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Pantheon Build Guide by Nightscare

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nightscare

If the Gate is Locked, use the Backdoor! (Experimental)

Nightscare Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi to all! Thank you for Reading this.

First of all this is my first guide and id like to share my ideas of playing Phanteon on a Backdoor Style. So if you like it, or not, please let me know! and give me a feedback! I will keep it up to date if i got new ideas and working stuff.

If you like Playing Pantheon, like i do! Then you have to be Flexible! Pantheon is a insane laneing character in my Perspective. With the following runes, items, masteries, Skill Sequence and Summoner Spells you will get used to Pantheon how iam. As an insane ***-Kicking Early game char.

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First of all i´ll explain the runes you have to use. (still open for feedback :D)

In this Build i choose Armor Penetration and Dmg Runes.

Lets take a look at the runesheet itsself:


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

At First we got the Greater Mark of Desolation nine times. This is the First Part of adding Armor Penetration to your Character. I also chose the Greater Quintessence of Desolation three times, wich also grants us Armor Penetration. The Armor Penetration is one of the Main Parts of yourEarly game. Your Armor Penetration Runes will let you deal enough Dmg to your enemys in the Laneingphase to let them keep Distance from you!
The Desolation Runes also grant you enough power to Lasthit Enemy Heros that are running before you with your Spear Shot.

As Next we got two kind of Dmg runes. The first ones are the Greater Seal of Attack Damage nine times. Same Game at the Greater Glyph of Attack Damage ´s nine Times.
Let me Explain that to you! The Dmg Runes are necessary to put your Armor Penetration in Place. with this runes and the Doran's Blade you got enough Dmg at the beginning of the game to clearly show whos boss on the Lane!
Some Say that Dmg Runes aren´t the best for the Earlygame. They are in my Perspective. Because this Dmg you Deal isnt expected from your enemys. Shure they see your Dmg on your Character. This should be about 79 Dmg. But they dont know anything about your Armor Penetration and with this you can suprise them by a very delicius Dmg given to theire ***es!

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In this Chapter I gonna Talk about the Masteries of Pantheon. I will tell you about the Reasons i chose them and how they shoud work.
Lets have a look at them at first:


I would like to Start with theOffense Skilltree and explain the sense of the Single Masteries that we chose back at the beginning:
SPACE Deadliness : This Masterie grants you some more Critical Strike Chance on your normal Attacks. We choose it because we dont need Ability Power for Pantheon and we need 4 Skill points in the first Line get the next one skillable. But the better Crit Chance isnt Bad at all! We can use it in the Laneingphase to Lasthit Creeps and to get a lucky Strike on a Enemy Champion!

Cripple: This Masterie is very Usefull for your Summoner Spell that you chose! We gain some more endurance for our Cripple Spell, and also we grant a Armor Penetration for Magical and Normal Resistance by 10 for the duration of Cripple! Use it to do some extra Dmg at fleeing Enemy Heros!

With 4 Points in Sorcery we reduce our Skill Cooldown by 3%. Thats not Much at all, but we still need to skill it for the Masteries that we are After.

As next we put one Skillpoint in Archaic Knowledge . With this we get 15% Magical Armor Penetration, what is pretty useless for Phanteon but the same Story, we need it for the Masteries were After! (But your Aegis of Zeonia Skill and your Grand Skyfall both use Magical Dmg and this way this Masterie is not completly wasted!)

Alacrity : This Masterie grants us some more Attack Speed, what isnt that Bad because we can use it when we try to do some Backdoor (Gay) Actions in the field.

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Then we got an other "Need to skill" Sunder . We put one Skill point in it to get the other Masteries in the Next line. Yes i know it grants Armor Penetration and hey, doesnt he said:"Armor Penetration is as good as Hell?!" Yeah thats true but our Runes give us enough Armor Penetration so we dont need this Masterie at all and we can use the Skillpoints somewhere else. (and we need them!)

Brute Force : We gonna Skill this MAsterie to the max! we can use the extra Dmg (even its not much) to put the lots of Armor Penetration we got in place! So Tripple Click it ;)

Lethality First, take a Look at Pantheons E Spell, the Heartseeker Strike. With this Sell we Auto Crit against Creeps and Heros under 15% of Life. The extra Crit Dmg we get from this Masterie is very usefull in handle with its Passive. This can be the reason for a kill if it gets close!

Finally! We Skill our next Skillpoint in the Havoc Ability. This Gives us 4% More Magical and most important Normal Dmg! I think i dont have to explain again why som extra Dmg is usefull :D

As next i would like to Talk about the Magical Skilltree, and its use!

