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Nidalee Build Guide by Rhastae

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rhastae

>^^)>In Depth Guide<(^^< Clarity Sniper Nidalee

Rhastae Last updated on March 19, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Contents Page

1. About me

4. Runes

7. Skill Sequence

10. Positioning

13. Late Game
2. Introduction

5. Spells

8. Items

11. Laning Phase

14. Counter Play
3. Pros / Cons

6. Masteries

9. Team Composition

12. Mid Game

15. Personal Achievements

About me

Hi. I'm Rhastae. I'm a Nidalee main with 66 wins and 35 losses in ranked in season 3, with a KDA of 8/3/9. I have been playing Nidalee since a year ago, and is by far my best champion, so here's what I'd like to say in order to help other Nidalee players.

Currently, I am in Gold II, which although isn't too much of an achievement, I'm still pretty proud of it. I've been playing League of Legends since December 2012, and started playing ranked matches sometime around April 2013.

Even though I main mid lane, I'm able to play every lane comfortably. Other than mid lane, my favourite champions for other lanes are: Jinx, Ezreal, Vayne, Blitzcrank, Leona, Thresh, Dr. Mundo, Garen, Wukong, Vi, Amumu and Elise. Being a nidalee main, I enjoy playing skill shot champions.

This is my first guide, so if you have any suggestions, I would highly appreciate constructive criticism in the comment section below.


Nidalee is one of the most versatile champions I've ever seen, able to deal massive damage from long range and short range, along with great sustain and mobility. All this allows her to dominate both in lane and in roaming, meaning that even if she starts to lose her lane, she can still gank very effectively to make her contributions to the team.

For those who believes that Nidalee is "useless in team fights" compared with other champions - Well, if you're looking specifically for AOE team fight champions, try Brand, Gragas, Lux or Orianna. Nidalee has a different game style - before team fights, she will poke them down hard with spears. With 1 hit, it's usually a guarantee adc / squishy going back to base. Would you like to fight a 5v4?

This guide was written by me, but would not have been nearly as good as it is without the help of:
Jens DV
The Great Lux

Note, my game style on Nidalee focuses mainly on long-range sniping, rather than using cougar form all the time and going ham and donuts on the enemy players. If you aren't comfortable with staying behind your allies, in a safe distance, and throwing out thin atomic bombs at the enemies' faces, then this isn't a guide for you, although you can learn a few tricks or two if you read on.

Pros / Cons

+ Huge damage
+ Long Range
+ Close range with Aspect Of The Cougar
+ Great sustain with Primal Surge
+ Great mobility with Pounce and Prowl
+ Vision from Bushwhack
+ Cougar form uses no mana

+ Area of Effect with Swipe

Just like Teemo, the Bushwhack traps can be very annoying in stopping ganks from junglers or laners, picking off low health enemies when they walk into a bush, and to grant you vision for checking bushes or sniping. The damage from a max range Javelin Toss is the 4th highest damage dealing ability that isn't an ultimate, weaker only to Veigar's Baleful Strike, Dark Matter and Nasus's Siphoning Strike, only because both of those spells scale over cs and, in theory can have damage based on max AP / Stacks. The Pounce makes her very slippery, to jump over small walls, for escaping or chasing. This also goes well with Prowl, allowing her to gain movement speed if she is in a bush, especially in the jungle. Primal Surge further makes you unkillable in most cases, and it also lets your team mates tower dive in relative safety, heals half your hp, saving your poor friends or give your friend a Redbull bath with 70% increased attack speed.

+ Squishy
+ Vulnerable to CC
+ Skill Shot with Javelin Toss
+ Slow missle speed of javalin toss
+ Aspect Of The Cougar is melee
+ no hard CC
+ very mana hungry
+ weak early game
+ weak close range

Similar to most of the midlaners, Nidalee is very squishy when it becomes an all-out fist fight. Especially with the cougar form, where she becomes melee, if you aren't able to burst the enemy to death, you'd have to wait for your cooldowns, and by the time they come back you're probably going to die. Being melee, cougar form is very vulnerable and you'd have to be able to judge when to use it, and when to let the enemy go. Also, even though the cooldown is short, using Aspect Of The Cougar to switch between the forms will give the enemy a small interval to exploit your human/cougar form. Furthermore, once you are cc'ed you are very easy to be burst down, since you can't use your Primal Surge or Pounce. The main damage source, Javelin Toss, isn't easy to hit, especially at longer distances, and the enemy can dodge them. Also, it can't pass through minions. You don't have much source of damage in human form, and your cougar is melee and therefore isn't usable all the time. Huge cost of mana from Primal Surge, Bushwhack and especially Javelin Toss if you throw it constantly.


