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Janna Build Guide by Jiyanna

Support Janna, How to perfectly help your AD Carry

Support Janna, How to perfectly help your AD Carry

Updated on June 7, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jiyanna Build Guide By Jiyanna 10 2 38,883 Views 7 Comments
10 2 38,883 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jiyanna Janna Build Guide By Jiyanna Updated on June 7, 2013
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Hello Guys,
This is my first actual guide and since I've liked Janna for about 7 months now, it's for her :)
Well, you probably think ; Why not AP Support? I will explain why in this guide. I will compare AP and Full Support.
Now, the title of this build is "How to perfectly help your AD Carry", this is because I really like building and playing Janna ( or supporting in general ) like this.
I hope you enjoy my guide^^
Sometimes I change it a little bit or I add a chapter, because I can't make this guide in one day hehe :)
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Pros / Cons

- Low damage
- Doesn't have a spam-able heal
- Very squishy early game
- Once you've used your W, you're slower
- A lot of people say she is bad against Thresh so that could be a Con I guess
( In my opinion she is good against Thresh )
- People think negative about her,
but they are starting to play her more

- Good CC (Q,W,R)
- High chase ability
- Can escape easily
- Very fast
- Has a nice passive
- Shield for turrets AND allies
- Cool skins :D
- Shield gives you an AD boost
- She can hold lanes pretty well
- Doesn't need expensive items
- Can save people quickly
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How to totally play Janna

ATTENTION! What I am try to say is, be carefull with your ultimate and what ever you do; Do not hesitate. I've had a lot of games with bad ultimates and I regret that. It always failed, because I used it too late. So pay attention to your allies' HP.

(With thanks to PlayerPOV)
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Champion Spotlight

(This is not the real Champion Spotlight, but I found it on YouTube and it explains Janna very well, and that's what we want right?^^)
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


I use Armor Marks, because you have to play against an ADC. Probably 3 of their team will be AD or maybe even 4/5 so this is also usefull late game. Since I'm not playing as an AP Support, we don't use M.Pen. and I don't think it's usefull to use Armor Pen. Marks on a Support since you're not supposed to do damage. The Marks I used before I had Armor Marks are AD Marks, because then you can protect your turret a little better and if your base will be under attack and you're alone you could do some damage against all the minions. So I recommend Armor on any support.


I also use Armor Seals, because of the same reason above. In combination with Armor Marks this can even make you a little tanky. You can also use Mana Regen / GP5 Seals. I used the GP5 before, but I didn't have the Armor Marks back then so I was squishy as hell. The gold was also nice, but look a little bit furthur in the build and you will see a few combinations of runes I made for you.
I extremely recommend to have at least 9 Armor Marks or 9 Armor Seals. Don't use runes without Armor!


Let's go for MR, because their mid is 90% AP. Their support is probably also AP and if I may say so, a lot of people play AP Support and I think it súcks... BUT they will do damage to you early game so you'll have to watch out a little. Especially late game 30 MR is a lot. And as a support you don't want to die fast, right? That's why MR and Armor are always welcome :)


Alright, so we have Armor, MR and even more Armor now :). Let's get us some gold. As you know a support doesn't get a lot of gold (That's probably why support items are cheaper). We get Philosopher's stone first for some extra gold and with our 1 GP5 Quintessences we already get 8 GP5. So we can compare it to CS now :) Well always try to get as much GP5 items except for the Critical Strike item, because it's useless on you. Assists will always give you some gold. Just not enough to buy all of your items, so try to proceed with your GP5 items when you don't have any space and when you have enough gold to upgrade it.

A few combinations;

- Armor, Armor, MR, GP5; Gives you some nice defense.
- Armor, GP5, MR, GP5; Gives you a nice amount of gold.
- AD, Armor, MR, GP5; Gives you everything?:D Except for Mana Regen..
- Armor, Mana Regen, MR, GP5; Also gives you everything, but the problem is that you have a little less armor. You can almost spam your shield though. I don't have Mana Regen runes myself.
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Summoner Spells

Well I can't tell you too much about this subject. It's kind of standard which Summoner Spells supports take, but sometimes I see a support with Ignite... (Not too bad against a Soraka though) So maybe this IS usefull :)

I recommend :

