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Evelynn Build Guide by x Sharq x

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League of Legends Build Guide Author x Sharq x

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x Sharq x Last updated on January 26, 2016
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For some reason when I move my most preferred build to the front of the builds, the webpage just doesn't display so its in the back (JG AP EVE) anyways... Hello summoners! I'm but a lowly Silver V player so don't think this guide will take you to Challenger or anything, this guide's purpose is to share a build and play-style that I created that I have a lot of fun doing and is actually viable. So, with that, let's get started.

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Let's talk about Evelynn. In a nutshell, she's a stealth champ that can straight be either a bruiser or assassin depending on how you build/play her. She's very close range yet she's squishy without tanky items. She has insane natural DPS with Hate Spike's low cooldown and attack speed buff from Ravage. You're also very mobile with Dark Frenzy not only giving you movement speed but also removes slows and lets you pass through units! Your ult, Agony's Embrace is so perfect for your kit/build. This ult gives you the survivability and CC you need to go insane in team fights. DONT teamfight without your ult! Overall, I consider Eve to be a very high risk but high reward champion with a very high skill cap and a LOT of fun to be had while playing. :)

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AP vs. AD

Eve really can be either AD or AP depending on what your team needs. The things that AD Eve counters are tanks. I literally 1v1'd a Mundo with this AD Eve and he had to retreat. You deal stupid insane DPS with AD Eve while sacrificing burst. You need to build even tankier than AP Eve when you go AD since your fights will be longer. On-hit Eve really caters more toward AD Eve simply because of the item Blade of the Ruined King. With a sated devourer and Ravage, in one ability and 2 AA's, you proc BotK 5 times! That's 30% of their current health done in less than 2 seconds! It's insane really. Ravenous Hydra is also an option since it's AoE will deal double damage every other attack and you attack very fast anyways.

So then there's AP, the traditional way of playing Eve. This has much more burst than AD but, AP still has decent DPS. Not near as good as AD but still decent. AP also doesn't have near the survivability as AD. If you don't kill your target fast, you'll be forced to run.

Both are very effective, which one is better will just be determined by which champions are on there other team.

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Masteries WARNING: There are a lot of numbers in here!

"But it's League of Thunderlord's!!" Not for Evelynn!! Now just hear me out, so when you play Eve, unless you're super fed, your initial burst just isn't gonna be enough to kill people. You're gonna have to scratch and claw around for a while which means, you need survivability. While you're sitting there surviving, why not be dealing stupid insane damage with your auto-attacks? "But it takes forever to build up all 8 stacks!" Eve can max FoB stacks possibly faster than any champ, and here's how. Your E instantly does 2 auto-attacks, each one giving 2 stacks so you're now at 4, you push Q at the same time (which has no cast time or animation) which gives you 2 more, you're at 6, your E gave you insane attack speed so you AA one more time, giving you 8 stacks in under 2 seconds. Which, might I add, full stacks of FoB at level 18 is 112 bonus damage on hit! Stacked with your Sated (which is 60 damage on-hit), and your Nashor's Tooth ( which with RoA and itself gives 45 damage on-hit), you deal your base AD + 112 + 60 + 45 = 217 plus base AD per hit! I know that compared to an ADC or AD assassin that may not be much but, all this on-hit damage is just icing on your cake, you still get the rest of your abilities with your AP ratios! Oh ya, and dont forget that once you're sated, that means every other hit does AD + 2 * (112 + 60 + 45) = 434! So in two little auto attacks as AP Eve you deal Base AD x 2 + 651!!!!! That isn't even calculated with extra AP from Rylai's or Zhonia's.

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Most of you probably looked at the build and thought "Why devourer and nashor's?!" and here's why... Evelynn's Ravage. I believe that just because Eve has this move, that anyone who DIDN'T build some kind of on-hit item on her would be foolish because this move does SOOO many hits! It does 2 right off the bat, then gives a TON of attack speed! (120% at rank 5) So, with that and since Eve needs to be tanky to be viable, it only makes sense to build her with mostly AP, some tankiness and some on-hit items.

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Starting in the Jungle and build order

I'm sure someone out there has a better starting route but Eve is just so dang squishy that you can't go far before going home. I have had the most success with starting Krugs, (with killing the big Krug first, I know some people like to kill the little one first but just don't), then Raptors then Wolves. Once you clear those, go home to buy the Hunter's Talisman and then go get Blue and Red. If you don't gank some people soon and get some assists, you will need to go home to get Stalker's Blade and Hunter's Potion. But, if you did get some extra gold and have enough for Stalker's Blade - Devourer, GET IT! You seriously need this item as soon as possible so that you can get Sated quicker. Once you get devourer, immediately work on Rod of Ages, this item is so good for AP damage dealers that don't have good escape or aren't exactly long range, you're the latter. Nashor's Tooth after RoA then mercury treads. After that, it really just depends on your play style or the enemy team. If you like CD reduction and mana, get Iceborn Gauntlet, if you like damage and health, get Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Then whatever defensive item you want. Most of the time I go with Zhonya's Hourglass since it makes you tankier, gives stasis, and that AP makes your abilities hurt more and your Nashor's Tooth.

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Playing in lane (experimental)

Ya soooo I haven't used her in lane yet but I most certainly think it is possible and COULD be very good with a few specific things in mind. Imagine being in mid lane and going stealth every 5 seconds, really you would be a nearly constant MIA. If you were good enough, you could use this to either put other lanes in fear of pushing, or let them get so used to hearing that you're gone that they get too comfortable and expose themselves. As far as in lane techniques go, you really wouldn't have too many options, you would have to be insanely good at dodging skill shots and super wicked good at using you extremely weak Q to last hit. I believe Eve in lane would basically just need like, a lot of ganks and could possibly not be worth spending so much focus on feeding her.

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Thanks for reading the guide, I'd really appreciate if anyone would leave some comments on what you think, I'm open to criticism, I think you can learn a lot from it. Thanks for reading the guide and I hope you learned something you didn't know before.