Seals Flat Armour seals are the standard midlane must-get runes. Not only does it help you if the enemy midlaner is AD, such as Zed, but also from possible ganks (If the Jungler is AD, which is usually true), the auto attacks from ranged players, or minion attacks. You can change them for Flat AP or Flat Penetration if you believe you won't have to worry about the things above.

Glyphs Again, a standard midlane rune setup with Flat Magic Resist runes. Since midlaners are usually AP, this will get you a little defence against their attacks, otherwise they'd be basically doing true damage to you. It's optional to replace these with Flat AP or other runes, but I'd recommend MR.

Marks The reason why I didn't get Greater Mark of Ability Power as well with Marks is the because the Magic Penetration you get will massively increase your damage output of your Javelin Toss, especially in the late game. Some people prefer going either full Magic Penetration or full Ability power, but I'd prefer a hybrid of the two. That way, I have influence throughout the entire game.

Quints Although Magic Penetration is great for the damage output to make your spears ignore their magic resist, it requires Ability Power in order to have something to back it up before it becomes truly useful. This is why I prefer using Ability power with Quints. There are some people who enjoys getting Movement Speed Quints for Nidalee to chase down enemies and getting into positions quickly, but I think it's more or less a waste since you have your Pounce.


Before you close this window, let me explain why I get clarity instead of the other, more popular summoner spells. This mainly depends on your game style. Personally, I prefer throwing spears behind the enemy lines like a taller version of the annoying teemo, where I take off 80% of the enemy's hp without being anywhere in danger, and dealing damage even when I'm dead with Bushwhack. The further away, the safer I am, the more damage I deal... but also the more I miss. It's not easy to hit long range spears, but it can be done with practice. This also means that you'll be throwing spears constantly instead of using cougar form and jumping into the front lines. Clarity not only gives me the early game sustain with my Primal Surge, but also for situations such as if I'm against one of the biggest counters, eg. Kha'Zix, Akali or Kassadin, I can always use Javelin Toss for farming.

Standard summoner spell to get. Although you have your Pounce, flash allows you to escape sticky situations even more efficiently. A good combo would be to use Flash and then Pounce in order to get as much distance as possible away from the situation you're in, or for chasing. Also, whilst being chased, you can Flash further away and throw a spear behind you for extra distance damage, along with ensuring your safety. Furthermore, you can tower dive very efficiently and take your enemy by surprise by using your Pounce, Flash when you're in the air so you're carried even further (the damage happens when you land) and finish it with the Swipe Takedown combo.

I used to enjoy using Clairvoyance instead of Clarity before the trinkets update, but since now we have the Scrying Orb it's not as effective as before. Although, you can always get a Warding Totem instead, along with using Clairvoyance, but I believe Scrying Orb is really all that you need.

Why don't I get ignite like a normal person? Simple - As I said before, I'm a sniper. I don't go into close range unless the enemy's alone and low enough for me to burst him/her down, or they're engaging on me. Ignite is only useful for a "all for nothing" type of bursting midlaner, however Nidalee sniping is more of a "2 shots and you're dead" kind.

Ghost is inferior to Flash in Nidalee's game style due to the fact that she already gains extra movement speed from her passive Prowl. It doesn't give the instantaneous distance like Flash that can be used for an element of surprise.

Teleport, Heal, Cleanse, Barrier, Exhaust Revive and Smite all badly fits with Nidalee's game style since they barely contribute to her throwing ability. Teleport might be useful if you're able to coordinate your teleport with your team mates, and Cleanse could be a lifesaver if you're against Swain, Annie, LeBlanc or Leona. In the end, it's all up to your own preferences.



This is a pretty standard AP masteries, so I'll focus on explaining why I choose some mastery instead of others.
The reason why I choose Expose Weakness over Double-Edged Sword is mainly because, with the huge damage that Javelin Toss provides, if you manage to snipe someone in a team fight, not only does it bring that player low in health, but also make them vulnerable to an engagement from your team mates.