1) Exhaust, especially against Caitlyn, Tristana, Vayne or Ezreal. Any ADC who can jump away only once which is not Flash. Because then they are slowed and if they will attack because they think they'll die anyways, they don't do much damage. For example Miss Fortune doesn't have a jump or something so it's also very good on her, but then wait for Exhaust AFTER her Flash.
2) Clairvoyance, because it's like a sightward every 70(or 60) seconds. This can be very usefull especially for baron, dragon and buffs. I don't use Clairvoyance that often, because I think exhaust is more important, because you might be the only one that can take Exhaust. Since mid takes Ignite often and your ADC Barrier, Cleanse or Ignite. Top could take Exhaust but I see Ghost and Teleport more often ^^ So if you just buy enough wards, don't take Clairvoyance :D
3) Teleport, because you might not be there in a teamfight. I really hate this, because I want to help my team. This just solves the problem :D
4) Flash, always a nice escape move. You can use it to escape AND to get someone killed by jumping and ulting in ^^
5) Heal, I like this as well, because you can basically bait the **** out of everyone. They won't expect you to have heal even if they see it when the game starts. They might get greedy and flash in and then you just heal and there you go, free kill :D

So I recommend Flash and Exhaust, or if you don't play against Blitzcrank or someone else you think you need flash against then try and take Heal and Exhaust. I never really do this in ranked though, but it still feels more comfortable for myself to be honest.

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Just a short explanation to explain why I build these items.

Item Sequence

Kindlegem 800
Ruby Sightstone 1600

This is for early game.
I build Philosopher's Stone, because then you have the nice GP10! Make sure to keep this for a long time otherwise it's kinda useless.
Some HP ( Kindlegem & Ruby Sightstone and Tons Of Wards <3

Item Sequence

Timeworn Talisman of Ascension 2200
Mikael's Blessing 2300

These items are for Mid/Lategame.
I used to hate Locket of the Iron Solari in season 2. Don't ask me why, because I have no idea. This item is genius!:D It's a free shield for basically you're whole team if they're in range. You can save people from Ignite or other sticky situations, or get free assists. If your shield is not up this can be really usefull.
Shurelya's Battlesong is a nice movement speed buff to escape a situation or chase someone down.
Mikael's Blessing is just the best item ever invented, IMO. It has a free Cleanse every 180 seconds, which is even shorter than the real Cleanse. Plus it heals yourself or your allie aswell. What more can you possible wish for?

Item Sequence

Banshee's Veil 3100
Runic Bulwark 2950
Morellonomicon 2200
Twin Shadows 2400
Timeworn Frost Queen's Claim 2200
Will of the Ancients 2300
Zeke's Harbinger 2250

These are optional items for lategame (Probably won't even have enough gold to get one of these items, though).
Let's start with Randuin's Omen. Randuin's Omen is extremely nice, IMO. You make yourself tankier, the enemy ADC will have reduced attack speed if they attack you, you have a lot more armor AND! you have an extra slow to save your team. This is probably my favorite item to get last. Depending if their team is maybe full AP or something, though.
Then, Banshee's Veil. This is only usefull if they have a fed AP champion, a lot of AP champions or AoE AP damage. If they are full AP then don't get this. The Spellshield it gives you can be really usefull against, for example, poke, chasing or escaping.
Runic Bulwark is a must have in your team, but in my opinion the jungler / or toplaner needs to get it (well, the tank basically). You can of course get this if no one has it yet, but I recommend asking the jungler to get it, because he might be alive longer, or just be with the team more than you, because you might be helping one person of the team because he is dying.

On the "Not Safe" build, you see other items. This is more for your ADC to kite or not getting caught. Or for if you and your ADC were to kill theirs.

Morellonomicon is a nice item to have as an APC or just for the support, but it doesn't make you tankier. In fact it kind of makes you squishy, because you lose a spot for tank items. This might mean that you die faster, But! the enemy team will have healing reducting because of the passive and the CDR is always nice to have.
Twin Shadows is an item I'm starting to like more and more. It is extremely handy to check bushes with. I recommend getting this if you think you really don't need any tanky items. It's nice for checking if the enemy is doing baron, dragon or just camping. Though, I prefer being a bit tanky so I will probably just get it afterwards if I have a spot open and I find it usefull, but not to get Kage's Lucky Pick and then build it into this. But of course, your choice!
Shard of True Ice is just not my item. I used to build it, because the item was new. Now that I think about it, I find it really useless. It can be usefull for your ADC to kite or someone to escape, but that's pretty much it. Something I might try soon though is, getting it really early, because it still gives GP10. Then later when I have enough gold to buy a more usefull item, sell it and buy that item.
Will of the Ancients, always nice to have in your team when a lot of allies are AP, otherwise not a nice choice to get...
Same goes for Zeke's Herald. I think your ADC will have enough Lifesteal so I prefer getting it only if your team if (almost) full AD.

