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Volibear Build Guide by Proxied

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Proxied

Icey Cold Bear Hug

Proxied Last updated on December 16, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 1

Honor Guard

Defense: 22

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 7

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Laning Pros and Cons

Laning Pros

    Good Harass
    High Survivability
    Decent Farming
    Good CC
    Good Deny
    Higher Level
    More Gold

Laning Cons

    No Sustain
    Susceptible To Ganks Early

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Jungling Pros and Cons

Jungling Pros

    Good Ganks
    High Attack Speed
    High Survivability

Jungling Cons
    No Sustain
    Lower Level


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Item Build

Start: Doran's Shield Or Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion Or Regrowth Pendant and 1x Health Potion

Doran's Shield is the superior starting item as Volibear and should be your choice whenever you can get it. Boots would be taken when you're against a bad enemy jungler who you need to run from, such as Rammus or Lee Sin. Regrowth Pendant is the secondary choice after Doran's Shield if you want to build a Philosopher's Stone. Doran's Shield is basically on-par with Cloth Armor and Five Potions.

Boots of Speed and Warmog's Armor

Boots are for Mobility. There are multiple different types but you will buy one so it is part of the core build. Volibear is a tank who scales on bonus health and therefore rushing a Warmog can give insane sustain, survivability, and damage.

Possible core:
Philosopher's Stone Heart of Gold Frozen Mallet

These items can be placed into the core build depending on the game. Philosopher's Stone is good for the Gold Per Ten and the additional regeneration. Heart of Gold is another good Gold Per Ten item and it gives health. Gold Per Ten should only be gotten in push-over lanes that will last to late game. Frozen Mallet is the only item that can replace Warmog. It is not as good but it gives more team utility for early team fights.

Wriggle's Lantern Or Philosopher's Stone or Doran's Shield Doran's Shield

Volibear auto attacks a lot making Wriggle's Lantern a good pick against heavy harass enemy AD champions in lane. The downside is you'll end up pushing your lane. Philosopher's Stone is Gold Per Ten and gives both health and mana regeneration which translates to sustain. Doran's Shieldx2 gives a large amount of health regen as well as health and armor.

Warmog's Armor And Frozen Heart And/or Banshee's Veil And/Or Guardian's Angel And/or Shurelya's Reverie

Warmog is core because of health scaling. If you need armor you can buy Frozen Heart or Guardian Angel. Frozen Heart gives CDR and is the superior armor item. Guardian Angel is better for hybrid defense. Banshee's Veil is the choice for pure magic resist because it also gives health. Shurelya's Reverie is great for health and movement speed. Sunfire Cape is not worthwhile.

Atma's Impaler And/Or Wit's End And/Or Trinity Force

Atma gives a nice mix of attack damage, critical strike, and armor. It's a nice item if you have a decent amount of health. Not the greatest item on Volibear though. Volibear scales better on items like Wit's End which gives attack speed and magic resist. Another choice but more expensive is Trinity Force which can be utilized but not as good as some champions and gives no defense.

Situational Buys:
Aegis of the Legion And/Or Thornmail

Aegis of the Legion gives lots of early game defense and gives a bonus to your team. If having issues and need to group up early this is a good item to buy early. It even gives you some health. Thornmail is only bought against heavy AD enemy teams who auto attack a lot in order to send some damage back.

All type of builds:

Standard Build:
Doran's Shield Doran's Shield Boots of Speed Warmog's Armor Wit's End Mercury Treads Frozen Heart Atma's Impaler Guardian's Angel

Doran's Shields early are the sustain you need in lane to dominate. You then build a Warmog for the health scaling and because you need to farm it. From there you build some magic resist and attack speed to scale with your ultimate and W. Frozen Heart after for armor and cooldown reduction. After that you can build whatever you like but I like Atma for more damage and a Guardian Angel for additional defense.

Heavy Magic Damage:
Doran's Shield Doran's Shield Boots of Speed Warmog's Armor Wit's End Mercury Treads Banshee's Veil Shurelya's Reverie Atma's Impaler

Once again Doran's Shields for sustain in lane and then warmog and wit's end/mercury for the same reason. After you build Banshee instead for more magic resist and a Shuelya's for more health and movement speed. To finish it off I like an Atma for the extra damage and also because I didn't buy any armor.

