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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeshkeBGD


NeshkeBGD Last updated on December 24, 2012
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Here is the Irelia guide I promised I will publish.

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Hello everyone!
This is my Irelia guide,and I hope you'll like it.

I will now tell you my adventure with Irelia.
I've started 1st of January,just because my friends played LoL.First game I played,was with Shen,then Caitlyn and I continually played Shen a few times.After a few games with Shen I decided to try someone else. Irelia looked cool,so I picked her.I started a game and I had about 0/3 and I rage-quited.After that,few months from now,I bought Irelia for no particular reason.I still thought she looks cool.That was when her price was lowered to 4800 IP.I tried her in the game and I still sucked with her:P.My friend liked her and he showed me how to start with her and said that she is not bad as I thought she was.
I started playing her more often and often(though on a different account,I have 2 of them).I started to like her.When I saw what she can do,I really went insane because of my past reactions.I really learned how to play her good.I wanted to try her solo top and it worked really well.I use her solo top if we don't have a jungler(I can't play ranked yet,I'm level 22 on this account).So,now when I play with my friends,they usually jungle,so I have top only for me and my farm.
Spotlight is here,though I am not quite fascinated about it,you may be content with it.(^_^)

Also,I've slipped up with short explaining Irelia,so here it is.
Irelia is an offtank,she can effectively zone the enemy and make them fear her.She can easily turn the tides of the battle(mostly 1 vs 1) with her W and E spells.She has great mobility and excellent chasing potential.She also has insane amount of burst damage.

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+Very mobile.
+Has outrageous damage output.
+Insane amount of burst damage.
+Easy to learn.


-If she does not auto-attack she will lose some sustain.
-Has to have less %HP then opponent to use her stun(otherwise she will just slow).
-If she levels different ability than she should,she will have a hard time through the game.

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Summoner spells

Summoner spells differs from person to person.Now I will say why do I prefer Ignite and Ghost.

I like to use this spell over Flash as Irelia already has a gap-closer among her abilities.


Ignite is the spell I use almost always(I don't use it when I go jungle Shen) and I think it is crucial for solo top because there will be a lot of healing and this will help to reduce all that healing.

Other good choices

This is common choice at any game and any character.However,I think Ghost is better choice.


This is also a common choice for solo top champions.This spell is great for getting to your own lane faster and saving turrets.


This is something I didn't have in my other guides,and this should help you understand why did I pick those spells and why I didn't pick other spells.


Alright guys,this is a spell that is quite underused,at least from what I've seen.People only use Flash.That has a point so does this.
Let's see what is the difference:
+Can be very fast and nerve your opponents with your speed( Trinity Force+ Force of Nature+ Mercury's Treads+ Ghost=hell lot of speed).
+Can get to the lane faster(not as fast as with Teleport but it's okay).
+You can pass through units.
+Can be used to catch up to opponent and use Bladesurge.
+Specially effective on Irelia as she can use Transcendent Blades while moving.
+Can be used in many situations.
+You have high HP and great amount of resistances so you can escape with this spell easily.
-Cannot go through walls.
-Not used for instant escape.

If you want more,tell me more yourself because I use Ghost in about 70% games.

+Excellent juking tool.
+Powerful skill shot evasion if used correctly.
+Can be used as a gap closer.
+You can go through walls with it.
-Irelia has a gap closer already,so Flash is not much needed.
-This spell cannot save your turret as Ghost can(sometimes,only sometimes,but even sometimes is good (^_^)).
-You can never drive your opponents away with Flash as you can with Ghost.

Also for this one,if you think something should be added,just say and I will add.

I will not write anymore spells unless you request from me to.I just wanted to show that Ghost should be used on Irelia.

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These runes are very common for solo tops.


Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Quintessence of Health

Marks-I use attack speed because of her W,it is quite useful to have attack speed for it.

Seals-I always use armor seals because I believe it is useful on any champ.

Glyphs-I use flat MR as you could possibly face some magic damage early on.

Quintessences-I use 1 quintessence for additional move speed,and 2 quintessences for HP.I use move speed for chasing,getting to lane faster and moreover all movement.HP is always needed on any champion,especially solo top ones.

These runes are aimed to give you some early survivability along with some attack speed(more damage dealt to our opponent and more HP healed) and movement speed(will help you to chase or run away and get to lane faster because you will be guarding the blue buff for your jungler).