I always use Mobility Boots, if you really think you don't need that you should probably get
Mercury's Treads. In my opinion Mobility Boots are really usefull to chase people down and to get to your team faster. You lose the bonus movement speed when you go in combat though, but you barely notice that!
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How to Victory ward?^^

As you guys probably know you have to ward the map to know where your enemy team is. In this part of the guide I will tell you where to ward and when.

What do the icons mean?

- Blue
These places should be warded. At botlane you are the one to do this. Mid will do this themselves and if you pass by you can always ward the bush near Dragon for them. This is also the case for top. All these places will be warded by BOTH teams so if you buy an Oracles (A pink thing you can buy so you can see invisible things, like wards/visionwards, Twitch, Teemo etc.) Also try to have this warded 24/7 Early Game ;

- Light Yellow
These are your buffs. Blue (Ancient Golum) spawns at 1:55 and it will respawn, after everything was killed, within' 5 minutes. Place a ward when the respawning time has 3 minutes left. This doesn't have to be precisely. Also do this for Red (Blessing of the Elder Lizard)

- Dark Yellow
These are the buffs of your enemy. Try to ward this when you pass by. The respawning time is, of course, the same as yours. ATTENTION: When you steal their buff with your AD/AP Carry try to leave one minion alive. This will make them think they still got the buff, but in fact it's gone. Also check your buffs sometimes, because they can do that too. You don't have to do this, because if you kill everything you have the timer of it and the enemy doesn't. This makes you capable of stealing their buffs again.

Warding Buffs isn't always needed.

- Red
These are very important things in your game. Use vision wards for these especially for Baron. Try to ward the bush behind Baron too so your team knows if they will invade you while killing baron.

1) Baron Nashor;
Spawning time: 15 minutes
Respawns after: 7 minutes
You will have to ward this from the momenth your or bot tower has been killed. At this time roaming starts and you will have to be everywhere. Be sure to at least ward it at 20 minutes.

2) Dragon;
Spawning time: 2:30 minutes
Respawn time: 6 minutes
Be sure to ward this the momenth that the average level of both teams is 8 or 9.

Early game

Ward the two bushes in your lane and the 2 gank bushes.

Mid game

Ward the gank bushes too especially the tribush when you're pushing. Also ward Dragon and your Blue and their Red if you're Purple team, and your Red and their Blue if you're blue team.

Late game

Baron is really something that should be warded now. Also ward; behind baron, their red, the bush near wraiths etc...(Places: 2,4,9,5 and 7 near Baron) Just look on this map below and copy ^^

The most important places to ward when you're pushing your lane are:
(Assuming you're the blue team) 4,7,1,3,6 and 5. Even though 5 is more for your midlaner.

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AP or Full Support?

Well, I see a lot of AP Supports so I decided to add a chapter of why you shouldn't go AP support. It's my opinion so if you want to go AP Support go ahead ^^

AP Support

+ You can 1v1 their Support
+ Farm, if your ADC is not inlane
+ Nice damage
+ They will hate you, because you do damage hehe ^^
+ Better schield (and Ultimate)
+ Better early game
+ You can splitpush, because your Q can 1 hit a minion wave

- You don't have money for AP Items
- Big chance to KS your allies
- Very squishy
- If they focus you, you're screwed
- You just don't need to do damage.. xD
- Less wards maybe
- No engage items (Like Shurelya's)
- No damage late game
Full Support

+ Mid/Late game nice tankyness
+ You rarely KS
+ You can engage easier
+ You can buy cheaper items like Shurelya's
+ People like me, won't hate you:D
+ It's better late game

- Early game you'll get owned, but it's just fine guys^^
- If you and your ADC go VS theirs, you might lose,
because AP Support does more damage
- Does less damage in general than Sona/Thresh/Blitzcrank for example
- No damage, but that's not a problem actually..
- This is just better?:D
Can't find anything else what's bad about it =/
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Support Match-ups

First, the champions I am talking about now are only Supports. Some of you might say "Amumu isn't a support!", but I've seen it a few times so I decided to just add it to this page. I'll try to explain who is hard to play against and who isn't. If you think something is missing, please leave a comment!