Heavy Physical Damage:
Doran's Shield Doran's Shield Boots of Speed Warmog's Armor Mercury Treads Atma's Impaler Frozen Heart Thornmail Wit's End

Dorans, Boots, and Warmog for same reason. Mercury treads can be bought later if you'd like. Atma early for damage and armor then move into either frozen heart or thornmail, depends how much damage you're taking. After that build the other and top it off with a Wit's End for some magic resist and a little more damage.

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Volibear is quite versatile when it comes to masteries making what you should use generally whatever is best for the game at hand. In a game where you're against heavy damage dealers you probably want to run a standard defensive page which is either 1/22/7 (my preferred page) or 9/21/0 (more damage). If the enemy team has high defense but low to medium damage then you'd prefer an offensive page such as 21/9/0 or 23/0/7 or 22/8/0 depending on preference.

I personally run a 0/23/7 page for the standard defensive masteries but also supplying myself with some additional mana regen. If you were to run 9/21/0 you would be picking up the caster masteries including the bonus 10% magic penetration because your skills are mainly magic damage. If you were to go to an offensive page you would take standard offensive masteries except taking +10% spell penetration and skipping critical strike.

Strong Offensive Masteries

    Summoner's Wrath
    Brute Force
    Arcane Knowledge

Strong Defensive Masteries
    Summoner's Resolve
    Veteran's Scars
    Honor Guard

Strong Utility Masteries
    Summoner's Insight
    Good Hands
    Expanded Mind

This page gives you a large amount of sustain/survivability both in and out of lane. It also gives you bonuses to both summoner's as well as additional mana regen for more spamming of skills. There is a slight error in the utility tree in this photo as the additional point should be placed in improved recall. I take regen over less damage taken and movement speed for the sustain that Volibear lacks. I find it more valuable early.

This would be my next choice on mastery pages. I take both penetrations and I try to avoid ability power in the offensive tree as well as avoided life steal as I do not deal that much damage and critical strike for the same reason. In the defensive tree I take an even amount of both defenses and put my extra points in additional health. I could move the points off magic resist to get improved heal and more armor to make it look prettier if I wanted.

This is a more offensive defensive page if that makes any sense. Basically instead of taking the additional mana regen of utility I took the extra damage of offensive while still keeping most (if not all) of the main masteries in the defensive tree. I skip movement speed and reduced damage taken because movement speed is minor and reduced damage taken is only 1.5% which means if you take 1000 damage you only take 985 damage.

This is a more offensive tree that instead of taking some bonus defense instead goes for additional mana regen in order to be more aggressive and "spammy" in lane. I avoid ability power masteries as well as critical strike but I do end up taking life steal in this build. If you want you can go for one point in armor pen but it is quite minor and you probably don't need it. I prefer even 1% more life steal for those early laning levels.

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There are a lot of runes that seem like they would be strong on Volibear because of how he works. He can basically use anything but the goal is to find what works best. I ruled Magic Penetration and Ability Power out right away because I wasn't really finding them useful. Attack Speed Reds seemed to be the strongest reds with the other choice being ArP and AD reds which didn't seem as strong. AD Reds were decent for last hitting though.

So I decided to settle down on Attack Speed Reds for the benefit on W/R as well as better last hitting. Quints have the same issue as Reds so I took AD to improve my last hitting even further. Yellows and Blues are for utility and/or defense. For Yellows you pick either Scaling Health Yellows or Flat Armor Yellows and I decided armor for the better early game. Blues is Magic Resist or Cooldown Reduction and I took Magic Resist for the same reason.

Strongest Reds

    Attack Speed (Flat)
    Attack Damage (Flat)
    Armor Penetration (Flat)

Strongest Blues
    Magic Resist (Scaling)
    Magic Resist (Flat)
    Cooldown Reduction (Scaling)
    Cooldown Reduction (Flat)

Strongest Yellows
    Armor Yellows (Flat)
    Health (Scaling)

Strongest Quintessences
    Attack Damage (Flat)
    Health Regeneration (Flat)
    Health (Flat)
    Attack Speed (Flat)
    Armor (Flat)
    Magic Resist (Flat)
    Movement Speed

Don't Use

Mana Regeneration

You don't have mana issues unless you're failing as a player, not at the champion. Sorry, that's just how it is.

Magic Penetration

By the time these are useful (you deal enough magic damage) it's so minor it's not worth it.
Gold Per Ten

You're not a support, god dammit!

Doesn't give enough experience.
Reduced Time Spent Dead

Do you really die this much?

