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Wukong Build Guide by Antique

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Antique

Jade Monkey - A jungle guide

Antique Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide Top

Introduction, long story short

Hello there and welcome to my first guide on LoL ever.

First of all my competence in LoL, jungling, etc.: I'm in lol since the beta versions on the us side, i did everything and found out that jungling suits my play style so i sticked to it in all the time while playing on US, EU-NE and finaly EU-W. If you want to add me to discuss anything or just play, well msg me here, you just might get lucky that i check my inbox.

Wukong is a oftenly overlooked champion in every game, he is considered a choice for solo top but not for jungle, hell thats usualy a troll pick on my elo (1400-1500) and picking him will provoke some bad words with close minded players.

So a slight disclaimer: This isn't the only way to build him, its a way i find best suited for my playstyle and my team's needs. He is certanly viable in the new jungle, but ain't as good in it as the gods of jungling, so you might get some mixed feelings at first.

(some metaphores now) Lets say you are a hungry man/woman near the water and there are loads of fish teeming in there. I come by and see you starving. What I do is teach you to fish so you can feed yourself instead of just giving you all the fish you want.

If you get what I mean with this then you might find my guide right for you.

For those who don't understand: I will NOT tell you how to do everything, nor will I take your hand and guide you all the way. I will simply show you how it is done then you go use your brain and skills to make it work and most importantly adapt.
Please vote and comment so this guide might get better some day.

Guide Top

Pros / Cons or why to play this ape

The good

  • Easy to learn but hard to master (might be a bad thing too)
  • Extremely good at surprising oponents with ganks or escapes
  • Only slightly mana dependant due to low costs
  • Tanky by nature
  • Has the best skin ever (Jade dragon)

The bad
  • Slow first clear, but still faster than most
  • Can't counter jungle on low levels and has problems with being counter jungled
  • Considered a trollpick for jungling

Guide Top

Runes and Masteries, things you should do yourself

I won't go in depth here since it is mostly personal opinion and can vary between players.

As far as runes go they are preaty standard jungle runes, keep everything besides glyphs since those are optional, but if you ask me AS or CDR glyphs work best. You might ask Y NO MR/LVL glyphs, those help in term of resistances, pick them if you want, but i feel Wukong's passive takes care of that well enough.

Concerning my choice in masteries: i feel these work splendid with Wukong, some might say 0/21/9 or 9/21/0 would work better on him. I say you decide what suits you, either of those work and will yield good results. I've been toying around with an idea to include the CDR masteries in the offensive tree but thats just optional. Build what you like and what you think works best for you and your team.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells or Y U NO RECHARGE FASTER

First of all as many of the jungle guides state: YOU NEED SMITE WHILE JUNGLING OR YOU SHOLD UNINSTAL THE GAME

Smite isn't optional, you need it like you need food IRL, like you need water, hell if you are a guy like you need sex. It is mandatory. Why you might ask, well sit down by the hearth children and let me tell you a little story:

Once uppon a time a timid Warwick with Heal and Ignite was strolling through the jungle on summoners rift and decided he would like a dragon steak for dinner. Once he hit lvl 6 and bought his Madred's Razors he went down the river with his friend Veigar and started the fight with the mighty dragon. They were doing great, but a mighty farseer named Taricfrom the evil purple side used the mighty spell of CV on the dragon area and saw them but he was too far away to react. But as it happens the evil purple side's Wukong was up to no good, he waited in the bush till the dragon got to a low enough hp, knowing that those two can't finish it fast enough and used Decoy to stealth himself near dragon and used smite to get it with absolutely no trouble etc.. The story goes on now but this is it for today.

What is the moral of this story kids? Well if WW had smite, he could have gotten that dragon for his team, but our hero was better and got it since he had smite. well tell ya what there is more moral here, taric should have pink warded dragon instead of CVing it.

Smite is your best friend, helps you do your jungle path, secure dragon and baron kills and ocasionaly kick that tiber's ***.

Other viable summoners

  • Flash is one of the most used spells in the game, you can use it to close a gap, jump over walls (not all though), escape or just troll or embarass yourself by failing it. I use flash most of the time since it has many uses.
  • Ghost a good gap closer or initation spell or esscape spell. In general it helps you get from point A to point B faster.
  • Teleport not that usefull, but if you need it for a team tactic or just plain jumping around the map then take it. It's actualy funny to set up bot lane ganks when you jump on a ward with teleport and rape them without them even knowing what happened.
  • Exhaust helps you secure those kills without red buff at low lvls when you have no CC at all or helps you escape tight situations.
  • Ignite extra true damage, helps against healing foes and finish off those with many escapes (i'm looking at you Ahri)

others are generaly not that usefull on Wukong but you can try them for lulz, trolling, etc.

