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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arkerin

Into the Fray - A Guide to Hybrid Kayle

Arkerin Last updated on August 2, 2013
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Hello, Mobafire! This is Arkerin here. This is my first guide, so I decided to do this guide on a champion I play a lot, and end up playing well with most of the time, Kayle.

Kayle is a Jack-of-all-Trades Champion that can be played almost anyways you want, and can fill ANY role in a team. However, this is a guide on Hybrid Kayle. Hybrid Kayle is best played Top Lane, but may also be played Mid. A lot of time has been spent on this guide, and any feedback would be appreciated as to how to make this guide better. I hope you read the entire guide and enjoy playing one of my favorite champions, Kayle.

A special thanks to jhoijhoi, who provided the template for many parts of this guide. This guide would not be possible without you.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great Slow
+ Shreds Armor and MR
+ Movement Speed Buff and heal
+ Can protect vital party members
+ Range Modifier
+ Splash Damage on-hit
Kayle is a champion that has great all-around Utility and Damage. Her Reckoning + Righteous Fury Combo helps her deny the enemy laner farm, while dealing some hefty damage. She is also hard to chase and escape from, due to Reckoning's slow and Divine Blessing's Speed Buff. Her late game only makes her stronger, allowing her Righteous Fury to deal lots of AoE Splash Damage really fast due to Attack Speed and Hybrid Stats. Her Reckoning does MONSTROUS damage due to AP and AD Scalings, and Intervention can allow someone to stay in the fight an enitre 3 seconds longer. Which makes a HUGE difference, allowing that Ezreal of yours that's being focused to pump out some serious damage without being bothered, or that Akali of yours to safely dive their team for their carry. Her Damage Output late game rivals that of a carry, contributing to high amounts of damage on your team.

- Weak Mid-Game
- Squishy
- Melee without Righteous Fury
- Early mana problems
- Quickly Overextends
- No gap-closers/openers
As with her pros, here come her cons. First, Kayle's mid-game is weaker than her early game and late-game due to her Righteous Fury needing Attack Speed to effectively use. Also, when Righteous Fury's timer runs out, Kayle is a melee champion and would have to come into melee range to deal damage. Kayle's early game may be strong, but Righteous Fury can also push the lane very quickly if not controlled. Kayle's mana problems will quickly become apparent after a few minutes in lane. Additionally, without any gap-closers or openers, Kayle has to use Slows and Speed Buffs to catch people, which can take a bit of time. Not to mention Kayle is extremely squishy when you build full damage, and is therefore easily focused down.

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sp M
// These Masteries, in my opinion, best benefit Kayle. As a damage-based champion, Kayle needs Masteries that will provide her increased damage output. Hybrid penetration and Spellsword in Offense, along with Executioner . In Utility, grab Meditation and Expanded Mind to help with Kayle's early Mana Problems, and Summoner's Insight for decreased cooldowns on Flash. Also, I grab Enhanced Recall in order to get out of lane faster, which in turn gets me back in lane faster as well.

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Skill Sequence and Explanations

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Holy Fervor: Built in MR and Armor Shredder. This skill is great at all times in the game. Shredding Armor and MR really help in the solo lane, especially when caught in an all-in. Late game, it helps shred that annoyingly tanky Leona or Nautilus so that the rest of your team can take them out.

Reckoning (Q): Ranged Nuke and Slow. Reckoning should be used as the initiation tool, as it begins by applying a stack of Holy Fervor. Also, the slow is great for chasing while Auto Attacking with Righteous Fury. This allows great early game harass as well as a nuke to give you the edge in a 1v1 fight.

Divine Blessing (W): Small Heal and Movement Speed Buff. The heal is nice curing the laning phase for sustain, and the move speed buff is great for escaping death or ganks. However, since this is not AP Kayle, the heal will give nothing compared to other heals late game. The Movement Speed Buff can be helpful in all situations, and will assist in chasing or fleeing.

Righteous Fury (E): Attack Range Modifier with on-hit splash damage. This is Kayle's bread and butter, and what makes Hybrid Kayle so worth it. It scales well with Attack Speed to make the best use of it, so make sure to get some! Righteous Fury is your in-lane harass, and the basic attacks still proc on-hit effects, such as Blade of the Ruined King and Wit's End.

Intervention (R): Makes target invincible for a few seconds. Kayle's Ultimate, Intervention, prevents the target from taking any damage for up to three seconds. This is useful to cast on that Miss Fortune of yours who's always being focused, so that she can be left alone for a few extra seconds to pump out more damage. Also prevents your Katarina from being bursted while using Death Lotus. In lane, Intervention can save Kayle from turret dives, or can help her tower dive the enemy. It also helps in 1v1 situations, like when fighting the enemy laner in an all-in. A great skill all-in-all, this complete's Kayle's kit.

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Flash: // Flash is a great spell on Kayle. It replaces a solid gap-opener/closer. This spell just has so many uses, it's ridiculous! Flash over a wall to escape Fiora's wrath! Flash out of the way of Trueshot Barrage! Again, endless uses, and a must on most champions.

Ignite: // Ignite is an excellent offensive spell for trading early game and late game, and also helps secure kills at all stages. I normally take it with Kayle because it increases her damage output early game, and secure early kills to help her get fed. because a fed Kayle is a scary Kayle.

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// These boots work great for an Attack Speed-based champion such as Kayle. It is wise, however, to obtain a pair of Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi if the enemy laner is giving you a hard time.

// This item has all the stats you would want! Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Life Steal, and a 5% Current Health Shredder? Yes please! Not to mention the great slow on the active that also helps in 1v1 situations. This item should be rushed in most situations, and the AP we get from Runes and Masteries should be enough to hold us over until our next item.