I chose attack speed reds to benefit my W and R as well as make last hitting easier. I chose armor yellows over scaling health yellows simply because in solo top you're almost always against a champion that deals physical damage. Magic resist blues either flat or scaling for extra defense. To top it all off I either wanted movement speed or better last hitting, I decided I wanted the last hitting and grabbed myself some attack damage.

This is a standard jungling rune page and it gives a good chunk of armor penetration and attack damage. While mostly used for jungling you can also use this when laning for the additional damage against enemy champions. I just think attack speed is more beneficial then armor penetration in lane though. This page is the best for jungling because it gives more from a mix of attack damage and armor penetration reds then a normal page would.

A stronger page against enemy champions without rolling over for armor penetration which will become useless after a few levels. Your last hitting is slightly harder then with attack damage quints but you deal more damage to enemy champions and also benefit more late game as well as deal more damage with ultimate and proc up W slightly sooner. This would be my second choice after attack damage quints. It's decent at best.

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Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells

Volibear is very "hefty" as a champion and in build and therefore flash is not as viable on him as ghost can be. Generally with ghost you can cover more distance in less time which can be used for running or chasing. Flash on the other hand only goes a set distance but it does it instantly which is better for squishy champions. So my "escape" of choice is ghost. I take the improved mastery to make it run faster and be better. Combine with Q for many lawlz.

Heal is now one of the best summoner spells in the game and it is noticeable good on Volibear in the same way it's good on Mundo. You have to drop to low health before your natural healing kicks in so you can use heal in order to do that safely. It can also be combined with your passive for amazing baiting and probably some of the best 1v3ing I've ever seen. The raw amount of healing you can do in a short period is shockingly good. Soraka Esq.

If you're jungling smite is a core skill. Don't bother taking it when laning because it doesn't damage champions but when jungling you use it to speed up your jungle as well as confirm that you get buffs. The main reason people take smite though is because Dragon and Baron are major parts of the game and smite allows to you confirm your team takes it. Risking Baron/Dragon can lose you a game and therefore smite is core on junglers.

Other Summoner Spells

Exhaust is a strong summoner against heavy AD teams. If you're against a team with champions like Graves/Tryndamere you might want to consider exhaust over heal. Most of those champions take cleanse now though so it might not be the best idea although if there are a few of them in the game chances are they don't all have exhaust and in that case it's smart for you to take this to help your team out and protect them from damage.

Ignite is pure bonus damage. It deals true damage and a decent amount at that and is good at snagging kills. If you're against a tanky enemy team is can come in handy due to the true damage to really tear away at their heal bars. It's also strong against heavy sustain enemy teams. While one Taric may not make it worthwhile some insane team with Mundo, Soraka, and Nidalee is more then enough to convince me to grab ignite.

Flash is the other choice if you don't want to take ghost but want an escape. The one nice thing you can do with flash is pop Q and then flash in and toss somebody. It'll surprise them, but much like singed it's not a good enough reason to take flash over ghost. With no natural escapes and no super high movement speed flashing away won't do much if they're really determined. However, it can save you early game before you have tanky.

A good skill for being mobile around the map. I personally would not take it on Volibear but if you're playing with a premade team and you like to sit top farming all day teleport allows you to sit top and then just teleport in around the time the fight starts. In solo queue however it's not worth it because you just know when you teleport in your team is going to run away and leave you to die regardless of whether you would win or not.

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Passive: Chosen of the Storm

Heals volibear for 30% of his Maximum Health over 6 seconds when he drops below 30% Health.

120 second cooldown


All champions have four skills and a passive. That passive can usually be comparable without about one half of a skill. Very few champions get a full skill out of their passive and Volibear is one of those champions who gets a full skill. 30% of his maximum health is healed over six seconds if he goes below 30% health. Mundo gets 70% of his health over 12 seconds. It's basically half a max level Mundo ultimate. Which is ridiculous.

The one issue with this passive is that you hit low health. The healing is extreme but if you're being focused it won't heal enough soon enough. This is why I take heal over everything else. Heal gives you the time you need and makes you last just that much longer. Basically this plus heal is 45% more health then you actually have which could as you can surely imagine completely turn around a one versus one or a team fight.

Q: Rolling Thunder

Volibear gains 45% Movement Speed while moving toward enemy champions. Lasts 4 seconds.

Volibear's next attack deals an additional 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 physical damage and flings the target behind him.