I prefer to take Executioner and Dangerous Game rather than Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving because of my game style. Since you are focusing on sniping the enemy players, Executioner will increase your damage dealt from Javelin Toss significantly to players under 50% hp, and Dangerous Game can save your life sometimes, if you're lucky. On the other hand, Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving is too close range and inefficient in its' usage compared to the risks you have to take.

Why Block over Tough Skin ? Simple. You're ranged, you shouldn't have much problems poking the enemy champion without taking damage from minions at laning phase. Plus, at the early stage, you should focus more on farming rather than poking, since your Javelin Toss hurts just about as much as a nutella bath.

Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
As expected of a sniper, Nidalee benefits from bushes in the jungle and in lane. Be it used for stealth, chase or escape, the 15% movement increase she gains from simply walking into a bush helps her more than you can imagine. Combine this with Pounce and you become one of the slipperiest champion in the jungle, second only to Rengar.

Since Javelin Toss is your main source of damage, it is natural for you to max this skill, that is other than the ultimate Aspect Of The Cougar. At early levels, you'll find that its' damage is pretty insignificant, even if it's at the maximum range, and it's rather inefficient compared to the mana cost. Therefore, it is better to focus on farming until you are level 5 with 3 points in Javelin Toss. Remember, the range of Javelin Toss is 1500, and the damage it deals increases in relation to the distance from your position when you throw the spear and the position of the enemy when the spear hits them.

Arguably, some people believe that getting Bushwhack as the first ability allow you to have some breathing space if you place traps around the bushes before you begin to lane, so that the enemy jungler will not be able to gank as easily as he should. In my opinion, since you're going to focus on last hitting, it is rare that nidalee ever pushes her lane, therefore unlikely that the enemy jungler will have a chance to do a successful gank in the first place. In terms of effectiveness, I find that getting Javelin Toss as my first ability gives me the chance to either steal the enemy jungler's blue buff, or to help my ally jungler. After the laning phase, Bushwhack becomes much more useful, as you are able to place traps in different bushes in other lanes as you roam, helping your team mates to notify position of enemy players. Furthermore, Bushwhack actually reveals enemy players in bushes or areas out of your vision, so that you don't have to face check all the time, and allows you to snipe unsuspecting players. I max this skill last because the most important attributes Bushwhack provides is its' vision both on the time you place the trap, and when the enemy walks into them. The damage isn't a necessity, but may become significant in the late game, especially with the magic resist shredding.

This is one of the reasons why Nidalee is so hard to kill. It provides her sustain during the laning phase as long as you have the mana to support it, as well as a great utility for the team members in the whole game. Primal Surge at later levels becomes vital for the adc's survival in team fights, and the attack speed steroid, from 20% up to 60%, is just ridiculously strong. The only downside to Primal Surge is the mana cost, especially if you have to use it often.

Being the ultimate, you should invest your point in Aspect Of The Cougar at level 6, 11 and 16. This is the only way you can improve Takedown, Pounce and Swipe that you gain access to when you are in cougar form, which costs no mana. Remember, putting points into Javelin Toss, Bushwhack or Primal Surge does not effect the cougar form of those abilities. When you reach level 6 and gain the cougar abilities, your mobility skyrockets, allowing you to roam efficiently, which you should definitely abuse.

In any combo, you should use Takedown last as a finisher move. This is because the lower the enemy current hp is, the more damage you deal. In addition, it is counted as a basic attack, meaning that i can proc items such as Lich Bane. The downside to Takedown is that it scales with AD rather than AP, and that it is a melee attack, so when your skills are on cooldown, you are very vulnerable to a counter-attack.

This is most definitely the sole reason why people hate playing against Nidalee, perhaps second only to the damage from Javelin Toss. Pounce gives Nidalee so much mobility, allowing her to jump over thin walls, escape sticky situations and chase enemy down. Seeing as how it costs no mana, you can use it as often as you want to in order to travel faster and to charge up your tears of goddess. Combine Pounce and Prowl in the jungle and you should be more or less untouchable. Be careful to face the correct direction when you use Pounce, or you might just end up jumping straight into the enemy. If that's not strong enough for you, it also provides a decent amount of AOE damage, making it devastating for enemies grouped together. Furthermore, if you use Flash whilst mid air from using Pounce, the aoe damage will actually apply on where you flashed, meaning you can surprise your enemy by closing in a large distance than what they'd expect.

