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Zed Build Guide by AQRC Turtle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AQRC Turtle

''Ignorance is Fatal'' The Master of Shadow (7.22)

AQRC Turtle Last updated on November 20, 2017
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AQRC Turtle - Project Zed

Zed Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Scorch

+11 Attack Damage or +18 Ability Power (Adaptive)

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Threats to Zed with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Xerath Dodge his poke until u get lvl 3 and 6. Then, he's very weak to ur all-ins and cant escape them
Ziggs Once u hit lvl 6 u have the upper hand vs ziggs. Stay away from minions to avoid the Aoe from his Q
Taliyah Easy matchup, but keep ur lane pressure so she cant roams for free.
Vel'Koz Easy mathup for zed. try to get lvl advantage and engage when velkoz abilities are on cd. Also use minion to protect from his poke
Twisted Fate Keep ur lane pressure so TF cant roam for free. He cant escape u and his card are easily dodgable with ur R
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Im AQRC Turtle

Hi guys,
First of all this is my first guide and I im very srx for my bad english

I started league in season 3 by playing almost only marksman : Caitlyn Kalista Vayne Jhin Jinx and reached my highest rank in season 6 - plat 2
Back then Zed was my worst nightmare as a main AD Carry I hated all Assassin

I played my 1st game with Zed 1 years ago and now he's my most played champion with around 800 games in season7

That mostly resume my 4 years in league. so wecome everyone!!
I'm AQRC Turtle and this is my Zed guide Season 8. Enjoy

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Quick Zed Intro

He's a AD melee assassin and [energy] user with good mobility and very high dps potential.
Mostly played as mid laner, he a strong dmg carry who can snowball the game if he get ahead but can also fall-off quickly if behind.
Lore : Zed was taken and trained by his master who teached him about balance and discipline.

One day, after defying his master, he was banished from his own clan. He unlocked the ancient forbidden ways and now he's using it to kill those who refuse to embrace the shadows.

Despite having many weaknesses and counter, I love playing Zed
He's full of tricks, jukes, kills opportunity and outplays potential that make him one of the best playmaking champion in League of leagend.

To support my opinion, theres a play from Cuvee on Zed he single handedly outplay 4 High challenger korean pro (Arrow, Ssumday, Hachani) and made one of the sickest play ive seen on Zed

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Learning Zed

Feel free to join the Zed main community

So, Zed is very hard to master and u can always get better.
That why I suggest these 2 high elo Zed main if you want more content

He's a streamer and youtuber who reach multiple time master tier and he's a very smart Zed player who also teached me a lot about the champion when I started
You can even ask him for private coaching lessson and follow his social media here:

Also, his Zed tutorial YouTube series is very helpfull

He's the N.1 Zed in NA and challenger streamer and youtuber.
You can follow him here:

In my opinion he has the potential to be the best Zed in the world mechanicly.
You can always judge by yourself:

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(Passive): Contempt for the Weak
-Autoattcking a targets below 50% health deal 6-10% of the target's
maximum health as bonus magic damage.
-Effect on hit, can only occur once every 10 seconds on the same target

(Q):Razor shuriken
-Active: Zed throw a spinning blades forward, dealing damage to the first targets. and additional target hitted only deal 75% damage.
-6 second cooldown at all ranks

That ur main poke. Keep in mind u can't move while trowing Q Razor Shuriken

(W):Living Shadow
-Active : Zed's shadow dashes forward giving vision of the area, is untargetable and remain in place for 5 second, untargetable and able to mimics Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash by Zed
-At second cast, he swap places, if hes withing 1300 max range from his shadow

Landing at least two instances of the same ability on one target restore some energy
The energy cost of Living Shadow is low but the cooldown is very long, u shoud avoid overextending when is on CD and dont know where ennemy jungler is.

(E):Shadow slash
-Active: Zed create a burst of physical damage to nearby enemies

Each enemy champion hit will reduces Living Shadow cooldown by 2 seconds.
Landing this skill with both the shadow and Zed doesnt increase the damage, however it
doubles the slowing effect and restore some energy .

(R):Death mark
-Active: spawning a shadow at his starting position that mimics his abilities and remain in place for 6 secondes. Zed becames untargetable and appear behind his target marking him for death. After 3 seconds the mark will detonate dealing physical, granting him some dmg if the target die from Death Mark.
-After 0.75 seconds you can reactivate to switch positions

A target who is sure to die from Death Mark will display a swirling shuriken above their heads (enough shied, heals will make it disappear)
No cost at all ranks Death Mark has so many different possibilities and ways You can use it as escape, gap closer, towerdives or to dodge enemy spells/CCs

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Pros and cons

+One of the strongest duelist and splitpusher
+Can choose his fights very well
+Good mobility and roaming potential
+High DPS and kill pressure
+Good for turret dive
+ Last hitting undertower isnt hard

-Get counter by itemization ex: Zhonya's Hourglass or spell Exhaust
-Vulnerable to ennemy Crowd control , armor stacking and peel
-Lack of CCs, substain and AoE DMG from his abiities.
-Doesn't do well in late game teamfights
-Hard to master
-High skillcap gameplay.

