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Zac Build Guide by IbnBattuta

Support IbnBattuta Guide to Zac: Your friendly neighborhood, goo?

Support IbnBattuta Guide to Zac: Your friendly neighborhood, goo?

Updated on August 31, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IbnBattuta Build Guide By IbnBattuta 25 1 45,021 Views 2 Comments
25 1 45,021 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IbnBattuta Zac Build Guide By IbnBattuta Updated on August 31, 2021
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Runes: Choice #1

1 2
Font of Life

Legend: Tenacity

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

IbnBattuta Guide to Zac: Your friendly neighborhood, goo?

By IbnBattuta
Please read this first!
This guide is like 3 or 4 years old and I was updating it through the course of the years so some of the information below might be outdated till I update them in the future but everything above these lines you're reading is fully updated so at least this you can be assured of.

Also, to this day, I'm still playing Zac as Support but he isn't as OP as he was when his R got reworked, reverting it to the old R did affect his playstyle but the change ain't that major so I hope you enjoy my guide about him.

P.S. I apologize for being late on the updating process, I promise I will do so in the near future, IRL is a ***** sometimes.
Hello everyone, my name is IbnBattuta. I created my first account during Zac release (which was around Season 4) then left the game during Season 5, and came back during Season 6, and I'm continuing playing the game since then. I usually don't play ranked since I mainly play normal draft games and I'm known for playing weird meta picks which made me try something crazy such as Zac support. This is my 3rd guide on Mobafire, and you can find my other guide if you wrote "IbnBattuta's Guide to" on Mobafire or even on Google. I started playing Zac as Support after Rune Reforged update, but I started playing him back in Season 6 before his rework. To be honest, Reworked Zac is way better than old Zac due to his Stretching Strikes which does Pull, Slow, Stone and Damage enemies, which make it an amazing skill that's useful in different situations. Also, Let's Bounce! is better after his rework, since it can be used to pull enemies toward your allies or it can be used to push them away from your allies when they're escaping. Anyway, Zac is an amazing champion whom I managed to have 5.4 average KDA with, which made me so eager to help others know about his potential as a Support champion.
Pros & Cons

+ Doesn't use Mana or any kind of Energy.
+ Cell Division is literally a free Guardian Angel.
+ Has 3 different CC skills that ain't just Stuns.
+ Useful against all different kinds of match-ups.
+ Can engage fights with 3 different skills and not just his ultimate.
+ Almost never picked or banned by enemy team.

Zac is an amazing champion to play with and one of the things I like in playing him as Support, is that when we're in Champions Select, enemy team will mistakenly think you're the jungle and will pick champions and runes to counter you, instead of countering your team's jungle, which gives your team a huge advantage over them. Also, once mastered, you can make amazing plays using Flash and Stretching Strikes which will always caught your enemies off-guard and earn you the respect of your teammates, and some honor after-game as well.

- Skill-shot based and heavily dependent on Elastic Slingshot.
- Easy to learn, but takes time to master.
- Considered weak till he unlocks Let's Bounce!.
- Team-dependent since his damage is so low.
- Skilled players can predict your actions easily.

Having no Mana or Energy is awesome, but when your basic skills Elastic Slingshot and Stretching Strikes are skill-shot based, it put you in a very bad situation when you miss up your skill either by mistake, or enemy is just too good in predicting your actions. 2nd most annoying thing, is that while you're building tank, you almost deal no damage which means you can't kill enemies on your own unless you use Let's Bounce! to kill enemies under you tower, or finish low HP enemies with the help of Ignite. Also, if your ADC is a newbie with his champion, you'll be so useless early-on, so it'd be better assisting someone else with your skills to be more useful.


Flash: A must have skill since it can be combined with Elastic Slingshot, Let's Bounce! and Stretching Strikes to extend their range, in addition that it can save your *** in dangerous situations and that's why you always pick it.

Ignite: Since we don't build AP as Support and focus more on tanking, we don't have the means to finish low-HP enemies and that's when the usefulness of Ignite shines. Also, Let's not forget that it prevents enemy from healing, which means it counters Heal skill if it was used before enemies use their heals.

Exhaust: To be honest, I almost never use it because most of the times my ADC will get the kill I've assisted him with and even when enemy flee, It wouldn't have earned us the kill anyway. But to be fair, I'd say it's very useful in peeling your ADC, since it prevent enemy from catching up with your ADC, which give him time to kill them from distance.



Other 2 runes ain't as Good as Aftershock, since Grasp of the Undying ain't wort it since we aren't Melee AD champions, and we rarely get close to ADC to make use of Guardian, which leaves us with Aftershock which is compatible with Elastic Slingshot and Stretching Strikes.

Font of Life vs. Bone Plating

If you play with an ADC who is aggressive such as Draven, Miss Fortune or Jinx, this rune is advisable since the healing is useful to your ADC but if you're faced with AA champions such as Vayne, Jinx, Tristana or Kalista, that's when Bone Plating passive shines.

Conditioning vs. Second Wind

I almost never need armor unless I'm faced with multiple critical based champions in the same game, such as Yasuo in middle, Vayne as ADC and Tryndamere as Top, and only then I'd use Conditioning but beside this case, I always use Second Wind since I'm always tanking HP and not armor or MR.

