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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author alejandr0z

HL- High Life Team

alejandr0z Last updated on April 15, 2011
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HL Team

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First of all , I want you to know some considerations before reading the guide.

1- It is my first guide , I want opinions about it to improve the guide. So, constructive opinions is what I'm looking for.

2-English is not my best language, sorry for the errors.

3-I don't use all the champions in this guide (I'll explain on chapter 2)

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- Based on guide . Thank you for the recommendation./color]

- I've played few games with him and this build I think is pretty good for him.

- Played just like 5 games with her . Don't have too much to say about her.

- I started playing him like this and made a 15-5-12 score at first game. I think as the carrier of the team this is a nice build. I based myself on a Vlad's build I saw but changed few things.

- Based on this one : . IT'S NOT MINE .

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Amumu Jungler

Ok, everything you need to know about amumu jungler you can find it here
I'll just explain why are just 3 items on the build
Amumu after getting this items is good at mid game. Now, depends on what champions are on the other team; who is dealing more damage, etc.
SO, as the build says:

Physical Team:
When facing a team that deals mostly physical damage (define mostly here as 3 and above), there is a certain course of items that you should buy to maximize your own efficiency in fighting them.

: This will speed jungling up greatly, as well as giving you needed bulk. If you're up against a team consisting of mainly magic damage users, you may want to get the Giant's Belt before the Chain Vest. This item synergizes extremely well with your Despair, and it USED to be considered core on Amumu - however, as explained before, I have found results with Aegis to be better. While patch made Sunfire Cape's effect unique, you can still get one and speed up your jungling and creep killing. You increase your own magic DPS while decreasing their damage from your armor and health.

: Cheaper than Sunfire Cape, but gives much more armor and a great passive. Only use this when fighting a lot of autoattack DPS damage, especially on enemies that stack attack speed. Champions like Twitch, Master Yi, and Ashe should be instant alerts that you may need to purchase Thornmail at some point during the game.

: While the passive may seem to conflict with your Tantrum, the payoffs are worth it. The cooldown reduction combined with the Golem buff brings you well over the 40% CDR cap. The extra mana lets you spam spells longer without relying on the Golem. Finally, you get 99 extra armor, which is always fantastic against physical DPS. This is a good spell to consider if you're not controlling Golem all the time, or just want some extra CDR.

: Get this if you have difficulty staying alive in fights or in jungling early game. Turn your Cloth Armor into a Heart of Gold before getting your Aegis and let the gold per 5 accumulate. Whenever you feel that you need to, buy Randuin's Omen. The active is good for snaring runners and you'll always enjoy extra health and armor. However, note that with its multiple nerfs from 15% CDR to 5%, it's not as effective of an item anymore since it cannot max your cooldown reduction in conjunction with Frozen Heart.

Magical Teams

: While you should be getting this close to every game, it's not necessary if they don't have huge amounts of crowd control. The health and mana is very nice, as is the magic resist, but the obvious appeal is the spell shield every 30 seconds.

: This is a much more situational item that rides along the same lines as Banshee's Veil, but less expensive and more specific. Take QSS only when you face a team packing a ton of strong debuffs. Characters that fall into this category are Ashe, Vladimir, Mordekaiser, or a team with 2 or more copies of Exhaust or Ignite. At only 1440 gold, it's much cheaper than Banshee's Veil.

: This item gives the highest Magic Resistance out of any one item in the game. It also gives increased health regeneration based on your maximum health, so in conjunction with your other items, FoN can easily keep you alive for long periods of time. Get Force of Nature when facing a lot of MDPS champs, such as Mordekaiser, Singed, Heimerdinger, or other Amumu.

Balanced Teams

: Get this if you feel that you're getting focused quickly in team fights - although you shouldn't be, you're the tank. Guardian Angel is most useful late-game when you've pushed into their base or when they've pushed into yours, so until then I don't highly recommend buying this item. However, it does have its uses.

: Honestly, I frown upon this item when playing as Amumu. However, if Warmog's suits your playstyle then go ahead and get it. It gives pure health, which is very nice when you've already gotten approximately 200 armor and magic resist against a balanced team.

: Useful for the aura, health, and CDR - if you're focusing on a more CDR-oriented Amumu, you MAY want to consider this item.

: You actually deal quite a bit of magic damage, so this item may be useful for improving your damage as well as healing you quite substantially when you use your ultimate or any of your skills. The aura helps as well.

Playing Offensive

DISCLAIMER: These items are situational; try to stick to tanking items unless your team starts to win, in which case it is acceptable to begin building Ability Power or more offensive items.

: This item is great in that it gives you both Magic Resist (always good for a tank) and flat magic resist reduction to your enemies. While some may argue that Void Staff is better because of your lack of Sorcerer's Shoes, I say that the magic resist from the Scepter is too good to pass up. In addition, Abyssal Scepter greatly helps out a magic-damage heavy team.

: The passive is useful, although you won't be using it all too often, unless using it to get out of a combo or to break turret aggro. The Hourglass is useful in that it gives you a ton of AP as well as a great amount of armor. You can use this for your offensive pushes, especially if you know you'll be turret diving.

: The absolute best part of this item is that it gives you slowing tears. Did you hear that? IT GIVES YOU TEARS THAT SLOW PEOPLE. No, but really, this item is ideal for an offensive tank such as Amumu. As mentioned before, Despair will now slow people, making it child's play to chase. In addition, you get flat health, making you a bulkier tank, and additional Ability Power, buffing the damage on your skills. This is a great item to consider over Abyssal Scepter if your team lacks crowd control.

