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Janna General Guide by dddango

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dddango

Janna support build dango style (for advantaged players)

dddango Last updated on July 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello I'm a diamond player who main Janna as a support. Still I want to be sneaky and unknown, so I linked my profile to my smurf account. Yes it is smurf account which is atm diamond 2. You can check it out if you want.

So I had some extra time to add screenshot of my smurfs Janna games.
Ok, after thinking a while I decide to add all of my accounts Janna stats here:

(Stats are taken from

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Ranked Play

Janna is a great pick for ranked and I use this build for all my ranked janna games. Just remember to keep it calm when you play ranked and take a break when it starts to get annoying, ok :D

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You want max amount of ap and armors for yellow.
For magic dmg heavy bot lane should take flat mr for blue.

So Here is my usual:

If magic damage heavy lane then consider this:
Alternative runes:

(still under testing...)

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Pros / Cons

+One of the best peel power in game
+Does affect a lot with ap
+SUUUPAAAA FAST (when w off cd)
-Need a lot of skills to master
-Squishy with this build style
-totally useless worth a caster minion IF oom

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I updates masteries after reconsidering build paths and end up with these masteries of 0/9/21.

Extra movement speed is wonderful and always worth for support who roams a lot.

Helps early in lane and necessary if skipping any mana regen items.

CDR for summoner spells, sounds good to me

better sustain for lane

same as above



Allows you to get green ward at start of game or extra potion

Offers same amount of cdr as Sorcery but ALSO gives item cdr

Just poke to get more money, works great with your start items

Dude, just roam and gank mid when your adc is not in lane with you. This gives you enough movement speed to do so.

Good way to stay longer in lane

Likely they make most damage with autoattacks on bot lane so it's really good

Synergy nicely with one above

Extra HP, so why not

Not sure of this, I just tend to take it. You can as well go with Oppression since you have slow to benefit from it or just some raw armor with Hardiness .

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I like to start with ap support item with ward and potions. Alternative is to go ancient coin. Either way you want to rush sight stone second. After that pretty much in season 4 supports are free to build whatever they want. Here's example of what I like to build.

I usually start with:



Sell later on your Frostfang for another item, but keep it as long as possible for gold income

Mid to late game:
I take rabadon if I did great on lane or they don't really have assasins to focus me. Otherwise you want to go Solari since extra shield with your shield is pretty nice. After that you can buy the one you didn't buy yet

For boots you can go either mobs or cdr both good

Lategame example build:

You basically want tons of ap, because then you can heal up your entire team to full hp with your ult. Sightstone is a MUST for support so keep it. Zhonya good if they try to focus you when you ult or overall if they for some reason want to drop support first. CHANGE mejai to something else if you can't keep stacks high. Mikael's also good to keep because you can remove hard cc for your adc or somebody else. Stunlock does hurt so you got counter to that.

Due to newest patch and item that came with it, I would suggest to try out not buying boots at all. If you need movementspeed try to combo these two items together:

Based on situation either sell Aether Wisp later to buy another item or you can upgrade it into Twin Shadows which would give you following alternative build.

Do keep in mind that with this that you can't remove cc with Mikael's Crucible, so if they have cc heavy team then keep it to have an answer to those nasty cc locks. Also you might run out of mana in fights without mana regen from Mikael's Crucible.

For last but not the least, you can consider changing build a bit more if you get super late game. Since you have Twin Shadows to reveal near by enemies, you can also get back your Warding Totem or even Farsight Orb, because they together provide decent amount of vision to your team. In which case you can change your Ruby Sightstone for another item. BUT this is good only in really rarely. Your team has to be warding with their trinkets and preferably your jungle has Ruby Sightstone. For example if you have Lee Sin in your jungle you can do this, because he will want to get Ruby Sightstone. Anyhow if you end up doing this, your build should look somethig like this

It has anything you should ever need in late late game. But let's still think a bit and consider the possibility that your Mejai's Soulstealer is not stacked, in which case you have few good items to choose from. For first if you need more dmg take Lich Bane might sound a bit wierd, but trust me, it's good. Another good pick is Locket of the Iron Solari if you team does have it, and even if your team has it, you can still get 2nd one as long as you don't use shield at the same time. It won't stack shields, but it can refresh it.

