Auto Attack
= Ravenous Hydra active proc

- Basic Combos -

AA + Q + AA + Q

Very simple combo that is effective for trading in lane, very strong once you get Sheen or Trinity Force.

E + W

Simple combo for engaging on people, keep in mind you can use your Tactical Sweep(W) while you're still flying to them.

AA + Q + AA + Q + W

Another simple but capable trading combo, be aware it uses a bit more mana than the previous two.

W + H

Simple combo that is effective for trading and waveclearing. Keep in mind you can use the active for Ravenous Hydra while in the animation for Tactical Sweep(W).

AA + Q + AA + Q + E

This combo can be used for a gap closer if you think they're going to flash away, then you can hold your E until they do.

AA + Q + AA + Q + H + W

Another effective trading combo, you use your Ravenous Hydra before Tactical Sweep(W) in this case so you get full damage from the Ravenous Hydra active and you can use Tactical Sweep(W) while disengaging from the trade so the outer part of it hits them.

R + AA + Q + AA + Q + W + H

Very effective all in burst combo if you know you can kill somebody, start off with ultimate for increased autoattack damage.

- Advanced Combos -

AA + Q + H + AA + Q + W

This is slightly advanced since you have to remember to use your Ravenous Hydra active inbetween your combo, but can be very strong for trading.

W + E + AA + H + AA + Q + AA + Q

This combo is kind of tricky to remember, but it's a surprising combo because you use Tactical Sweep first like you're trading which will also slow them, then you all in them.

E + W + AA + AA + Q + H + AA + Q

This is good for engaging onto them with, it's a little more tricky because you have to use Tactical Sweep while in air and remember to use your Ravenous Hydra active while in between your Q's.

E + W + AA + AA + Q + H + AA + R + Q

Very good all in combo, you get them low with your full kit before you ultimate, but you want to ultimate before you do your second Q which is your true damage proc and then finish them off with auto attacks, they should be low enough to kill from your previous abilities.

- Starting Builds -

- Against Ranged -

- Against Melee -

Doran's Shield + HP Potion

I only start with Doran's Shield if I'm against a very hard ranged matchup, like Pantheon where he can just Q you over and over, or if you're against a champion with some type of bleed, like Teemo since the Doran's Shield will keep refreshing on his poison.
Doran's Blade + HP Potion

This is the start I usually start with when playing Camille. Doran's Blade adds extra damage, as well as HP, and a tiny bit of sustain which are all very useful for her.

- Max Sustain -

Corrupting Potion

Corrupting potion is viable if you're against a hard matchup and you want to be safe and have a lot of sustain. It'll allow you to be more careless with your mana, meaning you can spam Tactical Sweep(W) more.

- Buy Order -

- Full Build -

- Core Items -

Boots of Speed

Trinity Force

I usually just pick up some normal boots before everything else since our first item is going to be Trinity Force, and it's gonna take a while to buy.

This item is a serious power spike on Camille, everything from the trinity gives her a solid boost in some way. One of the main things that make this item so good on Camille is the Sheen proc; it synergizes with your Q's since it is the exact same cooldown (1.5s), allowing you to keep up damage while waiting to proc your second Q for true damage. The Phage proc is also very useful as well; the extra movement speed on Camille allows her to stick onto targets easier and also syngerizes with Celerity. Overall this item just does so much on Camille, so after you get it don't be afraid to 1v1 Enemy champs.



Ninja Tabi / Merc's Treads

I usually pick up a Tiamat next, which we will turn into Ravenous Hydra after we upgrade our boots. This item is really helpful since it adds a lot more waveclear to Camille, allowing her to split push much more easily. It also adds a bit of extra damage to your combos which is nice too, just remember to use the active.

Upgrade Boots to Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads

You're going to want to upgrade your boots into either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads at this point. You'll have to gauge what you think is better based on the game, but I personally think Ninja Tabi are better in most games; mostly since you'll probably be split pushing against AD characters a lot of the time. If the enemy team has a lot of AP characters, or tons of CC, then you can go merc treads though.

