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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Alistar Build Guide by Tkaczewsky

Tank Irresistible Alistar ~ Jungle

Tank Irresistible Alistar ~ Jungle

Updated on July 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tkaczewsky Build Guide By Tkaczewsky 8 5 37,404 Views 9 Comments
8 5 37,404 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tkaczewsky Alistar Build Guide By Tkaczewsky Updated on July 5, 2013
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Alistar
    Normal Build (heavy tanky jung
  • LoL Champion: Alistar
    Gold Maker ~Ali~(jungle tanky



This is my first build on mobafire.

This two builds i play only on rankeds games. These are not troll builds, they works in 100% ( wtf, dafuq alistar with ghost? What the F*** is this) yes ghost is more effective than flash. Of course flash is good option too for jungle ali, but i think ghost is the best.

As i said this very good working build so do not judge him before you don't use him:)

Have fun & Enjoy!


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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing Speed Movement
+ Lot of CC
+ Very Very Veeery Tanky
+ Can dive on 2 lvl
+ Almost unkillabe with ult
+ Irresistible Ganks
+ On of the best champions who can save team mates easily


- Little big cd
- He is very hungry for mana
- Slow jungle cleaner
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3/3 Tenacious is very good idea for ali, specially with Mercury's Treads (50% tenacity)

1/1 Safeguard give you chance to play little more agressive and dive on second lvl

2/2 Relentless and 3/3 Wanderer with Mobility Boots and 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed will give you INSANE SPEED

2/2 Tough Skin and 1/1 Bladed Armor will give you easier way to clean jungle

1/1 Veteran's Scars with 1/3 Juggernaut will give you early sustain. Your early sustain with Safeguard will give you chance to easily dive

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For first build:


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

For second build:


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Summoner Spells [Ghost or Flash]?


Why this ?

I think Ghost is better spell for Alistar in jungle than Flash. Ghost with this build masteries have only 189 s cd ( Flash have 270). Ghostgive you 8 seconds 35% speed bost so it's amazing speed up (insane if you have 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and Mobility Boots). Ghost give you high speed to fast go to your mates and help/save them. With Ghost almost all your ganks will be succesful. Of course with high speed you can initiate teamfight by using fast combo (W+Q) to focus their adc or apc.
Flash is good spell for Alistar, not best but good. With Flash you can easily teleport behind any wall on map(but you don't need it because your sustain and Unbreakable Will makes you unkillable) or fast Flash to enemy adc use Q and kick him fast by using W to your team.

Ghost is good for ganking and helping your mates, and nice spell to run.

Flash is good for team fights, you can easy use Flash Q and W to kick their adc or apc to your team

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Champion Abilities

Trample Alistar passive, great for farming and pretty nice damage in late with Sunfire Aegis. This build is for pure tank not ap so your damage from passive will be low. Remeber passive works vs enemy turret
Pulverize Alistar great skill Q. Very nice stun (knock up for 1 second and stun after landing for 0.5s This skill is ap but you are tank. Don't worry without ap this skill have nice damage too : 60/105/150/195/240 Very nice combo with fast W+Q or Q and knock someone with W.
Headbutt Great Alistar skill too W. You take him on 2 or 3 lvl and star max on 14 (read chapter 9 Creeping / jungling) very good skill and great combo with Q. You can use W and fast very fast use Q. This skill is also good in enemy jungle. You can go to their ancient golem and knock ancient golem far away from spawn when he have low hp and your mid ally can easily take crest of the ancient golem
Triumphant Roar Amazing heal in jungle and pretty nice heal(even without ap) 60/90/120/150/180. Always when you kill 1 creep, cd will reduce on this skill by 2 seconds so it's amazing skill in jungle. This skill heal you ally champions and even creeps.
Unbreakable Will Best skill on Alistar and your ult. Amazing skill with pretty nice cd. After six lvl you can very easily dive with this ult. In teamfights with this ult and pretty big sustain you are very very hard to kill. This skill also give you ad 60/75/90. You can pretty push enemy turret in late game with this ult and your passive.
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Magic Resist
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Creeping / Jungling

You can start jungle with two options:

#1 Smiteless (your) ancient golem or #2 invade and smiteless (their) lizard elder

#1 Option:

a) #1 Tell your team (bla bla bla) to give you smiteless ancient golem, #2 after this go to their lizard elder take it with smite and leave 1 young lizard. #3 After lizard elder take big golem and leave small golem. After this gank top (if you are in blue team) or gank bot (if you are in violet team ).

#2 Option

a)1# Tell your team (bla bla bla) to invade their lizard elder and help you with red. #2 If you take (their) lizard elder successful go to their golems and take big with smite and leave small. #3 After this gank top (if you are in blue team) or gank bot (if you are in violet team) #4 After gank back to your jungle and take blue.

Alistar jungle cleaning is 6.5/10 when i do one of these options i always gank on 2 lvl when they have 1 so i almost always get kill;>


Normal Jungling(safe)

You pick E as second skill if you do normal jungle. #1 Start on ancient golem 2# next go on wolfs. #3 After you clean wolfs you can go wraiths or gank mid(prefer ganking mid) #3 after cleaning wraiths #4 go clean golems #5 and lizard elder after this #6 gank bot or #3 after gank mid and #4 go to their wraiths and leave 1 small creep and go #5 to their lizard elder(if there is red take it and leave 1 small creep) 65 After taking red go to golems and leave small one after taking big(you can do this earlier if there wasn't red) #7 after this gank top.

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W+Q and Q+W combo

Thanks to ChuChuZs for share with this video! Visit his youtube channel!

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Start farming by using Q, when passive of Q will disappear use E for heal and next passive. Farming with ali is very easy. Remember never use W in farming (waste of mana, and you can kick creep outside spawn and you will waste time too

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Team Work

Alistar is tanky champion with lots of sustain. He is the main protector of the team. When they focus your ad carry or ap carry(mid) you can use W to kick him outside or use Q to give your ally little time to fall back.

Alistar in late game ( with maxed E) and some ap with cd reduction have pretty nice heal to help his team

On alistar you dont buy ap or ad items. You have only tank runes and you buy only armor/resist/sustain items. Your role in team is tank all damage and help you mates in trouble by using (Q or W) someties E will save someone too (your mate have 150hp and he have ignite) your E can easy save him, so alistar is great jungler tank with a touch of support:>

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I wanna thanks to jhoijhoi for great guide (this guide help me a lot in making my alistar guide.

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