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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Im bronze 5 m8

Jungle Heimerdinger AD/Crit jungle guide

Jungle Heimerdinger AD/Crit jungle guide

Updated on June 25, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Im bronze 5 m8 Build Guide By Im bronze 5 m8 20,649 Views 0 Comments
20,649 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Im bronze 5 m8 Heimerdinger Build Guide By Im bronze 5 m8 Updated on June 25, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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As you may know heimerdinger is commonly taken as a ranged great clear Ap mid/top laner. Welp I'm a ****ing socially backwards degenerate so i decided to go ad heimer jungle and surprisingly with a good team that you actually have a decent like for off meta chance at success(about 40% chance of getting ahead/not falling behind) Also you may be wondering "is this a troll build?" The answer no this build is entirely serious

Good luck on the rift
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The runes used for this are a little expensive if you are lower level/just dont have the Ip then feel free to go for cheap Ad runes and As runes but the bottom line is just make sure it helps you kite better and clear faster
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Your items are your biggest ally the masteries are nice the runes are nice but it really all boils down to you getting that early attack speed attack speed can shred a lot of laners and many people wont expect you to deal any damage
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Skill Sequence

With the mini rework on heimer this build got hit with an indirect nerf but at the same time a buff you can now clear your first camp with two turrets instead of just one. but they got rid of the scaling cooldown on your bomb this hurt it forces you to rely more on kite and that your slow wont be there for you
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You know how to use smite. As for your flash dont use it to escape a teamfight gone wrong because you have no mobi to follow up you'll still end up dead and worse without your summoners spell. For this build flash is really just to have the ability to jump walls trying to steal objectives (no really i do that alot) but one thing that is fun and useful bait them to your turrets run through your turrets and if they chase through flash back into the turrets and kite them (if you can use the **** bomb stun them while in the turrets the damage is really good) if you were low before chances are theyre low now too and you have a chance at winning the fight
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Ranked Play

If you really feel like taking this into ranked (ill admit i have) make sure your team is competent and not a bunch of boosted animals you are a supportive ganker not the killer you arent that until late game when you become another adc that feels more useful than your always feeding bot lane (I swear every ranked game i play my bot lane feeds)
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Pros / Cons

    Good late game
    Good clear and safe clear at the mid to late game
    If you know what you're doing you **** on melee junglers
    You get to play the ****er
    Its fun

    Terrible early clear
    You're off meta so your team is going to ***** all game
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Creeping / Jungling

This is where i had the most difficulty i always left blue buff nearly dead so i realized that is nearly impossible to survive without leash or turrets help so what you're gonna do go up to melee range on the sentinel place your turret a good distance back and get the sentinel to aggro you no your turret if the turret goes down you prob cant clear without smiting and burning health pots

Clear path
from then on you should be fine to clear however you see fit
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Team Work

Call that you're going to gank you arent dps ganker your job is come into lane hittem with the stalkers slow then stun on the **** bomb and then auto you dont have heavy cc or high mobi you're there to get them to burn summoners in lane but with the slow and **** stun if you have a competent laner on your team they should be able to pick up the kill
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When to gank

    Do not gank till you have bloodrazor
    Make sure you have the stalkers slow available
    Does your laner have proper hp and mana to help you
    Is the enemy jungle nearby
Always consider these before ganking it could turn a perfect clean kill into an enemy kill if you dont think
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Unique Skills

    Stalkers slow
    **** bomb
    Auto till out of range
    Rocket poke
Extended fight combo:
    Drop turrets
Fighting enemy jg
    Turrets around you
    Stalkers slow if needed
    **** bomb in turrets
    auto and kite
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Dont force ganks stay in jungle till a lane meets the requirements to gank properly this isnt the best build so you need to be careful in how you go about things
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Focus on getting your teammates ahead
use your stalkers to gank
dont force fights you arent the strongest ad character
if **** hits the fan for you become a splitpush your turrets melt... well turrets
League of Legends Build Guide Author Im bronze 5 m8
Im bronze 5 m8 Heimerdinger Guide
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Heimerdinger AD/Crit jungle guide

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