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Kayle Build Guide by PHELYP

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PHELYP


PHELYP Last updated on July 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Good day summoners ! Introducing : KAYLE OP BURST DPS and why I dominate at least
9 out of 10 games with her!

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Why the hell would you pick a full page of the same runes? Are you a noob?

Not at all dear people, As you will soon come to understand once you try this guide, these
runes work quite well. It gives you the attackspeed bonus you need to start off without
having to spend money for it. You can get a Dorans Ring for some ap and manaregen.
And allrdy you will notice how op you are compared to most other champions.

Then later when you get Reckoning you will be racking in kills with no effort at all!
Add to that Berserkers Greaves and nobody will be able to withstand or escape you.
From here just sit back and watch yourself grow in power.

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What Masteries should i take?

Since we're focusing on making Kayle a burst dps we will maximise her damage as much as
we possibly can. Here is a more indepth explanation:

- Summoner's Wrath : Stronger Surge, Faster Ghost

- Brute Force \
- Deadliness : - Increase the strength of your autoattacks
- Havoc , Lethality /

- Mental Force \
- Blast : - Increase the damage output of your Righteous Fury& Reckoning /
- Archmage /

- Sorcery : Faster ability usage and also because it unlocks Arcane Knowledge

- Executioner : Just really nice to have to ensure those kills :p

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What to buy in what situation

I honestly think this build will work in any situation, but just for those people who like to
go extra prepared in certain games here are possible adjustments to your build :

In my personal opinion I believe the first 4 items are a MUST HAVE on Kayle
at this point u should be able to take down virtually anybody so u can fiddle with the rest.
here are some examples :

- The Black Cleaver, Madred's Bloodrazor : for those tough hp/armor tanks
- Infinity Edge, Void Staff : annoying Galio? not a problem
- Tiamat, Tiamat replace Doran's Ring with Infinity Edge: op allround damage
good for when they
tend to cluster.

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Which of my moves are most important and when should I use them?

NR 1 : Intervention Invaluable! Use it to secure that towerdive kill, to survive that gank,
to help your teammate escape AND to give the higest dps
in your team more time to dish out the damage!!

NR 2 : Righteous Fury Love this one, everybody underestimates Kayle's damage and range
increase when you pop this on. Use it as a followup on Reckoning
and voila : INSTAKILL

NR 3 : Reckoning A slow AND an increase in your damage to that target? Gotta love it!
allways use this first on the target you're about to unleash
Righteous Fury on and they won't even know what hit them!
also good to use on that enemy chasing your teammate.

NR 4 : Divine Blessing Some healing but more importantly a movespeedbonus. This can be
used to stay in lane longer, to chase down enemies and to give
your teammate the same advantage be it to help him escape or chase.

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Summoner Spells and other choices

Surge This gives you a HUGE dps burst and as thus I swear by it cos it has that nice
element of surprise to it. Great spell

Ghost I dont think I should explain this but here goes: better chasing and escaping.

Now what spells might you want to use otherwise?
In any case keep Ghost Its a nice extra to escape ganks when you grow too strong and they
want you out of the picture.In stead of Surge you could choose to go for :

- Exhaust an extra slow should multiple opponents come at you and you need to slow them or
just to lower their resistance.Otherwise it serves simply as an extra

- Ignite Early game it might be helpfull for the bonus AD/AP but endgame you wont notice
the change so its only good in certain situations.
for example Dr. Mundo pops his ultimate, Warwick or any other lifesteal
champion that cant be taken out otherwise. The last option is check beforehand
who has Heal on the enemy team and make sure you pop Ignite before he can
use it, which will probably be when he drops to one third of his hp.

- Teleport Be where the action is and make them sorry

- Cleanse Good to avoid one of the cons listed below

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Pros / Cons

Pros : - extremely high damage
- good sustain
- only flash MIGHT get them to escape

Cons : - when snared/stunned by multiple champs you can be bursted down before you can start

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Why use this guide in stead of others out there?

Because this guide is a hybrid guide meaning wether the team has armor or magicresist or
if they have big hp (with the change of Madreds Bloodrazor you will be able to kill
them all in no time flat. It is also very easy to get fed early game and dominate them
for the rest of the match. They are sheep and you've come to deal judgement!
In short this build is very versatile and eventhough u probably dont need to you have
the freedom to wing the last few items into whatever suits your needs for that game.

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How should I farm with Kayle?

use Righteous Fury whenever the enemy is close enough to hit you with abilities and so on,
thus staying at a safe distance while racking in the minionkills easily.
I'd give more of an explanation but its as simpel as that.
The rest is just knowing your enemy, for example when laning against :

- Galio keep strafing up and down and whichever way in random fashion untill he misses
his skillshots. At that point you have an opening to land the kill or to farm.

- Rammus make sure you are allways positioned in a way that enables you to get behind minions
quickly for when he uses his Powerball. Secondly if he has thornmail you might
want to get lifesteal a bit sooner then you normally would. Also keep in mind once
he turns his Defensive Ball Curl on to take a step back and wait for it to
wear off.

- Any Stealthchampion : u probably wont need to do this but u could allways get an Oracle's Elixir just in case

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All that's left now...

Is to wish you all good luck dominating with Kayle!! If you have any tips or constructive
critisism on my guide feel free to let me know.

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It has been brought to my attention that I have no critical chance yet i picked Lethality
as a mastery. I have to admit he makes a good point, therefor might I have your attention on
possible sollutions please? :D
1st : Get Infinity Edge in stead of The Bloodthirster or Hextech Gunblade but make
sure to get the infinity first. I would suggest if you need the lifesteal you get a
Vampiric Scepter then Infinity Edge then build it into either of the two.

2nd : Simply don't get Lethality , get Sunder in stead or maybe Vampirism allthough
I would recommend Sunder over Vampirism

3d : Get a Phantom Dancer for the critical chance and extra chasing/escaping

4th : in stead of Hextech Gunblade or The Bloodthirster get Executioner's Calling
this will cut your burstdamage but it will give you some damage over time and a short
cooldown Ignitelike active. This will probably require more carefull play

Thx for the feedback oh player who's name I fail to remember. If you guys want to know he's the first one to comment this guide. Stay tuned for more updates. GL & HF !!

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Gaming results with this guide !! will update regularly

Just two of my resent games, maybe this gives you an idea on this guides potential and when and
how i adjust my itembuild. :p

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UPDATE 2 : making the angry nerd happy

I had an angry nerd of some kind downvote this guide for no other reason than the fact that I've
used u in stead of you in my chapters. So there u go angry nerd, hope u can live on a little
bit happier now!

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UPDATE 3 : Item Adjustment

- I removed the bloodthirster and replaced it with The Black Cleaver,as Kayle's passive reduces
armor and magic resist, so in combination with malady i think it is a better addition.

- added Phantom Dancer as last item to give myself some critical chance for Lethality
and better escaping and chasing for when my ultimate is down, it is ment to replace
Doran's Ring