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Tryndamere Build Guide by Regiel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Regiel

Its too hard to Die

Regiel Last updated on May 11, 2012
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Normal Game/ Dominion

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 15

Honor Guard

Defense: 15

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Utility: 0

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Hell-0! I'm Regiel.

As you can see this is an unconventional build.A Tank Build for Tryndamere.
Why it is good to be a hybrid AD/AP tank with Tryndamere?
Your abilities scale awesomely from AP its not enought that you have over 4k HP but you can heal the **** out from yourself with the 150% AP scale on your Bloodlust. Also Spinning Slash can do some juicy damage from your AP and from your AD that Atma's Impaler gives to you.You have lifesteal and spellvamp too and you deal criticals around 400-550 so it is impossible to ignore your damage and they can't kill you neither because you heal 500 with Bloodlust and pop your Undying Rage.

Works specially good with Demonblade Tryndamere because its Awesome and the enemy instantly focuses you becaue you have a skin :D So they Focus the tank and thats always good ;)

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Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Glyph of Scaling Health
Runes are a tricky part.
Your first thing to do is todecieve the enemy so i dont advise you to use flat HP runes but HP/lvl ones to get a good HP scaling.
I took some crit chance marks because you need early farm. Tryndamere has a very good farm even as a tank and this leads you to fast process at your build.
Flat Ap runes are for early levels when will take 10 minutes to get your boots and your Warmog's Armor so you need that early bonus on your Bloodlust to heal ridiculously huge ammounts somewhere around 150.
Sometimes taking Attackspeed runes might be a better idea but as i think you can solve the perfect mix, fitting your playstyle

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Masteries and Archetypes within the build

The Masteries are fluid.
I always take Veteran's Scars at defense at all costs but the rest is really on you.For first time i advise you the masteries seen above because its a good balance between damage and defense and makes farming easier. Later i advise you to consider only Weapon Expertise from offense and put the rest to defense. Mental Force is very important from offense for the heal boost, also you master your summonerspells there.
Even later(after 10 games with such a build) if you want to go even tankier, put 25 points to defense and leave only Mental Force] and [[Summoner's Wrath in offense

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Items/possibilities and reasons

There are a few MUST BUY items but the rest is totally yours.

The Core Items

Now you ask if its a tnk build why not Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads?It's because cooldown reduction is a very good boost for you but the other items will not contain it so you have to get it from boots. You'll have enough armor and MR without Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads

Its a very important item!The AP empowers your Bloodlust and Spinning Slash awesomely, also it gives a very good ammount of HP and will make your spinning slash slow the enemy that is a very good utility and you don't have to use Mocking Shout everytime you want to slow

Even powerful after the nerf.I've hit 560 with the old Atma~s impaler and now i deal damage around 460-500 with the nerfed one.
It's a core item because this will make you that "splinter in the eye" who cant be ignored but cant be slain either.
The armor is obviously good for you and the critical boost will help you smack their cheeks.You'll have a perfect crit chance because of your Fury and Atma


Perfect item and you can stak it up awesomely fast.No need of reasoning gives you everything you need.Regen and mass HP.Also empowers Atma's Impaler perfectly.I always start building it ASAP.Thats why i start with a ruby crystal.At lvl 1 to lvl 4-5 your damage is just like any other AD tryndamere's damage but you have 350 more hp. Sometimes i buy 2, one at the beginning and one at the end.

Sounds very weird but this item is a perfect choice to support your team and to sustain yourself in the most epic level. Hextech Revolver gives a nice boost to your Bloodlust and the funny(not that useful, but funny) part is that it will make Spinning Slash Heal you :D :D. Bilgewater Cutlass is also a very good sustain item and a very nice damage boost that makes you inevitable...oh wait, its not you...its your damage that is inevitable :D
Hextech Gunblade also gives you a fair slow next to Mocking Shout and Rylai's Crystal Scepter
I build this item every time but you may consider something else if you'd like to...

Considerable items

very good item.boosts Atma's Impaler and helps you out against Physical damage dealers.Also that aOe Damage is kinda funny and useful.Also it has been buffed.

If you meet some juicy AP burst mages like LeBlanc it comes very handful.Also it gives you CDR so you may consider buying other kind of boots.The heal bonus is also an Awesome thing.You'll heal around 600 or so...maybe even higher.Sometimes i pick it at 6th item, just like i did above.

The Mr is good against any AP role or against Madred's Bloodrazor also the AP is a good bonus to your Bloodlust and Spinning Slash.i advise you to buy thisi tem if you have mostly AP damage dealers in your team and the enemy begins to buy MR or they have a tough tank.Never tried it though...but i will.

If you own them hard, you may try this item for preventing tanks to be that taky and for dealing some more damage, you've got 4200 anyways, why not to get some more damage?

Zeke's Herald
Its a very nice and good item from every view.If you want to go extremely tanky with less AP(to which i'd say: "u Mad?") than you may buy it instead of Hextech Gunblade but you may also buy it as sixth item.Its a LEgit stuff

Stunns may cause you headache so if you want to, you may pick this boot if you face a lot of AP and CCs.Make sure to get CDR from somewhere if you have chosen this.

