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Trundle Build Guide by KaiJind

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KaiJind

How To Trundle To Win!

KaiJind Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Still Working On This Guide

Hello i'm Kaijind and this is my first guide here at mobafire about jungler trundle. I've seen many builds of trundle around here and no one of them really works (at least not as my build). Trundle is an offtank dps. It means that he stays in the front of the fight able to do a good amount of dmg while he can stand a few hits without critical loss...

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-Fast jungler. He can stay there and b only to buy items
-Good dmg even with tanky items
-Good ult that can make the enemy tank killable ( not suggesting focusing tank first even with trundle's ult on him)
-His Contaminate can keep him out of any slow or bind situation
- Pillar of Filth is a good block skill and slow
-Great movability though map using Contaminate

-His dmg is falling a bit late game
-He's terrible laner (if the enemies are noobs he can do great there)

Trundle hasn't many cons at all considering his pros. He's a great champ in all parts of the game. A good trundle can lead the team to win

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the runes and the masteries are absolutely on personal preference. i can only suggest some options


I can only thing Greater quintessence of desolation but quints for health or health per lvl will be nice too.
In this guide i build Trundle as offtank dps so he's tanky. He lacks armor pen and i'll give him some through runes and masteries. That's why i use greater mark of desolation for him.
greater seal of replenishment are the runes you want to take if you don't master Trundle. You'll find yourself oom a lot of times using Rabid Bite or Contaminate all the time early or mid game. This will save you many times trust me. The other option should be Greater Seal of Armor if the enemy team has more AD.
You can use Greater Glyph of Critical Chance to boost the crit from atma's but feel free to use other glyphs if you really need them


I use 9-21-0 because i thing all you need at an offtank is the 10% armor penetration from offensive tree while 21 on defensive will do great. You don't need masteries that minions will attack you less or others that you will attack them more. Jungling is an easy thing for trundle. Juggernaut is all you need. 3% bonus max health and more tenacity? Yes please. 10 tenacity from Juggernaut + 35 from Mercury's Treads + 40 from Contaminate makes a total of 85 tenacity. This means you reduce any cc coming at you by 85%. There is a 15% left that will do just nothing at you and to your tanky build.
9-21-0 is all an offtank dps Trundle needs.

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Summoner Spells

Trundle can do great in jungle without smite but his team can't. All i mean is that you don't pick smite just for the dmg. You can ensure some last hits on blue/red buff, on dragon or on baron witch is not useful only for you but for the whole team. Smite is the spell that any jungler needs no matter what.

My personal preference. I use it on any champion and Trundle is not an exception. You can use it too: initiate, go away, chase someone, make a gang more succesful, jump over walls and many other things. With your Pillar of Filth + Contaminate + red buff + Flash no one can escape from you.

My next option right after Flash. A boost of speed can help many times like Flash. You should use this if your account is low level instead of Flash.

Good choise instead of Flash if you play Trundle with more offensive items. If no one from your team has it and you think you want to counter this emeny Xin Zhao or Vayne then feel free to pick it.

The enemy team has champions like Warwick, Nasus, Akali, Tryndamere and everyone from your team refuses to take it because it's not his "playstyle" then you can pick it for sure aiming targets with great lifesteal abilities

This spell is good too but as exhaust it's good if you want to play trundle with more offensive items. I wouldn't suggest it to trundle.

Very good spell to have but not at trundle. It's good for solo mid or top. Trundle is very mobile without teleport and he doesn't need it at all. There are better options for Trundle.

There are many hesitations about this spells. Many say that it's useless. I think that after the recent neft at cairvoyance it's good to be used but only by supports. Trundle shouldn't take this spell but if you are low level and you don't want to go in jungle(not suggested) you can take it.

Not so good for Trundle. You carry the blue buff at early game so there are no mana issues. Mid or late game your mana wont be a problem if you use your skills wisely. Just care how you use your skills and you wont need clarity since there are better options for trundle.

Trundle is not Lux or Ashe... not even a support so please pick something else.

85 tenacity is not enough? You are not vulnerable to any cc so cleanse is useless.

If you play a game with bots and you want to end it fast it's the best skill to use. Don't use it for any other reason.

It's a very good spell but it has very very long cooldown. Your purpose as Trundle is not to die so don't use it.

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Skills Explanations

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Whenever an enemy unit near Trundle dies, he heals for (2/3/4/5/6)% of their maximum health.
A great passive that can really help you do much. It helps you a lot in jungle. When you make gangs or during a team fight, killing a unit can save you just from your passive's heal. And here is a trick: while you run and someone chase you or during an 1-1 fight you can smite a nearby minion and your passive can save you again. Just a great passive to have... especially for a jungler.