Some other runes you might wanna use:

- greater mark of desolation-Typical armor penetration,will help you take down those high armored enemies.
- Greater Mark of Armor-This could really help in early and mid game.Especially because you're using Irelia so your W spell can easily deal good true damage while you endure some physical,dealt by your opponent.
- Greater Mark of Attack Damage-This can give you better chance to last hit and deal damage to your lane opponent as well.
-I really don't think that seals could be replaced.
- Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist-If you have 2 rune pages,and the difference is only glyphs,you will be sure to replace them if you see that you will be against AP enemy champion up at the top( Akali, Amumu(he is not quite AP but all of his damage is magical), Rumble. Singed, Teemo, Veigar(yes,I've seen some)).
- Greater Quintessence of Health-I know I listed them,but if you wish you can take all 3 of them.Same for movement speed.
- Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed-Well,I really think these can be used in addition to your W's passive.

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Here I will explain why did I pick all these items and will list some of them.

Mercury's TreadsIn my opinion,these must be built.To say the reason,it gives you tenacity.So,if you're laning against 2 champions,that is 25% tenacity from your passive+ Mercury's Treads(35% tenacity) that is 60% tenacity,meaning that stuns,slows,fears.taunts,silences or any CC effect WILL REDUCE IT'S DURATION ON YOU FOR 60%.

I believe that Irelia without Trinity Force is like gankplank without ultimate.I think of this item as a must when I'm Irelia.It simply gives you huge power.Gives you HP,AD,mana,a bit of AP,attack speed,also when you activate ability,you will increase damage on your next attack by 150% meaning that you will have 250% on your next attack.This is extremely useful because of her Q.It activates that effect and consume it right away on the target.This is too powerful item to jump over it.Especially because she can manage to use her abilities with the brake of 2 seconds to proc Sheen every time.I find this very needed,and I tried to build Irelia without it,but I always get screwed.

This item will give you great sustain in your lane and will reward you if you farm minions and killing enemy champions with even more sustain.Great item overall,gives you 1270 HP,and giant 40 HP regeneration.

This is,one of the best items in the game,if you ask me.It gives you 70 armor,40 magic resist and will revive you with 750 HP and 375 mana.This item will give you huge tankyness and will ensure that you will not die.

This item does well when paired up with Trinity Force.This item gives you critical strike chance,armor and damage.It will help Tri-Force with it chance to crit and will give some damage to supplement attack speed from Trinity Force.Also critical strike chance is helped by attack speed.This maybe sounded twisted to some of you I guess.('_')

We're here,this is your last item.This baby will give you awesome HP regeneration,giant magic resist and some nifty movement speed.You will be able to chase anyone and escape anybody now.You are fast like hell and you have and you have 25% chance to slow on attack.You're da boss nao(^_^).

Build summary

This build will give you imaginable chasing and escaping potential.It will provide you with some nice tankyness,awesome sustain and good damage.

Situational items

Before we start listing items,I want to say something about this chapter.Somebody asked me that it would be nice to know when to get those items.These are all SITUATIONAL ITEMS and you get them if you have the situation where you need them.

Now for some situational items we have(I will first put some icons to show which items and then I'm gonna say why):












This is a very solid choice.Gives you a bit of HP,MP,MR and a spell shield once every 45 seconds.Very,very nice.

This is an excellent choice on Irelia.This item has definitely complete synergy with Irelia's needs.100 armor?Oh yea!500 MP?OH yea!AS reduction?Oh yea!Half of the max CDR in the game?Oh yea!However,if you are willing to get this item,I suggest getting Glacial Shroud early and build FH mid-late game.

This item will absolutely help you dominate 1 vs 1.Mid-late game,I don't know when I lost the battle 1 vs 1.This item you will get when you feel that they are running away from you and you cannot stop them.Note that Bladesurge APPLIES ON-HIT EFFECTS SO Frozen Mallet'S EFFECT WILL BE TRIGGERED IF YOU USE Bladesurge.

I've used this item a few times and it's pretty darn good on Irelia as it gives you needed damage,AS and armor.Also,this item is tank-breaker.

This is a descent item for Irelia.This will help you get through rough times against those annoying enemy AP carrys.

I know that most of you like to use this items only on carrys,but I find this helpful as you will be defending carrys,starting a team fight or engaging and you will surely get CCed.

This is item that you can get later in the game from GP5 item you will get early- Heart of Gold.

This is item that I rarely get but it is as well as good as other items.Just be sure that you get it early,about level 9 if you are getting it.

This is an item that I wouldn't exclude from situational items chapter.This is very helpful item as Irelia has only one ranged attack-her ultimate.

This is an item that I would really recommend to get.It is my personal preference to get FoN instead of this.But,you can get it and it will really help as it gives AS,MR and more MR.

And yes,I had to put icons that small because it looks stupid when icons are huge.