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League of Legends Build Guide Author koksei


koksei Last updated on November 23, 2012
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Okay here comes my guide on Blitzcrank I've picked him up for a longer time and most mobafire guides kinda don't really give him the support role he should fulfill.

Uhhh, I rerelased the guide now, since I am maining support anyway, did a small tweak - other starting items but besides that it's basically the same!

Anyway let's get dis started![*]

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Positive & Negative Aspects


+ Massive CC
+ Pretty tanky
+ Can changes games in the blink
of an eye!
+ Warding benefits him more than anyone else
+ His roaming is incredibly strong
+ Best invade-ability in the game
--> Rocket Grab
+ Super fun

- Extremely hard to play successful
- Has a hard time playing from behind (laning phase)
- You'll get flamed a lot if you
aren't that good yet
- No heal or shield

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Gold

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Gold



  • Greater Seal of Armor I'd rather stick to the armor Marks and keep the GP10 Seals, but definitely the most viable alternative!



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Tier 1 // I take this 1 point in offense so I can get Summoner's Wrath for improved Exhaust, to shred some armor and MR!

Tier 1 // 3 points in Hardiness to make up for my GP10 runes in my opinion this is enough to stay in lane. The 2 points in Resistance are quite good against any magical damage which you will eventually meet in lane as well.

Tier 2 // Now you go for Vigor so you'll be a little bit more sustained. With this + Regrowth Pendant you'll be regenerated in no time!


Tier 1 // You'll go for Summoner's Insight to improve your Flash and get 3 points in Expanded Mind for extra mana, since Blitzcrank is quite mana hungry and it synergizes with his passive; Mana Barrier.

Tier 2 // Next up are Swiftness for even more MS and Meditation to sustain your mana, like I said above Blitzcrank is quite mana hungry! And this will help you to regain it faster.

Tier 3 // In this Tier you'll pick Greed to get even more GP10! Greed + Greater Seal of Gold + Greater Quintessence of Gold grant 7,25 GP10 for free! That's more than one gold item grants!

Tier 4 // Now you'll go for Wealth , 40 gold might not be that much, but due to the fact that you want to start with Regrowth Pendant + sight ward it's inevitable.

Tier 5 // To get some CDR you'll get Intelligence ! Blitzcrank has quite long cooldowns so this mastery comes in really handy. After you finish Shurelya's Reverie and Frozen Heart you'll have maximum CDR. The Randuin's Omen afterwards isn't really for the CDR but for the other stats and the active.

Tier 6 // Last but not least you take Mastermind which will bring up your Summonerspells way faster!

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Summoner Spells

spaaace First off all you HAVE TO get Flash here are the reasons why:
  • Before you got your Boots of Speed or Boots of Mobility you'll lack movespeed and a support without Flash will just get ganked over and over again. Which will eventually succeed once the Flash is down,
  • Escaping, Chasing!
  • DEM FLASHGRABS (Video below, "Rocket Grab-Section")

spaaace Secondly I take Exhaust, it's awesome for Blitzcrak and the bottomlane for several reasons:
  • Shreds resistances = more damage!
  • Slows the target down and reduces it's damage
  • Great to secure kills or to escape - due to it's slow; damage reduction!


spaaace Heal is quite good for botlane but since Blitzcrank is ALWAYS an aggressive lane I prefer Exhaust over it. If you wanna play it safe tho you could still get it.
I heard that some people actually swap out Flash for Heal which is just dumb in my opinion.

spaaace Clairvoyance used to be quite a viable summoner on Blitzcrank, but since the change the CD is just way too long. I rarely get it on him. Even tho it's super strong for invasions. spaaace

spaaace If your jungler and/or your toplane takes Exhaust you could go for it. But nowadays the AD usually get's Ignite so it'd still prefer Exhaust! spaaace

Everything else is ********. Dun even think about getting it, Ghost could be funny to troll but meh - not viable for a serious build.

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Skills & Skill Sequence

Mana Barrier

Once you drop below 20% health a shield for 50% of your current mana will activate.
In my opinion this passive is quite strong and suitable for Blitzcrank.