- Early Game = 3/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 4/5

He's a really nice engager. You should be carefull for his Headbutt, because when he uses his combo by knocking you up and then pushing you into his turret/team, you're pretty screwed. It's not so hard to counter him though, because you can do those things too.

Bad against Janna:
- Your ultimate can push everyone back, he can only push one back with his headbutt
- Your ultimate is actually better for a support than his
- You can slow, he can't (Unless he has an item for it)
- You have a shield and he doesn't
- Tornado knocks everyone in the air too
- Your ultimate is more usefull for the ADC than his

Good against Janna:
- He's more like a tank
- He can do a lot of damage against you and you can't
- He has this stun... It can really fk you up when he uses it right
- Multiple knock up
- He can heal and you can't (Only with your Ultimate, but you won't use it for this)

- Early Game = 2/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 3/5

So everyone bans Amumu, because he is considered overpowered. Well how about; ********? Amumu has a nice AoE ultimate, but it's been nerfed a lot of times now. It can still be really annoying for your team and nice for their team to engage with. But after Amumu uses his ultimate he can be useless. Especially as a support, because then he has less gold.

Bad against Janna:
- Your ultimate can stop his ultimate
- Tornado can stop his Bandage Toss (Q)
- You can slow, he can't (unless he has an item for it)
- You have a shield and he doesn't

Good against Janna:
- More CC that's really good, like a stun
- He can do a lot more damage and you can't
- He has this stun... It can be really annoying
- Multiple snare
- He is more tanky than you will probably ever be xD

- Early Game = 4/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 2/5*

(* He's only annoying if he lands his grab or his knock-up-stun, so I choose 2 ^^)

Blitzcrank.. What about him. Well he's one of the most annoying champions in League of Legends. If he's good with his pull he can make his team win the game and his knock-up-stun is also pretty annoying. I actually prefer playing Heal+Exhaust against Blitzcrank, because then if he pulls you, you can just make him waste all his **** on you and your ADC is meanwhile killing his ADC :D

Bad against Janna:
- Your ultimate can push their team back when someone gets grabbed
- Tornado can knock them up when he grabs someone
- You can slow, he can't (Unless he has an item for it)
- You have a shield and he doesn't (Well his passive for himself only..)
- If you have your ultimate and your ADC gets grabbed they can't get you ^^
- You have a heal with your ultimate, he doesn't

Good against Janna:
- More CC that's really good, like a grab
- He can do a lot of damage and you can't
- He has grab. Do I need to explain more? D:
- Multiple Silence which does pretty much damage
- He can bait a lot of stuff when he's low, because people forget his shield a lot
- He can be faster than you. WHAT?!?!?

- Early Game = 3/5
- Mid Game = 4/5
- Late Game = 5/5

She is very squishy Earlygame and then she can help her ADC less good, but if someone ganks it's really nice to have a Janna in your lane :D
Mid game is like she can help her team by shielding, healing (Don't do that, unless ya have to xD), knocking up, slowing and being fast lol. Which is also really nice. Late game she can also be tanky which makes it even better :)

I only play Draft Pick, so I won't be playing against Janna. If you play Normal Pick and play against a Janna then try and think of the things that you would do in her situation. You have the same skills as her (probably different items) so try and dodge stuff and if you can see that she is going to ult you can flash over it for example. It's also really important to buy more helpful items than the opposite Janna has. This can make you protect your ADC or the rest of the team better than her. Items make a huge difference.

- Early Game = 4/5,
- Mid Game = 3/5,
- Late Game = 4/5

She is more like an AP Support. This is probably the only support that only works if played AP. Karma doesn't have a real ultimate which is really usefull for your botlane. Karma isn't really a support anymore, but I decided to still leave her in this part, but edit it though.

Bad against Janna:
- When Karma would engage with Mantra E
(Her ult + shield) you could push them away if needed
- Tornado can knock them up
- Karma doesn't have that much CC, only a slow/snare
- Karmas shield doesn't give AD
- Janna can save people quicker I think
- It can be nice if Janna jumps in with Ultimate, Karma can't do this

Good against Janna:
- She also has a slow
- She has a snare
- Her shield also gives an insane amount of MS
- She can heal herself with Mantra W (Her ult + snare)
- She does more damage than Janna
- Also a nice shield

- Early Game = 3/5 (Untill she's 6)
- Mid Game = 4/5
- Late Game = 4/5

This one is hard to play against. I haven't really seen many good Kayles though, but as support it's really nice, because of the Speedbuff, Ultimate, Heal and Slow. This Ultimate is really underestimated BTW. With these good skills she can help her ADC pretty well. I used to play Kayle support a lot and I still think it's really good.
TIP: Always slow her/the ADC when you want to kill them, because then her heal is less effective.