Overgrowth vs. Revitalize vs. Unflinching

I use Unflinching whenever they've a support who slow enemies such as Janna, Nami and Soraka whom gonna slow me and prevent me from casting my Stretching Strikes on enemy's ADC, but when I'm faced with supports who uses other kinds of CC, I use Overgrowth for more tankiness and sustain, and for Revitalize, I only use it when I'm faced against Draven mostly and I need Biscuit Delivery for more sustain.


Hextech Flashtraption vs. Magical Footwear vs. Perfect Timing

To be honest, I don't get how Hextech Flashtraption is useful unless to Flash over the wall, then use Stretching Strikes followed by Let's Bounce!, which is wasting time compared to using original combos, but overall I use Magical Footwear for more Movement Speed so that I catch up with enemies and use my Stretching Strikes effectively, but for Perfect Timing, It's used when there is many champions that can one-shot you, no matter your hp is in late game, such as Jax, Master Yi and Yasuo.

Minion Dematerializer vs. Cosmic Insight

You'll always run Cosmic Insight since more Cooldown Reduction, means more spamming for Stretching Strikes and Elastic Slingshot which is really important when in team-fights but in some cases, where enemy ADC is so aggreessive, that neither you or ADC won't able to farm, such when facing champs like Miss Fortune in early or Draven, that's when you use Minion Dematerializer to get the Canon Minion from distance so that you and your ADC get the gold, and have an advantage against enemy team.
Skill Maxing Order
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Stretching Strikes is a must to be unlocked first since it helps in stunning enemies early on and slow them, which is a more valuable path than starting Elastic Slingshot to find that it did contribute with nothing anyway due to low range on it in early game.

Elastic Slingshot is what you need to max first to unlock it's full range potential, and do outstanding plays combined with Stretching Strikes, Let's Bounce! and even Flash, and also as support, you would need to max Stretching Strikes after since it reduces it's main Cool-Down which mean more poking and engaging with it, which leave Unstable Matter to the end.

Since Let's Bounce! is our ultimate, and it's combined with Elastic Slingshot most of the time (not always), we need to max it once available, since it's the ability with most impact in our whole kit, so don't forget to do so.

Unstable Matter was left to the end, because it deal small percent of enemy's max HP, which ain't that important to increase as Support, and that's why I left it to the end, still that doesn't mean you should ignore using the skill, since it does AOE damage, that can be used frequently, and 5% of enemies Max HP could ensure a successful kill or it could be wasted and enemy escape with just 2% of HP and so on.

So to sum it up, you unlock Stretching Strikes first for it's slow and stun if there is two enemies combined with Flash before the auto on the 2nd enemy, followed by Elastic Slingshot which you gonna unlock 2nd and maxed first, but you will invest 2 points in it first, then unlock Unstable Matter then continue maxing Elastic Slingshot followed by Stretching Strikes and investing points in Let's Bounce! whenever it's available.
Zac... Support?
I know it sounds obscure and players will flame the hell out of you because they know Zac is only made for the jungle and not originally created for Support sake, but this is where they're wrong.

If we want to figure which champ has a potential to become a support or not, we need to check his kit and his scaling stats and in Zac's case, we find that all his kit is made for supporting since he is a "Tank" jungle, whose main purpose is "Assisting" the team to secure those kills and aid them to reach objective first.

So as you see, Zac almost does no serious damage to other champions no matter what you do (unless they've low HP already and you're finishing them off) and we know almost every Tank Support is suffering from the same but let's not forget that those supports usually have at least 2 CCs in their kits, so how many CC does Zac have in his kit?

If we looked at his Stretching Strikes, you'll see that it does slow enemies hit after initial cast and more slow after second case, which mean it has slow but beside that, if you did use your basic attack after using the abaility on an enemy, It will grab him back which means it can knock-back enemies, and if the enemy which you did cast the ability on and the other object were in close range, it will stun both of them and deal AOE damage to enemies between, so that does mean that you've Slow, Knock-Back, and Stun on Stretching Strikes, 3 different kinds of CC on one ****ing ability.

If you looked at his Elastic Slingshot, you'll see that it's the longest range stun that you can do in the game and despite being a skill-shot, it's way too easy to land on enemies, even if they paid attention to the green indicator under them when you cast your E in their direction, so that's a Stun on your Elastic Slingshot.

Let's Bounce! is another CC, which is Knock-Out, Knock-Back, Knock-Away depending on how you use it on enemies, which means it's a knock and that's considered a CC as well, and unfortunately, Unstable Matter ain't CC but just simple Hp% AOE damage and Cell Division is pure utility, so if you counted so far, we've 3 abilities with CC and Stretching Strikes can deal 3 separate kind of CC on it's own.

So if consider the fact that he has multiple kind of CC on his kit (more than support champions themselves) and the fact that his HP scale with his level and items, making Warmog's Armor a core item in his kit, so after all of this, do you consider him a "natural" Support or just a useless assisting jungle, where your teammates will be ungrateful to you anyway?

You decide!
Before you start...

Basic Combos:

Q > AA

E > Q > AA

E > R

Basic Tricks: (Outdated)
You should know these simple tricks before playing Zac and despite them being outdated, but you'll find all of them can be applied after rework.

Advanced Combos:

E > W > Q > AA > R
It's as seen in the following video but I'll fully explain what happened their later.

E > W > Q > Flash > AA > R > W
Most efficient combo and it's a longer version of the previous one.
League of Legends Build Guide Author IbnBattuta
IbnBattuta Zac Guide
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IbnBattuta Guide to Zac: Your friendly neighborhood, goo?

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