Ravenous Hydra

Sterak's Gage

You'll want to upgrade your Tiamat into a Ravenous Hydra around now, since it will add a bit of damage to your combo, as well as help her a lot with split pushing, and is just a really strong item for Camille in general. You'll also have some lifesteal now, which is nice for split pushing as well.

This item is really good now since it gives you a lot of damage, a decent HP shield, and a pretty nice passive when you get low HP that gives you more lifesteal and some tenacity. It also gives 450 health, which is going to make you somewhat tanky at this point in game and is also going to make your passive shield even stronger.

Randuins Omen

Guardian Angel

This is just going to make you tankier overall. It adds more armor and more HP to make your passive shield stronger, and is also very good if their adc is building lots of crit. In general though, this is mostly just a solid item for getting beefy.

At this point in the game you'll want Guardian Angel as your last item since it's very clutch in the late game. It's also pretty good on Camille since it gives more attack damage as well as some armor. If you think you need it a bit earlier, you can safely grab this before Randuin's Omen if you want to.

- Situational Items -

Titanic Hydra

Spirit Visage

You can turn your Tiamat into Titanic Hydra instead of Ravenous Hydra for a more tanky alternative. Although I think Ravenous Hydra is much better on Camille, I don't think titanic is terrible, and may even be good to build in games where you're far behind and maybe can't split push.
Spirit Visage can be pretty decent on Camille, especially if you're going for more of a tanky type build after you get your core items. I've seen some Camilles go Randuin's Omen and Spirit Visage and they're so tanky. This also increases your healing on your W.

Level 1-3

Laning phase when playing Camille is typically pretty rough early on, and you're probably going to struggle the most levels 1 to 3. You'll want to start with Tactical Sweep(W), and try to poke with it as much as possible, making sure you land it on the outer cone. Tactical Sweep(W) is pretty good damage and since we take Arcane Comet as well you should be deal pretty consistand damage. Tactical Sweep(W) also applies some decent healing, but you mainly want to be poking with it so they don't have complete control over the lane early on.

Level 4-6

After level 4 it should get it a bit easier to lane, and you can actually start taking more value trades. Usually you'll want to max Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) first so you can go in for trades. If you land with it, go for a trade, but if you miss you can just back out and use Tactical Sweep(W) as you're walking away. Keep in mind though that you want to be semi-careful using Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) for random all ins; it's your key spell for escaping ganks, and basically makes Camille ungankable if she has it up. You'll want to try to think about where the jungler could be, or if you see him on the bot side of the map, so you can go in for a Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) safely. Keep in mind that leveling Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) makes the damage AND attack speed go up, as well as lowering the cool down; it's also a short stun upon arrival, so as long as you land this then you should win the trade in most cases. If Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) is on cool down, I would play more passive and make sure you're warding up, remember a Control Ward is only 75G and could save your life.

Level 6+

At level 6 is where Camille powerspikes, and the lane becomes super fun in my opinion. If your enemy messes up at this point you'll have HUGE kill pressure on them since Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) traps them in so they can't escape. You should try to win a few trades or land a few Tactical Sweep(W)s before you go all in with Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) though; if you can get them to around half HP then you can probably kill them with Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) as long as you auto reset with Precision Protocol(Q), since your auto attacks do a TON of damage while inside your ultimate. Another thing to keep in mind with Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) is there a small window when your character jumps up into the air that you're actually untargetable, so you can also use this to dodge a spell which can be important in a 1v1 match up. An example of this would be if a Sion is channeling Decimating Smash(Q) on you; you can predict when he is going to let go and try to dodge the Decimating Smash(Q). You really want to time this ultimate to dodge something if you can. From level 6 onward you should be trying to take value trades to get them low enough to all in with Hextech Ultimatum(Ult), while also trying to stay healthy enough yourself by trying your best to land Tactical Sweep(W)s.

Another cool thing about Camille during the laning phase is that she is very strong at roaming due to Hookshot / Wall Dive(E). A lot of the time you can kill the mid lane with Hookshot / Wall Dive(E), if you can push in the wave top fast enough and roam mid, since there are a lot of walls to grapple on near mid lane. Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) is super strong for ganking as well since they can't escape, so if you're winning lane enough and you're able to push in the minions to the tower, don't be afraid to try to go for a roam mid and pick up a kill, it shouldn't be too hard on camille.