Bad against Janna:
- She doesn't have much CC, only a slow
- Hard to escape as Kayle if you get slowed/caught
- No shield, her ultimate can be a shield though
- If the ADC gets focussed in a teamfight Kayle can't do anything only speed him up and make her untouchable, but if they wait untill the ult is gone it won't really help

Good against Janna:
- She is more usefull if built AP, especially early game
- Actually a really good ultimate for a Support
- She has some good chase abilities
- You can towerdive with your ultimate
- Can heal
- Untouchable for 3 seconds (with Level 3 ultimate)
- Speedbuff

- Early Game = 1/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 3/5

Leona is so easily countered by Janna. You can stop her E by using your Q or your ultimate. Then she already loses her engage. Her ultimate could stun you both and then engage and that's why I gave her 3/5 mid and late game, because then it can be annoying.

Bad against Janna:
- Her E can be stopped by 2 skills
- Janna can disengage with her ultimate and then you can barely engage with Leona anymore
- Janna has more supportive skills than Leona
- Leona doesn't have a shield/heal to help her ADC on a distance with

Good against Janna
- Leona has more stuns
- She is tankier than Janna
- Does more damage than Janna

- Early Game = 4/5
- Mid Game = 4/5
- Late Game = 5/5

Well this champion has a really nice Ultimate. If Lulu used it on someone he's getting healed for 7 seconds and if you're standing close, she knocks you up in the air. I kinda hate to play against Lulu, but I think she's a really good support. She has a nice speedbuff and an annoying slow ^^ So you should try to dodge her skills especially when she's AP, but there is a little trick to dodge her Q. If she uses her shield on you/a minion/your ADC and then wants to poke more with her Q. Then you can say that she will probably use it straight forward from the shield so try and not stand in the same line as that.

Bad against Janna:
- She doesn't have much CC, only a slow (and a knock up..)
- Her speedbuff isn't usefull when you slow her or the ADC
- If Lulu's ADC gets focussed she can't do as much as Janna
- Harder to chase than a Janna or Janna's ADC

Good against Janna
- Actually a really good ultimate
- She has some good chase abilities, like her slow
- Her ultimate can really screw up a lot
- She also has a shield
- She has vision of the person she uses her E on,
Good against invisible ADCs for example Twitch or Vayne
- Speedbuff
- She also has a multiple knock up
- She does more damage without items than Janna does

- Early Game = 3/5
- Mid Game = 4/5
- Late Game = 2/5
She's always AP ofcourse and that's why she's annoying early game. She can just shield her ADC and snare you so the ADC can do some damage. She can also slow you pretty well and with the damage of Lux she can be a nice AP support for an ADC :o

Bad against Janna:
- Her snare is kinda easy to dodge, in lane mostly
- Her shield doesn't give an AD bonus
- Janna has a knock up, she doesn't
- If Lux's ADC gets focussed she can't really do much to get them off
- Janna's ultimate is better for a Support
- Her shield fails, because you have to guess where your ADC will walk
- With Lux you can help your ADC less
- Lux is AP most of the time which means she needs CS too

Good against Janna:
- She also has a shield
- She can really KS much especially with her ultimate
- Her shield boomerangs back
- She has a snare
- She does more damage without items than Janna does
- Shield for her whole team
- Ultimate hurts =/

- Early Game = 3/5
- Mid Game = 4/5
- Late Game = 2/5

Early Game : Babies, Snare, Pushback thing
Mid Game : His snare can be annoying and he can use babies to facecheck that's pretty much it.
Late Game : He's not that annoying. If he'd be the jungler and get some farm then he is. But now he's pretty squishy, because he isn't the jungler with more money and such so only his snare will be annoying, most likely

- Early Game = 4/5
- Mid Game = 4/5
- Late Game = 4/5

Early Game : Spellshield, Snare (This snare lasts for ages... Don't get snared!)
Mid Game : Spellshield, Snare, Damage, AoE damage + slow + snare, her spellvamp passive could bait you because she's low, but don't underestimate this.
Late Game : Spellshield, if she uses the spell shield on the engager of their team and you want to push them away it's not going to work and it is extremely annoying.. So especially against Morgana you need to think it through really well if you want to use your ultimate. Ultimate is really usefull if she uses it right, Some damage, Snare

- Early Game = 3/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 4/5

Nami is actually quite good. Especially if they have someone with a stun or knock up in their team, Do NOT get hit by her Q! You will probably insta-die trust me. So try dodging her Q and ultimate and you'll be fine. Her heal actually heals kind of a lot so don't get baited because of that!

