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Wukong Build Guide by Daniel44000

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daniel44000

Guide to Wukong

Daniel44000 Last updated on June 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a guide for playing Wukong as a top lane bruiser using strong early aggression while still having a powerful team fight presence. Wukong has high mobility and burst damage on reasonably short cooldowns. Able to take a role as a semi-carry the monkey king has high damage while being very durable or being extremely tanky using his ult to lock down and bring the hurt on the enemy carries. Due to his abilities Wukong is perfectly capable of going mid as well as top going on his high burst to kill squishy mids while tanky enough to survive return burst.

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For your runes you can go a simple ad caster page favoring flat damage or penetration, centering on boosting your good base damages and decent scaling. An optimal page are Armour pen marks, flat armor seals, flat/ or scaling magic resist glyphs (depending on personal preference) and armor pen quintessences.

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For masteries focus on either damage with a splash of tankyness (21/9/0) or tanky with a splash of damage (9/21/0) dependent on how you with to deal with your lane.

For the 21/9/0 page go down the page taking everything that adds attack damage; starting with Summoner's Wrath to go with Ignite, Butcher to help with last hitting, Sorcery to decrease the cooldown on your abilities as you need them more then attack speed. In the second row take Deadliness so you can go into Weapon Expertise for the armor penetration, followed by Havoc . Then take Brute Force , Sunder , and Executioner to finish. For the final nine points take Durability so you can go into Veteran's Scars for the four points needed to go into scares take four points spread between Hardiness and Resistance depending on if your opponent is attack damage or ability power based.

For a 9/21/0 page start with the basics going Durability , Perseverance, and chose between Hardiness or Resistance depending on your opponent. Then get Veteran's Scars Past here much of it is on preference while I go Unyielding , Block , Tenacious , Legendary Armor , and Honor Guard its not set in stone if you feel you would like something else instead. Then take the final nine in utility going either Summoner's Wrath and three into Sorcery or just four into Sorcery, followed by Deadliness and Weapon Expertise .

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On Wukong you will be building two kinds of items; aggressive damage based items seen on ad casters and tanky items often with a splash of supportive to aid your team. The must have item on Wukong is The Black Cleaver due to its amazing synergy with your ult and its ability to aid any other ad champion on your team as well as your self. Second at some point in the game (generally right after your first or second item) pick one of these three; Trinity Force, for added defense and a compliment to your already high burst damage, Iceborn Gauntlet, for its useful cooldown reduction and slow field adding some utility to your kit, or Frozen Mallet, for a great health boast and the perma-slow from your auto attacks.

If you want damage the priority item is Last Whisper as it complements your high base excellently. If you still wish to continue on the offence the The Bloodthirster is an amazing damage boast, while blade of the Blade of the Ruined King gives good sustain damage on your autos while granting a useful movement speed boast. For other damage items Mercurial Scimitar has great conjunction with your ult as well as the cleanse, Ravenous Hydra can also be picked up for the aoe it provides and the option of hard pushing, and a Guardian Angel for the cherry on top.

For a defensive route Sunfire Cape is a must have as it combines well with your ult as well as great survival stats. To continue on the tanky route Randuin's Omen is a must have as its passive ability helps with any ad carry trying to kite you. From there items like Runic Bulwark and Locket of the Iron Solari are useful early pickups and add a supportive assist to your team, also shurelya's reverie is amazing with your ult allowing you to out run anyone trying to get away and adding to your initiating power. From there items such as Banshee's Veil and Maw of Malmortius will help deal with ability power enemies and Warmog's Armor can be a useful health and regeneration jump.

The ending build- You have 3 different end build options; Glass cannon, off-tank, and tank the one I advise is the off-tank route. Your ending build should look something like this Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on if you want the armor or the magic resistance plus the tensity, The Black Cleaver, then your choice of between Trinity Force/ Iceborn Gauntlet/ or Frozen Mallet depending on which you prefer, followed by either Last Whisper or a defensive item such as Sunfire Cape, Banshee's Veil, or Randuin's Omen. For your final two times it is best to focus on defense/ supportive items such as the ones listed above or a shurelya's reverie. However it may often be a better option to take the tanky items earlier in the game especially if you decide to go Runic Bulwark or Locket of the Iron Solari. For your enchantments homeguard are both decent options captain.

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Q- Crushing Blow; Auto attack reset that lowers enemy armor, chains well into your damage combo and can really hurt when building damage. Also one important thing to remember is it increases your auto attack range for this one attack allowing you to hit enemies out of reach or get a last hit from a further range. It's good to max this second to increase your damage and armor shred.

W- Decoy; Decoy is one of your best friends allowing you to hurl your self into the enemy team and escape or ambush an unsuspecting foe. Decoy can allow you to escape impossible situations, avoid retaliation in lane, and add to your already strong initiation. This also lets you get away with glass cannon builds as you can avoid damage with well-timed decoys (and avoid Darius ults :D) Max this last as it doesn't increase the duration or effectiveness really (however reducing its cooldown can be brought into heavy consideration.)

E- Nimbus Strike; Nimbus is your bread and butter for damage, with a good base damage, nice scaling, dash, and attack speed steroid it is your main tool for nearly everything you try to do. Max this first as it does everything you want.

