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Jarvan IV Build Guide by DJ Potato Bread

Other Jarvan IV: 4 out of 5 Demacians approve

Other Jarvan IV: 4 out of 5 Demacians approve

Updated on February 23, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DJ Potato Bread Build Guide By DJ Potato Bread 1 9 8,979 Views 13 Comments
1 9 8,979 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DJ Potato Bread Jarvan IV Build Guide By DJ Potato Bread Updated on February 23, 2013
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Whats up guys, this is some more DJ Potato Bread bringing you my guide for the one and only Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia. Overall, Jarvan is fantastic, you should buy him. Now i can just stop it here but I'm obligated to continue.
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Now in the wonderful table of contents up yonder, it gives the chapters of my rant of how amazing Jarvan is, this chapter is going over the basics of being worthy enough of Jarvan.

Jarvan is one of the few players (aside from and ) who can build as such a tank and still wreck my first item build explains this

Jarvan has a scientific sh*t-ton (*note* this is more than a ****-load, but less than a f*ck-ton) of CC (crowd control), so use it often
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Pros / Cons


-Lots of CC
-Can build tanky/bruiser
-apparently can jungle???
-good poke
-can scout areas with Demacian Standard
-fantastic ultimate
-freaking amazing skins
-many build options
-somewhat cheap builds


-mana hungry early
- Cataclysm is very hard to use (explained later in *Abilities* chapter)
-4800 IP :(
- Dragon Strike+ Demacian Standard combo (also explained later) can get you killed
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My Runes are simple Tank/ AD runes:

Greater Mark of Armor Penetrationx9 Grants, what else?, armor penetration

x9 It seems almost redundant to give comments...Armor! yaaaaaaaay!

x9 allows you to just ignore my comments and just put your mouse over the damn icons

Quint of Magic Resist You know, I really like how fancy these Q's are... you can switch these Quintessences out for any that you like, I just find Magic Resist to be more reliable, I might just change mine to flat health or something
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Basic Masteries, I cant do one of those fancy mastery bars so deal with it. they revolve around tankiness...just go with tank, off tank, or damage
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Skill Order

Start out with Either or , get the other at level 2.

I get Golden Aegis at around level 4 or 5 (beginning of the laning phase).

Get at levels 6, 11, and 16, as usual.
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Skill Overview

Jarvan IV's Passive: deals extra damage to a target (6/8/10% of health)(capped at 400 damage) on the first blow, cannot occur again for 6 seconds

Jarvan's Q: Extends his lance in a line, dealing damage and reducing armor

Jarvan's W: Creates a shield, blocking an amount of damage + extra for each enemy champion nearby. Also slows any enemy in its radius when activated

Jarvan's E: (Passive) grants Jarvan bonus attack speed and armor
(Active) sends out a standard (basically a flag) in an area, does damage in an AoE (Area of Effect), and also grants sight

Allies in the area of Demacian Standard are given a passive bonus for 8 seconds

If and When Jarvan uses Dragon Strike towards his standard, he will be pulled toward said standard, knocking up enemies in the path

Jarvan's Ultimate: Jarvan jumps to an enemy location, terraforming the surrounding area, creating an impassable barrier for 4 seconds

Jarvan can activate this ability again to disengage the barrier.

Jarvan can also use his Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike combo to escape the impassable wall
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Items: Tank

When Starting, consider:

gives a considerable amount of health, health regen, and armor very early

grants a large amount of health, and also gives you a head start on your build

Early Game:

any top lane or overall AD champion should have this, its that good... gives health, attack damage, and a slow for every attack

Giants Belt Gives a lot of health, a Jarvan Tank should buy about 3 of these over the course of the game

gives critical strike damage and +2 gold per kill, upgrade into Atma's Impaler later

basic boots for an AD top, no real explanation is needed, magic resist and some tenacity

Mid Game:

Upgraded from phage, only solution, you shouldnt need Trinty Force

Fantastic item, largest source of health in the game

Good item, grants armor and slows enemies in your area, upgraded into Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen

Late Game:

Wonderful item, armor, critical strike chance, and damage for a percentage of maximum health

One of my personal favorite items, grants additional mana, one of the largest sources of armor, next to Thornmail,a large amount of cooldown reduction, and a passive that slows anyone in its vicinity

Another great item, grants armor, health, and an active that slows all enemies, best part: STACKS WITH FROZEN HEART

Also Consider:

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Items: Bruiser

Spawn Items:

Grants health, damage, and enough life steal to last until later

x3 Standard starting items, allows for more presence and regeneration

Ive never actually used this before but it seems good, from what I understand, its basically 3, more potent Biscuits (I.E. Biscuiteer )

Early Game/Laning Phase:

Core of any AD build, I already talked about this last chapter

pretty awesome item, grants a good portion of AD, plus some regeneration benefits. identical to Malphite's Brutal Strikes, it attacks any enemy in an AoE

giants belt gives health, needed for later

grants armor and resists 10% of basic attacks, good for AD heavy teams or laning opponents

Also Consider:

good for the gold bonus, build it into...I dont know... Yomuu's Ghostblade or something

Mid Game:

again with the last chapter, get it early, you dont need Trinity Force

Pretty good item, grants good armor, health, and a damaging aura. I believe it stacks with Avarice Blade**

**Hey you.....yeah you, the readers, answer in the comments of it does or not

Built from Tiamat, basically Tiamat with lifesteal on steroids

Late Game:

Zeke's Herald grants health, cooldown reduction, and an aura that grants lifesteal and damage to allies in your area

Grants a good amount of Damage, magic Resist, and a few good passives:
-when your health falls below 30%, grants a shield that blocks magic damage
-for every 2.5% of health missing, grants 1 point to Damage

Also Consider:

Grants a lot of Damage and Armor penetration, good for any AD top laners

Grants significant damage, magic resist, and a built in Cleanse
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Summoner Spells


Pretty Good:

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Please dont jungle with Jarvan, I dont care if youre good at it, just dont....If you do, wonderful, use your own jungling experience. Jarvan is not a good jungler and youll just look stupid.

If you Really want to jungle...just pick TRUNDLE

*Note to self, never enlarge Trundle's face ever again
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Be Wary

When playing as Jarvan, there are some rools:

1) youre not invincible, Jarvan may be, but youre not

2) Poke, thats why you have Dragon Strike and Demacian Standard

3) Using your E, W combo, use map awareness, and COMMON SENSE. When tower diving, NO.

4) Be careful when using Cataclysm you can secure a kill, yes, but you can also get allies killed. When intercepting, in hopes to save an ally, your ult can trap them and get them killed
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Early Game

Expect to poke constantly, buy sight wards early or use Demacian Standard watch for ganks

Know who counters you and who you counter, some helpful sites because im too lazy to tell you myself:
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Mid Game

Your jungler (if you have one) should be in youre lane more often so you dont need to be worrying about ganks as much. Plus youre Jarvan, you can handle a simple gank.

Be wary of your ult and EQ combo

Harass as much as possible
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Late Game

Just tank...'tis a simple life
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Tanks guys for bearing me for this long, i hope you like this sh*t up, drop a comment to and fro', and buy jarvan....NOW
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