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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Urlic

Jarvan-Do or Die

Jarvan-Do or Die

Updated on July 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Urlic Build Guide By Urlic 6,778 Views 2 Comments
6,778 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Urlic Jarvan IV Build Guide By Urlic Updated on July 20, 2011
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My first guide! Why I chose to pick Jarvan IV is because he is one insane killing machine. Jarvan is a freaking Dragon Slayer. One badass mofo. I have been playing Jarvan ever since he came out. I have close to 1000 normal wins. I do hope that you learn something from this guide. And you realize the full potential of Jarvan IV.
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x9 Dodge chance is great. For example: You are running away from someone and you are low on health. Say you dodge an attack and you get a speed bonus from Nimbleness(in defense masteries) and that speed bonus helps you get away.Then you will be happy you have dodge runes.

x9 This magic resist will help you early game. Keep you from taking to much damage from those nasty casters early game.

Greater Mark of Desolation x9 Everyone loves armor pen. I perfer armor pen over ad runes because sure the ad runes will help you early game. But the armor pen will help you the whole game.

x3 This gives you an extra 78hp at level 1.
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I go 15-15-0 for my masteries. Which makes complete sense. Tanky dps. Getting attack and defense. There are many different mastery trees that can be used on Jarvan. I am simply showing you the one that I think is most effective.
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Honestly i love this item. It gives you crit chance and armor! The passive on it is just delightful. Great item for Jarvan.

Personally i use this item every time i play Jarvan. The health and mana are good along with some Magic resist. You dont need this item to do good. But its a good item to keep him alive.

I don't really like this item on him. But if you really want it then go ahead. But if you are getting Mercury's Treads then dont't get cloak and dagger. The reason is Tenacity does Not stack.

Force of nature is good if you are having problems with any casters they have. Or if they just have a lot of ap champions.

I don't have any issues with Guardian Angel. It's nice being revived. Only thing is the long cd on it. 5 minutes.

Not a bad item. I just think its stats are to low for the cost 1800g. The passive is alright. But other than that not a needed item on Jarvan. There are better choices.

I have used it once(just to check it out). Spell vamp and lifesteal is good. The only reason i don't recommend this item is because of the ap. And it's an expensive item.

I do like this item on Jarvan very much. Great amount of attack damage. Not a lot of crit chance but still a nice amount. Also the crits hitting at 250% instead of 200% is really good. This is a very strong item, and i implore you to use this item.

Great item. Especially when the other team is stacking armor. I get this item more mid-late game. Becuase the other teams carries or tanks are not going to have a ton of armor early game.

This is the bread and butter of Jarvan. Once you get this item you are officially the terminator. Honestly i believe this is the best item for Jarvan. Gives him everything he needs to woop some ***.

I wouldnt get this.Not really worth it. Only thing i even like about it is having a lot of mana.

This is a very good item. I dont use it that often. But has a good amount of health and armor with it. The passive is very nice. A chance to slow movement speed and Attack speed of people hitting you. Also the Active is great. You can use it for slowing people down that you are chasing or you are running from.

I see a lot of Jarvans getting warmogs. It's an alright item. Gives you a lot of hp. And with an Atma's Impaler it'll give you a good amount of damage. The health regen is also very good.

Great item. Mana, cd, armor all in one item. Fantastic choice. Although i would only get this item if the opposing team is more ad than ap.
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Summoner Spells

You shouldn't be getting this summoner spell. Leave is to the support to get it.

uhhhh no. Never get this. If you are really afriad of having no mana early game then grab some mana pots. Or get some mana regen runes.

I wouldnt get this item. There are only a few champs who really need this spell. Like Singed

Pretty good. If you play Jarvan IV ranked and they have a couple ad champs, then i would pick this up. Pretty good summoner spell.

Flash is great on Jarvan. A good way to start team fights would be to flash and ult onto the opposing teams carries.

Not really something that you need. Let Shen or a support get it.

Good for chasing or running away. I normally dont get it. Just because Jarvan has a good Movement speed after getting trinity.

Cough Cough..noob Cough.

Very useful summoner spell. You ever have those times where the person gets away with less than 100 hp. Then your like man i wish i had ignite. ha.

You shouldn't be backdooring with Jarvan. So do not get this.

Yeah if you get this and you are not Karthus then please uninstall.

Most Jarvans do not jungle. But i do like to jungle with him every now and then. He's really not as bad as people think in the jungle. Great ganking ability when he hits 6.

I'm in love with teleport. I use it with every champion i play. You can help fellow teamates pretty much anywhere on the map. 4 seconds and you are there and ready to kill.
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-AOE slow
-Can knock up the whole opposing team
-Great at harassing
-Lots of CC
-Great at escaping
-He screams DEMACIA. What is better than that!


-If you do not get Cataclysm right then you could trap an ally :(
-Will sometimes be focused because of the way he starts teamfights.
-Long Cooldowns
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Team Fights

Really your job as Jarvan in team fights is to pop up the enemy and seperate them. Start off by trying to pop up as many people as you can. Try to have Demacian Standard down all the time. This give your team the extra armor and Attack speed.

This Is very important when you do a team fight. READ carefully. DO NOT trap any allies in Cataclysm. The goal I try to have is to trap 2 or 3 enemy champions in your Ult. If you trap allies in it then you get them killed. Seperate and destroy the enemy. Not to many champions have the ability Jarvan does to seperate and disrupt the enemy.
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Jungle Jarvan

Jarvan Jungle path Starting at Golems Items


After you have Wriggle's Lantern and Mercury's Treads Then the rest of you items should depend on what the other team has. Or you can use items from the the items i have at the beginning. Sometimes when I jungle I get Warmog's Armor, because when you have so much health and you have Wriggle's Lantern which give you 18% lifesteal. So it makes you a bit harder to kill.

Summoner Spells



Really these are the only combos I think would be useful and work. i guess you could pick up Ignite maybe. Buy i picked those 3 so they will help you gank easier. For Ex: Ghost to get to and kill the enemy fast. Exhaust to slow the enemy and kill. Flash to get to them quicker. But Ignite is cool also. I just put the 3 easiest summoner spells to use.

Starting At Blue Golem
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Farming with Jarvan IV is really easy. As you level up your Demacian Standard it will get easier. Also with you passive last hitting is easier. Have you ever misjudged on your last hit and then the minion has a little hp left and gets killed by another minion? Well with Jarvan's passive you do more damage on the first hit. So misjuding by a little bit won't matter. Also once your level 9ish your Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike combo will kill the caster minions.
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You need to farm all the time. I see to many people as Jarvan thinking the gold items and kills is good enough for gold. No it is not. You can still get kills and harass. But realistically you are not going to get better if you dont last hit good. That is something I can't stress enough. Grab Teleport and try to only go back when it is up. You don't want to lose a wave or 2 of Experience. Harass with your Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike. Help mid lane out if you have no jungler. Don't be a **** to people. :)
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I really hope this guide gave you a new out look on Jarvan IV. Please give feedback on what you think of my guide. Anything i can improve or fix. This is my first guide, but I think I got it down pretty good. Or if you have any questions on why I use certain items/runes. Thanks. DEMACIAAAAA!!!!!!!!
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