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Sejuani Build Guide by xkaiz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xkaiz

Its Freezing in the Jungle

xkaiz Last updated on October 19, 2013
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Hi Yal
I am a regular silver elo guy. Nothing special.
This will be my first guide and unfortunately I will not have any videos. I will eventually put one up once I find one that suits my purposes.

I played about 140 games with sejuani in ranked. If you include normals I owuld say aobut 180 games. So I do know what I am talking about.
Using him, I win about 60% of my games, which isn't the best but, face it, its hard to carry from jungle.

So I guess I'll start with this:

Basic Sejuani Stats:
So when I play sejuani, I tend to go around 2/4/20 to 12/2/27 so the main focus isnt really so much as to carry games as to setting up your team for awesome combos. You can pour out get some damage but that is more for late game. Early and mid game is more about getting your carries fed and getting really tanky.

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Pros and Cons


+ Strong Early Ganks (dash, knock up, damage, slow)
+ Mobile Tank
+ Amazing power jump at lv 6
+ one of the best initiations in the game
+ becomes very tanky and has good damage late game
+ The only champion that actually rides something (for nunu, the yeti does everything -_-)


- Low Sustain in jungle
- Low Early game damage
- Drains mana pretty quickly if not careful
- Very dependent on Team

When to play Sejuani:

+ When you need a tank of course :D
+ When you have a late game team fight comp
+ When you have a split push comp (her mid game clear is fast)
+ When you need just a little more AP
+ When at least one other person has a dive

When not to play Sejuani:

- When your team is mostly composed of AP champs
- When your team only has AD (get fiddlesticks or elise instead)
- When you have a poke comp
- When you don't trust your team (she needs follow up)

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Armor, Health, and Magic Resist.... Pretty standard on tanks right. Sejuani's resistances aren't the best early game so it nice to have these for survivablility. So you might be wondering,

2 speed quin and 1 health quin. I just like it. The extra bit of health has proved to be useful but I wanted to be able to roam the map so this is the ratio I came up with. If you want you could go all health or all speed but I prefer this.



: you could go Magic Penetration for that late game damage but I prefer the early tankiness more.


: Health is all she needs.


: You dont need ability power but you could go CD but i feel you get enough CD at end build.

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So for Sejuani I would go 0/21/9

Defense Picking up all the tank and tenacity for early game tankiness

Utility Help maneuver in the jungle more easily.


Why no MR Masteries= Armor > MR Early Game
Spoiler: Click to view

Why don't you take mana masteries if you have mana problems= Other masteries more useful
Spoiler: Click to view

Why don't you go Offensive instead of Utility so you can have damage? = Tanky Sejuani > Damage Sejuani.
Spoiler: Click to view

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Summoner Spells



I love this on Sej, but why not ghost? Works too but suddenly going from behind a wall, and Q ing in with ult just has a bigger impact on positioning and everything.

Dude, you a jungler with low early game damage and sustain...... you are gunna need this.


These are just some other ones that you can use for ganking.

Spoiler: Click to view

You shouldn't really... pleaz?

These just help in securing kills, helping laners, and giving map control, but really not good on Junglers.

Spoiler: Click to view

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..... No .....

Wanna troll?
Spoiler: Click to view

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Starting Items

basic jungle items, nothing special

First Back


Spirit Stone gives you that early game sustain in jungle and boots of speed obviously for ganking. So why would I want a kindlegem instead of boots early if I can afford it? Basically that extra bit of health allows sej to stay in jungle longer. Not only that, you will get your ult and dash more frequently, who doesnt love that? With your slows and charge, you should be fine in ganks, just remember if you do this get boots the next back (sometimes people forget).

Also if you have like a little bit of gold left, don't forget to buy the consumables below. You may be like "why vision ward". You look at most junglers and they just sight ward, and that is better than nothing. But by getting that vision ward, you can get those ganks in more easily, especially if you are focusing a lane.