12/11/10/9/8 second Cooldown

Costs 40 Mana


You charge at your enemy super fast and prepare to toss them behind you. When you reach them you throw them over your shoulder and win. Basically what it does is it gives you a decent chunk of additional movement speed when going toward enemy champions and if you attack an enemy (not just champion) you deal additional damage as well as flipping them over your shoulder, much like Singed's E "Fling". It's a strong harass and initiating skill.

This skill is your initiator. In lane you'll often use this to get in range and harass your lane opponent because if you're successful they'll be hugging their own turret. When initiating in team fights you aim for their squishiest champion (AD/AP Carry) and after that if the fight lasts long enough you can use it to throw people off of your teammates. You generally want to combine this skill with E for the slow once you're in range.

W: Frenzy

Passive: Volibear gains 8% Attack Speed with each attack. Stacks up to 3 times.

Active: When Volibear has (3) stacks of Frenzy, he can bite an enemy to deal (90/140/190/240/290) (+20% of bonus Health) physical damage, increased by (1)% for each (1)% health the target is missing.

Cooldown 18 Seconds

Cost 35 Mana

If you auto attack three times within a certain amount of time of each other you can use this skill to deal a large amount of additional damage that scales not only on your bonus health (health from runes, masteries, and items) but also increased by a percentage depending on how much health in percentage that the enemy is missing. So basically this skill has the potential to hit harder then any other skill in the entire game.

I actually did the math. If you have six fully stacked warmogs you can deal roughly 3500 damage with this skill (reduced by armor). Now while six warmogs isn't really obtainable in a real game this gives you a general idea of how strong this skill is. When laning I use this skill as my main harass on the enemy whenever they get in range and if they go below half health it is just devastating and they cannot fight me.

E: Majestic Roar

Volibear deals (60/95/130/165/200) (+60% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies and slow them by 30% for 3 seconds.

Cooldown 11 Seconds

Cost 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 mana

This is Volibear's least "revolutionary" skill. It's a standard AoE slow that deals minor damage. All it really does that's new is fears any creeps it hits. That does not mean this skill is bad though. At max level it is fantastic for farming waves of creeps. It is also very strong in the jungle, much stronger then Q there. I generally try to combo this skill with my Q in order to get the toss + slow effect that can devastate enemies.

The trick to this skill is the timing. Often you'll find yourself using it after you toss somebody with Q for maximum effect. There are situations where you'll use it before your Q though in order to keep them from getting away/getting further. It's also sometimes highly beneficial to wait until the enemy team has stacked up to use it in team fights to give your team the ability to control the positioning of the fight and not get thrown around.

R: Thunder Claws

Volibear channels the storm, causing all basic attacks for (12) seconds to deal (75/115/155) (+30% of ability power) magic damage, which chains to 4 nearby enemies.

Cost 100 Mana

Cooldown 100 / 90 / 80 seconds

I actually rather like this ultimate. It's not like most ultimates with it being some godlike unstoppable skill the obliterates the enemy team. Instead it causes Volibear to deal a lot more damage on every attack as well as dealing AoE damage on every attack. This skill is godlike in team fights though and is great for pushing your lane hard if you need to leave and go do dragon. You can also use it to harass in lane, range is good!

This skill is the main reason Attack Speed is your main damage stat. You get a free 155-620 magic damage on every auto attack depending on how many enemies are nearby which is fantastic. It lasts twelve seconds too which is about the length of the average team fight so if you don't get focused you can obliterate the enemy team yourself. This skill also makes 1v3's pretty damn easy to win if you're tanky enough to support 12 seconds of attacking.

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Skill order

Frenzy Rolling Thunder Frenzy Majestic Roar Frenzy Thunder Claws Frenzy Rolling Thunder Frenzy Rolling Thunder Thunder Claws Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder Majestic Roar Majestic Roar Thunder Claws Majestic Roar Majestic Roar

At level one you take W unless you plan to fight in which case you grab Q for the toss and movement speed. After that you take W/Q whichever you didn't take and at three you put another point on W. At four you get E and leave it there until last generally. Max W, put a point on R whenever you can, Q whenever you can't level W and E last. If you're jungling E>Q. You take Q for the reduced cooldown and lower mana cost. E is better for pushing which comes in handy later on.