Bad against Janna:
- Janna has a shield which is better against healing reduction
- Nami is less good in disengaging than Janna
- They can both fly?:D
- Don't really know anything else, I think they're quite equal

Good against Janna:
- Her Q duration is always the same, Janna's isn't but they're both knock-ups
- She has a heal, Janna doesn't
- Does more damage than Janna

- Early Game = 4/5
- Mid Game = 2/5
- Late Game = 2/5*

(* Do not chase Nidalee too much! Especially if she's support Nidalee then, because it's most likely time wasting so you should just try and focus on getting someone more important)

Nidalee is a really good poke-support. Just like Sona she uses her Q to poke the enemy with. This can be easy to dodge, but if the Nidalee can aim really well you can get outlaned and zoned a lot. So be careful for that and if needed catch the spears!.

Bad against Janna:
- Shield that gives damage bonus is comparable with the Attack speed buff, because in some way it both gives you more damage
- Janna is better in helping the AD Carry in teamfights
- More CC than Nidalee
- Her ult heals as well
- Nidalee has a high chance to KS
- Janna's late game is better

Good against Janna:
- Attack speed buff
- Heal (Heals a lot if played AP)
- She herself is able to escape a lot of sticky situations
- Her traps reveal units and can be used as a small ward (Especially good with Caitlyn, Double trap!)
- She does more damage than you
- Nidalee's early game is better

- Early Game = 4/5
- Mid Game = 4/5
- Late Game = 3/5

He can do a good amount of damage, which helps the ADC. He kind of has a perma slow with his snowball thingy and his ultimate. He can't do anything to help the ADC himself though. Like a heal, a shield etc. So he only has one CC; Perma Slow!

Bad against Janna:
- Janna has more CC
- Nunu's Ultimate is easily stopped by Janna's Q or Ultimate
- Slow vs Slow?
- Nunu doesn't have s shield/heal
- Nunu can only heal himself by eating a minion

Good against Janna:
- Nunu does more damage without items
- Perma slow
- Janna doesn't have a speedbuff (Only passive but that doesn't count xD)
- Early game he will be able to help his ADC better with kills, because of his slow.
- He has a really nice attack speed buff

- Early Game = 3/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 4/5

Early Game : Only his taunt can screw you up early game, his Q can regen a lot of health if they use it well
Mid Game : Taunt, HP Regen, Ultimate, tankier than most supports
Late Game : He can make you focus him really well.., Taunt, Ultimate, HP Regen, Tank

- Early Game = 4/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 3/5

She isn't that good as support. I really liked her a while ago, but I figured that she's dead in 2 seconds and then she can't support her ADC well. She can heal pretty well though and she can slow and stun. Her damage can also be nice and if she's tanky she can be a REALLY good support, IMO.

Bad against Janna:
- Janna has more CC
- The amount of Sona's heal won't be enough when chased/focussed
- Stun is not so hard to snap out
- Her stun can miss kind of quick
- Janna's knock up could have the same effect as Sona's stun, if fully charged
- If Sona's ADC gets focussed it's harder for the ADC to escape than with Janna

Good against Janna:
- Heal
- Slow
- Stun for the whole team if they stand in the right position
- Speed boost
- Poke early(/late) game

- Early Game = 3/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 3/5

THE HEALS PEOPLE, THE HEALS! If she also has Heal as Summoner Spell the ADC is full HP in no-time. This is also why she can be a good Support. She can also Silence you and give her allies Mana. What else do you want? Well, her CD's are really bad and Soraka can't escape at all.. You can take Ignite against Soraka, because then her heals will become useless :)

Bad against Janna:
- Less CC than Janna
- With Janna you can get the enemy off your ADC easier
- Janna has a shield ( Works better against healing reduction )
- If Janna's ADC has ignite, Soraka is uselesss
- Range of Soraka's Silence is not so far
- Janna has this combo <3 ( Q, W (while he's in air), Flash in ; Ultimate) :D

Good against Janna:
- Really nice heal
- Another heal!?
- Silence
- She can give mana
- Magic Reduction on Soraka's Q can be nice if they have a lot of AP champions

- Early Game = 4/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 3/5

You should just watch out for his stun. His stun is pretty long and especially with Vayne you're fked, because she also has a stun.