This ability provides a decent AOE damage if you find yourself in a situation against several low health enemies. Also, it is a very useful skill for pushing lanes, as it attacks all the minions in front of you. In mid-game, Swipe should be enough in order to completely clear all three caster minions in a wave. A typical cougar form combo for Nidalee would be to use Pounce, Swipe and then Takedown for maximum burst damage.


Starting Items

Item Sequence

Faerie Charm

Health Potion

Health Potion

Mana Potion

Scrying Orb
When you play Nidalee, you will learn to love anything that increases your mana regeneration or your maximum mana. Naturally, it is great to start off with two simple Faerie Charms so that you can constantly put trap around your area along and, if the enemy is pushing very hard or attempting to trade with you, use your q to farm. The reason why I don't generally enjoy starting with Doran's Ring is because it doesn't build into anything, unlike the Faerie Charm that you will later build into Tear of the Goddess and Morellonomicon or Athene's Unholy Grail. The mana refund isn't that significant, and the ap and health isn't necessary at early levels, since you're not planning to go aggressive. Of course, the Health Potion and Mana Potion are there just because papa riot gave you some little extra $$.

I like to start out with Scrying Orb instead of Warding Totem because I make use of bushwhack traps very effectively. The Scrying Orb allows me to snipe steal enemy's blue buff if you're lucky that the enemy jungler isn't thinking quickly, or to keep vision on enemies if they walk into a bush. Note, after the smite cooldown reduction, junglers don't usually get smiteless pulls from their team mates anymore, making it less likely that they will give you the opportunity to use Javelin Toss on a 100 hp blue golem. Oh, and it's blue.

Core Items

Item Sequence

Tear of the Goddess


Sorcerer's Shoes - Homeguard
This item is a must if you want to be able to throw more than 20 spears every time you leave the base. Get Tear of the Goddess first in order to build up the maximum mana as quickly as possible. As soon as you reach level 6, you can use cougar form abilities to gain even more mana from Tear of the Goddess, since the cougar form abilities are cost free. This will help you greatly in mid to late game, especially when you build it into an Archangel's Staff. It's also blue.

As a standard for most ap mages, Sorcerer's Shoes is a necessity in order to counter enemy champions buying magic resist. Being the long range, large damage pain in the face that you are, you'll want to deal as much damage as possible, meaning the magic penetration you get from the boots will help you penetrate the enemy with your Javelin Toss. In the mid game, it also helps to get Sorcerer's Shoes - Homeguard or Sorcerer's Shoes - Alacrity upgrade on your Sorcerer's Shoes, depending on whether you are returning to base often, or needs extra movement speed to chase people down more efficiently. Generally, I prefer Sorcerer's Shoes - Homeguard... and it's blue...ish.

As mentioned before, mana regeneration items is your best friend. Not only will Morellonomicon give you 12 mana regeneration, but also 20% cooldown reduction for mainly your Primal Surge, 75 Ability Power and a counter to champions that has healing abilities, such as Swain, Dr. Mundo, Vladimir or even another enemy Nidalee. I take Morellonomicon over Athene's Unholy Grail because I prefer the slightly higher Ability Power and the Grievious Wounds passive in general, and although, as Nidalee, mana is very important, with Clarity, Tear of the Goddess and, at times, blue buff, I think Morellonomicon is sufficient enough.

General Items

Item Sequence

Void Staff

Zhonya's Hourglass

Seraph's Embrace

Elixir of Brilliance

Elixir of Fortitude

Farsight Orb

The most common item for AP mages. Not only does it give 120 Ability Power, but also increases your Ability Power by 30%. More Ability Power = more damage = more kills = more ammunition for you to boast with.

Even though I mentioned this before, I will say it again. I'm stressing the fact that, as a Nidalee player, you need to deal as much damage to enemy champions with your Javelin Toss as possible. Assuming the enemy players are at least experienced in recognising your Javelin Toss deals magical damage and builds magic resist in respond to that, the 35% magic penetration given from Void Staff significantly increases your damage dealt to champions. Plus, it gives you a nice 70 Ability Power, and it's blue.

No matter how slippery you are, a Flash-stun combo from Pantheon, Taric or Sion, or any Flash-cc combo really, such as that from Vi, Malphite or Thresh, or even long range stuns from Leona or Sejuani can lock you down in one spot, making you as useful as a toothpick in a nuclear war. Zhonya's Hourglass will give you the 2.5 seconds breathing space, where you can prepare to use your Flash+ Pounce combo, or just so that your friendly allies can have time to respond. Plus, it's 120 Ability Power, and with the help of Rabadon's Deathcap, your Ability Power will believe it can fly... and it's blue.

