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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Johnny Duck

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Johnny Duck

Hybrid Fate : A New Twist On An Old Build

Johnny Duck Last updated on September 12, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Hi guys, I'm Johnny Duck and this is my first guide here on Mobafire. I've been playing The Card Master for some time now, and this is my own humble opinion on maximizing his potential. And before you downvote this guide as a troll build, think about it this way, after utilizing his entire burst in a fight ( W + Q ), wouldn't you rather make your follow up stacked deck procs happen more often? With this guide, I hope to make this possible, while still retaining his large damage output. With that, I welcome you to my guide
Hybrid Fate : A New Twist On An Old Build

(By the way, if you want to downvote, please tell me why so I can improve my guide. And please do not just tell me 'Hybrid TF is horrible', or 'TF cannot be played hybrid'. Such comments will be deleted (once I figure out how).)

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Pros / Cons


+ Great pusher
+ Long range poke through Wild Cards
+ Mana sustain skill
+ Great ganker
+ On-click stun
+ Epic free gold with Loaded Dice
+ Huge burst late game
+ Global (well, almost) presence with Destiny

Free Advice

- No good escape mechanism (unless you're gonna ult)
- Laning will go horribly if your opponent can dodge
- Weak aginst other pushers
- Needs fast reaction sometimes for Pick A Card

A Warning

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
*Above only general

Important Point:
This list is far from exhaustive. It's just my own preferred rune setup. Feel free to change it with your own ideas. And also, I'm joking about the Annie thing

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Arcane Knowledge

Mental Force




Summoner's Insight



Runic Affinity
More attack speed = More Stacked Deck procs

Standard AP mastery choice-makes your spells hit harder

See above

See above

See above

See above

See above

This is where things change a bit. This essentially adds more damage to your auto attacks. You get an extra 20% AP in damage every Stacked Deck you proc. Every little bit counts

Small buffs to Flash and Teleport. The 2 recommended Summoner Spells for this guide.

Good choice for a ganker like Twisted Fate. Lees time spent on travelling.

This, with your blue card and Doran's Ring, should make it hard for you to run out of mana in lane.

Keeps Blue Buff on you longer. It's time to spam Wild Cards!

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Ability Explanation and Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Loaded Dice: This is a great passive that will add up to a few thousand gold every match. It really puts you ahead of your lane opponent. And while it doesn't benefit your whole team anymore, it now has a chance to give you even more gold! Super mega awesome incredible epic passive

  • Wild Cards (Q): Your main in lane harass, your damage, and most of your wave clear. Thus, it's maxed 1st. Do I have to explain? Well, for explanation's sake I will. Take, for example, at level 9. You're on par with your lane partner, but loaded die puts you in front. You just went b and you have Lich Bane and Nashor's Tooth. Your Wild Cards will do roughly 351 damage, a rather large percentage of your opponent's health. I didn't factor in MR? Well, I also didn't factor in masteries and runes, which will also add to your power. Nuff' said.

  • Pick A Card (W): A mana refund, an on-click stun, and an AOE slow. Oh yes, and of course your Lich Bane proc. But even with all these good points, I max it last because I see it as more of a utility spell, and it will still hurt at low levels anyway with your procs.
    Blue Card
    You can use this card to last hit, but be careful not to push the lane too hard. This can also be used to get some free harass on your opponent. Free mana wise anyway. Coupling this card with a Lich Bane and your Stacked Deck can really hurt.
    Yellow Card
    The much coveted on-click stun. It's like a venn diagram. The largest category being stuns. It's then divided into 2, on-click, and skillshots. On-click is then divided even further to 'you gotta jump in to use this' and 'you can use this from miles away'. And in 'you can use this from miles away' there are 'ults' and 'non ults'. Twisted Fate is pretty much in 'non ults' alone with Sion and Taric. Part of what makes Twisted Fate so scary. Usually comboed with Wild Cards.
    Red Card
    In my opinion the least useful card. Not to say it isn't useful. It really helps in wave clears. Red Card the second minion in an approaching wave, then Wild Cards all of them. Insta-wave clear post-9. Also does more damage than the Yellow Card. Use in replacement if you're sure you can hit your Wild Cards after, your opponent won't retaliate, and it will prevent them from running if you wanted a kill. (a.k.a nearly never)