: Only get this item when you're about to build your Banshee's Veil. You have your Catalyst but during the time that elapsed after you bought it, your team has turned around the game and is now dominating the enemy. At this point, it is acceptable to build a Rod of Ages - the health and mana help, but so does the Ability Power. These three all increase over the next 10 minutes, as well, making Rod of Ages a good mid-game item for when you're winning.

I got this from another build ! If you get in there, you'll have a full explaination about amumu jungler. It's a great build, +1. I just switched a spell, because as I said my team need teleports.

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The idea of this Garen is getting a good HP/Damage. So, with atma's impaler 2% of our max health is converted into damage.
After getting those items, you'll have enough HP , and you can choose either damage item, either MR or Armor. That depends on the game. And, after getting those items maybe you don't have time to complete the 6th Also, it's an expensive build but I can do it almost every games because you can get 3 kills min. (with ulti) and a lot of assists.
In many games I've like 4k hp , 150+ armor and MR. In fact, last games I had: 4k+ hp , 200 armor and 150 +/- MR . Also, 200+ damage. It's a nice build. Hard to kill , and nice damage.

Situational Items:

- Magic Resistance items: If you are having problems against Magic champions like ,

. - I think this item is for a Main Tank. It is useful of course but I just get it at the end if I'm facing problems against Magic Champs.

. - I like this item because it give us Health Points(=Damage) and cooldowns. Also, his passive (increases your healing and regeneration effects on yourself by 15%) it's useful with a Sona on the team.

. - I don't get this items too much . I like it but never get it. If you like it, it's ok.

-Armor Items: I get those if facing champions like , ,

. - I like this item. It give us Health Points (=Damage) , Armor and Cooldowns. His passive is pretty good (20% chance on being hit to slow the attacker's movement and attack speeds by 35% for 3 seconds.) and his Active (Slows movement speeds and attack speeds of surrounding units by 35% for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for each 100 Armor and Magic Resist. 60 second cooldown) against and is just awesome. If Amumu gets you can combine it and you see their attack speed reduced by 55%. It's a lot.

. - Against those champions it's great. You can kill them before they kill you. Really nice choise.

- Balanced Items- If you are facing Magic and Damage champions.

. - It would give us MR and Armor and of course his awesome passive. It's hard to kill a Garen and imagine killing one and then he revives.

. - It's a good choise but if Amumu gets it you are wasting his passive. I just get this item when playing as main tank in games without a main tank. (we are talking about this team so I don't recommend this item)

. - You don't see many people getting this item but it's a good item. It give us Damage and MR . Also , his passive is good (If you would take Magic Damage which would leave you at less than 30% of your Maximum Health, you first gain a shield which absorbs 300 Magic Damage for 4 seconds. 60 second cooldown). More survability mixed with AD

-Dps items- If you are holding their champions and you think you don't need more MR, Armor or Health:

. - It give us 80 AD and also Critical Strike. It's helpful to and Judgement .

. - If the carriers are facing problems against the enemies tank(s). AD and Armor Penetration.

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Vladimir is a good carrier. IF he gets 20 stacks he can focus DPS and kill them really fast.
About the items, I get because it give us AP and some Armor. That give us more survability. The same happens with . If you preffer you can get some Magic Penetration (If needed) or some HP. I still preffering those items.
If he combines his ulti with Amumu's ulti you'll have the team battle on your hands.

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I planned a team with high survability (HP) so I started by chosing and .
Why Amumu ? Amumu at team battles can be really helpful with his ultimate and with the stun to enter the battle and to go after them at the end. (with the stun) It's one of my favourite tanks. He will be the MT (Main Tank). The Main tank jungling can lvl faster and also help getting some kills at the lanes if performing ganks.
Why Garen? Garen can be a secondary tank. With high survability too , and with AT (Atma's Impaler) he can be a good Tank/Dps. Also, a good turret pusher.
One thing that I like at my teams are the healers. So, a high HP team with a healer, is just great. So I chosed .
Why Sona? Sona besides of being a healer, has a nice bonus to the team at the TB (team battles) and also the AoE Stun, which is also great at TB.
With a tank , a tank/dps , a healer ... I thought that my team needed more dps. 1 dps with high survability too (but greater dps than tank) and a dps who could push turrets and also be an anti tank. So I chosed and .
Why Vlad? Vlad has a good survability with the HP , and also with the life steal of his spells. With his ultimate can be useful at the TB (Nice damage and good stats reduction).
Why Kog? Kog, for me, is one of the best turret pushers of the game. And with his Armor reduction can be a crucial champion to bring down a tank.

Champions without all items : If you want any item there you can get it, I reserved that for wards.

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4-Summoners Spells

You can also think why everyone has ? One thing that can be crucial in a game , is the mobility. With an easy switch lane , all the game, we can move ourselves around the map easily. Also , I think is crucial getting wards at the main jungle-spots and at the river to avoid ganks and also perform ganks. With teleport , we can easily gank a champion who is jungling the dragon. With a ward, 2 of us teleport to the ward and kill him.
The rest of the Spells feel free of switching them.

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It's not a great guide, is an ideia that I had for a team and I want your opinion to improve him. I think is a team that might work specially because many people when seeing a team so hard to kill at team battles, start getting nervous and lose the team battles. And, if team battles are lost, 80% of the game is lost.

That's my opinion.

It was my first guide, I want your opinion about it , champions items masteries champions combination, etc ...

Thank you for the view ;)


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