Your Tear of the Goddess builds into Archangel's Staff, which should have all 750 maximum mana charges already, causing it to transform into Seraph's Embrace. The Seraph's Embrace itself will give you 60 Ability Power, plus the 30 Ability Power on the 1'000 mana you gain from the staff, in addition to another around 30-40 Ability Power from the base mana you have. Decent, but there's more. The active, Mana Shield, is similar to Blitzcrank's Mana Barrier. It uses up 20% of your current mana, and creates a shield equal to the mana cost + 150, meaning, at max mana, it would give a shield that absorbs around 650 damage. This can be used to save yourself in sticky situations, especially when you just used Zhonya's Hourglass and surrounded by a bunch of enemies. Use it wisely to make use of the whole shield, because it only lasts 3 seconds... and it's sort-of blue... though closer to cyan.

Both of these items are mainly consumables that gives you an advantage once you have your full build. I do not recommend buying any of the two until you have filled up all six inventory slots with finalised items. Elixir of Brilliance gives you 40 Ability Power and 10% cooldown reduction, which is useful. Guess what? It's also blue! On the other hand, Elixir of Fortitude gives you extra 235 health and 15 Attack Damage.

Again, I would recommend upgrading your Greater Orb to Farsight Orb only after you have bought all the finalised items. All it really does is doubling the range of Scrying Orb, meaning you don't have to get as close as before. Plus... you guessed it... BLUE.

Optional Items

Item Sequence

Athene's Unholy Grail

Lich Bane

Mejai's Soulstealer
I find this item unnecessary for Nidalee solely because, since you already have Zhonya's Hourglass and Seraph's Embrace, you should be able to escape sticky situations such as ganks or engages, with the help of Pounce and Flash if you have it. In the majority of the game, you should be behind your allies and sniping enemies, rather than throwing yourself into the middle of the fight, so the armour and magic resist you gain from Guardian Angel isn't as necessary. I prefer getting more Ability Power than a Guardian Angel.

My personal opinion is that Morellonomicon is better suited for Nidalee as long as Nidalee plays safe at long range. However, if you find yourself running out of mana despite having Clarity, then Athene's Unholy Grail would be better suited for you. Not only does it give you 15 mana regeneration rather than 12, it also increases mana regeneration depending on missing mana at a 1%:1% ratio, as well as restoring 12% of your maximum mana on kill or assist. If you do want to get Athene's Unholy Grail instead of Morellonomicon, I'd suggest you to buy Chalice of Harmony straight after Tear of the Goddess as it gives you the Mana Font passive and a little magic resist for laning.

This is a popular item on Nidalee, but definitely not for me. Again, I stress on the fact that my game style requires me to stay away from enemies' attack range and throw spears. Although Javelin Toss / Takedown is a form of basic attacks, which will work well with Lich Bane, I don't generally go into cougar form unless I am sure the enemy is alone, and low enough for me to burst down anyway. Lich Bane on Nidalee requires you to go into attack range, which makes you vulnerable.

As always, Mejai's Soulstealer is an 'all or nothing' item. Either you get fed, gaining a huge amount of stacks in order to make this item useful, or it will be a waste of investment. If you feel like the enemy players are unskilled, and that you are doing very well, get this item before laning phase ends. Roam around, collect stacks and play safely so as to not lose any stacks. Unless you can maintain 15 stacks or above throughout the mid to late game, Mejai's Soulstealer would not be as cost-efficient as the other items, even though it's significantly cheap.

This item is dependent on how you are doing. For example, if you are up against a heavy AP enemy team composition and require the defence benefits of Spirit Visage, then go for it. The passive works well with Primal Surge, further increasing the amount of health healed.

Team Composition

Nidalee being the Queen of poking, we need someone to match her ability of destroy enemies' health with a single spell from afar. Few can truly match Nidalee's strength in long range destruction, but those that can goes well with Nidalee. Furthermore, if there are champions who are able to either reveal enemies, or ensnare them, Nidalee will have a free target to shove a spear into.