Sight Ward

Core Items


Basic tank items for sej. Sunfire cape is amazing on sej, health, armor, and aoe damage per sec. Unless you are against an almost all ap team (meaning only adc is ad), get this first. Also Spirit of the Ancient Golem solves most of your sustain problems and the Cd will help a lot. Now boots, it really depends, if you plan to gank a lot get boots of mobility. If you are against an almost full ad team (which happens frequently) get that ninja tabi for some nice early game resistance. You could also get Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you dont think you need the resistances or the speed. After finishing all this, I would consider getting Oracle's Elixir if your ahead. Helps a lot to gain control over jungle and ganking.

Other Items

Very popular item. Counters a lot of ad carries and the tankiness plus the slow is very handy. If you ad this with sunfire, ad carries will do like no damage.

Health and Regen. Sejuani is a health tank, this works on her. I wouldnt usually get this just cuz it only has health and really you want some resistances plus some damage for sej. Most of your items give health anyways so you dont need that 6k health. Really the % health regen boost isn;t that helpful so I feel other items with effects like omen is more helpful.

Oh the Fizz is fed. Welp this should help. That spell sheild is really useful plus the fact that banshee's gives you health to. YAY.

If you just want some mr and you arent too concerned about the enemy AP Carry, get this. The ap is decent but that mr reduction is helpful in teamfights. So overall, one of the items I would generally get.

This items does gives sej everything she needs late game. Damage, more armor, cd, and mana. I really like this item on sej, but i prefer to get it last for I think health items should take priority in Sej's build. Also as a plus, when you activate W, of course this activates so you would be able to have a slow on and save e until after they get out of the area.

This item is basically purely if you want some damage. I dont generally get this just cuz I prefer to be tanky and just take damgage while using cc on the enemy. I found that the burn didnt do enough damage and getting something like abyssals scepter gives you more dmaage. If you do want it, remember to get it like your fourth item just cuz it doesnt do enough late game on sej.

Really I wouldn't get this item. Some people like that extra mr and cd but i think its a waste cuz she doesnt have any sustain moves.

Possible option, I just prefer a iceborn gauntlet more just cuz of the damage.

Nice AP item. Generally I would get it if I dont see myself asking for more resistance. The health buff is nice and you could always use more slow. It might seem redundant but it ensures you can catch you enemy, have damage, and be more tanky. Should be your 6th item if you plan on getting this.

Damage, health, and more slow. I wouldnt really get this cuz sej is more of spell champion than an auto attack one but Ive seen people get it. the extra damage is good and it slows people so you can keep up but rylais prob does a better job.

Any other tank item/ap bruiser item would work, but these are prob the only ones you want.

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Skills Summary


A nice handy skill. The made this in the remake of sejuani to help her sustain in jungle. The armor helps you keep you health up and the slow restistance in hand in chancing people like ashe but you really dont see it doing anything. The only thing is to remember that you are tankier early game (doesnt really matter late) when YOU are attacking.


Yay! They have you primary ganking and utility skill. Remember that this is not just a dash but also a knock up. Save you Q so you can charge right into them instead of near them. That way your gank will be that much more effective. Also this could help peel off an adc. Just be wary of cd and mana usage and you will be able to use this effectively. Three things that most people forget about this ability. One is that it stops when you hit an enemy, so when you use it to escape. make sure there is no one in front of you. The second is that it also might hit people on the side so just make sure you know the range for close range knock ups or when you want to escape. Last but not least, this does percent enemy max health damage!!! So its not just an early game utility and gank move, you can do damage to tanks late game.


Your main damage skill and jungle clear move. It lets you build tanky and still do damage. Also dont underestimate this, a extra buff to your next attack to all around you and an aoe after that. At rank 2, it should do, with basica attacks at least 600 damage. So yeah you main damage skill. Also this gives everyone around the person frost so you can slow them all. Not only that your aoe has a little bit more range than you basic attack so when you need to get frost on for your E.... it helps.


