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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by P4ndaH3ro

Tank In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle, the Mundo sleeps tonight

Tank In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle, the Mundo sleeps tonight

Updated on December 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author P4ndaH3ro Build Guide By P4ndaH3ro 32 5 241,502 Views 12 Comments
32 5 241,502 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author P4ndaH3ro Dr. Mundo Build Guide By P4ndaH3ro Updated on December 10, 2012
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Hello! This is my first build on Mobafire and I hope you enjoy it :) Plz don't downvote without leaving a comments. More comments will help me improve the guide. For now it's only a item cheat sheet, but I'm planning on adding more content.

ps: English isn't my first language.

EDIT: Plz read the note next to rune and ability. The rune has just changed name btw. And I know I can make the guide look better, just gimme some time.
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Pros / Cons


-Go where he pleased
-Easy to counter jungle with him
-Fast cleared with W
-Very tanky


- Ignite throw you up
-Isn't the best ganker
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I run exhaust and smite when I'm jungling and that's why:

Why Smite:

-With a well place ward at their blue, dragon or baron, you can easily steal.
-Help with jungle cleared on Buff.
-Always pick on jungler.

Why Exhaust:

-It's extremely good in combination with your ult.
-Help pick up gank and facilitate tower dive.
-Good in team fight to shut down the carry.

Other viable spell:

- Flash: For those who can't live without it.
- Ghost: When your ult is not up and you want to gank, it's the skill to have to follow people around and cleave all night long.

EDIT: After testing a few ranked games, I prefer Exhaust over Ghost. It's better for ganks and good to shut down the carry late game.
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Let me explain:


Quintessence of Health Regeneration
Health regen is a no brainer when you play Mundo. Other viable quint would be flat health or maybe speed.


Seal of Armor
Armor is just to good to miss while jungling.


Glyph of Magic Resist
I love magic resist because I only start building MR later in the build. It give me a little bit more of substain during the whole game. Another small thing I like about Mr blue is while ganking mid early in the game(and with the jungle route I take, mid is almost always my first gank).


Mark of Attack Speed
Those are still in testing. I love atk speed mark because it help to clear jungle fast at early level and goes very well with Masochism.
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People love guide with jungle route, so I'm gonna tell you mine:

-Start at wraith. I usually ask the support in my ranked team to put a ward at our blue at 1:25. YOu can clear that camp very fast with your W and with no or little help.

-Then head to Red. Same thing, pop you W, and smite when low health to avoid getting steal.

-Golem. Nothing there to say

-Wraith again. After that camp, you should hit level 3. You should take your Q.

-With Q, relatively high health and with a fast clear time (I hit Wraith just before they respawn), you should try a gank mid or bot if possible. If not, continue with Wolf.

-After wolf, you try to Blue because your smite is up. But I ALWAYS give it to mid. (If he is in a position where he can take it. If he's not, I recall after wolf, then go to blue and give it to him).

ps: Video coming soon.
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That section is very important if you like to play Mundo, and you want to have criticism on the item you pick. I will try to explain my items choice, and give some nice alternative that complete the build well.

Hunter's Machete + 5 X Health Potion : Enable me to clear jungle fast, and the potion give enough substain to gank a lane after the route I take. I have try different start (Cloth + 5 potion, Doran's Shield) but with this one I obtain better result.

Ninja Tabi : I love those boots! Give a good 25 armor that is very useful during jungle. The 10% damage reduction from enemy champion will give you the defense you need to keep the AD carry at bay during the teamfights. Great boots.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem : This item is a beauty. It give a considerable amount of Hp, armor armor armor and a bit of health regen. I still hate the waste of mana regen (Mundo doesn't have mana, duh!) Some people run mercury's thread, but since I use ninja tabi the tenacity of this item compensate my boots choice. Finally, I prefer to upgrade my matchet into this item over the wriggle's lantern.

Warmog's Armor : Warmog's is a bit different then before. I'm playing with it more by habits than anything. I like the health and health regen combo, but I feel that there's an item that can replace it. I will look into that soon.

Aegis of the Legion : Good overall item. I like to get it right before the 30min mark so it can be usefull in teamfight. Always coordinate with your support to see if you should take it or they should take it. If support wants it, just go right away to spirit visage.

Spirit Visage : At this point of the game, you will probably feel that you are lacking magic resist. That item give you more health, help you health regen a lot and give you a nice 50 magic resist that will make their Ap carry cry. Add to that a bit of cooldown reduction for more clever spamming. :)

Atma's Impaler : This will convert your 4k health in about 60 atk damage. Perfect to help harass the Ad carry and denied him the pleasure of killing your teamates. I'm thinking maybe I should take this item sooner in the build but for now, it was very useful end game anyway.

MORE TO COME!!! I will be putting items in the test bench section and when they will be tested, I will move them here in a alternative item section.
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Items Test Bench

In this section, I will put items I want to try in a near futur to updated my build and keep it at is best.

Maw of Malmortius : I think this item can add the magic resist and atk damage I'm looking for. It's passive goes well with Masochish and the little 400 magic shield passive is great. More info on that soon.

Frozen Mallet : What Mundo want: Health and a bit of atk damage. What this item give: Health and a bit of atk damage. I really enjoy playing with this item on a bunch of champion, so why not try it on Mundo.

Wit's End : Another great item for Mundo. It give the magic resist I'm lacking in the build, add damage with is passive and the atk speed once again fit perfectly with Blunt Force Trauma.

If you have comments on any of these items, please leave a comments! :)
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In this section, I will cover some basic strategy that are good to know while playing Mundo.

-I suggest asking you mid for a bit of damage on red (not a requirement but always fun).

-Ask your support to ward your Blue Buff. It's very cool when they invade blue when you finish your wraith and you can just walk behind Blue, smite it and continue with normal route. Best time to ward it is between 1:20-1:25.

-On your first and second wraith, activate your Heart Zapper as soon as they spawn. But I personally like to turn it off when the 3 little wraith dies. If you don't, you will waste health for a little tiny amount of extra damage.

-Take your pots as soon as you need them. You don't want to finish your route and still wait for 2 pots to heal you. You want to finish your jungle with the last potion being use so you are ready to gank as soon as possible.

-Your role is simple really: be the worst little annoying *&%$&# possible.

-Make sure to Exhaust their Ad carry (or whoeverer kill your team).

-The best teamfight is when the enemy adc have no choice but to aim you in order to survive. If you can do that, your team will live longer and you can ace their team with only your death (or even without your death).

If you have any tips to share, please leave a comments.
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So, this is the guide for now. Keep in mind that video will be added, more text, more color and more EVERYTHING. Plz leave a comments, positive or negative, so I can improve the guide. Once again, sorry for bad english, it's not my native language.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author P4ndaH3ro
P4ndaH3ro Dr. Mundo Guide
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In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle, the Mundo sleeps tonight

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