Split pushing is very important on Camille since her kit is very strong for 1v1ing. Basically, if the baron is up then you'll want to try to pressure bot lane and be ready to Teleport to baron to help your team. If dragon is up then you want to be pressuring topside and be ready to Teleport to dragon to help your team. Camille is very strong at 1v1ing due to Hextech Ultimatum(Ult), the true damage proc from Precision Protocol(Q), and the fact that she can get onto you from pretty far away with Hookshot / Wall Dive(E); so depending on who you're against, they might not even be able to hold your split push allowing you to just get turrets.

Because of how well Trinity Force and Ravenous Hydra synergize with camilles kit, you should become a split push monster as well as a 1v1 monster once you get them. Another thing to keep in mind is you can take turrets faster by using Precision Protocol(Q) for the Sheen procs, and it doesn't use that much mana. You can also use Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) for an attack speed steroid as well.

The thing that makes Camille better then most split pushers is she has a ton of kill pressure in her kit, even on tankier characters due to Hextech Ultimatum(Ult). Another interesting thing about Camille is if you decide to hold onto Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) she's actually still very strong in the teamfight, so DO NOT HESITATE to Teleport in to help your team, you will still be very useful as long as you have Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) available.

The last thing to keep in mind while split pushing is to pay close attention to your mini map, and make sure your team is pressuring an objective before you actually start pressuring a lane or else their whole team will just collapse on you. You'll have to find the balance in pressuring while your team is pressuring, but making sure the other team isn't coming to kill you. As long as you have Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) up you should be able to get out of most scenarios safely though.

Camille is actually very good at team fighting as long as you know what you're doing. The first way you can play team fights is finding a target that you want to assassinate, most likely it will be their ADC or their mid laner; you're going to want to wait for an opportunity where you can Hookshot / Wall Dive(E) to them and them jump on them with Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) and then assassinate them. Try to think of a hawk in the sky scoping out it's prey waiting for the ideal time to strike and dive in.

Although you can most likely kill them yourself, you should try to make sure your team can follow up to make it easier or make sure you don't die, the nice thing about Hextech Ultimatum(Ult) is that it pushes away all the other people besides the one you ulted, allowing you to just single out whoever you ulted immediately.

The other way you can play Camille in team fights is peeling for your teammates, preferably your ADC in most cases. Camille surprisingly has very good peel, so don't shy away from trying it out. Your first form of peel is Tactical Sweep(W), which is a pretty lengthy slow. Your second form of peel is Hookshot / Wall Dive(E), which is a mini stun, not a super long stun but still helpful nonetheless. Your third form of peel, that I think a lot of people overlook which is actually HUGE, is Hextech Ultimatum(Ult); A lot of people just use it as an assassin tool, which is fine, but it can also be used to trap somebody off from getting to your ADC since they're cannot leave the zone. Think of it as Thresh's ult The Box, but they can't leave the area, sounds OP for peel right? Well, that's basically what Camille ult is, so keep it in mind.

Generally, if you're super fed then you'll obviously want to be jumping in and killing one of their carries. If you aren't so fed, or if your ADC is super fed and the game is at a point where it basically relies on your ADC staying alive, then playing more of a peel style Camille is probably the better option.

To sum it up, Camille is a very unique champion that is good at team fighting and split pushing, and insane at dueling 1v1. She is fairly high skill cap in my opinion, so she will take a lot of effort to learn, but she is super rewarding once you learn her. If you like bruiser style champions that are good at 1v1ing, splitpushing, and teamfighting, then I would give Camille a try!

Thanks for reading my Camille guide; if you liked it then consider tossing me an upvote as it really helps to get my guide out there, if it helped you out at all, then let me know in the comments. If you think I left something out, then go ahead and let me know as well, I always enjoy hearing feedback whether it be positive or negative. Thanks again for reading and I hoped it helped in someway.

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