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Gameplay Video

TheOddOne was nice enough to supply me with a very nice video of Jungle Volibear Gameplay with Commentary specifically for my guide. This was very nice and let's all give TheOddOne a hand *claps*

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Item Builds (In-depth)

Boots are pretty simple on Volibear. Mercury's Treads are the standard against most teams because most teams have crowd control. If the enemy team lacks CC you can buy Ninja Tabi to defend against armor, keep Mercury's Treads against Magic Damage, or get Ionian Boots of Lucidity to give you some cooldown reduction you can use quite well. If you buy cooldown reduction boots don't buy both Shurelya's AND frozen heart as that will ause you to have to much CDR.

Best Items

My general choice for starting item as Volibear because it gives a decent chunk of health regen as well as a lot of health and some armor. It's real bonus is how much it benefits you early game with that health. It really gives you the survivability you need to win your lane. The best thing is if you buy two your sustain problems basically completely go away and that way you don't need to invest in something more expensive such as a Wriggle's Lantern.

The main "core" item on Volibear. It's the single strongest possible item on him mainly because his W scales on bonus health. So Warmog really boosts the damage you can burst enemies for with W. It also gives him a high amount of natural survivability as well as providing him with more health to recover from his passive which gives him a nice solid 30% health regained over 6 seconds whenever he goes below 30% of his health. So basically it gives more then it says.

Wit's End is one of my personal favorite items so I might be biased but I know a good buy when I see one and this is a good buy. Basically, you can use attack speed to go with W and R (R more then W) as well as use the magic resist it gives. I wouldn't buy it to early simply because you need your health first but after that it's a good strong buy for that sustained damage you lack as well as that magic resist you need to go with your health.

While I don't personally buy this because I feel it delays items to much, and I would never suggest anyone buy it before Warmog (Warmog has to be farmed) I could see it being a fine buy after Warmog because he can use all the stats. The only real issue I have with it is it's a strong early game item but as Volibear it delays your real items a little more then it should and therefore isn't priority in my list of purchases. Get it if you want though.

Shurelya's Reverie

A quite strong item on Volibear because it really has nothing but stats he can use. Generally I'll only buy this item if I build a Philo Stone early on. I buy Philo when I have to b before I have enough for a second Doran's Shield and instead have to buy boots + one of the parts. The reason Shurelya's is so strong is because you can use the regeneration as well as the health but it also gives the movement speed active which can be used to initiate or escape, you have no built in escape.

Another item I'm biased toward like Wit's End but unlike Wit's End I am completely certain that there is no better armor item for Volibear. Volibear makes great use of Cooldown Reduction so you buy this for armor and cooldown reduction, and you get mana and the attack speed reduction basically for free. Cooldown Reduction is strong on Volibear because his cooldowns aren't that short making it really noticeable. The cooldown reduction is worth more then the health of a Sunfire Cape.

While Attack Damage may not be the greatest stat on Volibear this is a strong item. The reason it is so strong is because you already build a naturally large amount of health because it benefits you so much so you buy Atma for the Armor and Attack Damage it gives and it gives you a nice extra chunk for the cost because you already have the health you need to make the attack damage very beneficial. You can buy this even if you don't need the armor.

Other Items

A good buy early game if you need defenses that you lack. It can recover you from issues in lane to give you some space as well as benefit your team in ganks. You'll most often buy this for neither of those reasosn though and instead buy it when the laning phase ends early and you need some extra defense to give to your team and give them the early advantage. Aegis of the Legion is one of the strongest early game items in the entire game. If you get it, get it early.

Banshee's Veil is a good choice of magic resist after Wit's End or if you need more magic resist. It is a much better choice then Force of Nature because it gives you not only magic resist but health as well which comes in handy quite often as can be read many times throughout this guide. It's a little pricey for the stats but it's worth it because everything it gives does go to use in one way or another except maybe mana because you have such low mana costs.

You can build this instead of a Warmog or after a Warmog if you'd like for more health, some damage, and more importantly a slow. It is rare you would build it instead of a Warmog because health is so nice and it gives half as much but it is a very offensive item and comes in handy a lot if you want to play more offensively and get more kills instead of just helping your team and winning your lane. Not a bad item but I personally would not buy it, or at least not often.

A strong hybrid defensive item giving defense in the forms of both armor and magic resist but the most impressive thing about this item is that once every five minutes if you die you come back to life with a rather low amount of health. The trick is that when you're reviving the enemy team is distracted waiting for you to revive and will take some free harass from your team. You can also sometimes escape with your life, not often though, usually you die.