Note! I know that you will go over max cdr with this last alternative if you have fully stacked Mejai's Soulstealer, but is it that bad? Most of the time I have around 14stacks so it doesn't really happen that often.

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Team Work / Team Fight

PROTECT ADC! Your job is to keep your valuable players alive. That means PEEL for adc or mid in most case, but basically you want to keep the one alive who is dealing most dmg in your team. If they all dive that person just go with your Monsoon and push them away. Else just Eye Of The Storm and deny any gapcloser skills with your Howling Gale. YES it does block EVERY jumping skills that enemy has (this does not include Malphite Unstoppable Force or similar "unstopable jumps"). Same apply for your Monsoon pushback.

When you peel remember that you are more closer to your backline than your frontline. So also keep yourself alive. Dead support can't peel.

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Skill Sequence

Like to max Zephyr for overall dmg and utility it provides for Janna. Might be a bit wierd for some, but you can't even imagine how many times I've solo killed adc by using Zephyr+ Ignite combo.

Alternative is to max Eye Of The Storm first and rely only on your adcs dmg. I personally don't like to rely on other people whether they hit or not, so I rarely do this. Of course I recommend to first maxing Eye Of The Storm when you learning to play the champ.

This is how I skill:
> > >

How people usually skill:
> > >

In the end I think both are good

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Unique Skills

Great skill to block enemy from jumping to you or your adc. Lategame with ap you can also help to clear waves

Lovely movementspeed boost to roam over map and you can nuke people down if you got to 700ap. Also use this to peel enemy away. Dat slow gets huge later on

In my opinion best shield of the game. You give AD, DMG! Lategame you get it to ~+100ad and that's damage worth a fully stacked bt. Just insane dmg boost, not to even mention the SHIELD :D

Good disengage! You can push people to towers too if you wanna make flashy plays. Most importantly lategame you WILL heal your team to full hp regardless of enemy's damage if you have around 600-700ap and nobody stop you from channeling...

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I like to use ignite + flash and recommend it for more offensive playstyle.

Alternative is to pick exhaust + flash and also really good for defensive playstyle.

You can go heal + flash if your adc didn't take heal, but WHY HE DIDNT TAKE IT???
Oh he has cleanse, you are good then with heal :D

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Matchups (mostly in lane)

Based on my experience and assumption that both teams are at same skill level

Enemy picks:

Lately there has been a lot of Morgana supports in soloQ. Probably due to it's pick rate in lcs. Anyhow playing vs morgana as Janna is not that hard. All you have to do is dodge Dark Binding and when she uses Soul Shackles you should instantly use your Monsoon. If you fail to push her away due to Black Shield, you will still heal up all of those who she is trying to stun. If you want to poke enemy adc then you should try to bait out Black Shield and hit when it's on cd.
Difficulty: Medium

Probably most played support in league as far as I know. Once again try to dodge Death Sentence and you should be just fine. Remember not to walk too close either because then he can just Flay you and then easily hit Death Sentence right after. If you try to poke then do it when Dark Passage is on cd or you can wait shield to end after he used it.
Difficulty: medium

This is a bit different to other matchups. Simply TAKE Ignite. Also you might want to rush after your core into Morellonomicon due to sorakas heals. In addition I usually advice ap champs in my team to also get Morellonomicon if it can fit their builds. In lane you don't want to trade much, because she can just heal all dmg. You can trade if soraka has Astral Blessing on cooldown for some reason. Otherwise you mostly want to go ALL IN. Most of the time this matchup ends up being quite passive farming for both adc and every once in a while there will be all in attemps with or without jungler.
Difficulty: easy

