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Singed Build Guide by Zega

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zega

Infected Jungle [Jungle Singed]

Zega Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Hello everybody! This is Zega, bringing you my first serious champion guide, and my first jungle guide. Most of you have probably never seen jungle singed. I'm the only jungle singed I have ever seen. But how did I come up with such a crazy idea? Well, I was gonna troll in a co-op game with a couple of friends. I picked smite and went to the jungle. I got a pull from the blue and started jungling, and honestly, I was surprised it worked.

What's so good about jungle singed anyway? Well, he is a good jungler, believe it or not, I'll get into that later. But he can also gank really well. You just have to put up your slow, and fling the person that hasn't bought wards. Sometimes, you have to use ghost(/other summoner spell) if he's making it difficult ganking. But all in all, not a bad ganker. Especially if you have someone with CC in the lane that's getting ganked.

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if you want some early ganking damage. If you want some faster jungling, take Greater Mark of Desolation. Take , since it will let him survive the jungle, obviously. or , it depends what you usually like to get. Both are fine. I usually pick up for some early ganking damage, and also some fine damage in the jungle, but also makes him more sustained in the jungle. Your preference there as well.

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I take 1/18/11, getting the smite upgrade in offence, and the health, armor, and the defensive mastery (the one that makes you take less damage from minions and monsters). Then I upgrade ghost in the utility tree, as well as getting some nice EXP bonuses and that nifty buff duration mastery. Honestly, not so much to say here. It's pretty standard stuff I'm talking about.

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With most junglers, you start out with and 5 for sustain in the jungle. Singed isn't THAT different. Then, to aid your ganking, get some . Then I like to build into a philosopher's stone for that nice regen and gold per 5. You can get instead if you want to, or skip the gold per 5 altogether, but I tend to not skip it. Then you want to build into a as fast as possible. It is a great item for singed, as it grants HP, AP, and mana (also extra HP due to your passive ). Now you can take whatever boots you like. The ones that I take are , as it allows you to catch up to enemies. However, if the team has lots of CC, getting on top of your ultimate is a great way to not get CC'd, and maybe catch up to them. This is also why getting a is such a good idea. It gives you both magic resist, a ton of health regen and some extra movement speed. Getting this early might not be such a bad idea.

However, if their team consists of nearly only AD champs, I recommend buying a , , and (it gives you mana as well, so you get bonus HP from singed passive).

If their team consists of nearly only AP casters, then picking up , , and wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Other items that you could get would be for some HP, AP and a nice extra slow. for some nice damage, or if you have troubles catching up to people. Use your imagination!

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Summoner Spells

Must Have:



Not recommended:

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Creeping / Jungling

Like I said in the items section, you start out with and 5 . Start with the blue buff, because requires loads of mana. If you get a good leash/pull, you can come out with full HP. Basically, walk around with and autoattack the big golem. Eventually the little guys will die. Pop a health potion whenever you can. Put a point in fling and walk to the wolves. Fling the big wolves and turn on whenever you can. Walk around and autoattack them. Do the same thing with the wraiths, fling the big one and turn on . Take another point in . Skip the red buff, as you don't need it and it's hard to kill as Singed at this point. Go to the two golems with a fling and .

Now recall and buy your . You can also buy a sight ward if you like. Go back and kill the wolves again. Now you should be level 4, and take a point in . You are now ready to gank.

How to gank:

So, you're level 4 now. You've got your slow and fling, so you're ready to gank. Look on the map and communicate with your friends. Where do they need a gank? If a lane is getting pushed, go see if they need a gank. Basically what you do is run in, and slow the target when it least expects it. Then, fling him to your teammate. Have on during the whole gank, because if your friend doesn't kill it, the poison will. If the one being ganked uses (/another summoner spell to flee), use of you can catch up to it. Another strategy is to use it right before you're ganking so it's harder to flee from.

When you get your and it will be much easier to gank.

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Thanks for reading this guide and please give me some feedback, as it is my first guide. :) Tell me what can be done better/worse! Thanks.