  • + Makes him tanky even without that many items
  • + While he builds manatank-items (e.g. Frozen Heart) he gets even more tanky
  • + A great lifesaver
  • + Extremely strong mid/late game
  • - If you are oom your passive is useless
  • - Isn't that useful earlygame

Rocket Grab

The skill, that makes Blitzcrank so strong and funny at the same time.
This skill is literally your way to success!

  • + Awesome range (longer than the indicator)
  • + Can grab through your OWN minions
  • + One of the best if not the best invasion skill
  • + Awesome to zone (combined with Power Fist)
  • - Has quite a long CD
  • - Skillshot, you can't just click on him and suddenly he stands infront of you


The skill you'll max first! Just an awesome speedboost which is insanely strong.
Combined with your Boots of Mobility you'll catch anybody!

  • + Great follow-up skill combined with your other skills
  • + Even if you just got Boots of Speed you'll be faster than most other people
  • + Low CD
  • Actually I don't think that this skill has any negative side effect.
    It used to debuff you when it ended but that's a long time ago.

Power Fist

When activated your next hit will deal double damage and knock your enemy up! Activate it before or while your grab so the enemies gets instant knocked up! Also works on towers, resets your AA.

  • + Low CD - Massive CC
  • + Low Manacosts
  • + Good to engage fights
  • + Awesome zoning ability (combined with Rocket Grab)
  • - You have to be next to the target to use this ability. AA range
  • - Not really that much damage, at least with my supporting build!

Static Field

And here comes Blitzcrank's ultimate it has HUGE base damage. And grants a short AOE Silence that's a huge benefit for your team, since it stirs up the teamfight for your favour.
The passive is quite good for chasing down people. Even tho it's not that good for laning phase.

  • + AOE Silence
  • + Huge burst especially combined with Rocket Grab --> 800 when both skills are maxed!
  • + Really low CD which allows you to cast it often
  • - You may take kills with it due to it's high basedamage.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

  • At level one comes Rocket Grab, it's just made for invading and if you got Blitzcrank you should always invade! (You max Rocket Grab at lvl 18)
  • On lvl 2 you pick up Power Fist - and now the fun begins! Don't even bother to grab someone on lvl 1 since you'll most likely just waste your mana. From lvl 2 on you can start the killing/zoning.
  • Next up you'll pick up Overdrive - the skill you'll max first (by lvl 9), simply because it makes grabbing and zoning (+ escaping) way easier!
  • What you max 2nd and 3rd is up to you but I prefer maxing Power Fist due to more utility - shorter cooldowns.
  • To sum things up it's like this Static Field > Overdrive > Power Fist > Rocket Grab - like I said above you could switch Rocket Grab with Powerfist!

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Item Sequence

Stealth Ward

Nomad's Medallion

Stealth Ward

Stealth Ward

Heart of Gold

Stealth Ward

Stealth Ward


Boots of Speed

Stealth Ward

Stealth Ward

Boots of Mobility

Oracle's Elixir

Talisman of Ascension

Frozen Heart

Randuin's Omen

Item Explanation:

Alternative Items:

SPACE A great item for the support in general but I don't like it as much as Frozen Heart on Blitzcrank - simply because it doesn't grant any mana at all. If someone else gets Frozen Heart tho I'd go for it! Usually I'd ask the jungler or the toplaner to get one - if they feel the need to have one. SPACE

SPACE A Sheen or Trinity Force is actually really strong on Blitzcrank. You'll deal such huge burst! I only get Sheen when we are completely dominating lane tho and rarely ever finish Trinity Force (too expensive - Shurelyas's Reverie and other items are more important) SPACE

SPACE A great item for Blitzcrank against AP heavy teams - e.g. against a fed mid or double AP! SPACE

Ninja Tabi's SPACE I go for Boots of Swiftness 80% of the time, but if we are losing quite hard and I need the armor I go for Ninja Tabi's, Mercury Treads --> can be useful against heavy CC. SPACE Mercury Treads

Wouldn't really recommend too many other items, we'll see what season 3 brings upon us!

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You'll of course never have wards on all these places and you'll focus them on objectives but these are most of the keypoints which you could ward. Sometimes one key point is unecessary if you have warded another one.