Really easy or really hard. There is no animation for Rocket Grab like thresh has for his hook. So therefore it's harder to dodge his grab. If you manage to dodge it you should have no problems, but if he gets you. It's problem. Play agressive while Rocket Grab is on cooldown and when not, stand behind minions most of the time. Personally don't like this matchup
Diffulty: hard

Leona is good at level 2, but she is pretty much useless at level 1. Use your advantage and poke them as much as you can at level 1. Most Leona players level Shield of Daybreak first, so if you keep your distance and hit your autoattacks to them all the way to level 2. Then she most likely can't go agressive towards you. If Leona took Zenith Blade then she will hit it once and you kite backwards while hitting her back. Be a bit more careful at level 3, since that's when Leona is at her strongest. Just remember that you can block Zenith Blade with your Howling Gale (might take some practice). And if she use Solar Flare you can push her away with Monsoon so they can't engage.
Difficulty: Easy

Your ADC picks:

My personal favourite adc to support with Janna. She has great range to poke enemy when you use Eye Of The Storm on her. She also scales nicely from extra ad you can provide. Always Eye Of The Storm her when she uses Ace in the Hole for dmg boost. You will have great disengage together with your Monsoon,her 90 Caliber Net, Yordle Snap Trap and your Howling Gale. Overall really strong duo lane.
Synergy: Great!

Really safe lanepick, with his Arcane Shift and your disengage. You should never get caught in your lane, unless you get hard cc'ed. Really mobile lane partner. His poke from Mystic Shot gets a lot stronger with your Eye Of The Storm
Synergy: good

Janna offers disengage for the lane. Therefore higher ranged adc are good picks with Janna. Vayne has really low range and because of that it's not a good pick with janna. Maybe if you are premade and know each other really well, it might work. What comes to playing in soloQ, vayne is bad with janna. It just doesn't match. Vayne scale best from attackspeed and needs sustain for lane. Janna offers just flat ad and not much sustain.
Synergy: Bad

This is pretty good sometimes. Works best when varus maxing Piercing Arrow since it does tons of dmg with your shield. Varus also has some cc with Chain of Corruption and Hail of Arrows, which matches nicely with your disengage. I would advice to go "legolas build" for varus aka The Bloodthirster into Last Whisper
Synergy: ok

Under work, will add more later and please comment if you disagree or have something to point out.

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You don't farm, you are a support. Still ALWAYS remember to proc cs for adc at the tower. For those who don't know what that is, it means to hit creep once so adc can oneshot creeps from one tower hit.

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Lane phase:

You just want to waveclear with your Howling Gale and try to get farm without deaths.
Use tp often to get your hp back. If you can, push wave to tower and roam to help other lanes. This is your weak point of the game and that's why most people don't play Janna as solo laner. You most likely will lose to any champion in lane with equal skill level.

Mid game:

It's getting a lot better, now you should have nice amount of AP and you are starting to be useful in teamfights, unless you messed up early in lane... You want to play similarly to support janna, but you have more ap to work with.

End game:

If you get here and max out your build with possibly hitting around 900AP, you will become INSANE in teamfights. Shields will just blow their minds off and if your team gets aoe dmg from enemy, you just hit your Monsoon and your team is full hp. Push to win you should not lose at this point. You can even splitpush and pretty much 1v1 most of people even Zed. Trust me, you can outplay him without so much trouble. Ok maybe it's not that easy, but you can still do it. #believe

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I like Janna and it's fun to play her. If you spend some time to learn her good enough, you can even carry your team if you go with more carry orientated build style. Sill remember the more effect you have in game, it applies for both positive and negative way (you die easier).

Feel free to leave any questions and please don't steal away my champion from me at champselect

ps. STILL UNDER WORK, not complete yet

EDIT: would really prefer to get some FEEDBACK :)


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