Nidalee has the spears, Jayce has the balls. They make a pretty nice couple, huh? If coordinated correctly, with enough cooperation and teamwork, Javelin Toss and Shock Blast and Acceleration Gate combo will be enough to kill a squishy target instantly. The two of them should be able to poke down the enemy team before a team fight starts, rendering the enemy low on hp.

Nidalee's spears are brown (if you're using the classic skin). Varus's spears are red. Get them two together, and the enemy will be dead. I should be a poet. Anyways, similar to Jayce, Piercing Arrow and Javelin Toss can obliterate a squishy enemy instantly at long ranges. If both Varus and Nidalee are together, they can poke the enemy down low before a team fight, rendering them useless. An extra perk on Piercing Arrow is that it can, as the name suggests, it can pierce through more than 1 enemy, or minion.

I hope you get the idea on the reason why the champions above works well with Nidalee. Basically, a champion that can ensnare, bind, stun or heavily slow an enemy to the point of unable to dodge Javelin Toss works well with Nidalee, as it helps ensure her landing a long range Javelin Toss.

In my personal experience, I had great fun with this team composition:
AP Mage (Me)
Top Lane


Sniping Positions

Humblest apologies - This is done on paint, because I'm not exactly familiar to photo shop. Anyways, the image above, if you haven't realised, is a map of Summoner's rift. Within there, the black spots marks the areas where you can position yourself in order to start throwing spears, whilst the red arrows shows the area you should be chucking your spears towards. This is, of course, assuming your team mates are nearby to protect you should the enemy attempt to surround you.

The black spots in the image above marks the positions where you should place your Bushwhack traps, in order to find out the enemy's location and destination. Although the bushes aren't shown in the map itself, I'm sure you're able to recognise where the bushes are. Try and place the Bushwhack traps in an area inside the bush that the enemy would likely step on.

This time, the black lines shows the different walls and terrains that you can jump over on either direction using Pounce. Those terrains and walls are known as "thin wall", which is within your Pounce distance. Try to memorise the different locations as it can assist you in getting around the map much quicker. Remember, you can only jump through "thin walls", and nothing thicker than them. Also, take care to face the correct direction before jumping.

Laning Phase

Level 1-5

Before minions are spawned, decide whether to level up Javelin Toss or Bushwhack first. Either start placing Bushwhack traps around the bushes near your friendly side's blue or red buff to protect it from a invade, or wait patiently at a bush to cover the buff until 1:55, where you should hit a max range Javelin Toss on the golem or lizard to help out your ally jungler. After the first level, try and follow the skill sequence I suggested, since it is the most practical.

In laning phase, no matter who you are up against, focus on farming. At early levels, the enemy can successfully bomb North Korea with the amount of f---s he didn't give to your Javelin Toss's damage. Seriously, it's insignificant. Use it on minions for farming if necessary, but otherwise save your mana and concentrate on last hitting. It's not easy to farm under tower, and you can be sure the enemy will start pushing your lane. Also, since you're weak early game, there's really not much point in your jungler ganking, even though the lane's pushed, unless your jungler is confident he can put out enough damage to kill the enemy mid laner.

Level 6

Time to shine, big boy. Aspect Of The Cougar has been made available, assuming you invested a point in it as soon as you reached Level 6. Now, not only will your farming be easier with Pounce and Swipe, but you can roam very effectively with Pounce. What you should aim to do is push the lane, then roam to either bot lane or top lane and see if you can get an assist or a kill. By now, you should have 3 points on your Javelin Toss, making it more of an impact than before. Start using Javelin Toss to poke if you think you can get in a clear shot. A max range Javelin Toss with 3 points invested, and perhaps even a Amplifying Tome or Fiendish Codex, should be enough to ensure the enemy midlaner, assuming it's a squishy champion, to back off to base.

Level 7-10

Getting the Javelin Toss to max level is your top priority. You'll start dealing hole-enlarging damages once you invest your 5th point into Javelin Toss. By now, you should have completed your Morellonomicon or Athene's Unholy Grail. Farming is less important for you than roaming at this point. Try to Pounce around and pick off any low health enemies that you see. Remember to push your lane at every opportunity, and use your Bushwhack or Scrying Orb to see what the enemy jungler's doing. This way, you'll become a constant threat to all enemy lanes and the jungler. Be wary of getting picked off when you're travelling.