Guide Top

Skills, the tools of your trade

Wukong is a highly mobile, hit and run, stealthy, jumpy and pain-dishing ape. He has one of the best skillsets in the game if you ask me, heck one of the most fun too.

On to the skills my mates.

Stone skin: Increases our defenses while in proximity of enemy champions. Usefull for spoting champions in bushes or invaders to your jungle, but that is advanced, i mean very advanced to do.

Crushing blow: Increases damage output on next auto attack hit and decreases target's armor. Our least interesting skill.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use this skill before any other if you can since it will increase the damage of other skills and your team's phys attacks done to the target.

Decoy: Ah our clone. This is your bread and butter ability. It will let you escape, shield, cause mayhem etc., it has soooo many various uses you will find out yourself. Don't use it for the damage part, use it for confusion and tricking enemys.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use the stop command (press S) in the heat of battle, you can trick your enemys you used decoy and they might not attack you.
  • Position yourself behind your decoy, it can absorb certain things like Cait's ult.
  • Laugh at enemys that blow their CC or ults at your decoy.

Nimbus strike: Aoe + attack speed + gap closer + confusion, what more could you ask for? You can secure kills, surprise enemys etc. etc. etc. with this, i realy don't want to spoil your fun so i won't tell you everything.

Tips and Tricks
  • Targeted spells can still hit you while you nimbus to a target, don't use it to evade them unless its a Maokai using Twisted Advance then just jump to a minion under your tower and finish him off while he recovers from the surprise.
  • Use it right after your Crushing Blow if you don't need to initiate, this will max out your damage output.

Cyclone: Best ultimate in the game if you ask me. It gives you speed, knockup and tons of aoe damage. Has many uses like most of our skills, find them out yourself to dominate as you are ment to.

Tips and Tricks
  • Cyclone knocks up only 1 time, so either use it as a initiation (let your team catch up while they can't do anything) or a ulti canceler (cancel nunus ult etc.)
  • Once you get this your ganks get better, way better.
  • Your only form of CC, use it with caution.

Guide Top

Items or what you wear on sundays

A build i mostly use in my games, be aware that it is subject to change and that i adapt it acording to the game.

Core Items
This is your core, never forsake it. Build them first every time then branch off to one of the many builds you can create, depending on the game you are in right now ofc.
  • : A item made for junglers, the procs make your jungle a breeze, it gives you a nice chunk of stats you need an a free ward. What more could you want from a single item?
  • : These will help you gank and clear your jungle and invade if need be. They are your go-to boot choice if the oposing team isn't CC heavy. If they are CC heavy or you reach late game, its better to invest in a Mercury's Treads.
  • : a hefty chunk of HP and a gp/5 component. will pay itself off quite fast and it upgrades in to a Randuin's Omen too.
  • : oh Phage, how sweet you are. This item will secure your ganks, will give you that much needed slow without a red buff and will benefit your survival and damage stats. Builds in to a Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force.
  • : for the MR we lack, nothing else.
    Optional Items

    After you finish your core you have 2 paths, the offtank and the tanky dps, i suggest you go offtank. What does this mean? When building offtank you will build atleast 2 resistance items and probably an Atma's and when building a tanky dps you will usualy build a BT and some other dmg heavy items.

    Offtank items to consider
    A slight disclaimer: don't build 2 items of the same resistance (unless the 2nd one is a atmas) since games shouldn't be that one sided, but if that happens then sure go build both of them.
    • : Ah the slow from phage just got better. This gives you much of the needed HP and some preaty nice dmg to top it off. Get this or Trinity Force.
    • : One of the most used items in the game. Offtanks benefit greatly from this item and so do you. Usualy built with a TF/atmogs build (triforce+atmas+warmogs). Get this or Frozen Mallet.
    • : Don't build this unless you have a good reason to since its very expensive and doesn't fit all builds. If you are going for a TF/atmogs build then this is one of the legendary components. If not then i don't suggest it.
    • : Gods how i love this item. Converts your HP in to AD, how cool is that. I usualy suggest finishing a build with this and i build it almost every game.
    • : Builds from your HoG and is one of your best friends against those pesky AD carrys. I suggest getting this over Thornmail as it doesn't fit as good in to my way of building offtanks, but sure if a AD carry is fed like hell and you have the HP to take him on go buy a thorn and let die. Don't forget to use this item's active effect EVERY team fight, it can be hard, but if you just move it in your inventory to the first slot it becomes a cake to use, just press 1 and its done.

