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Jhin Build Guide by IKeepItTaco

Middle I Keep It Taco's Master Jhin mid guide. Pre-Season updates!

Middle I Keep It Taco's Master Jhin mid guide. Pre-Season updates!

Updated on December 11, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Build Guide By IKeepItTaco 68 4 219,818 Views 18 Comments
68 4 219,818 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Jhin Build Guide By IKeepItTaco Updated on December 11, 2019
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-Table of Contents-

I'm "I Keep it Taco", a Master Tier Jhin player and streamer. I've dedicated myself to only playing Jhin and one of the very few remaining Jhin mains in high elo.

Others may know me by:
I'm one of the very few Jhin mains left in high elo. I don't switch to other ADCs if Jhin gets into a bad spot - most high elo ADC players spam him a ton when he's overly strong and never touch him when he's weak. Because of this, I’ve come to learn a lot about his state in the meta. Currently, I've discovered Jhin mid is legitimately better four once.

First, let's take a look what kind of shenanigans Jhin mid is capable of:
Clips above were taken from Low Diamond.
Rest of clips in the guide to show examples range from low plat to low diamond.
The current Ardent Censer meta is incompatible with "The Virtuoso". Jhin cannot outscale Ardent Censer abusers. Everyone now has heals and shields in lane, and thus Jhin cannot all-in by himself. Unlike an Ardent Censer-buffed Twitch or Kog'Maw, Jhin needs an aggressive support to all-in. People now only want to play Ardent Censer supports and will refuse to play anything else. Winning games in Diamond as ADC Jhin, to me, has been a coin flip. Either a teammate gets fed and carries me, or I'm 0-0 till minute 15 and the enemy does something incredibly questJhinable which leads to us winning. I don’t get the chance to pop off myself and be impactful as often, in part due to the Ardent Censer meta. So, I thought to myself, " Lucian, Ezreal, Corki, Graves and Quinn have found success in other roles away from ADC, maybe Jhin can as well?". So, I decided to do exactly that. I've always played Mid Jhin as my secondary role and until now have acknowledged ADC as the better role four him. Well, now that’s changed.
Here are a few things Mid Jhin offers
you compared to ADC Jhin in this meta:

(click each line/image to open example in new tab)
Picking Mid Jhin doesn't shoot your team in the foot by denying the strongest factor in this meta (an Ardent Censer abusing ADC)
Cross-map (botlane + toplane example) impact due to Mid lane roaming with the added benefit of access to long range setup abilities / high damage.
The Unranked to Diamond with Jhin Mid only experiment:

I've always played Jhin Mid as a secondary role. However, I've never truly mained it, so I never got around to learning every and all match-ups. I started having fun when I played Jhin Mid on any of my Diamond accounts. I decided I'd start maining him in the Mid lane now and would like to gain extensive knowledge on match-ups. The higher in elo you go, the smaller champion pools become four several roles. So, I decided to do Unranked to Diamond to see how well Jhin Mid would do in the challenge, as well as learning all the different match-ups. The end result was that Jhin Mid is certainly more impactful than ADC Jhin because you've got more freedom and opportunities. 42 W 14L. Why didn't you do Unranked to Masters with Jhin Mid? Well, I was enjoying Jhin Mid and people wanted to learn how to play it too because they're sick of Jhin ADC in this meta. So, I decided to do it to diamond to gain knowledge and a better understanding and create the guide once I got there. Unranked to Masters takes significantly longer than Unranked to Diamond. I intend to grind the same account (RareBoi) to Masters with Jhin Mid.
TLDR: The higher in elo you climb the harder it becomes to compete against Ardent Censer abusing ADCs with Jhin. You're essentially denying your teamcomp an actual ADC much like picking Ezreal or Lucian ADC. I main Jhin mid now and it's more impactful and fun to play than ADC Jhin.

Domination & Sorcery
Option 1
Take this when you want to be more burst/aggressive focused

Electrocute: It'll give you a lot of burst/pressure when trading and trying to kill the enemy mid laner. Jhin has a really good time trading with people in lane so Electrocute helps you burst them when they reach a certain threshold. It also helps that it is ADAPTIVE DAMAGE. Most mages have really low armor in the pre-season in the midlane. So, it hurts quite a lot when you proc it on them.

Taste of Blood
Taste of Blood because of the nice heal scaling with AD.

Ghost Poro
Ghost Poro because it's essentially a free pink ward and since we're playing Jhin mid you'll want the extra vision to help against the enemy jungler.

Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter to futher help in the sustain department, however, you can switch this with Relentless Hunter if you wish four roaming movement speed.



I take Sorcery as my 2nd page because Scorch helps bully the enemy laner a lot. You can take Celerity to have more movement speed starting at lvl 1 to help you fource your auto attack trades. However, you can also take Manaflow Band to spam your Q more in lane. You can take any 2 combination of these 3. My personal favorite is Celerity with Scorch.

Sorcery & Precision
Option 2
Summon Aery/ Arcane Comet when you want to be safe and not be pressured to hyper-aggro proc Electrocute. The Sorcery mini-runes are also better than the Domination runes four lane. Take this when you just want to relax and be safe without any pressure of having to be aggressive

Summon Aery
Summon Aery (replace with Arcane Comet if you want to swap laning power with scaling) is helpful because it applies a good chunk of damage per auto or Dancing Grenade. It has a short cooldown so if you do a bigger trade it won't proc as much. The aim of going this tree is to just focus on farming/scaling (I go Crit build with this tree) while also getting a little poke in with Summon Aery whenever you can without being pressure to proc something like Electrocute.

Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band because the mana regen is nice while the others don't benefit you as much.

Celerity because the movement speed helps a lot in fourcing trades, kiting, running, sidestepping,etc.

Scorch because it helps you poke, however, you can also take Gathering Storm if you want to focus only on scaling and don't want the extra poke in lane.


Coup De Grace

Legend: Bloodline
Precision as the secondary tree because Legend: Bloodline gives a total of 8% lifesteal which is great when you're just playing to farm and scale. It means you'll have some pretty nice health sustain. Coup de Grace because dealing 10% more damage to champions with less than 40% health is too good to pass compared to the other two choices. Also, takendowns give 9 AD four 10s.
You do not want Barrier, Heal, or Ignite. They'll only help Jhin in the laning phase to be safer or more aggressive. You want Summoner spells that are extremely useful not only in the laning phase, but also Mid to late game.
Flash is mandatory. It is way too important to your mobility and play-making potential to miss out on.
Ghost will be the most common 2nd Summoner spell you'll end up taking. It adds another layer to your mobility. It also allows you to better play around ganks, kite, reach backline, follow-up, chase, etc.
Exhaust would be the 2nd Summoner spell if you're against an AD Assassin or AP burst mage/assassin. Examples: Zed, Talon, LeBlanc, Fizz.
Cleanse is the 2nd Summoner spell you'd want to take against no-counter-play CC. A great example would be Twisted Fate's Flash with yellow card on a jungle gank. The only counter-play is to get Cleanse or Quicksilver Sash. It also allows you to mow down champs like Twisted Fate because they wouldn't be able to CC you while you chased them.
From level 1-6 it should be Q>W>Q>E>Q>R. After this max R, Q, W, E in this order.
Do not skip traps. The traps will act as extra wards when you're Mid. You'll want to place them in bushes connected to jungle routes the enemy will take to gank. Traps help with waveclear. There are many other uses, such as slowing people down when they're chasing you, using it to extend your reload timer, placing them in lines to zone the enemy from an objective, etc.
Jhin Trap ward guide

