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Irelia - Avatar of Khaine

Irelia - Avatar of Khaine

Updated on May 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnIh Build Guide By AnIh 6 4 19,765 Views 68 Comments
6 4 19,765 Views 68 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AnIh Build Guide By AnIh Updated on May 18, 2011
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Irelia
  • LoL Champion: Irelia


Hello all , i give you my irelia builds :
The first one (left portrait of Irelia) is the most common build for irelia , it will focus on carry ing as an AD melee bulky champion , you will need to solo top in order to get proper farming and use your strong 1v1 abilities .
All the guide will be about this one except for the jungling section

The second one (right portrait of Irelia) is for jungling , it show you all the basics setup for jungling .
Its less used and less viable , because of the setup you will use an AS build with on-hit effects .

Im not native english speaker so my apologies for the far-from-perfect language .
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Greater mark of desolationGreater Mark of Desolation : These rune are the best way to increase your autoattack , Sheen / Trinity Force proc and Bladesurge damage to both early and late game .

Greater quintessence of desolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation : Same than marks , I prefer it over HP one's because Veteran Scars is enought .

Greater Seal of Resilience : Armor for increased survivability , this runes can be changed for any other runes you prefer like Greater Seal of Evasion .

Greater Glyph of Warding : more MR to help you stay alive , same than armor you can use whatever you prefer if you dont like it , like Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction .
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I use defensive/offensive hybrid masteries 11/16/2 , im aiming for :

- Archaic knowledge give you nice increased damage for your Transcendent Blades and Equilibrium Strike , in term of numbers on an AD carry with Banshee's Veil this mastery give you 12 spell penetration .

- Damage reduction from defensive for lane presence and survivability .

- Improved ghost / teleport from utility .

Feel free to use your own masteries if your fine with it like a 0/9/21 , there is many possible choice for Irelia regarding masteries they all give strong bonuses just choose whatever you need the most .
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Skill Sequence

After lvl 5 the skill priority is :
> > >

For lvl 1-5 , early Hiten Style give really nice lane presence with the healing component and damage output so I skill up at low lvl with at least 1 skill point in Bladesurge and Equilibrium Strike for last hit and harassment .

You need to reconsider the lvl 1-5 skill order every game , for example if the enemy barely harass you 2 or even 1 skill point into Hiten Style is enought .

After level 6 , there is 2 option :

- Maxing Bladesurge for some extra damage and most important a very low cd (~4 sec at rank 5 with the cdr) muting your charge into a low cd AD nuke .
- Maxing Equilibrium Strike for increased slow/stun duration and more magical damage .
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Summoner Spells

Ghost Teleport

Ghost is mandatory on irelia , allow you to get in Bladesurge range or just escape .

Teleport is a great summoner spells when you are solo top , allow you to counter gank at bot during lane phase or defend from backdoor late game .

Can be used in place of Teleport:

- Flash : same use than ghost .

- Exhaust / Ignite : help getting kills , make sure your team have enought exhaust and ignite and if not pick these .

- Cleanse : greatly help with game changing CC like Amumu ultimate or a comp with a lot of "knocked in the air" .

- Clairvoyance : If no one carry it (very often in low ELO / normal game) you can choose to do so .
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Early game items


Dont be afraid to pick early Cloth Armor , Null-Magic Mantle or even Chain Vest/ Negatron Cloak to help you stay alive in lane , it always better to finish your build a bit later than to feed a vladimir :)

- Doran's Shield give you armor health and health regen for nice tankiness early game but you will lack mana regen and potions .

- Cloth Armor allow you to complete Wriggle's Lantern faster and have a lot of healing via 5 pots but you will miss the stats of the shield and you still lack of mana regen .

- Regrowth Pendant into Philosopher's stone give you amazing life&mana regen for endless laning but you will be a little less resilient and it slow your build a bit .
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The core build

This core build is expensive , thats why you need to solo lane and farm like a beast .

- Mercury's Treads : Give nice CC reduction , build Ionian Boots of Lucidity instead if no cc are affected by it .

- Trinity Force : great item because you can proc it everytime it come off CD , build Sheen first and then Zeal for movement speed .

- Wriggle's Lantern : free Sight ward , amazing amount of life steal armor and AD for the price and help with dragon/baron .

- Spirit Visage : nice CDR , health and MR and amazing passive for great healing via Transcendent Blades , build it before finish Trinity Force if you need more tankiness .
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End game items

: One of the best AD item , provide you just everything you need to deal physical damage .
I dont build early brutalizer because I think you need too much the movement speed from trinity but if you dont have issue with it just build it along with Sheen for nice early game damage .

: for me the best defensive item , will make you hard to kill due to your 2 nd life when your death can mean defeat .
You can also choose to build it earlier , along with Spirit Visage for example , for more tankiness .

: when you got full inventory you can sell your Wriggle's Lantern to buy this beauty :) but make sure warding is done by team mates .
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Situational items

: Enemy team have all a lot of health and/or low magic resist? pick this item along with some defensive items and you will counter them .

: With the recent buff it became a second Hexdrinker , great item if your looking for both damage and increased survivability againts magic damage .

: Champion like Vladimir , Mordekaiser , Warwick or Malzahar ruin your life? pick this item and you will be able to make their so deadly ultimate useless .

: With the last buff this is a nice item for both the defensive stats and the slow .
For heavy armor Thornmail is also an option , I dont like Frozen Heart because you have enought CDR/mana with this build

: Mages are out of control ? pick this or Banshee's Veil
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Better than in words , a fast video I made to show how to jungle to lvl 4 :

I know editing is bad its my first video :o

I will soon add a video for lvl 6 :)
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To end

This build will help you building Irelia as an AD bulky carry , I hope you will like this playstyle and it will work as great for you as for me .
Thanks spoon and the_nameless_bard for the amazing pics !
Dont forgot to vote and comment fairly , and trolls go home .
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