Bad against Janna:
- Only CC is his stun
- She can stop his engage with her Q or ultimate
- He is slower and more a tank

Good against Janna:
- He has a heal
- He has more defense
- He does way more damage than Janna does
- His ultimate also gives the ADC more damage,
same as Janna shield but than multiple, kind of

- Early Game = 3/5
- Mid Game = 2/5
- Late Game = 2/5

He is an annoying cute piece of ****.

Bad against Janna:
- Less CC
- Not really a support
- No shield/heal
- Better ultimate
- Janna can save people better
- Teemo is just not a support

Good against Janna:
- Free wards
- He can run out the tornado
- He can just be faster
- He has poison
- His blind is really good against ADCs

- Early Game = 4/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 3/5

Everyone says Thresh is overpowered and yeah he is really good, but not overpowered.
Thresh is a really good support. You can use his lantern to engage and disengage which is really nice. He isn't my typ of support though. I'm more the defensive support and Thresh is really aggressive so I never really play him. Only in arams and then I own:D

Bad against Janna:
- Shield gives AD
- Tornado can stop his pull
- She can use her ult to disengage when Thresh is about to use his and then he places it at a really strange place
- She's way faster than Thresh and plays more defensive

Good against Janna:
- He himself especially + his ADC he can break through your shield really fast and then the AD Bonus is gone. Oh No!
- He does a lot of damage, sometimes even more than the ADC himself
- He is really good at making someone leave the ADC alone
- His lantern can screw a lot of stuff up
- Tankier than Janna (tankier than a lot of support)

- Early Game = 2/5
- Mid Game = 3/5
- Late Game = 4/5

Zilean is only a good support for the movement speed buff and his ultimate. But just try and make sure to not kill the person he uses his ultimate on and he is screwed.

Bad against Janna:
- No CC except slow
- Janna can shield his bombs
- Janna can split him and the person he wants to ult up
- When Zilean's ultimate is going off Janna can push the enemy away so they can instakill the person getting ulted

Good against Janna:
- He can poke better
- His ultimate can be extremely nice
- His movement speed buff is nice
- He has a really good slow

This is my top 3 of the Supports who are the easiest to play against:

1) Alistar

Janna counters Alistar, because you can stop his Headbutt. Other then that, I really don't mind playing against Alistar. I rarely lose. This is because I think Alistar is more of a Jungler. His heal is not that much, of course it can still save someone, but still. His ultimate isn't that usefull for the ADC as well so I think you have a really high chance to win against Alistar.

2) Taric

Well basically I feel like only Taric's heal and stun is useful. I mean, I know he does a lot of damage when he engages. Just try and make sure your ADC isn't next to him when he uses his W and ultimate. Then Taric can stun you once and heal the ADC once and then their ADC is pretty much dead. Taric also can't really help with escaping. His extra defense and damage (W+Ultimate) is nice, but I don't think it's good enough for facing a Janna!

3) Sona

Sona is really squishy. If you get a gank she is dead 90% guaranteed. She has annoying poke I know that, but if she doesn't have her ultimate yet you are in an extreme advantage. Try and go in on them when you don't stand too close next to eachother so she has to choose which person to use her ultimate on. Then the other person can chase her or the ADC to get a kill or a double kill :)

This is my top 3 of the Supports who are hardest to play against:

1) Lulu

This is because Lulu is one of the most powerful supports, IMO. She can turn someone into a cat/dragon thingy and then you are unable to do ANYTHING for 3 seconds. How OP is that?! Also her ultimate is really nice and she has a nice skillset-up to help her ADC/team. She's a good engager but also a disengager. Almost perfect you could say!

2) Morgana

Morgana's E (Black Shield) is extremely annoying for any support. That's why she's a nice counter against a lot of supports IMO. If Morgana uses her Spell shield on the engager in a teamfight and you do not want to fight them then you can ult them away, but there is a spellshield so it doesn't work.. This is THE ultimate counter against Janna's ultimate. Also her snare takes ages and can be really annoying and her ult is a nice AoE thing for teamfights or even in a 2v2.