Unfortunately they nerfed this skill from 3 sec to 2.5 sec but its your main cc. Your W and Q should hit most of the team so you use this. 70% slow boys. Thats prob one of the best slows in the game. It also works with your ult. Also, lets say you mark your enemy with it and he flshes out with 40 health. You don't see him, but you see your E can be activated. It can only be activated if it can be used on something. So you press it and you see a notification that you killed someone..... YEAH YUH. One thing to remember is that this will cancel your ult so use it after ur ults duration is done.


The reason that people play sej. While other skils are good.... they are just icing on this cake. A skillshot nuke that explodes hitting eveyrone around it stunning them for 1.5 seconds..... add this with ori ult and nami ult with bubble... oh look you get 3 sec to do whatever damage you can on them. 2 things to remember, using your cc will cancel the stun and the ult has to hit. If it doesnt hit anyone, it just explodes and gives everyone around it a slow. better than nothing but not maximum effect. Save this shot in team fights. Try to hit 5 people. If you cna hit 3 people, expecially if they are carries... thats good too. You could use it to lock down that one carry thats been bugging you but, if you dont need to, save it.

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Skill Order

Max this

--> --> -->

First Two


Always these two first. They help you a lot in jungle clear and the utility in the jump is more effective if you want a level 2 gank than the Permafrost slow.

Next Two

Then you can go either Flail of the Northern Winds then Permafrost or vise versa.

No where to gank and want to farm, go with Flail of the Northern Winds
You want the lv 3 gank, go with Permafrost


now you might be like, wont you want you cc from your Permafrost to be higher or the extra percent damage form Arctic Assault .

Well for 1 thing, you want to be able to clear jungle so you can keep up your level and Flail of the Northern Winds will let you do that. The other two might give you more cc, but really thats better for late and mid game, early game you just wanna get in some ganks and then farm to stay in leavel.

Your Glacial Prison is your ult, of course you will want to max this. After the first four abilities, just follow the ult-w-e-q order.

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Jungle Route

There is really only one, you dont really want to start with red or invade just cuz of sej's early mana problem and slow jungle. So basically you have a simple route and the only difference is when you have your first gank.

Blue: Blue Buff --> lv. 2 gank or Red Buff --> lv. 3 gank or wreiths and wolves --> lv. 4 gank

Specifics in Jungling

So for ganks you want to save your Q so you can hit them. Then W and E. Thats all there is to it. Once you get your ult you go R>Q>W>E, simple ganks. what you are looking for may not always be a kill, but you with your cc you should be able to force a flash. Or even if nothing happens, just knowing that sej can come any time to lock you up should be good enough.

Remember to hold lanes for some extra farm and to push turrets. your clear help you do this very well.

Eventually you want dragon so always ward dragon whether it be you or the support. About level 9 or 10 is a good time and just basically go bot, make a good gank with ult and go up to take drag. Easy.

Simple words: Gank, help lanes win, get objectives. Boom Done.

Jungle Tips

(be aware, very long)

Spoiler: Click to view

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Pictures for Ganking (soon to be videos)

Key Things


Blue arrow (Q) White Arrow (Walk here) Red Circle(possible Enemy) Yellow Circle (likely wards) Blue Circle (less likely wards) Green Circle/Green line (you)

Example: Below me I have red buff, so you Q in, walk into the the bush and start fighting the lizard in bush. This is just to prevent counter jungling for most people will go to that bush to counter jungle. You should be able to determine if they are going to do this so just go to the enemy red instead of going to ur own. Its a gamble but you will get used to it.

Bottom Lane
Spoiler: Click to view

Top Lane
Spoiler: Click to view

Mid Top
Spoiler: Click to view

Mid Bot
Spoiler: Click to view


Lane Ganks

Understand the power of lane ganks, basically keep out of vision and just sneak into lane.
Spoiler: Click to view

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Early Game


So basically, this is mainly sej's jungle phase. After Early Game, people generally leave lane, but I'll explain that later.