Philosopher's Stone

The Philosopher's Stone is a good item for early game sustain in lane. I only buy it when I don't have enough to get boots and another Doran's on my first back, which means a difficult lane, and if that happens i buy one part of it and go back to lane and buy it later. The reason I buy it is because if you're having trouble in lane more sustain and more gold comes in handy. It also turns in Shurelya's Reverie later. Don't buy it every game, but it can be bought.

Basically the core armor item on anybody against a team with multiple attack damage heavy auto attackers. This is a super rare buy but I thought I should mention it because a Thornmail and some Health against a team with like Caitlyn, Tryndamere, and Master Yi can completely destroy that team in damage. They hurt themselves as much as they hurt you and basically it can and will quite often make a losing game a winning game. Esp. if multiple teammates buy it.

A strong damage item but not the strongest. Much like Wit's End it comes in handy for attack speed but it also gives a little of every other stat in the game too. The real bonuses are it has a slow and some extra damage you'll proc but the proc doesn't happen often with your cooldowns. I just feel it is to pricey for how little it gives however that does not make it a bad item it just makes it not the greatest item and i feel there are better choices available.

If you don't want to buy Doran's Shields but you need sustain this is your choice. This is also the item you rush when jungling. Basically it gives you some nice damage and harass as well as lifesteal (sustain) and a free ward. The downside in lane is a proc which kills creeps and pushes your lane when you try to heal off the lifesteal. The upside in the jungle is the exact same thing, it kills creeps faster. It's a decent item but to pricey in lane in my opinion.

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Early & Mid Game

Early Game is definitely Volibear's weakest point but Volibear is in no way weak Early Game. Volibear has some of the best harass in the game and after level six can commit to fight to. The general idea in lane is to last hit as much as you can while harassing the opponent and only taking as much harass back as you put out. The reason you can take an equal amount of harass back is because your W does more damage the lower they get. In a fight where the both of you are half health they'll take more damage.

Now laning is pretty easy. You get three hits off to proc W then use it on your enemy as early as you can. This shows them you're down to fight really early. Don't let them auto attack you though, you lose that fight. Hit them with W whenever you can and at level 4 get very aggressive occasionally comboing Q-->W-->E and maybe two auto attacks. This is insane harass and enemies generally cannot handle it. Often I get first blood at level four bursting enemies from just below half health.

The biggest issue Volibear really has in lane isn't who he's facing or what to buy or any of that ****, it's the enemy jungler. Now most champions have escapes or something (Irelia Q, Gangplank W + E, Etc) but Volibear has nothing but his natural tankiness. This means if somebody like Gangplank is ganking you, you can't really do anything but die if they have the damage. You can ghost away from one, and occasionally survive the damage, but quite often the gank is the deadliest thing to you.

Once Mid Game rolls around you should start to become a beast. No matter what you were building by the time early game ends you should at the very least have a Warmog with some farm on it. Mid Game is often a combined mix of laning and team fights. People try to lane through mid game and lots of three versus three and four versus four team fights happen as well as organized team ganking. Come Mid Game you need to decide what you want to do. Lane or Fight.

In order to Lane you need to control the map with wards so the enemy team cannot gank as a group. Mid Lane and Jungler need to take strong control of the map as well and try to push organized ganks away by catching one person roaming to a lane and either killing them or turning them away. You being a top laner who is tanky needs to push heavily, keep your lane warded, and farm. Keep the higher cs while keeping the enemy top laner in control is basically your entire job.

If you wish to end the laning phase and move onto the team fight phase your team needs to group up. There are two ways to really group up. One is to go mid and push as a team. You might get a turret but generally what happens is one player on the defending team goes and pushes another lane while your team cannot dive safely even in a four versus five. The other way is to gank as a team which can be prevented as explained above. If you're ahead you can generally choose which way the game goes though.

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Late Game & Team Fights

Late Game is basically a fight over map control that is millions of team fights all over and in a close game they usually lead nowhere. The goal is to ward the enemies jungle and take control of Baron/Dragon as well as all four buff camps. Now if you're ahead you can go take what you want, if you're behind you try and stop them from getting anything free, and if the game is close then you need to play intelligently. If the game is close you take what you can get and wait until you can get it.

In the fight over map control you want to make sure to have most of the map warded but more importantly is to have Baron warded over all else. A free baron can be game changing... or game winning. Basically, you need to wait for an opening or a mistake before you make your move. An opening is something like the enemy AP Carry going bot lane or their ward running out so you can sneak a baron in for free. That baron is basically you winning the game because they gave you the opening.