R- Cyclone; takes spin to win to a whole new level, able to do a maximum damage of 800 with a 480% scaling this is your team fight tool and 1v1 friend. If you initiate on a carry and get a full run of this on them they will die, if you hit lets say 3 or 4 people in the duration it can wins games. Obviously you should take points in this as often as you can and use it well as it really really hurts.

Starting ability- For your starting skill there is an argument for all three abilities.
Q- starting Crushing Blow can be used to aid last hitting due to the auto reset and increased range, also if your opponent is melee and goes in for a last hit an auto q can take a chunk out.
W- Starting Decoy is a good pick up if you fear an early all in such as against champions like Rengar and Aatrox or if you fear a level 1 jungle gank.
E- Starting Nimbus Strike can be used for heavy early aggression due to the good base damage and attack speed boast allowing for an early lead or even early kill.

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Pros / Cons

Heavy burst damage
Hard initiator
Likes aoe comps
Can semi-carry with gold

Without gold you become just an ult
Can be shut down early and made sad
Doesn't enjoy pink wards or oracles
Squishy if going full damage
Requires quick thinking, a good reaction time and judgment of damage outcomes
Fk Lee Sin

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Game progression

Early Game- In the early game try to put as much pressure on the enemy laner as you can while still gathering your cs. Use your high no cooldown burst to bring you enemy low and use w if you need to escape. Your early game harassment tool is the powerful synergy with your e and q. Using e causes you to automaticly auto attack the target, following this up with the auto attack reset from q can take a decent chunk from the enemy health. If your oponent gives you chance leading with an auto q into an e auto can deal even more damage due to the armor shred from Crushing Blow. In the pre-six stage try and deal as much damage as can while avoiding counter harassment. Once you hit six along with ignite you have a large amount of kill potential with either a good engage or a gank, netting a kill should be easy.
Early game items can include Doran's Blade, The Brutalizer, Sheen, or Vampiric Scepter for early game aggression, Doran's Shield Giant's Belt, Glacial Shroud, Kindlegem, or Hexdrinker for more defensive, or Aegis of the Legion, Locket of the Iron Solari or shurelya's reverie for more supportive options.

Mid game- Now this is your time to shine, with your early game items under your belt its time to cause fights. With your decoy and dash from Nimbus Strike Wukong is a very powerful direct ganker able to sneak into lanes and take them down with his ult granting your team a gold advantage. When your ult is ready you are also a powerful team fighter able to force and win fights for your team.
For items it is time to complete your core items and time to pick between Trinity Force which adds massively to your burst potential as well as the added in health, attack damage, movement speed, attack speed, and slow chance all of which are nice to have, Iceborn Gauntlet which adds to your burst, while it may not add as much damage as trinity force it also grants a more guaranteed slow and extra aoe as well as the armor and cooldown reduction, and Frozen Mallet which adds a pick chunk of health and the constant slow from your auto attacks.

Late game- If the game has managed to reach the late game its time to abuse you ult's massive damage. With four or more items you should be pretty tanky or at least be dealing a large amount of damage. With your ability to pick off individual targets do your best to take down the enemy carries in team fights or any possible opponent out of position. However at this point you want to stick with your team a bit more as you will can easily create favorable fights and use the massive scaling on Cyclone to put a dent into the red health bars.
Now that its hit late game you have to finish off your build. If you are your team's main initiator and/or tank keep being tanky going for those health and resistance items such as Randuin's Omen and Banshee's Veil. If you are doing well and have a tanky initiator who can do the job for you you can afford to build more heavily into damage with items such as The Bloodthirster and Mercurial Scimitar.

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Team play

YOUR ULT, when it comes to team play you look at the enemy carry e,q,r and run around like a moron dealing as much damage as you can and allow your team to pound on the enemies into the ground. OR you can be a split pusher saying to hell with your team and using your e and q to take towers and waves while using w to escape. However it normally helps to team fight with ... well your team.

In a team fight your main goal is to deal as much damage as you can to the enemy team as you can in particular focusing down the enemy carries and back line

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Farming is a prime focus for you during the early game as Wukong really likes his items. between harassment runs be sure to get as many minion kills as you can. While laneing don't hesitate to use your q to pick up a last hit that's just out of reach. Also you can easily use your e on the minions to clear them quickly or guarantee a cs or two you would have missed.

In the mid game continue picking up cs when you can but your goal is to participate in team fights so avoid just afk farming while your team is doing the work for you.

In the late game your goal is to crate and win fights if you can pick up cs here and there do so but it is no longer your focus.

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In short you hurt, even if you go tanky you are a damage source, if you go glass cannon you hit like a train and just as quickly. You want to either play the assassin and give the enemy carry as many smacks over the head as you can or peel for your carry and beat the **** out of anyone who gets to close.
While laneing your primary combo is to e, auto, q, w this works by when you e to a target it will automatically auto attack that target then using the auto attack reset on q allows for the most damage then use decoy to avoid damage.
If given the chance lead with an auto into a q lowering your opponents armor so the following e and auto deals more damage. feel free to use ult to gain a kill at any time following these combos.
In the top lane try to get your cs up while harassing your opponent try and get to where you can roam the map as soon as its safe as you are good at ganks and getting kills use any advantage you can get and help out your team when able.
When in mid get your cs, harass your laner, and gank as often as you are available with your ult, assisting your side lanes and increaseing your teams advantage.
In team fights your goal is to hit as many people with your ult as possible and stick near the squishy damage deals for as long as you can after that it comes down to you handling the situation.