Of course there are some more important wards like, pit wards at Dragon or Baron Nashor .
But these are situational (e.g. when your river ward gets destroyed due to a pink ward)
Or if you are doing Baron Nashor you'll ward over the pit so they won't steal it.

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Laning Phase & Zoning

Let's get to one of Blitzcrank greatest abilities - Zoning!
Explanation of Zoning and Zoning tactics: Here's a small article about zoning!

Due to Blitzcranks kit he excells at this and forces the enemies to ward the lanebushes - if they don't ward them it's kind of a won lane for you! Just by walking in it you'll make your enemies do it because they are scared - with reason.

The trick to this is NOT using the grab too often - if you make use of Rocket Grab too often you'll just run out of mana and your ability to zone will run out so instead of spamming it
aim for PRECISE Rocket Grabs!

Once your Rocket Grab is used and missed your enemies have about 15 seconds
before you'll be able to zone them again.

Ways of Zoning/Killing:

You position yourself in a sidebush run up to them with Overdrive (+ Power Fist)
you only activate Power Fist if there is a chance to get them.
If the enemy escapes you either back of or try to Rocket Grab.

Usually your PRESENCE is enough to make your enemies afraid of you!
Just be there be patient try to land most of your Rocket Grabs and you'll succeed in lane.

Zoning Tutorial by Shureylia:

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Rocketgrab / Video Section

In this section I want to give you an idea about Blitzcranks Q-Skill, Rocket Grab,
since it has such unique ways to use it! And I'll give you some tricks to it as well.

Blitzcranks job is basically to secure kills (objectives) by getting them out of position,
and since you'll have a ****load of MS that can happen really fast.
Below I'll post videos & screenshots of some grabs you should learn, know.
I'll add more later on - going through LoL-Replay takes time :-/

The Flashgrab:


Grabbing the blue without resetting:
(You gotta stand almost exactly at that point or else it'll reset)

The range of Rocket Grab is a little bit further than the indicator!

In this video a small teamfight occurs, it greatly shows the power of "towergrabs"
and your passive; Mana Barrier

One of the most common ways to grab someone - while going to clear/ward:


Guide Top

Lane Partner

Lane Rating: Incredible

Graves really excells with Blitzcrank, they synergize so well with each other,
due to high burst & mobility. Graves just bursts so hard with his Buckshot and once he is level 6 the enemies have to pray you'll miss your Rocket Grab, it'll be a certain kill otherwise!


Lane Rating: Incredible

Corki + Blitzcrank is one of those lineup's you just don't wanna face it's so damn strong due to Corki's huge burst from:
AA -> Phosphorus Bomb -> AA + Gatling Gun just shreds people.
If you manage to grab someone the chances are pretty high you get a kill or force
them to use escape mechanisms - Flash

Lane Rating: Incredible/Strong

Tristana is one of the better matchups for Blitzcrank; even earlygame she has a lot of burst and and can reduce healing ( Explosive Shot) which is really strong for short skirmishes! The only problem in this matchup is miscommunication - missing your Rocket Jump due to the jump resulting in losing a lot of burst.


Lane Rating: Incredible/Strong

Vayne is one of the best, matchups for [Blitzcrank. The killing potential in this lane is just incredible due to the high CC given:
Rocket Grab --> Power Fist --> Condemn.
If Vayne manages to smash the enemy into a wall it's gonna hurt
and certainly result in kills quite often! --> Very hard too pull of tho!

Lane Rating: Strong

Miss Fortune's AAs will really hurt due to Impure Shots she'll also reduce any healing abilities by 50% with those. More than that she got a slow and quite a burst with AA --> Double Up --> AA. It might not seem like a strong matchup but give it a try and you'll see for yourself! ( Miss Fortune should max W, Impure Shots)


Lane Rating: Strong/Medium

I actually haven't played that matchup in a while since Sivir isn't picked that much but it's quite strong! Sivir got a lot of burst damage due to Boomerang Blade + ricochet moreover she has a lot of mobility due to her passive, Fleet of Foot.


Lane Rating:Medium

Caitlyn is actually quite a good lane partner for Blitzcrank.
But it's kinda hard to pull of since the Caitlyn needs some timing for that. Due to her Yordle Snap Traps you got even more CC and you'll be a real threat.