Now the best thing possible to happen is the enemy makes a mistake. A mistake is something like you waiting by Baron and you spot them on a ward all going to Dragon. That gives you time to rush a Baron. Another mistake is catching an enemy out of position. A 4v5 is always a good reason to do a Baron. The best mistake though is when the enemy team does baron while all five of you are there and you kill them, get baron, and then get several free turrets and an inhibitor.

Volibear as a champion is strongest Late Game too. Between your passive, heal, and W you can basically kill whatever you want and never die. You can one versus three and one versus four no problem. The only real problem I've ever had late game was an enemy fed Vayne and even that can be killed if you can catch it. Your goal is basically to get to late game so you can rofl stomp the enemy team and ignore everything they do. Late Game Volibear is a blast.

In Team Fights you're goal is knowing what to do what. You can initiate with Q + E and go from there but generally somebody else initiates. If somebody else initiates you need to use your E and Q to disrupt the enemy champions so they cannot hurt your team mates. W is a tricky skill and most of the time you'll save it for when an enemy is hurt to kill them. It deals more damage the lower then enemy target is so you want to save it until then and in a team fight you can do that.

You also want to have R running as long as possible in the fight while auto attacking for maximum damage. The damage it deals really adds up so don't even think of saving it. Basically, in a team fight you want to protect your team mates while doing as much damage as you possibly can. You can basically ignore the enemy team. You can initiate. Most importantly if the enemy team feels like focusing you then you already win because you take so long to die and you have heal additionally. Be a bear!

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Stonewall008's Jungle Video, runes/masteries can be found on the video by clicking the "YouTube" button on it. They are different then the ones I suggest (I believe).


Early Game Volibear Jungle:

Early on, you shouldn't gank pre level 3 unless like the enemy is diving like crazy and its obviously a easy kill. The reason for this is that the new lizard who does less damage is easy to get and is very helpful in a early gank. Not to mention, it's hard to do the jungle early without having frenzy(his W) as it'll greatly speed your time up.

Ganking early, you'll obviously want to pick a lane that is extended out a bit unless your laner has something strong to initiate with. These include things like toss/blitzhook or a immobilizer such as Morgana Dark Binding or Annie stun. These can buy you time to get in position to toss as without one of those conditions, the enemy will either walk back to tower or flash out. Remember to cast Volibear's E to make them an easy target even if they flash out as unless the flash reaches the tower, they'll be slowed enough for you to catch up. In most cases, you should probably use flash for your gank as a flash on their champions this early in the game may be more useful than you having flash.

Mid Game Volibear Jungle:

Midgame, you'll be either farming camps or waves while attempting to do objectives for your team such as giving blue buff to your ap carry or setting up dragons/barons. I believe this is the point where Jungle Volibear tends to be the weakest (pre warmogs) as his only true tank ability is his passive which needs a bit of time to kick in and at this point of the game the enemy AP carries are likely able to burst down people. So often you'll be the one to initiate fights and quickly get to safety unless the opponents are focusing your allies or your allies have sufficient CC cover for you to autoattack safely. Always keep in mind that unlike a solo lane Volibear, you'll be slightly behind in levels/gold and won't be as strong as a solo laner.

Late Game Volibear Jungle:

At this point, you should constantly be with your team or taking objectives while not really caring about clearing the jungle unless it's on route to something and it'll be quick. At this point you should finally be tanky enough to purposely draw the enemy fire so your AD carry can finish up. If you are really farmed, it's also very easy to force the enemy AD to constantly run away rather than fire as they won't be able to kill you before you toss them into your team where they'll probably die. Aside from that, just remember to combo your W with Smite to kill it at 1200+ hp due to the massive damage your W does and the damage Smite does.

Volibear Jungle Masteries:

I prefer a mix of armor penetration and attack speed in order to do a nice bit of damage to the camps while being able to proc Frenzy sooner in teamfights. I prefer to have a mix so I can do maximal damage to most of the jungle and dragon. The seals are for a late game gamble, 175 health is worth far more than 13 armor as the new jungle doesn't require armor seals if you go cloth or get good pulls. Since most games get past level 9, the seals will be useful to boost Volibear's durability as well as the damage on his Frenzy.

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Final Comments

In this section I will discuss the updates I add too this guide and if you want, post me your scores and I'll put them here. Hope you enjoyed the guide and hope you enjoy Volibear!