>>>Click here<<<
Go to "League Client" > "Collection" > "Items" > "Import Item Sets"
These are all choices. In no specific order. You'll choose the item build that best fits the situation.
As always buy a Last Whisper as soon as its needed. Zeal/Zeals = 1 Zeal item or a combination of two. SHIV + RFC, PD + RFC, etc.
Doran's Ring
Why Doran's Ring? When you're Mid lane Jhin you want to be able to waveclear, harass, and farm with Q. Doran's Ring restores FOUR Mana upon killing a unit. Your Q jhinerally has low Mana cost so when you combine the low Mana cost of Q with the Mana regen aspects of Doran's Ring, you end up with a really healthy Mana pool to play with. It gives you 2 health potions instead of 1 which allows you to have more aggressive trading and overall extra health to work with. If you didn't take Doran's Ring you'd notice yourself running out of Mana rather quickly and being fourced to back early or lane without Mana. Your Q has a nice 60% AP ratio too, so not only does Doran's Ring give you a good chunk of sustain in the Mana department, but it also empowers your Q when you're farming, harassing, waveclearing, etc. Your E has a 100% AP Ratio too, so it helps a bit more when you're using E to waveclear and push waves fast.
("Usually paired with" to give a Jhineral idea of the best combos)
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
(Usually paired with Ghost)
Ionian Boots of Lucidity (900g): This will be the primary boot choice four most games. It's one of the cheapest boots in the game meaning you can get it rather quickly. It reduces the cooldown of your Summoner Spells by 10%. Having your Summoner Spells off cooldown quickly is crucial to Mid lane Jhin. You're allowed to be more aggressive with lower Summoner Spell cooldowns, which means you'll have more playmaking potential.
Ninja Tabi
(Usually paired with Exhaust)
Ninja Tabi (1100g): One of the more expensive boots. It, however, is a must buy into every AD match up Mid lane. +30 Armor and reduced damage from all basic attacks by 10%. You are to rush Ninja Tabi against AD match-ups and bully them with the movement speed advantage. You'll also be a whole lot harder to trade with or kill.
Mercury's Treads
(Usually paired with Exhaust)
Mercury's Treads (1100g): Another one of the more expensive boots. This is a must buy if you're against an annoying AP match-up like LeBlanc or Fizz. The Magic Resist is the biggest reason why you're buying it. You usually stack it with a Hexdrinker or Quicksilver Sash later. The Tenacity is helpful too.
The Anti-AD-Burst Build
I saw an Anti-Burst build on Jhin from Youmuus's channel. It looked like exactly what I needed against AD match-ups. So, I made a few modifications and improvements. You'll be taking Exhaust and building Ninja Tabi > Death's Dance > Phantom Dancer > Infinity Edge > Rapid Firecannon > Situational items. Ninja Tabi will give you a movement speed advantage and make you tankier so you'll have an easier time trading and will be harder to all-in. Death's Dance will provide you with an early Vampiric Scepter which, when combined with Legend: Bloodline, will allow you to stay at full HP making it harder to all-in you when you have Ninja Tabi and Exhaust. Once completed, Death's Dance will give you a high amount of AD as well as the damage delay benefits among other things. Phantom Dancer will give you damage reduction as well as extra movement speed when in combat, in addition to its passive movement speed. After Phantom Dancer you'll want to get Infinity Edge so you don't fall behind in damage wise. You're free to choose whichever items you see fit after this.
The Anti-AP-Assassin Build
This build is strictly to stay alive in lane and be able to farm safely. Hexdrinker > Mercury's Treads > Infinity Edge > Zeal/ Zeals > Situational items. Hexdrinker will be first to provide with you Magic Resist and the magic damage blocking passive. Mercury's Treads is next primarily four its movement speed and Magic Resist. After purchasing these two items you'll want to start working on scaling items such as Infinity Edge with Zeal/ Zeals. Situational items come after. Very low damage at the start but, its necessary against match-ups like LeBlanc or Fizz.
Ghostblade Build
This one is rather classic coming from Jhin ADC and being implemented into Jhin Mid. Youmuu's Ghostblade > Infinity Edge > Zeal/ Zeals > Situational items. If you're feeling confident about snowballing mid and being able to kill the mid laner a lot by fourcing fights with the Youmuu's Ghostblade active use this build. Youmuu's Ghostblade falls off if you're unable to snowball yourself with it so be careful. The items after Youmuu's Ghostblade will help you scale into the mid to late game.
Infinity-Edge-Rush Build
This is another item build coming from Jhin ADC and being implemented into Jhin Mid. You go this build if you want to farm and have the best mid to late game powerspike. Infinity Edge > Choice of boots > Statikk Shiv> Rapid Firecannon> Situational items. If you're snowballing hard, a little, or just farming without getting kills. This is the build you'd want to go. It's very reliable and has a strong mid game powerspike once you get all 3 cores.
Anti-Poke Build
You're going this build so you can stay in lane without being bullied out of it through poke and not taking too much damage when hit by poke. Vampiric Scepter > Hexdrinker> Mercury's Treads > Infinity Edge > Zeal/ Zeals > finish Vampiric Scepter + Hexdrinker into final fourms.
Match Ups
After reading about the match-up goto the item build to learn how to use it in the match-up.
AD Melee