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Starting Items
-Usully I start Long Sword + 3x Health Potion but sometimes, I take Refillable Potion vs safe matchup
-or Doran's Shield and Ninja Tabi when im laning vs adc's matchup EX: Corki Lucian

The 3 core Items


Duskblade of Draktharr Give more DMG.

Youmuu's Ghostblade Give more mobility
3rd The Black Cleaver Give a mix of DMG, Hp and will caps ur max CDR

Situational Item
Good defensive item at a very low cost.

Vs Bruisers ex: Jarvan IV Riven Or Vs health regen teamcomp ex: Soraka Swain

Adapt ur Itemization
- Maw of Malmortius Grant good MR but keep in mind u can get more than 40% CDR.
- Mercurial Scimitar Vs Crowd control teamcomp like Morgana Lux
- Blade of the Ruined King For Splitpushing, and 1 vs 1
- Ravenous Hydra for Waveclear and substain
- Dead Man's Plate Edge of Night Sterak's Gage for more tanks stats

Standart trinkets: start Warding Totem for early vision.
Post lvl 9 take Farsight Alteration or Oracle Alteration

Standart Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite
Other option : Teleport Cleanse

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Quick Summary (Early/mid/late)

1.Early game Avoid getting poke and harrass when ur walking up to last hit Cs. If ur low hp and/or zoned u can sacrifice Cs it isnt the end of the world.
But try not losing xp for the almost always free kill at lvl 6 if Zed get lvl advantaged

combo early
1. Be unpredictabe when you throwing a combo. Done well, ur opponent will have less time to react and dodge.

2. poking combo
Instead of wasting all your abilities. Instead take ur time and when ur feeling safe, throw W Living Shadow + E Shadow Slash slowing ur target.
This is where it get harder, without any rush, aim for landing both Q Razor Shuriken and will procs Electrocute

2.Mid game Zed have the potential to 1 vs 1 anyone in the game

Know what's ur champs limits
1. Jhin Syndra are his easiest target u must always focus ur dmg on them
2. Always know how much dmg you can output on a single isolated target.
But if he's whit someone like Janna shield or Alistar CCs/peel kind of champion. Sometime will make me change my mind if i have hesitation or doubt on if ive enough dmg.
3. Remaining out of the ennemy vision can allow Zed to can caugh someone off guard and shut him down instantly so he cant react
4.If he's low Hp aswell(60-50%) it must result in him getting one-shot

Zed aways deserve a minimum of respects even if he's behind

Tips : If ur target have Flash or an escape availible, try to start ur engages with R Death Mark and keep ur W Living Shadow to quickly follow up ur target escape/dash/flash and complete ur shutdown.

3.Late game your job isnt to engage the teamfight, instead wait for ur opponent to waste their main CCs/ult and then in the chaos of the teamfight, flank their team to bring ur dps on their backline as quick a u can.
If u prefer to avoid thesefights, U can also splitpush if ur ahead but I dont recomend it in soloQ it might be better to group so your team wont flame u.

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Laning Phase (detailed)

Lvl 1
-Usully, it better to play safe and avoid trades until u hit lvl 3.
Since most mid laner are ranged, without gab closer Zed is most likely gonna get kited.
So be carefull when u walk up to farm minions and be rdy to dodge your ennemy poke/harass to remain high hp
Your Q Razor Shuriken can last hit very safely if your low hp or get zoned. As a slow skillshot you must predict ur opponent positionning to land it.

-If Your lane opponent is melee EX: Akali Fizz Yasuo Try to initiate ur early trades with a basic attack, than Q Razor Shuriken and a 2nd basic attack as fast as u can to proc Electrocute. Than disengage to avoid extending the trades (Usully long fights are not in favor of Zed early game).
-Q Razor Shuriken is your main ability for poking. As a slow skillshot you have to predict ur opponent direction to land it. Keep in mind u cant move while trowing Razor Shuriken

Lvl 2
-I usully Lvl up 2nd W Living Shadow because it safer if I dont know the ennemy jungler location.
But in these 2 situation
1.Laning against melee champs I lvl up 2nd E Shadow Slash Ex: Akali Fizz Yasuo
2.If my opponent is hard pushing the wave to your turret and the minions HP are 1/4 or 3/4,U might lvl up 2nd E Shadow Slash to help last hitting CS undertower. Fortunatly for zed his passive Contempt for the Weak make last hitting undertower very easy early.

Post lvl 3
-At lvl 3 and 6 u get big powerspike, so try to having the lvl advantage and enough energy availible to all-in your opponent as soon your full combo is availible

- Zed is very good at roaming bot or top but shove ur lane before to avoid losing xp
- wolf and Jungle raptors is a good to get more gold

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My last tips would be to play with the mindset of an assassin.
But the most important is to keep practicing and learning from ur mistakes while always have fun playing the game.
''They follow the wrong master.''
- Zed

I also have fun making montage!