Rabid Bite
Your next attack will deal bonus physical dmg while he increases his attack dmg with the opponent losing the half of it.
Rabid Bite is your dmg. You can use it right after an auto attack so as you can make the next hit right away no matter your attack speed. It can also increase your attack dmg and reduce opponent's up to 20. No big deal for carries but it's 20 less attack dmg than they had. It is more effective against champions based on AS(attack speed) like Vayne and not so at those based on AD(attack dmg) like Talon. While hitting an emeny tower without any enemy near there you can use Rabid Bite on a crip just to gain the attack dmg bonus and keep hitting the tower while you can renew your buff every 8 seconds. You should maximize this skill first for the maximum jungle speed possible (for more jungle information go to Jungle and trundle section).


You infect a big area. While standing on it you gains attack speed, speed, and cc reduction.
This is the skill that makes you almost unkillable. With the proper use of it, it can do so many many things. You can chase your enemies, you can reduce any incoming cc, you can just increase your attack speed, you can run away from your enemies, you can use it in front of the enemy tower to take it down faster or just to clear a minion wave and even more....! Not many skills have this big range and this exactly makes it so practical. Use it so that it will cover the biggest area that you will move in possible. This skill can be the difference between the victory and the defeat. However be careful how you use it because his big range can reveal your possition. You should maximize it second with Pillar of Filth.

Pillar Of Filth

It creates a beacon at the target location that can block any unit and slows the enemies.
This skill is your slow. Very useful to chase someone or help an ally. You can use it to just slow someone or block them in a narrow passage. But care how you use it because you can block an ally too and drive him to his doom. It can easily change the flow of the fight because it can split up the emeny team. You can use it even to scout a bush. You can go behind a buff location and check if it's safe to steel it(if it is there) or kill the enemy jungler. Like Contaminate it can reveal your place so you should care. Maximize it second with Contaminate


Trundle steals his target's health armor and magic resist for some amount. the next 6 seconds this amount is doubled.
An ult that can make the enemies even weaker and trundle even stronger. Very good ult but as much as Pillar of Filth you need to be careful how you use it. Using it on the right player can give your team a great advantage in the fight. Using it on the wrong can cost you the fight. People sometimes focuses the one that has your ult so use it wisely. This skill can save your life like Decompose + Smite combo. While running to save your life you can use it on someone(no matter on whom... the stolen health is not based on the target's maximum health so in this sicuation if you use it on tank it wont be a problem at all) and go away safely. Take a point on this skill on 6, 11 and 16 level.

Note: Be careful how you use your Contaminate your Pillar of Filth and your Agony. How you use them is the difference between a succensful and a failed Trundle and between the victory and the defeat.

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Ηοw To Situationaly Build Your Items

Why And When To Buy Them

Core Build:

You should start with Vampiric Scepter since you jungle. Here is a trick: if it's ok with you and your team you can wait on base ultill the minion's spawm to buy 1 Health Potion so you can jungle even easier. At your first return you should buy your Long Sword and Cloth Armor so you can build then in Madred's Razors. Now, if you want to make some gangs your next item should be Boots of Speed and then complete your Wriggle's Lantern. If not rush your Wriggle's Lantern first and then buy Boots of Speed. The boot you want to take at Trundle is definitely Mercury's Treads, so buy it after your lantern. The 35 tenacity it gives is not that much but with Juggernaut and Contaminate it's a total of 85 tenacity that it's really much. Your next item should be Warmog's Armor so you can stack it as soon as possible. The amount of health it gives can be very useful as a defence but as offence too because your next item will be Atma's Impaler. The armor, the critical and the great passive it has make it a great item for Trundle.

So your core build is:

Situational Items:

If the enemy team has 2 or more ability power based champions then you want to buy this item. It gives both attach dmg and magic resist so you stay in all this tank dps theme while it also provides you with a great passive. 300 health against any magic dmg is not that much but consider how many times you got away with 300 heal or how many times this Requiem barely killed you. Very good and high recommended item for any tank dps.

This should be bought only if you think that your defences are already high. Although it gives 250 health i would never picked it as defencive item. This 250 health can boost your Atma's Impaler passive while Sheen + Rabid Bite can give a great dmg output.

It grants you with the great ammount of 700 health that can boost your Atma's Impaler + 20 attack damage. His passive can help you chase someone too sometimes although you have Contaminate and Pillar of Filth so no one can really escape.