Follow your jungle path above. If all goes well, you can get to level 4-5 before you go back to fountain.

I generally like to have a level 6 gank bot just cuz you can lock them up with your ult and your adc is just so important.

Remember to ward, common for a lot of poor junglers. OH LANERS SHOULD WARD... WHY DO WE HAVE A SUPPORT.... NO!!! You need to place wards so you can control jungle. Besides you are the only one that is always roaming, so you can place wards where most people dont have the time to. And not just sight wards, if you have a lane you really want to gank, place a vision there. Itll help you in the long run.

So at about level 8-9 is generally the end of lane phase and more people will start to roam. This still counts for early game, but its like the transition period.

Go gank a lane and take down a turrent. thats basically all you need to do. With extra roamers you could have like 4 people bot lane, so start being a little more aggressive since you should have like sunfire by now or at least the items that build into it.

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Mid Game

Hello skirmishes.

So you have to move with your group, farm jungle where you are not doing anything, and push lanes.

This is the time you want to make your plays with your ult. So 3v3 at drag? Perfect ult in, Charge, and press W. Your team should be able to back you up.

Take as many objectives as you can.

Remember how I said sej's early game was weak, well now you are tanky with a ton of cc, make the plays for your carries and help them secure kills.

This is just a clip to show your mid game tankiness and what you can do with aoe damage champs like Riven or Ziggs(in this case karthus).

And this is when junglers tend to stop warding so they can complete their builds.... DONT, please dont stop warding. To catch people off guard you need as many wards as possible. So keep warding. Even if support has sighstone and 3 wards in inventory... KEEP WARDING.

nothing more to say except be careful. This tends to be the time when you can tell who is the strongest in the enemy. Build accordingly. It also tends to tell you if your team lacks damage, build damage if you need it.

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Late Game

Yay, levels 15-18, team fights all the way.

You are the intiator, ult first and have your team pile in after wards. WOMBO COMBO needs to start happening. Your ult should at least hit 3 people in team fights and at least one should be a carry. Occasionally you could use it to focus down that vayne that is 15/0 but use your judgement in team fights.

Take baron after team fights, or if you can get inhibor turrent and inhibitor, do it. If you are wasting your time just trying to get exterior top turrent, dont, Baron is so much better.

ALSO this is when your smite ability comes out, ult the pit dash in and smite..... TEAM CHEERS

timing is everythign so remember, vision is needed... unless you are with team at baron then just go in and kill them.

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Team Fights

Basically the como you need

-> Assault -> then when they start running ->

also, dont just charge in recklessly, you cant do that much damage so if some assassin jumps on ur adc, Arctic Assault back and knock them up along with your Permafrost. Protecting is more improtant than attacking adc, just because you cant take that carry by yourself. If you were aatrox or yee, mabye but you are that tank.... act like one, take hits and let your carris kill everyone

be wary that your ult has to hit at least 1 champion, so if it just goes past them it will only slow them down.

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Match Ups

Thing is, junglers generally dont have counter matchups but by locking at the match up, you can tell where they are which is crucial to a jungler. Take advantage and prepare to stop them.

: Easy, try to counter jungle at around level 4, but really you arent the best at denying him of his jungle so mainly focus on warding to protect laners, farming jugnle, and ganking lanes.

: Medium, he has a slow start like you so you should be ok but once mid game starts, he can duel you easily so just take early game as well you can and have laners help you kill him in jungle.

: Easy, slow jungle, even slower than yours. Counter jungle is easy on him just becuz you can clear faster than him. Ward just to protect laners cuz he ganks are amazing so ward.

: Medium, Although less played now, his jungling speed is decent and he can invade with his ult/smite to just pick out your buffs. So always be careful in case of counter jungle. His ganks arent the best so use this to ur advantage to pressure lanes.

