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Hecarim Build Guide by angata500

Jungle Hecarim To Diamond Guide

Jungle Hecarim To Diamond Guide

Updated on May 2, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author angata500 Build Guide By angata500 60 13 262,893 Views 5 Comments
60 13 262,893 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author angata500 Hecarim Build Guide By angata500 Updated on May 2, 2024
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Champion Build Guide

Hecarim To Diamond Guide

By angata500
Hey there guys my name is angata500 more widely known as Axxell Blaze and this is my diamond guide to Hecarim, the Shadow of War. I've been playing league for 6 years so far and have mained adc since season 5. Jungle however has always been my secondary role and I have tons of experience on it so I finally decided to put all my knowleadge to the making of this amazing guide the sole purpose of which is to help everyone who wants to improve and climb.I worked very hard for this guide so i would really appreaciate it if you could take your time to rate it.If you'd like to see more of my content:

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Hytale Servers.

So without further ado lets begin!
Pros and Cons

+ Versatile (assassin brusier engager)
+ Strong ganks
+ Insane map pressure
+ Good for catching people off(insane speed)
+ Strong Early - Mid Game
+ Easy to play

- Weak late game
- Early mana issue
- Heavily item reliant
- Very risky(if you get fed you snowball hard and carry if not you are useless)
- Ultimate is easy to counter ( Quicksilver Sash)

Domination & Sorcery

Dark Harvest
Hail of Blades
Well Predator is the best one here because for Hecarim it not only provides a speed boost but due to his passive Warpath he gains a massive bonus of AD which means he can easily catch/gank someone and assasinate him even without the help of his team. So that is when Predator comes into play in a very effective way . You should really take this into consideration and do what Hecarim is best at - gank as much as possible and try to feed your carries and even yourself :).

Cheap Shot
Taste of Blood

Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact is legit the perfect mastery for Hecarim.It works insanely well with his kit as he can constantly proc it with his Devastating Charge and Onslaught of Shadows making him the perfect assasin/killer of the enemy team's carries . If you like to play aggresively and counter jungle a lot this mastery will be a carry for you.
Zombie Ward
Ghost Poro

Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection is pretty good right now - will give you an extra AD permanently on takedowns and even increases with ward kills which makes it a solid choice. The other two masteries are both good options but this kind of depends on you as a player and your play style. If you care more about vision you can choose Zombie Ward as I feel is better than Ghost Poro but if you care more about clearing faster and killing people , counterjungling or playing aggresive in general than Eyeball Collection is the thing for you.
Ravenous Hunter
Ingenious Hunter

Relentless Hunter

Ultimate Hunter
Okay guys I will suggest two options here . Both are super viable. You can go for Relentless Hunter as I feel is a little bit better cos abuse one of the jungler's biggest strenghts - his map presence . The bonus out of combat movement speed is super helpful as you can gank more often and get to objectives even faster . That guys is absolutely insane for ganking and teamplay . The second option would be Ingenious Hunter because it will reduce the Cooldown of active items such as your Predator or Youmuu's Ghostblade(if you decide to go for it which btw is really good option if you are ahead) by a decent amount which again helps super much with ganking and catching people off guard.
Celerity is honestly the best thing you can get on Hecarim right now because you stack so many movement speed items on him that the 8% bonus movement speed on all of them ( Predator, Dead Man's Plate, Devastating Charge) with be huge and will really make a difference.Not to mention that the more bonus movement speed you have the more Attack damage you get due to Warpath which makes this master your best option . Waterwalking is also a solid choice because nowadays Skuttle has become a thing to fight for because it provides plenty of extra gold and vision so the bonus movement speed and damage from Waterwalking are sure to help you win that fight. But not just that it is also great for securing objectives faster and improves the success of your ganks.
Skill Order
> >


Warpath (Passive):
Hecarim gains 15% − 30% (based on level) of his bonus Movement speed icon movement speed as bonus attack damage.

Well not much to explain here really guys. Just movement speed is op on you as it boost your AD so use that Predator wisely cos in combination with your Devastating Charge you can get up too a 100+ AD late game.

Rampage (Q):
Active: Hecarim cleaves nearby enemies, dealing physical damage, reduced to 66.6% against minions.

Passive: If Hecarim damages at least one enemy with Rampage, its base Cooldown reduction icon cooldown on subsequent casts are reduced by 1 for 8 seconds, stacking up to twice.
Usage: This is your main damage source always start with it and max it first otherwise your jungle clear would suck. Also spam it as much and as often as you can inbetween autos just so you always have the 2 stacks for a reduced cd which btw makes an insane difference. Take in mind that it does aoe damage.
Spirit of Dread (W):
Explanation: Hecarim deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+80% Ability Power) magic damage over 4 seconds to all nearby enemies. Hecarim is healed for 30% of the damage these enemies take from any source.Hecarim cannot heal more than 90/120/150/180/210 Health from minions or monsters.

Usage:This ability is what actually makes Hecarim such a good jungler as it provides him with a very good sustain and you can even solo objectives like Drake and Herald because of it. The healing is not great in the early game but it is really worth it in the late game especially if you build Spirit Visage.
Devastating Charge (E):
Explanation: Hecarim gains increasing Movement Speed and can move through units for 4 seconds. His next attack knocks the target back dealing 45/80/115/150/185 (+50% bonus Attack Damage) to 90/160/230/300/370 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage based on how far Hecarim has traveled during Devastating Charge (knockback distance also scales).Devastating Charge's remaining duration pauses during Onslaught of Shadows.

Usage: This is you main ability for ganking.Always start charging it after you have activated your Predator.Keep in mind that you will knock enemies back when you hit them so try to hit them from the front if possible so that you knock them towards your team. Also keep in mind that you can pass through units which is really good for escapes and engages as well. Lastly keep in mind that the bonus movement speed you get from Devastating Charge scales into attack damage due to your passive Warpath.Combo it with your Rampage and Spirit of Dread just activate them as you are knocking the enemy back.
Onslaught of Shadows (R):
Explanation: Hecarim summons spectral riders and charges forward, dealing 150/250/350 (+100% Ability Power) magic damage to enemies hit. Hecarim releases a shockwave at the end of his charge, causing nearby enemies to flee from him for 0.75 to 1.5 seconds (increases by charge distance). Hecarim himself will only move to the targeted location. The riders will always move the full distance.

Usage: This ability is really good for both engaging the fight as it has a really long range(which means u can jump directly on the enemy team's carries).But what is more it is also insanely good for disengaging as you are immune to cc while casting it. You would usually want to use it after you have activated your Predator and Devastating Charge and aim to hit the enemy backline with it.

To sum up Hecarim is one of my favourite junglers as he is super fun to play and pretty viable as well . So with this guide I hope you learn how to play Hecarim as well as you want to . If you find it helpful and informative please do give it an upvote. If you would like to see me play Hecarim or basically any other make sure you follow me on Twitch.
Thanks for reading my guide and may the odds always feed you!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author angata500
angata500 Hecarim Guide
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Hecarim To Diamond Guide

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