Are you playing against a AD melee? Bully them as hard as you can using your ranged advantage. Harass with Q spam and fource trades with auto attacks. You're trying to get a lead pre-6 since most AD melee champions have their powerspikes at level 6.
Run Exhaust. Examples: Zed, Talon, Yasuo, etc. Use the Anti-AD-Burst build.
AP Assassins
Are you playing against AP Assassins? Ban LeBlanc. It is the only lane where you cannot outplay her unless she's far below your own skill level. Her laning is too strong against you. Focus on farming safely against LeBlanc. You can abuse Fizz pre-6 but, after level 6 he becomes the 2nd most problematic champion four Jhin mid.
Run Exhaust. If you end up playing against one of these use the Anti-AP-Assassin build. You can use this if you have trouble with other champs.
AP Mage
Are you playing against a typical AP mage? Abuse their pre-6 as hard as possible. Similar to AD melee match-ups, focus on harassing with Q's and fourcing trades with auto attacks.
Run Ghost. Examples: Lux, Ahri, Ryze, Cassiopeia, Malzahar, Orianna, etc.
Use the Youmuu's Ghostblade Build or Infinity Edge-Rush build.
Poke Heavy Laner
Are you playing against a very poke heavy laner? You can trade to trade or abuse them in the early levels but, as they gain levels and items they start to safely poke you while farming very well. You're going to want to use the Anti-Poke Build to be able to lane well against them without being poked out of lane.
Run Ghost. Examples: Xerath, Ziggs, Azir, Orianna.
Our perfourmance begins: How to play the laning phase and being able to understand your matchups
How you should play the laning phase: Jhin plays around his Q's and auto attacks in the laning phase. Into most match-ups you want to be super aggressive within the first few levels of the lane by being up in their face with auto attacks and Q spams. You have sources of healing from Legend: Bloodline and 3/4 potions depending if you go long sword or bots so do your best to harass and be aggressive. If you end up with even trades you come out on top because of you having better sustain than most match-ups and the fact that you do more damage the lower they are. This part is crucial to getting your big lead. The worst case if you don't do this is that you'll end up farming and scale instead of snowballing hard. Here are clip examples to show you how you should be trading in-lane.
One other thing you'll be doing often in the laning phase to try to snowball is to get them low and finish them off with your ultimate. Rammus assists me in getting Vladimir low and I finish him off. Most of the time you end up getting them low yourself with the trading methods I've provided.
Don't fourget about the jungler. You'll be using yellow trinkets, control wards, and your traps to take care of yourself.
Jhin Trap ward guide
Setting your mind in motion: Roaming, Mid-Late game focuses, and Teamfighting
Most of the time you'll have access to Ghost. If you find a lane overextending pre-6 and you think you can flank with Ghost then go four it. Many times a top laner or bot laners will overextend all the way to your teammates tower and they'll be missing HP. You can try to walk over there if you shoved your lane and try to find a good angle to gank them with Ghost. You'll activate Ghost and simply orb walk with auto attacks. Once you get level-6 pay attention to the map and try to assess what opportunities you have four a potential gank with your W + R. I recommend ganking a lane that has CC, no summoner spells, or has an enemy champion that is low on HP.
Mid-Late Game Focuses
Keep your CS up to scale and pay attention to potential picks with your team. Since you'll have a real ADC (Ardent) on your team. You will in fact scale very well in these games because you're competing with the enemy mid laner in terms of DPS which is doable as compared to an Ardent ADC. You cannot splitpush a solo lane as hard as regular mid lane champions. So, you'll want to farm waves and rotate. Do not push a lane too deep by yourself because you'll get caught out. Unless, you're fed and certain that you can duel the enemy solo laners than feel free to push deep. Play around your team because you'll be looking to get some picks with your W + R.
Team Fighting
If you have access to Ghost then go crazy with positioning and try to get any backliners. Or, you can use it to kite better around your teammates. If you do not have access to Ghost but, to Exhaust or Cleanse play safer/closer to your team. Keep track of the enemy carries. While your ADC is dealing constant DPS you can try to burst whoever they're currently focusing. You're essentially a second ADC that can position more aggressively and focus more on bursting certain targets or chasing them.
Disclaimer: Everything I have written down is the knowledge I've acquired through experience and experimenting. I encourage discussions, debates, etc. and If I notice I fourgot to add something into the guide I'll edit it in. This guide is based off my SoloQ Jhin mid knowledge gained from games played from Silver all the way up to Masters.
Special thanks to Hopper four all banners and coding.
TLDR: The higher in elo you climb the harder it becomes to compete against Ardent Censer abusing ADCs with Jhin. You're essentially denying your teamcomp an actual ADC much like picking Ezreal or Lucian ADC. I main Jhin mid now and it's more impactful and fun to play than ADC Jhin.
Also, here's a short 12 min video four people who want a summary (I'll try to make a more polished one soon. It was rushed to prevent a certain incident from happening again with my last guide.)
League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco
IKeepItTaco Jhin Guide
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