  • Stacked Deck (E): The very reason I run Hybrid Twisted Fate. Going back to the example from my Wild Cards explanation, at level 9, you'll be doing roughly 134 extra damage every 4 attacks. Procing Lich Bane adds another 155 damage, totaling it at 289 extra damage to your auto attack. The easiest way to proc your Lich Bane is through Pick A Card, which just adds more damage to the attack. Oh and the passive attack speed is helpful too.

  • Destiny (R): Your ult. (duh) Gives you a global presence. Or nearly global. It's range is about from just past the bushes in mid lane to either top or bot lane, depending which side of the map you're on. Meaning you still have to walk a bit out of lane to help another lane. This ability is the reason you see Twisted Fate banned so much. You can practically feel your enemies' fear when that eyeball appears above their heads. The power of eyeballs.
Destiny Range

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Summoner Spells

My 3 Favourites

another boo

Why I love these 3
In general, at least 9 out of 10 people take flash every game. It's usually used to engage or escape and that's no exception on Twisted Fate. Using a Flash Yellow Card combo is a good way to engage on the enemy. Flashing through a wall can save you from massacre. A very versatile spell and a get-out-of-jail-free card. And you know how Twisted Fate likes cards.

The reason I love teleport is simple. With your ult, you can practically be everywhere at once. Here's an example. Say everyone is at mid, but no one wants to engage.
  1. Teleport to top/bot to push the tower after telling your team to not engage or get engaged on.
  2. Ult back to mid if a fight starts or they send someone to stop you.
  3. Get the tower or win the 4v5
You'll be the king of split-pushing.

Standard caster spell. Reduces healing and does TRUE damage(sorry about the colors there). It's a nice spell to take, especially if you're facing a Vladimir or someone similar and for securing those first bloods.

Other Spells

Reduces Movespeed, Attack Speed, and Damage dealt. In other words, it heavily cripples target enemy for 2.5 seconds. A good spell to tell your team who to target.I am writing this to fill out space. I hope it has been filled

I like this spell. It's saved me countless times from certain doom *cough Veigar cough*. And it gives you this Tenacity like effect for 3 seconds after. Much like a Quicksilver Sash, but it cleanses less things. Pretty much the same thing as there.

Another great spell. Used to save yourself or bait. You're in a 1v1 and about to lose. Suddenly, you pop this and effectively negate your opponent's damage for 2 seconds, in which time you can do tremendous damage even if all your skills are on CD. The uses stated above are not exhaustive.

Makes you move faster. Chasing... Running... etc.

Free health while laning, in fights, or in tower dives.

Even MORE mana if you really are horrible at managing yours.

Useful spell if you know how to use it. But it's better taken by your support.

Sure, if you want to try jungle Twisted Fate. (But really, don't)
But if you're gonna troll, go ahead.

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If you read the item build on top, you'll see that I made 2 paths you can follow; a more AP oriented build, or a more AS oriented build. I personally prefer the AP oriented build as my basis for Hybrid Twisted Fate is the normal generic Twisted Fate, only with more attack speed. But both paths are still viable.

Spawn Choices


Doran's Ring + 2x Health Potions are the standard opening items on Twisted Fate as they give you more mana sustain and 300 'spare' health

Start this if you're very confident of winning your lane. It'll give you more last hitting power, more health sustain, and a stronger auto attack(up harass)


The boots build into your Tier 2 boots and the pots help you stay in lane longer.