Obvious against physical damage dealers...just make sure you get CDR from somewhere.

Well it may sound extremely weird...because it is.If you haven't picked any Tenacity you may buy this item.Also gives AP that is always good.


Has not that much use for This build.Regen is not that important and Warmog's Armor gives more HP.The Aoe Slow is not that useful for you.You've got Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Mocking Shout though.

Also not that useful for you...contains not enough HP.However it might be useful with the shield.

Has no use for simply need no such regeneration...and the mowement speed bonus also worth nothing for you.

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Skill Sequence/Different usages

The Skill Sequence is Evident.Just pick skills as you normally would.The goals are a bit different:

Maxing Bloodlust is very important to have that strong "i cant be smashed" kinda Heal.Also it makes you a heavy damage source that cannot be ignored.

This is a very capable ability.Dont fear to use it in combat when facing against Physical damage dealers.Its not just an effective slow but a lethal counterspell that can cut the damage output of the enemy.You have a slow by using Spinning Slash with Rylai's Crystal Scepter anyways.

Spinning Slash is a capable damage tool with this build so you may consider leveling it next to Mocking Shout.

Your ultimate is a bit useless after a time but keep yourself at low hp for more Ad and activate it at extremely tricky situations.However it wont save your life(because you heal yourself up anyWay) it will ,make you a very good teamfight initiater and that bonus fury is kinda useful after using a Bloodlust

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells are totally up to you.I prefer this two for being ready to handle any fight situations.But a ghost
, a teleport, a heal, a flash, a cleanse or even a surge can be very helpful.
Teleport is obviously good
Flash is even more obvious but i find it a bit useless next to spinning slash
Heal can save some ally ***es also makes you even more immortal
Cleanse reduces your CC sensitivity
Ignite is the ultimate early game damage spell and is very good against heals/supports/lifesteals at mid and lategame
Exhaust is the perfect dueling spell against fed or heavy damage chamopions
Surge can boost your damage output and it also boosts your heal and spinning slash

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Ranked Play/Tricks for ranked pick

It may sound weird but this build is capable for ranked games.
There is a huge danger from your team.They will instantly flame the **** out of you when you tell them that you are a tank and they can give out this information to the enemy team that is very bad at early minutes because your build is a good surprise for the enemy.The other problem Ia that they usually ban Tryn.
But if they dont! and you go with an arrenged team.Oick tryn for first to TOTALLY MISLEAD THE ENEMY.They are going to pick anti AD picks like rammus and they dont even care if your team starts to pick AP Carries.It will be a huge facepalm for them when it turns out that you are a tank. Also the enemy will think that you are mad and they will underestimate you countless times.
You can get A very nice Elo with an arrenged team by using you as oftank or maybe even tank

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Pros / Cons


+totally misleading pick and loading screen
+ Nice damage
+ awesome survivability
+ high Hp
+ perfect heal
+ Slowing spinning slash with high damage
+ Immortality
+ 3 slows(Hextech,mocking shout, Spinning slash)
+ good farming
+ solo lane dominance/perfect laning partner
+ Early build dominance compared to to other tanks
+ Everyone wants to focus you but none dares to.
+ Perfect anti-ADcarry (mocking shout)
(+ if you have a skin(I've got Demonblade), it is evident that they will try to focus tryndamere with skin but this leads them to focus the tank(psychologie))


- Even your own team flames you at the begining
- sensitive to CCs
- has no CCs (thats kinda nasty as a tank)
- sometimes you stuck in a middle if you play too passively(medium dam, medium HP=nothimn special)
- very weird to play this build for the first 2-3 times

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I love this build and i play it alot.I usually have my Warmog and Boots at the 10th or the 12th minute and i stay with 5-2/5-1/4-2
Its very important to keep your Q for the end of even fights and you have to time it very well.Dont forget to use spinning slash for dealing damage
Never fear to initiate combaT!Very often i underestimated my power at early game but you shouldnt.You deal nearly that much damage as any normal tryndamere at the first 10 minutes but you are 4 times tougher and more handsome.Ask you teammates to help you, you may even let the kills to them.
YOU ARE THE PERFECT TURRET DIVER and this skill shows up very early because of your heal.But in this case always check out for enemy ignites or Executioners callings because they can really spoil your day.
Play aggressively because after you trade damage with the enemy you can heal nearly all of it back in moments.Dont forget to use your Hextech at all times(rather than wasting mocking shout to one tArget)
I guess i explained it kinda detailed abowe ^^

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I hope you will like this build.Try it first Against skilled bots if you have a lot of doubts but i can tell that he is very useful.
Good Luck and Have Fun with this exotic and special build of minr that i used to keep as a secret for a year but now i give away to brake the boring tradition of the always AD carry tryndamere.
I hope i may start a new age where tryndamere's role is unexpected and he will be hatead also as a tank


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Update Log

Update 1.1(2012.05.02)
Added Better BB coding
Added Alternative items

Update 1.2 (2012.05.11)
Added this chapter
Added Dominion build