SPACE At first we need to set one Skillpoint in the Good Hands Ability. This gives us less respawning time and gives us the chance to get to the next line of Abilitys with 3 more Points spended.

Perseverence : This Skill is giving us some more Mana and Health Regeneration. The important Part of this Masterie is the Mana Regeneration. See the Skill SeQuence for more information!

As next we spend 4 more Points at the Awareness Skill so we gain more EXP what makes farming and lvling for you much easier. (pretty Awesome if Zilean is on your Team!)

The Final and last Skillpoint that we spend, is going to Meditation Ability. This grants us some more Mana Regeneration wich is, like i said before, pretty important for Pantheon!

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In this Chapter, i´d like to tell more about the items and how i think you should use them. But first we look at the Items Purchase Order again. After this i will explain the single steps:

:The Doran's Blade is your first Item, it grants you enough dmg for the first blood, while giving you, like all the other dorans items, enough health for the next few laning lvl´s.

+ = : Speed is very very important at the beginning to chase the enemy and to not get chased by the enemy! Also this Boots Grant you some more attack speed that you will need at doing backdoor.

-> : As the next item you should buy the Brawler's Gloves that you should upgrade to the Avarice Blade as soon its possible. This will grant you enough Crit chance in trade with your Masteries to make Last hitting for you more easily. If we look at the Passive of the Avarice Blade we find out that he gives us some extra gold. Use this to get a gold advantage!

+ = : Then you buy the two Long Sword´s that give you the chance to upgrade em Both to The Brutalizer. This item grants you some more dmg that you will need out there to kick some more ***. ( The Brutalizer costs 1337 Gold!1! ZOMG!!1!)

Yeah, you got the Items for Youmuu's Ghostblade! But screw it, take the extra gold from the Avarce Blade! Wait before you buy Youmuu's Ghostblade.

+ = : Before upgrading Stuff to the Youmuu's Ghostblade first Buy Phage, build of a Ruby Cristal and a Long Sword. This will make you less Squishee. And gives you the oppurtunity to chase some Enemys!

or : After this you can buy the Youmuu's Ghostblade or you buy the Giant's Belt at first, your choice. It depends on how much kills you have, and if you need some more extra gold by the Avarice Blade! If you Buy Youmuu's Ghostblade as first buy the Giant's Belt as next, and the other way around!
There is one more Important information about the Youmuu's Ghostblade, this item will give you enough attack Speed for a short time to do a tower Backdoor, so dont forget its aktive! Its also usefull at junglin and Teamfights!

+ = : If you got both, the Giant's Belt and the Youmuu's Ghostblade, you now can upgrade your Phage and your Giant's Belt to the Frozen Mallet. This will make you less Squishee and thats pretty important for your Backdoor (Gay) Actions!

The next steps are Quiet Easy:

+ + = : Lets take a look at the Hexdrinker (one of my favorite items!) this item will grant you some very important things, the Dmg in the first place, but the Resistence isnt bad too! And its Passive can save your *** in some hot situations! (no not at N!ghts with your Girlfriend so stay at the Condoms!) The Shield is just 300 dmg, but these are 1 to 2 Tower hits. Also in teamfights its an suprising Effect that you get a pretty strong shield. (think of it, it only absorbes Magical DMG!)

Now you have to choose! It depends on in wich situation you are, you can choose between buying two The Bloodthirster´s, or one The Bloodthirster and one Infinity Edge, loock here if you like to see how its done:
If you like to choose the way of a Bloddy Double Penetraton, look at this side:


+ = : If you buy The Bloodthirster, the Dmg output and the Life Steal will give you the opertunity to Hit the Tower some times and go back to the jungle and heal Ya self to the Maxx. But dont Forgett to Stack your The Bloodthirster on creeps to get the full 100 Ad it can give you! Repeat this Step for two Filled Bloodthirsters!
SPACE If you like to choose the way of a Infinite Bloddy Edge Penetraton, look at this side:


+ = : If you buy The Bloodthirster, the Dmg output and the Life Steal will give you the opertunity to Hit the Tower some times and go back to the jungle and heal Ya self to the Maxx. But dont Forgett to Stack your The Bloodthirster on creeps to get the full 100 Ad it can give you!

+ + = : The Infinity Edge will grant you some more necasarry DMG for doing Backdoor. (Also the Crit is very Helpfull in Teamfights Though!)