      I won't list Thornmail and Frozen Heart but that doesn't mean they aren't viable, heck they are great items. Buy them if you want, I just find that they don't have enough synergy with my build.
    • : Build this if you lack armor and HP and want a bit of extra AoE dmg, it is mostly an inferior item to those listed above.
    • : Grants nice HP and Mana for your pools, adds some MR and gives you a nice spellshield. This is usefull if the enemy team consists of ap carrys that rely on a specific sequence we call combo or just to eat that stun that would get you killed otherwise.
    • : Highest MR on one item in the game, nice chunk of Movementspeed and regens a percentage of your life every second. My most used MR item ever.
    Tanky DPS items to consider
    • : Replaces your wriggles, gives you more AD and more lifesteal per minion or neutral monster kill and is generaly a awesome item. get this asap.
    • : Same as above, you want the damn slow and you can't get it better than this.
    • : Is totaly badass if you have enough AS, since it does 4% of their max health in magic damage to them. More hits = more hurt (a lot actualy). But it is kinda a waste if none of the oponents build tanky since this is expensive and you can get way more out of other items that will benefit you against non-tanky comps more.
    • : Get this if they have some armor (lets say around 100), get last wishper if they have loads of armor stackers. Preaty basic.
    • Yomumu's ghost blade: Nice mid game item, the active is good too, but other items outshine this one on wukong sadly. But overall a good item i suggest getting if you built The Brutalizer for early/mid game dominance.
    • : An amazing item, gives you some much needed MR and AS, aswell as a on-hit effect. Get this if you can.

    These two lists give you a basic idea what to build on him, as i said after core build whatever your team needs. This is one of those moments where i chose to teach you to fish instead of giving you the fish, ergo: try it yourself and build acording to what you need.

Guide Top

Jungling, your home and their bane

Once again I will not guide your hand in the matter of jungling, if you are new (nah everyone should not just the newcomers) to it please visit Xenasis' jungling 101 and Hahano's jungling 202. Those two did a way better job explaining basics and whatnot than I ever could, so please read their guides and learn from them as I did once.

I will not cover basics but I will cover some advanced stuff so do read on.

The start
First of all start with a Cloth Armor and 5 health pots and a point in Nimbus Strike. Ask your team to come guard your Blue buff and eventualy leash it for you. At 1.40 the wolves will spawn, you will start there and once they are dead head to blue and ask your team for a leash (it can be done without a leash too, yet it leaves you at a considerably lower health). After blue is dead head to wraiths, then back to wolves, then small golems and then recall to buy boots and some wards. After that head to red and kill it, then decide if you will gank any lane, continue farming small camps or try and duel the enemy jungler.

Please remember that this is only one path, there are plenty more, but this has yielded the best results for me.

Help, I'm being counter jungled or the enemy team has my blue
This can happen, but as of the jungle change this isn't that much of a problem anymore. Sure it will set you back and deny you the gold and exp you need, but it won't be as hard as it was before. Figgure out your own recover route depending on what happened. Usualy they take your blue and score a first blood (now thats bad), if this happens I go to the small golems and clear the small camps as many times as possible before recalling. Try to ward your red, if they have your blue they can come for your red too while you do wolves or something. Once you stop laging behind gank lanes that can be ganked or continue farming.

If the enemy jungler is a strong counter jungler or just that invasive, try and ward your jungle entrances then rape him with help from your lanes once he enters your teritory.

If that didn't work then try and beat him at his own game, he can't be at 2 places at the same time so counter jungle him!

Most importantly never ever give up, even if you are inferior in the jungle their lanes can be so fail it won't even matter what happened in the jungle (ah yes i had this a couple of times, stolen all his buffs, countered everything i could yet my bot lane fed their ad carry and it was a GG)

Behind enemy lines, counter jungling
This is strongly advise you not to do at low leves or without extreme preparations before.