Mid Game

Level 11-17

Alright. Now that you survived your weakest stage, it's finally time to become truly useful. By now, you should expect to be able to eliminate at least 50% of the enemy's ADC or AP mage's hp with a single spear at near max range. In team fights, try to position yourself in the areas shown on the map in the Positioning Section, making sure that you are still near your allies, and snipe the enemy champions.

The position spots behind the baron pit wall and the dragon pit wall is perfect for Nidalee players to Javelin Toss steal baron nashor or dragon . If you're following the item sequence I suggested then you should find your spear dealing more damage than the enemy jungler's smite.

Late Game

Level 18

Having fun? Well, you're going to be even more happy now that you've finally reached level 18. As soon as you finished all the items that is suggested, you'll find yourself being able to take off the majority of the enemy's ADC and AP mage's health with a single shot. If you're overpowering the enemy in the game, you might even be able to 1 shot the enemy's ADC or AP mage. Anyone without sufficient magic resist will cry in horror from the Javelin Toss's overwhelming damage.

As a simple rule of League of Legends, you should always try and damage the main damage-dealers of the enemy team. Take them out of the team fight, and your team will have a great advantage if they choose to engage. Don't fret over a few misses, hide yourself in the sniping positions and let it rip.

Counter Play

There are several things you need to remember if you are up against a Nidalee.
1. Javelin Toss will deal damage on the first target it hits, be it champions or minions. This means that, in laning phase, as long as you stay behind your minion wave, you shouldn't need to be too afraid of Nidalee's Javelin Toss.

2. Although the cooldown is only 4 seconds, you can still abuse this power when Nidalee switches into cougar form. During that time, Nidalee will be unable to heal herself and, if she has already used all her cougar form abilities, become completely vulnerable to any cc that locks her down. Use this rare chance to the full potential and punish her for her mistakes.

3. When running away from a Nidalee, always remember to dodge her Javelin Toss. There are two ways of doing this. Either walk away in a zig-zag pattern in hope that she will not anticipate the change of direction, or to predict when she will throw her spear inconsideration of the situation and the cool down of her Javelin Toss in order to evade it by moving left or right. The disadvantage of walking in a zig-zag pattern is that, if the enemy Nidalee is experienced, she can anticipate your movements. Plus, a zig-zag movement would increase the distance you have to travel compared to Nidalee, meaning that the enemy Nidalee would be able to catch up to you faster. The disadvantage of the prediction of her spears is that, if the enemy Nidalee is too close for you to be able to react in time, you're screwed.

4. A great item to counter the majority of Nidalee's damage is Banshee's Veil. As long as you make sure Nidalee only makes a successful landing of Javelin Toss on you occasionally, you do not have to fear the damage thanks to the Banshee's Veil.

5. Wards are a necessity at early to mid game. You need to expect Nidalee to roam around the map as soon as she hits Level 6, especially if you are low on health.

6. As a jungler, when you gank Nidalee at laning phase, whether successful or not, as you leave, make sure to step on as many Bushwhack traps as you can in the bushes leading to mid lane. this will prevent her being able to see you coming the next time.

7. When attempting to kill baron nashor or dragon , always ward behind the baron and dragon wall incase Nidalee is there to steal it.

8. Be careful of Nidalee's bait. At late game, if she's low on health and still sticking around, do not be fooled and underestimate the power of Primal Surge, which heals over half of her hp.

9. Prior to team fights, try and engage as soon as possible so as to limit the amount of time Nidalee can use in order to poke your team down using Javelin Toss.

Champions that are good against Nidalee

1. Wind Wall can stop Javelin Toss.
2. Sweeping Blade can be used to dodge Javelin Toss.
3. Devastating burst damage to prevent Nidalee from farming.
4. Way of the Wanderer helps negate some damage from Nidalee.
1. Shadow Dance lets you stick to Nidalee.
2. Able to zone Nidalee out of farm completely at level 6.
3. Devastating burst damage when you reach Level 6 compared to Nidalee.
4. You can take advantage of her weak early game to farm safely.
1. Out damage Nidalee completely as soon as you reach level 3.
2. Leap allows you to stick to Nidalee or to help engage on her.
3. Able to zone Nidalee out of her farm completely with ease.

1. Completely out damage Nidalee.
2. sigil of silence and Distortion combo at level 2 can more or less zone Nidalee out of farm, forcing her to use Javelin Toss for farming instead.
3. If at any point Nidalee uses Aspect Of The Cougar in range of you, you can kill her with your full burst.

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