// A great item for Hybrid Champions. Since Kayle will be auto attacking a lot, it will be easy to get stacks on it during a fight. The AD and AP this item gives go great with Reckoning and Righteous Fury.

// This is around the time where Kayle's damage output goes through the roof. Hextech Gunblade active + Blade of the Ruined King active + Reckoning can lead to great starting burst damage in a 1v1 fight, and all three can be used to chase and/or escape. Not to mention, it gives a great amount of Life Steal and Spell Vamp, which benefit Kayle greatly in the long run.

// Now, we all probably expected this item. I mean AP AND Attack Speed? Not to mention the Passive (Auto Attacks deal a flat amount +15% of your AP as bonus Magic Damage) scales really well with Righteous Fury. The reason we did not get this item earlier is because we didn't have any AP to scale the passive with, and now we do.

// I know what you're thinking. "If you were going to have us build this, why not have us build it sooner?" Well, think. Now that we have all this extra Attack Speed, AD, and AP, would you rather have Wit's End right now, or Nashor's Tooth? Yeah, that's what I thought. Wit's End on late-game Kayle can result in monstrous damage. That 42 bonus Magic Damage AND MR Steal adds up really quickly with all of our Attack Speed. Of course, this leaves us with no defense, but who needs it when we have all this Life Steal, Spell Vamp, AND Intervention?

Defensive Items/Offtank Kayle
// Mercury's Treads is very helpful against high AP Team Comps, or if you're being CC'd a lot.

//Frozen Mallet can work just fine on Kayle, but you already have so many slows, so you may want to replace Hextech Gunblade, if anything. 700 Bonus HP and 30 AD really helps.

//The AoE slow this item provides is very helpful, and it gives a good chunk of Armor and HP. Not to mention, When enemy champions attack you, they lose Attack Speed. Very good choice if dealing with a fed Twitch or Tryndamere.
//Spirit Visage is one of the best Defensive items on Kayle, in my opinion. It will increase your Spell Vamp and Life Steal, and it gives some HP, CDR, and Magic resist. Great on Kayle in every aspect. Sometimes I build this even if I'm not offtanking, just for the extra CDR and Life Steal/Spell Vamp buffs.

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Champion Matchups

Now, this was highly in demand, and seeing as how many guides have a section like this, I feel obligated to put one in mine. I shall be playing many games as Kayle top, and one by one, opponent after opponent, I shall list the difficulty level of a champion to Kayle, how to handle them, and what not to do. i am doing this now, as I normally face the same opponents over and over again ( Fiora, Tryndamere, and Master Yi). When I have enough information on these opponents, they will be added to the list.

// To tell you the truth, this is one of the easiest matchups I have ever had to do. Sure his Decoy can become annoying, for he'll probably use it right when you slow him for the initiate with Reckoning, but keep in mind Reckoning's cooldowns is shorter. Do not fight him in Melee Range until you have Intervention, and just deny farm with Reckoning and Righteous Fury. However, if Wukong gets ahead of you by a kill or two, he will win this lane. So just deny farm and kills, force him to back as much as possible, and outfarm him. Grab a ward, and keep river warded, because you'll probably even be denying him farm from under his turret.

Difficulty: 2/10 (Very Easy)

// A Teemo lane can go either way. His Blinding Dart kind of messes you up, but you have Divine Blessing for a heal and Intervention to prevent yourself from dying. Your Holy Fervor will cause you to outdamage him in a level 6 one-on-one fight, but you cant really deny him farm. This lane will mostly end up you two poking each other down until the all-in. Intervention is your best friend in this lane. Oh, and a side note, watch out for his Noxious Traps. Tip: The splash damage from Righteous Fury will still hit him if he is camouflaged.

Difficulty: 5/10 (Moderate)

// Tryndamere is a very annoying, but easy to deal with champion. it is inevitable that late game, Tryndamere will dominate everyone, no matter how much you shut him down. however, his mid-game will be a lot weaker, making it easier to do the one thing that counters a non-fed Tryndamere: End the game quickly. Your Reckoning + Righteous Fury combo should be enough to deny him a lot of farm. Do not trade with him, if he attempts to spin up to you via Spinning Slash, just Reckoning him, Divine Blessing yourself, and run. Continuing to poke him and deny him farm will eventually win you the lane.

Difficulty: 4/10 (Somewhat easy)

// Garen is the single easiest opponent to face as Kayle. His Perseverance becomes useless due to your constant harass from Reckoning + Righteous Fury. He will never be able to close the gap on you due to Reckoning's slow and Divine Blessing's speed buff. Also, a well-timed Intervention will stop Demacian Justice if timed well (You may need to [Alt] + Intervention for this). Continuously harass and outfarm him, and the lane is as good as yours.

Difficulty: 1/10 (Easiest)

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And this concludes my guide on a Hybrid-style of playing Kayle, the Judicator. I worked very hard on this guide and appreciate the fact that you, as the reader, has spent the time to read this guide all the way through. Please upvote if this guide helped you at all, and downvote if you feel the need. However, when you downvote, please leave a comment to help me better my guide, and tell me what needs to be changed and/or fixed.

A special thanks goes out to:


Jhoijhoi provided the template to most of this guide. If you would like to use their guide as a help to create your own, you can see it here: Check out their guide, it really helped me, and jhoijhoi, I could not have done this without your guide. You did a wonderful service to the League of Legends and MOBAfire communities, and I believe I speak for everyone who has read your guide when i say: Thank you.