3) Thresh

If you get hooked and he uses his passive and E, you're in a lot of trouble. If his ADC responds to his engage you are at least 30% HP after that. Thresh does a lot of damage and has a lot of CC. Most of his CC you can't use Cleanse against and that's extremely annoying for the ADC. If you go in after he misses his hook or you get hit by it instead of your ADC, then go full in!
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ADC Match-ups

Very Good With
Jannas E scales really well with Ashe her poke. This means that the laning phase can be way better for Ashe. Ashe also needs a lot of protection and Janna is kind of made for that so if the ADC picks Ashe, pick Janna! (Personally not a fan of Ashe herself, because she is really bad against certain champs...)
Very Good Against
Ashe only has a slow and a stun to get out of a sticky situation. So Janna can be slowed by her, but she has her Q to knock Ashe up. Ashe herself isn't really fast so Janna can catch up to her quite quick. This means that if you get ganked as Ashe against a Janna, you're 90% certain that you're dead.

Very Good
Caitlyn has a really long range and her Q to poke the enemy. Janna's shield can help to do more damage to enemies, especially with Caitlyn's Passive. I don't really like playing with Caitlyns anymore, because her damage seems to have dropped a lot. I don't know why. However, it really is a nice combination. Poking, protecting and killing.
If Janna uses her Q Caitlyn can just jump out of it. Of course if you plan ahead you can still knock her up. Also if you accidentally walk into traps you're really slowed down and you can pretty much forget engaging. Janna's shield is really good against caitlyn though, because you can pretty much block her ultimate with it.

Corki's poke can scale well with Janna's E. Even if he wants to use his ultimate just to poke, Janna can shield just for a bit more damage. I haven't seen a Corki in a long while. I don't think he is that good anymore in general. So if you have a choice I would say pick a different ADC.
You can screw up Corki's Valkyrie if timed well and that can win you the fight. Also it's really nice how you can shield a lot of damage from him, but also do additional damage to him, because his range is not so long. You can also just shield his ultimate if your ADC is about to die for example.

Extremely Good
Nothing to say. Just BEAST! :D

Very Good
She can shield his poke, his ultimate, his bleed and just to do more damage in a fight. Draven does a lot of damage in general so you probably need an additional damage output anyway. Also her Q can screw up his engage and turn it against him.

Very Good
You have probably heard about "The Blue Build". Almost everyone who plays Ezreal (Or started playing him, because of this) uses this build. Ezreal already has a lot of poke and Janna can just give him the shield and the AD Bonus to give the poke more damage. This makes him in laning phase really strong. Even though he doesn't need that much protection it's still always welcome, right?
I don't mind playing against Ezreal. You can shield his poke or his ultimate en engage on him easily. If he uses his E to get out you can do the same as I said about Caitlyn; plan ahead! Janna is really good against poke lanes in general since you can just shield it. However Lulu+Ezreal, Sona+Ezreal, Vayne+Sona, Caitlyn+Sona can be extremely annoying. I think if you play against a lane like that you should be aggressive at level one and try get their flash/barrier/exhaust down so you can farm safely.

Very Good
Graves is someone who has a lot of burst, which means he needs a lot of damage and less attack speed for example (Of course it isn't bad or anything). And Janna has a shield which provides 50 Attack Damage at level 5 and this will make Graves burst a lot higher. You can also use the shield to increase his damage output on his Buckshot or his ultimate.
You can just shield his poke and if it doesn't do enough damage the shield is still on your ADC and you can punish him back with the attack damage buff. Also you can shield his ultimate which might be enough for your ADC to survive, especially if he uses barrier as well. Here again, you can try to time his dash and still hit him with your Q. This can be quite hard, but take your time to practice!


Miss Fortune








This is my top 3 of the ADCs that suit Janna best:

1) Draven
Almost unable to lane against Draven + Janna. The amount of damage output is insane. Plus Jannas Q and Dravens E together is really nice with engaging.
2) Quinn and Valor
They scale well with eachother and they have a really nice engage. For example Janna uses her Q and then Quinn blinds and uses her Ultimate to go in.
3) Vayne
Vayne already has a lot of burst damage. Now use Jannas E with that and there ya go. Vayne is an ADC who can accomplish a lot by herself IMO, but she still needs a lot of protection, because one stun or slow can pretty much hold her down.
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My Stats

Just a few games I played with Janna. I play her 24/7 haha so I've got a lot more game with her, but I find this one the best. Or I couldn't make a screenshot of it, because there was a game with an other champion in it :)
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