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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Darth warrior

AD Offtank Jarvan Demacia Solo top

AD Offtank Jarvan Demacia Solo top

Updated on December 16, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darth warrior Build Guide By Darth warrior 4 3 7,540 Views 7 Comments
4 3 7,540 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Darth warrior Jarvan IV Build Guide By Darth warrior Updated on December 16, 2012
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Hi everyone, this is my first guide so I will try to explain the best i can, and notice that there are a lot of ways to build a champion but this is the one sweets me more, I hope i can help some people that want to try this awesome champion, please comment about this guide.
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Pros / Cons

Iniciate teamfight.
Great damage burst.
Great damage sustain.
Escaping System + .
Nice Aoe with his , and .

Mana hungry early game as all mana users.
Can trap an allie with low hp inside his .
People can flash out ur or jump out as and another champions.
Not a full tank build.
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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
This runes will help you to take down tanks as , also works along with your passive and obviously your for my point of view is better than or as you are an offtank and not an adc.

Greater Seal of Armor
Well as I told you before you are an offtank so you'll be needing armor not just for late game, you need it to in your lane cause almost all the top champions are melee ones, combining this runes with and his starting armor you'll have 37 of armor at lvl 1 which means you wont get kill that easy.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
I think we all agree in this one, magic resist per lvl is better than and having this MR will help us survive the AP Carry Combo, considering that we have and , we wont have problems with the AP carries.

Greater Quintessence of Health
Some of you might say why this runes, it helps us to stay in the lane for a bit longer in early game as we are also taking 2 so we can farm a little bit more and not recall too many times.
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Summoner's Wrath
We can always consider that 5 more attack damage while our little friend is on cd can sweets us a lot to farm or to hit with basic attacks.

This one helps us a bit in early game cause we have passive so we will hit a bit faster.

Well this one may not like to everyone but, it helps us a lot with the cdr of our + combo, and we will have our ultimate a bit quick too so thats why i use it.

We also need some damage, and as we are not getting any in our runes so we take this one.

Weapon Expertise
More Armor Penetration to our cause of killing tanks and its free Armor Pen 2 so why not.

More free damage.

Brute Force
Well its kinda obvious, damage.

We have more armor penetration here.

This one is important to have more damage to targets that are almost dead so you can take the kill.

This one will help to stay in the lane a bit longer.

Tough Skin
You never know when you'll get trapped with low hp by the minions so this combining with will safe you from the dead.

Bladed Armor
This works with Though Skin to not let you die, also help a bit with the farm.

Free armor.

Free magic resist but we are not putting more points cause we will have a lot of MR with all the build finished.

Helps avoiding ganks after you + , you can run to turrent and if they then you can run safely after .
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Starting Items

We need his hp and attack damage bonus as we start with 53 damage cause the masteries, also his great passive that helps us a lot now a days with this new season, and 2 cause if someone ignites us and we manage to kill him first, we can hit minions and recover some hp to avoid the dead.

We are not openning with this item plus 3 cause we need the hp and a bit more damage in lvl 1, and also in lvl 2 we can easily escape with E+Q combo.

Dont forget to buy this to avoid ganks is very important, and if our jungler isnt warding the blue buff then we should do it, if we are on the blue side, if we are not then no problem with this.

In case that theres a on their team or maybe a or another stealth champion.
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Core Items

Because of the magic resist and more important for the tenacity, very important to jarvan cause we dont want to end dead when we get stun.

Armor penetration, great passive, nice damage, and health to keep up with the sustain, also cdr to be honest my favourite item for jarvan, i used to make but this one has more damage, and a better passive, obviously if your kills are getting away then is better for you.

It gives you a bit of everything, attack speed, health, damage, great passive and it helps a lot.

Well this items is like the core of the sustain cause of the lifesteal and the area damage, also his active can help you last hit a champion thats getting away cause its good AOE.
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Other Items

We sometimes want to avenged our dead, and it also works as Zylean ultimate but with the extra armor and magic resist.

Grants us nice magic resist and armor, but also health it helps us become tankier.

In case the other team is just pure ad champions, just to counter their damage a little bit more.

For those champion with their supresse ultimate like or stuns like its up to you.

If your enemy team is conformed by a lot of AP carries, then you should get this item to counter them.

In case your kills are getting away.
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Skill Sequence

We should max this first cause it gives us tons of damage, we just have to learn how and when to use it, never spamm this ability cause it drains a lot of mana.

This skill goes first cause the amor and attack speed passive buff, max it later just to have more armor and attack speed.

Grants us a little shield that can save us from dead, it also slows the enemies that are in the range of the AOE max it last cause we wont need 2 much shield in early game.
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Help us secure kills, and also when have all of our skill in Cd.

To avoid gank, escape from a hard situation, if you use this 1 and you are in the jungle try to flash through a wall so u can escape.

This one helps a lot in teamfight if you are a guy that thinks more in teamfights then grab this spell, and always use it in the adc or apc.

Only if you are gonna jungle, but this build is not for jungling, so i dont recommend you to jungle with this build cause it lacks of sustain.

No other spells should be taking for cause none of them will help him like the four mention before.
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Team Work

In teamfights always iniciate with your combo + the knock will help your team to gain the advantage, save for last so you can trap them when they are trying to escape, or to save an allie from getting kill, or maybe secure a kill, you also dont do it first cause with you E+Q some of them will flash so if you do E+Q+R they will flash out of your ultimate and the teamfight wont take place.
has a strong synergy with and , also with those champions that have a good AOE Strong CC Ultimate.
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I hope this guide will help the people that is interest in playing jarvan.
If theres something i've missed on detailing i accept any comments, sorry for the simple look of the post, i barely know something of html codes xD so this is the best i could do with none previous knowledge of html language, and if my english is not that well sorry too xD
I'll be adding something later to this build as how to play agaisnt counters, and stuff like that.
Thank you and cya around.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darth warrior
Darth warrior Jarvan IV Guide
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Jarvan Demacia Solo top

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