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Diana Build Guide by TheRedryder

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRedryder

Hybrid Diana Jungle

TheRedryder Last updated on October 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Diana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Olaf easy. just keep AA and he will die. his damage can be a lot, but nothing you cannot handle.
Rengar kill his fucking head off. very easy.
Skarner he cannot 1v1 you at almost any point in the game. but DO NOT try to kill him in teamfights, you will die to his ult cc.
Zac you wreck him. simple as that.
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Hi my name is ReedRock. i am Silver 5 on the North American server. now i know what you are thinking,
"wow this n00b is only silver 5 and is writing a guide for a unrelevant champ in an off-meta position, this guide is so not legit"
while you have EVERY reason to think this, please bear with me. i spent a lot of time testing this, and it works VERY well from my experience. this is my first guide and i only created it because i thouhgt what i had was pretty original.

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Why in Hell would I go Hybrid Diana Jungle?

Hybrid Diana Jungle is a strategy that, if used correctly, will ensure victory. Her early game sucks a big one, so if you get to spend that time farming the jungle, it eliminates that Early game terribleness. her damage output is ridiculous with her passive and ult so i emphasize on those aspects. Her passive is every jungler's dream. bonus attack speed, then AOE damage every third autoattack? a double passive that combos with itself???? in addition, her w is fantastic for jungling, it provides more AOE damage AND a shield, so clear times and survivability are increased simultaneously. her q is just more AOE damage, cannot complain. Her E is used to stick to others and makes her ganks awesome. Her ult is ABSOLUTELY broken. it resets if you hit an enemy and has a 825 range! not to mention the impressive damage.

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Pros / Cons


    Excellent Damage
    Fantastic clear times
    Good Survivability
    Excellent Mid Game
    No Hard CC
    cannot gank pre 6
    mana issues early
    no escape (unless under certain circumstances)
    suffers early game

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How to Play

Diana can be difficult, the only reason being that in order to land you combo correctly, you MUST land your Q. also, new player will generally spam their ult after they q, therefor onlyy getting 2 casts of your ult in your combo. after you land your q and ult, wait for your q to come off of cooldown before ulting again. that way, your ult is in theory on a 6 second cooldown and you can use it for the rest of the teamfight.

When jungling, start at your blue because your mana can be an issue in the early game. then proceed to wolves or wraiths (i prefer wolves) and then head to red. it is EXTREMELY hard to gank pre 6, so it is advised to farm in the jungle until level 6. because of this farming period, it is advised you go the feral flare route to capitalize on that. at level 6, gank as much as possible, get your lanes EXTREMELY ahead and then continue to farm after doing so. remember, you can take down towers very easily with all your AS and your passive actually procs on towers. mid game you should be a monster, killing everything in sight and then late game when people buy resistances, i advise that you be VERY conservative wen you are going in. unless you are bruiser diana, in which case you should be the engager. but this build is an assassin build. this means in all situations, after someone on your team engages, you should take down the APC/ADC immediately. then kill the one you didn't the first time, then kill rest or run away.