: Hard, comes at you, you run away, he grabs and ults. This is probably one of the hardest to destroy just becuz he can do so much damage. Ward carefully, he doesnt need farm to do damage but he has no sustain whatsoever. So if you see him gank, chances are he's going back to base.

: Medium, really died out but he out tanks you early and his slows are annoying. Jungle speed isnt the best so just ward so that his ganks dont work seeing he has no gap closer.

: Hard, you get counter jungled a lot. Take advantage of this so that you cna invade her jungle so you to dont meet up. You will generally see her at your first red so just go and take her red cuz you arent gunna solve anything going to red by yourself.

: Hard, While her jungle is slow early, you cant tell where she is so you have to be extremely cautious, her ganks spike at lv 6 so just be careful if she is ur match up

: medium: Really died out but he doesnt counter jugnle which is good. Look at map closely cuz his jungle clear is fast and he can gank as long as he has mana. That fear is long so if you see him have someone else come to help you so you cna kill him together

Easy, a start as slow as yours and while his sustain is good, it isnt very high early game made more for team fights, conter gank him whenever you can so he ults and u ult his companions and Q him, yeah verry easy to deafeat him.

Medium, He can steal but his damage is low so just be careful of him charging in and stealing your buff and youll be fine, his level 6 spikes up his ganks but you be able to escape, just watch out for damage

Easy, Died out but he really doesnt have a strong early and he basically doesnt get the farm he needs so he has to gank, just ward and hell be down most of the game.

Impossible, His jump, early damage, and fast clear, your gunna need a lot of help agaisnt him so just try not to get this matchup. Go ward so you cna see where he is so you can prepare counter ganks or avoid him. But he is just a monster if you see him and youll prob be ending up giving him a kill. He also plays assasin late game so he really doesnt fall off hard.

Hard, He counter jungles and can chase you down. Has weak damage late game so just ward, play safe, and wait for late game.

Easy, you can defeat his damage early do to your magic damage. You out cc him. Watch out for his ult though cuz it avoides your ult and now he has damage. Save your Q if he comes in like that.

Impossible, Youll never catch him, youll never kill him. Just run as fast as you can, place a lot of wards. Hopefully your ganks in lane cna help your team just kill him off.

mao kai Easy,really, he w's you, you just q to your team. His mana problems are worse than yours. Just be careful for if you ult and charge in, he can ult his team and youll be in a bad spot.

Easy, slow jungle, and mana problems, try to out gank him just so that your team will be so much better, He has no damage so if you shut down the team, he does nothing at all.

Medium, He can duel you but you can easily get away with your Q, just that his invades will be annoying. Get help to try and kill him. He isnt really the best ganker, and will spend most of his time farming.

medium, You dont see this anymore, his ganks are terrible, ward your jugnle and youll be fine.

easy, you have faster clear but his w is annoying cuz it has mr. Just ward lanes and gank more than him and youll be fine. Depends on his team a lot.

Medium, his clear is decent and he does have really good hunting so you can be caught, Just be wary of brush and get your team to kill him. If he doesnt get kills, he sucks.

medium, You both have same mentality so all it depends on who intiates at the best positon or basically who is the better sej player

hard, cant cathc him, watch out for counter ganks, However, your e as long as you marked him, can still activate in his invade so he wont be able to go too far

medium, Died out and hse cant catch you, just watch for invade dont really need to worry too much.

easy, slow jungle, just remember he has his ult

hard, fast jugnle clear and good damage, just ward and youll be able to tell where she is, anticipate her level 6 gank so whe nshe goes in, Q here and slow her.

Medium, he out tanks you and has a throw with finisher, jsut slow him and dash out, be careful and ward to stop him

medium, he out sustains you in fights but if he ults your team ate, just Q him, done with him. He has no real gap closer or cc so he's easy to get away from.

hard, has nice sustain, damage, and decent cc. Just ward and make sure you know where he is. he tends to pus turrents hard so you have to get where he is fast.

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In Conclusion

Enjoy!!! :P <(")