There are two ways to do this:


Lane Rating: Medium

Since Ezreal relies on poke and needs quite a lot of mana for that Blitzcrank isn't the best matchup but that doesn't mean that it's weak. If Ezreal maxes
Essence Flux and rushes a Sheen he'll have huge burst - just what Blitzcrank needs


Lane Rating: Medium

Draven has his Spinning Axes which really hurt
+ a great chasing skill --> Blood Rush.
The only small problem is to catch your Spinning Axes but that shouldn't be too hard.


Lane Rating: Medium

Varus doesn't really have that much burst but his AAs hurt quite alot due to Blighted Quiver. He also has a slow + healing reduction skill; Hail of Arrows.
The lane is definitely quite strong pre 6 you probably won't secure too many kills but once Varus is level 6 you'll have even more CC and you'll be able to do da killings.

Lane Rating: Weak

Kog'Maw isn't really a good matchup for Blitzcrank - Kog'Maw usually aims to farm well and needs sustain due to heals or shields for that.
It's one of the weaker lanes and I'd usually prefer something like Janna as Kog'Maw!
The main problem about this lane is that it lacks killing potential and you'll most likely not score any kills without the help of a jungler.


Lane Rating: Weak

Ashe doesn't really synergize that well with Blitzcrank
since she doesn't has the burst, other AD's have.
I'd say Ashe is the "worst" AD-Partner for Blitzcrank but it can still work out.
The main problem will be that most other ADs will just outdamage her even tho you grabbed successful and you'll probably lose the trade.


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Pre Teamfight & Teamfight

If you know there'll be a teamfight soon due to Dragon or Baron Nashor try to ward the whole area your chances to get someone of position are way higher like that. You should always try to ward/clear with 2 more persons, since you'll probably meet someone in the jungle.
Grabbing someone (usually the support) because he is going to ward, occurs very often and directly puts your team in a better position to defend/contest an objective.

Like I stated above Blitzcranks job is to get people of position. Usually the enemy team won't engage on if your Rocket Grab is still up since the risk is too high to make it an instant 4v5.

Of course there'll be teamfights anyway, your job is to protect the carries and to stirr up the teamfight with your Static Field (AoE Silence).

The weird thing about Blitzcrank is that you'll have way less teamfights than with any other support since noone wants to engage 4v5 - and this should happen quite a lot if you play it right.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Hey koksei, is this build viable for ranked play?

A: Yes it is I played it from 1500-1700 and once I am back to 1700 I will continue using it.

Q: Hey dude, I never hit my grab what do I do wrong?

A: Try using smartcast for faster reactiontime, also don't always engage with Rocket Grab. Run up to them with Overdrive and use Powerfist - if he escapes use Rocket Grab, hitting Rocket Grab from a shorter distance is way easier!

Q: Why should we trust you?

A: Well I played around 1500-1700 season 2 and atm I am 1750+ and main support, not really high elo yet but I guess it's not that bad.
And many people said I am a good Blitzcrank.

Q: Hey koksei, are there situations where I should avoid picking Blitzcrank?

A: Well in laning phase an Alistar can be quite annoying but that's actually no reason not to pick him. Amumu or Galio are also quite good against him since your team will usually stick next to you they'll get a good ultimate off.

Q: Why'd you ever start Regrowth Pendant / Boots of Speed?

A: Like this you'll have a huge advantage on the enemy support, if you can actually afford it, due to their jungler "being known not to gank bot early" or at least not that effective it's not really a problem.

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So that's it I hope you guys enjoyed it and learnt a bit and you'll play a succesful Blitzcrank soon!

Masteries: 1/8/21
Runes: Greater Mark of Attack Damage, Greater Seal of Gold, Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, Greater Quintessence of Gold
Skillorder: Static Field > Overdrive > Power Fist > Rocket Grab

Lemme know of your results and feel free to post them!
I appreciate any constructive critism and feedback in general :)

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There are some people I wanna thank for helping me out with this guide:

samgoeslol aka strawhatbro for his Article about zoning. For more stuff like this go here!

GrandmasterD aka GrandmistressD for his feedback/critique for my graphics.

jhoijhoi for her Guide about making a guide