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Irelia Build Guide by AnIh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnIh

Irelia - Avatar of Khaine

AnIh Last updated on June 14, 2011
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Hello all , I give you my 3 rd build for Irelia , this one will focus on balancing damage and defense in all their forms and at all stages of the game .
The main issue with my previous build was the time you needed to have both decent damage and survivability , this one try to correct it .

Im not native english speaker so my apologies for the far-from-perfect language .

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

- Survivability and damage at all stage of the game .
- Balance between magical physical and true damage thanks to AS item
- high cdr if you build youmuu

Cons :

- Need to farm so ganks can mess you up
- Less lane presence because of lowest healing and lack of early armor/mr
- Expensive build

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Greater mark of desolationGreater Mark of Desolation : These rune are the best way to increase your autoattack , Sheen / Trinity Force proc and Bladesurge damage to both early and late game .

Greater quintessence of desolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation : Same than marks , dont really have other good options .

Greater Seal of Resilience : Armor for increased survivability , generic runes work well for almost all champs :)

Greater Glyph of Warding : Magic resist for increased survivability , generic runes work well for almost all champs :)

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I use defensive/utility hybrid masteries 0/14/16 , giving you :

- Lane presence with reduced damage and health regeneration from defensive tree .

- All around bonuses from utility tree : mana regen , increased exp , enhanced summoner spells , increased buff duration and movement speed .

I use it other a standard 0/9/21 because the reduced damage from the extra masteries in defensive tree really help during lane phase , everytime you pull minions aggro by fighting with your opponent you easily take 3 shoots from all the minions , these masteries protect you in this example from 72 damage , and this everytime you pull aggro .

If you choose other summoner spells ofc adapt if you can pick the related mastery .

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Skill sequence

My skill priority is :

> > >

I choose to max Equilibrium Strike for 2 reasons :

- It give magical damage now that all others spells are physical

- Increased slow / stun duration

Afterwards I skill up Hiten Style for the true damage along with AS from Trinity Force and Wit's End

Note about first spells :
I choosed E because it will save you in case of low lvl fight , and bladesurge because it help you last hit if your zoning out of the creeps by a roamer or a strong lvl 1-2 range.
If your not in similar situation feel free to pick these spells a bit later :)
For hiten style , you can choose 1 to 3 rank into it before lvl 6 depending of your regeneration needs !

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Summoner Spells

Mandatory in my opinion on irelia , allow you to chase and escape :)

Allow you to counter gank at bot during lane phase or defend from backdoor late game .

Teleport is a placeholder , its good but you can use many other summoner spell for irelia :

- Flash : Same purpose than ghost , can be a counter pick if you lane againts Jarvan IV

- Exhaust / Ignite : help getting kills , make sure your team have enought exhaust and ignite and if not pick these , also counter picks to healing champions like Warwick or Swain

- Cleanse : greatly help with game changing CC like Amumu ultimate or a comp with a lot of "knocked in the air" .

- Clairvoyance : If no one carry it (very often in low ELO / normal game) you can choose to do so .

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Starting items

Philosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone

All the regeneration you need , refound his cost by
selling it 13 minutes after you bought it

Cloth armor + 5 pots

Greatly help if you lane againts a ranged champion
to recover harassment , just go normal item build after

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Early to mid game items

Heart of gold
Give you HP when you need it and gold until you build it into randuin

Trinity force
Sheen proc every 2 second , movement speed and different usefull stats

Mercury's Treads
Most common boots for CC
2 nd choice can be Ionian Boots of Lucidity

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Mid to end game items

Spirit Visage
Increase your healing plus nice CDR , HP and magic resist

Wit's end
Magical damage , more MR and synergize with Hiten Style

Randuin's Omen
Armor HP and a slow , what else?

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Last item

for the last slot , you mainly will choose betweens these 3 items :

Guardian angel
The passive along with the resistance make you really tanky

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Damn good item for irelia giving you everything you need to deal damage

Last whisper
A good way to counter armor stacking champions with high magic resist aswell

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Situational items

The example build is for a typical game when you face an equal amount of magical and physical damage , in reality you will almost never finish your build like this , you need to adapt in 2 ways :

- by changing item order , for example getting Wit's End earlier for magic resist

- by picking different items , I will list some below :

/ /

When ad carry are out of control these 3 items will save your *** :p Thornmail got the best armor/gold ratio , Randuin's Omen have the slow and Frozen Heart give you the CDR you miss with this build .

/ /

When mages are out of control :o Force of Nature is the most expensive but give nice movement speed , Quicksilver Sash is great to 'cleanse' malz/morde/vlad/ww ulti and the so deadly Ignite !

: Not only a way to counter warmog stacking baddies but to deal magical damage and by doing so exploiting the item build of your opponent , if they stack armor but lack magic resist with this item + Wit's End + Hiten Style you will still heavily damage them .

Its not a complete list , there is other good items like Hexdrinker , Ninja Tabi or shurelya's reverie to use , just remember to always adapt you to the enemy team :)

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Some words on the different consumables for Irelia and this build !

- Health Potion/ Mana Potion : With philo stone you wont need it at all (except 1 pot at lvl 1 ofc ^^)

- Sight ward : useful in lane , buy some during your laning phase and ward river , later in game its not supposed to be your job but if you have 75 gold and a free slot its always good to buy one :)

For elixir junkies : > >

Red is the most useful , green elixir is nice because of your AS orientation with Hiten Style and Wit's End while blue elixir only give cdr , buy it only when full items + full elixir already .

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To end

This build will help you building Irelia as a bulky damage dealer , dominating her lane early in game and kill enemy carrys while tanking decent damage end game .

Thanks spoon and the_nameless_bard for the amazing pics !

Dont forgot to comment (even if you dont vote) and vote fairly .