--> IMPORTANT: If you got sth to say: Give me Feedback! Improving this guid also helps others! <--

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Skill Sequence

In this Chapter i wont tell you this much about why you should skill this order, its more aboout the How to! But here u get the Sequence Again, if you like to look sth up:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

First, Phanteons Passive, Aegis Protection:

Pantheons Passive is very, very, very Powerfull! If you use it the right way! Pantheons gets all 4 Hits his shield that blocks a normal Attack of an enemy (including Towers!).
You can use his passive in order with the Youmuu's Ghostblade activated! You got enough speed to block almost every second hit of the tower, what gives you enough time to Rape it Violently.
You can Also use this to cancel more Powerfull hits from Enemys (Like Nocturne´s Passive)!
Alwayes keep your passive in mind, it can save your *** and be the reason why raping the ohter team!

2.) The next one is Phants Q Spell, his Spear Shot:

This is his Most important Skill! This Spear Shot is influenced by the Armor Penetration! And this is the reason why u kick some *** in the laning phase! This Spear Shot got very very low Cooldown, so you can spam it. The Mana Costs are also not the highest! And combined with your Masteries you can really spam it. (What the Enemys gonna H8!)
You have to look out, if it comes to a fight you have to be shure you got enough Mana to stay in combat as long as yu teammates, because Pantheons Mana is depleeted very Fast in team fights! So beware of throwing the Spear to often always wait a few seconds after each shot! (you also can throw 2 or 3 Spears if enemys are too close but dont depleet your mana! Or you will fail hardly!)

3.) His W Spell, the Aegis of Zeonia:

His Stun can be Pretty usefull as an Init for a team fight or at chasing enemy Champions. But because of its heavy cooldown (according to the other CD´s) its not this Powerfull. Do not waste it! Use it if you know you can get the enemy! if you are close enough too engage without using it, dont! Kep it till the enemy runs or is owniing you, you now can beat him up for a short time, or can use the time to escape! So always think twice! Because if you use it at the start, the fight is probably over before the CD is gone!

4.) His E Spell, Heartseeker Strike:

This Spell is also a pretty awesome one! Use Heartseeker Strike for lasthitting lots of low life creeps! Also its passive is very usefull, automatik Crits on every target that has under 15% Percent life isnt bad at all! it also helps you in the early game for farming. But in normal or teamfights you should use it in the beginning and at the end. 6 Seconds cooldown arent that much, you can make it! Combined with the Q and the W you got your target long enough in front of you to let them taste the full power of it! Its also pretty cool in Raping low life Champions! Jump on em -> Heartseeker Strike -> Kill -> Be Chuck Norris *trollface*

5.) The Grand Skyfall:

His Ultimate, The Grand Skyfall, isnt this powerfull anymore because of the Nerved range! But its okay you still can use it to aproach in teamfights or just jump to the Enemy Base and do Backdoor while the rest of the team is still fighting somewhere. Always keep in mind: His ultimate takes kind of long to be used! Calculate with it, guess what the enemy will do and launch it! Also a cool Fact: His ultimate does 1000 Magical DMG at the center of his landng Circle! Try to get Enemys into there, if you got this working you ,start the fight against a hero with about 600 lost life, wich is pretty awesome! (I know i use the word Awesome pretty often but its K its awesome!) Also Think twice about its use!

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Summoner Spells

In this Chapter i gonna tell you sth. about his Summoner Spells, why i choosed them and why they are usefull!

1) Flash:

Flash is a very cool Spell at all! with Flash you can engage on the one Hand, and on the other you can flee with it, this is not very special acording to the Champion, but still very, very usefull in the laneing Phase and at the L8game. Use it correctly to leavy situations Alive or Troll other Players with your Might! (Also if you are to far away for any actions, use Flash in the direction of your Enemy and instently after this use Your W ( Aegis of Zeonia). Congrats! You just bridged 30 Meters! Come from nowhere and Troll anybody!

2) Exhaust:

This is an very Important Summoner Spell for Phanteon. Also because you upped it in the Masteries! With the Masteries Bonus you got the Enemys Resistance decrased by 10 (Magic and Normal). This is very usefull at the Beginning. with the Slow on your Target you got enough time to auto hit it and let the CD of your Aegis of Zeonia end. While this you can throw your Spear Shot all the time! its like this: Enemy 50 Normal Resist. Exhaust used -> Enemy 40 Normal Resist. Use Spear Shot with 22 Penetration -> Enemy 18 Resist. You: Almost Complete Dmg went Through!
And thats How it Works! Try it and keep it in mind!

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Walk the Line

At first i would like to Thank you for reading through all my ****! And again its my Part to ask you for Feedback. And Now its you Part to give me some, because i really would like to improve it and trade it with others so they also know Phant as a powerfull *** kicking Char.
Also This is (like i said) my first Guide. If Someone Might finds a Writing Mistake or two, he can keep them!

Now thats all i Have to say about that. I Hope this has Helped you and did not make you mad bro :D or Jelly.

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