Practically a staple item on Twisted Fate. Procs everytime you use Pick A Card to add to your burst. It has a good scaling - 75% of your AP. That's a 115% scaling everytime you Pick A Card. Ouch.
What makes Hybrid Twisted Fate Hybrid Twisted Fate. Nice CDR, AP and AS, the latter 2 being important for your damage output. But it's main selling point is that it makes your auto attacks scale off your AP. That's more damage for every Stacked Deck, Pick A Card, and Lich Bane proc you throw out.
Gives AD, AP, lifesteal, spellvamp, and a sexy passive that reduces the cooldown of an even sexier active. AD and AP add more damage to your kit, while the spellvamp and lifesteal increase your survivability in a fight. And the active really adds a lot to your burst. 40% scaling is nothing to scoff at and the slow comes in handy too. Best all round item since Trinity Force

*I will update my explanations for specific item choices for both paths in an upcoming update
AP oriented
Pros of this build (and inversely cons of the other build)
AS Oriented
Pros of this build (and inversely cons of the other build)

Defensive Options
Good item if you find you're dying very early in teamfights. Has a 5 minute cooldown so be mindful of that.
Gives you more AP, reduces opponent's MR, but most importantly gives 45 MR. Boosts your power and boosts your survivability. Rushing this against someone like LeBlanc can really help.
I usually don't get this at all. But some of you might like an early chalice for the MR, and mana regen, then upgrade it later for upgraded stats and more AP.
While this is a more AD based item, it's still viable on Hybrid Twisted Fate. It gives AD, MR, and a cleanse-like active. Good if you're getting CC-ed a lot. Note : If you're laning against a Malzahar, at least get the Quicksilver Sash early. Another note is that it also cleanses Fizz's ult. And a ton of other things.

A rough guideline on an endgame build
This build has nice defensive stats from Guardian Angel, MPen with Sorcerer's Shoes, a giant burst with Zhonya's Hourglass and Lich Bane, and sustained damage with Hextech Gunblade and Nashor's Tooth. Of course the absence of Void Staff shows that there isn't a lot of MR on your opponent's side. But this is just a rough guide. And also I prefer Zhonya's Hourglass to Rabadon's Deathcap as the hourglass gives you more survivability and still gives quite a lot of AP. This is a Hybrid build. Not full AP.

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Lane Matchups

~To Be Updated Soon!~

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Tips and Tricks

Little things I've noticed when playing Twisted Fate

  • If you're being chased with low health, turn around and Wild Cards and use your Hextech Gunblade. You'll be surprised at how much damage it does. And it slows the guy
  • Post level 9 you can clear whole waves by red carding the second meelee minion, and then [[wild cards]-ing the whole wave
  • Your opponents are less likely to dodge your Wild Cards if you aim the 2 cards at the side at them
  • Pick A Card goes through a cycle of Blue, Red, then Yellow, also in increasing order of CC and decreasing order of damage
  • If you and your opponent are even CS, kills, and assist wise, your Loaded Dice will put you in front. Who said Twisted Fate plays fair? (And yes, some people actually don't notice this point)
  • With this build, your W + Q is half your combo. The follow up auto attacks are the other half
  • Ult often. Not to say use it whenever it's up, but sometimes just ulting to give vision of your enemies is helpful. Or ulting to help your jungler. Or to check Baron. Or... You know what? I'm going to make a separate section for this in an upcoming update.
  • You can cancel your ult by activating Zhonya's Hourglass. How is this useful? You can start to teleport into the entire enemy team, then cancel your ult and watch as they blow all their abilities on the spot you were going to teleport to.
  • You are a very nice lane to gank because of your on click stun

That's it for now. Still to be updated. As always, pointers welcome.

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SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
Honestly, if you're ever looking to make a guide, that's the place to look.
And thanks also to oxide110 and Rudmed for getting me to play Twisted Fate in the first place through their awesome guides. They can be found here and here.

I'm open to invitations to work on builds. This guide is more to get me warmed up to guide making and working with others on builds will really help me a lot more.