First of all if you want to do this the enemy jungler must be SEEN on the other side of the map and not heading back, this way you are sure that he won't come, but be aware, some lanes could spot you with their wards.

If you start in his jungle (you know he is slow and you know his route ( Warwick comes to mind)) get the hell out of there as soon as you have his buff and you left 1 little creep alive. ask your support to CV you the places your enemy is likely to be.

Mostly it is just about awareness and speed, so practice.

After a certain level taking buffs becomes a team effort, before that there are just mind games.

I advise you to run if you encounter them in their jungle, they can call their team and rape you or they could be that much better at 1v1. Use your Decoy and run.


Ganking as Wukong is easy and rewarding. Use your decoy and stealth in then nimbus to them and bash their head in. Thats the basics. Oh but it gets complicated.

First of all a gank is a good gank if they blow a summoner or they die.

Now that we have that covered lets see how to do a gank properly. Most of the inexperienced junglers will gank directly from the river and its bushes, this might work on low levels of play but it is fail in the higher levels. Why is that? well river is usualy warded or covered with vision from enemy minions and champs, that makes it ungankable. The bushes in the river are good for nothing actualy, they don't offer any surprise at all since they will expect you to come from there. Ah but you are better than those guys, so lets get on to the advanced methods of ganking. A lane must be pushed for it to be gankable properly, preferably the enemy champions must be waaaaaay past the middle of the river, even below your tower. IF that requirement is met you must get rid of their wards if they have any (with an oracles ofc) and back off, if they don't proceed with the gank since they are stupid or cocky. Always try and come behind your oponent, lets say come out of the tri-bush on the top or bottom lane or come over the ramp when gankind mid, that way they have less of a certain way to escape and can't run straight to their towers. If that can't be done then gank from the river if you cleared their wards. A more advanced technique is going to a bot or top lane and come from your tower to the bushes that are on the edges of the map and wait there for the enemy champion to pop around, for this to be done your lane must push as hard as they can so you don't get deteced by enemy minions. When you spring your trap its done.

After lvl 6 your ganks become that much more dangerous. You stealth in, do massive damage to squishys and then you knock them up and offer them no escape with your ult. A gank suceeds if you have half-decent lane-mates with you.

Dragon and Baron control

These two monsters are the prime objectives of jungling. Dragon gives your team a hefty chunk of gold many times per game and baron gives you a even heftyer chunk of gold and a damn OP buff.

Their lairs should be warded by vision wards all the time, for their control and for vision over teritory that must be crossed if you want to gank a lane or counter jungle (in most cases).

On low leves dragon can be soloed all the time since most junglers won't realise you are there and lanes won't have it warded. On higher levels it becomes a team venture, once you push or kill bot lane you go for a dragon, they might try to deny you but thats why you brought smite, get that dragon for your team with your smiting skills.

Baron is always a team venture, it mostly decides a game on higher levels. There are baits set up etc., but you alredy know that. Always and i mean ALWAYS secure the kill with smite, it can cost you the game.

You can steal both of them with smite and decoy too, as i described it in the smite section of summoner spells.

Aditional obligations of a jungler

  • When a laner needs to go back for some reason, you hold their lane and get some creepscore, but don't push it since that might not work out in your team's favour
  • Ward the place up, wards win games, wards will pay off with all kinds of stuff. Check Panglot's warding guide for details on warding, he did a preaty awesome job describing it.
  • Buy Oracle's Elixir and destroy wards to deny them vision control and make your team win
  • Know where everyone is at every time
  • Help your team in any way you can

Guide Top

Conclusion or May the force be with you

In this wall of text I gave you some much needed experience on how to do things and what to do exactly. I hope it helped you and that it wasn't boring.


I will ad some pictures to it since now it is mostly a wall of text, give me some time xD

Special thanks to:

  • JhoiJhoi and her many guides, especialy the one on how to make a guide
  • Xenasis and his great jungle guide that was a nice resource back in the day when I needed it (actualy looked it up for s2 xP)
  • Hahano for his advanced jungling guide that got me back to jungling after some period of time.
  • Dufftime since his guide on offtanks made me start playing wukong
  • Panglot for the guide on warding since I hate explaining warding and he did it for me
  • Stonewall008 for his damn good resource on jungling. Love his channel

This is it, I hope you give me some constructive criticism in the comments below and no need to be gentle, i took my Mobafire virginity myself xP