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Kha'Zix General Guide by Turnupthetoaster

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Turnupthetoaster

How to carry with the Slaying Mantis in Season 6 (Patch 6.7)

Turnupthetoaster Last updated on April 14, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Kha'Zix with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Rengar Rengar may counter Kha'Zix in top lane, but in the jungle it's a whole different story. Rengar is fragile, and while his early game isn't necessarily weak, it's not as good as Kha'Zix's. Especially since he'll be isolated most of the time, so look for opportunities to counter-jungle him as much as possible. And of course, look for opportunities to kill him, since not only can you out-trade him, but also it is very difficult for Rengar to escape Kha'Zix unless he lands an empowered Bola Strike or uses his ultimate. Now, normally Rengar can one shot Kha'Zix in the late game, but for this guide I'm using a bruiser build, so even in the late game he won't be able to out-trade you! (Sorry Knife Cat)!
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Hi guys! This is my very first guide, and while this build I have introduced is a little unusual, I can guarantee you that it works. Kha'Zix is one of my main champions, so believe me when I say that. If you have your doubts, feel free to give it a try. If you don't like it you can always switch back to the usual full-AD assassin build that I see a lot of players use. So without further adieu, let's get started!

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What is this build I'm seeing?

In case you haven't already noticed, I personally prefer to build Kha'Zix as a bruiser. This is because I find him to be way too fragile when built as a full-AD assassin, and he's not like Rengar, Zed, or Talon, all of which can just dive straight into the back line and somehow make it magically work. I mean, Kha'Zix can jump straight into the back line no problem (literally), but the chances of him surviving are usually pretty slim if you go full-AD with him. When built as a bruiser on the other hand, Kha'Zix can still deal lots of damage, and he can still assassinate low health and/or isolated targets. Another thing I've noticed about Kha'Zix is that he only deals insane amounts of burst damage to isolated targets, but to unisolated targets he mainly deals sustained damage, which is unusual for AD assassins/casters.

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Pros / Cons


    Very Mobile
    Good in solo-queue
    Great at picking off enemies
    Strong ganks
    Good at counter-jungling while also being difficult to counter-jungle
    Strong late game; snowballs hard
    Strong in teamfights
    Is very fragile early on; overall has a weak early game

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Unseen Threat is Kha'Zix's passive. Whenever Kha'Zix steps in brush or activates his ultimate, his next basic attack to an enemy champion deals bonus magic damage while also slowing the target. Take advantage of his passive whenever possible.

Taste Their Fear is Kha'Zix's Q. This ability does physical damage to one target enemy near Kha'Zix. This ability DOES NOT count as a basic attack, which means it can't apply on-hit effects. However, it is Kha'Zix's primary damage dealing tool, and it deals bonus damage to isolated enemies. Additionally, this ability has slightly more range than a basic attack, and when this ability is evolved, you can even hit enemies with this ability through very thin walls. Another good thing to note is that this ability will passively mark enemies who are considered to be isolated.

Next up, we have his W, Void Spike. This ability sends out a skill shot that detonates upon hitting the first enemy struck, but if no target is hit the missile will not explode. Enemies near the explosion are damaged and slowed, and if Kha'Zix is near the explosion, he will heal himself. This is what makes the Spirit Visage such a useful item on Kha'Zix.

Next is Kha'Zix's E, leap. I bet you'll never guess what this ability does... Despite what the name suggests, this ability actually causes Kha'Zix to blow up the enemy nexus immediately upon activation. Jk jk, the name really does say it all...

Finally, we have Void Assault, Kha'Zix's ultimate. This ability has a passive and an active effect. Passively, it allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his four abilities whenever he takes a point into this ability, but once you evolve an ability, you can't undo it, so do keep that in mind! When activated, this ability allows Kha'Zix to stealth for one second, gain bonus movement speed, and allows him to pass through units. Kha'Zix can reactivate this ability once after a few seconds (twice if the ability is evolved).

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Which abilities should I evolve? Hmmm...

Typically, it's always best to evolve Taste Their Fear first, because doing so will increase your camp clearing speed dramatically. Additionally, you should be able to easily solo the dragon at level 6, the range of your Q and auto-attacks get increased by 75 units, and you get to deal INSANE amounts of damage to isolated enemies. Next, I would highly recommend evolving Leap. Doing so will increase the range of the leap, while also resetting the ability's cooldown upon getting a kill or assist, thus allowing you to make some pretty nice Faker looking plays. Some players like to evolve Leap first, but now that the ability's range has been increased by 100 units when unevolved, there's really no need to do this anymore. Finally, you can choose to evolve either Void Spike or Void Assault last. I personally prefer to evolve Void Spike last, but it's really up to you since both abilities are incredibly useful. I'll discuss the pros to both abilities and let you decide for yourself: If you want a stronger slow as well as the ability to shoot out 3 spikes rather than just one, than evolve your W. Another good thing to know is that Kha'Zix's evolved W will reveal non-stealthed units it hits, which means it can even be used as a scouting tool. And the ability's massive AoE makes it great for poking, wave clearing, disengaging, and pursuing multiple enemies at once. On the other hand, if you want to look cooler while being able to stealth up to 3 times for twice as long, than evolve your ultimate. If you can't decide, get experimental and see which one works best for you.

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Early game

When jungling I like to start at the Gromp. From there, I clear the Wolf Camp, then snag my Blue Buff. If the scuttle crab is up on my blue side of the map, I'll take it. If I see an early banking opportunity I might take it, but I typically don't do this considering how fragile Kha'Zix is early on.

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When ganking with Kha'Zix, first, make sure that your passive is up, then simply walk up to them, auto-attack them, and keep hitting them with your Q and auto-attacks. Afterwards, use chilling smite and your W to continue slowing them, and if they still manage to get away from you, you can always use your E to chase them down, but don't use your E to get into the fight, instead use it to continue your pursuit or to escape should things get a little hairy. If you have Void Assault, you can make your already potent ganks even more effective!

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How to Teamfight, and BUG your enemies! (I'm so sorry).

In team fights, typically you're going to want to burst down the enemy squishes, but if you have to don't be afraid to go head to head against the enemy front line, because when built as a bruiser, Kha'Zix can act as both a front liner as well as an assassin, which is one of the unique aspects about this champion. Either way, the role you play in team fights can vary depending on the situation. You can stay in the front line to guard your back line, or you can take the risk and dive the enemy back line when you feel the time is right. Often times you may even find yourself doing a mix of both. In the end though, what you choose to do can greatly vary according to the situation you're in as well as the team you're up against, so choose your moves wisely! And if you make a mistake or get caught out, it's okay! You should have the durability to survive whatever punishment comes your way, and when you get the chance use your Leap and Void Assault to reposition yourself, and if all else fails make a tactical retreat (it's okay, I'm sure we've all had to do that at some point).

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Synergies and counters

Kha'Zix synergizes incredibly well champions that can scatter or pick off enemy champions, so champions such as Gragas or Blitzcrank work really well with him. However, champions with his amounts of crowd-control and/or displacement can make Kha'Zix rather useless in team fights. With that said, it's important to choose your moment to go in wisely as well as build items that block or reduce the effects of crowd-control.

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Well, that's the end of this guide. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and please feel free to share how well this build works for you!


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