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Jax Build Guide by DRhodre

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DRhodre

JAX:i will stick a pole up yo ***(after the after remake xD

DRhodre Last updated on June 29, 2012
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offtanky hybrid jax/jungle


ad carry

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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into the awesomeness

Jax is a great champion once mastered both with a high damage output and great survivability (only with the right items).
He can serve many roles in a team fight making him a great pick for a hybrid champion if the team needs one....
A great thing about this champion is that if u have a good laning partner and u both play aggressive u will be rewarded but that doesnt mean that if dont harrass your enemies u will suffer from level loss or that you will not have a good gold income....
And remember:JAX IS FOR THE BRAVE! ;)
Jax being my beloved champ and seeing all the nerfing he has suffered i can only say for sure that his playstyle has and will possibly change on every patch ...back in the day he was mostly the hybrid-ap carry using some attack speed due to the change on his passive and due to the nerfing his ap scaling has suffered he must be played with attack speed but with attack damage increasing his damage and attack speed and raising his ability power ...jax becomes so beefy that they will just ignore you in fights and consider u almost a tank ignoring the burst damage you inflct on their squeeshy carries and that is what you want to achieve and i will help you to do so through this build.So are you ready for the awesomeness jax beholds?!

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Jaxy can be played with many rune choices...the one rune page listed above is the optimal for a late game choice.Both giving him a fair amount of attack speed to stack with his ultimate and giving him armor and magic resist which are always welcome against a heavy dps or caster team.Some could pick MS quintessence as a viable option for aa buff on speed and i do recomend it too.In many games i have played there is always a garen or a kassdin trying to run away with his speed buffs or walljumps...being able to have a good MS and a red buff sure does increase the chance of killing that coward and also make you less angry when he escapes..

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Not much to say..just if you want to go beefy pick 10 masteries in the defence tree maxing armor magic resist and health to get you going.also the +% hp runes and masteries work out well on jaxy ;) if u want for tanky buld ofc..

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Summoner spells

Some spells are just not worth picking...for example:
the noobiest thing ive seen is Smite on jax..and when i asked the summoner why he picked it his answer was exactly this one :to grab buffs faster and steal OUR junglers buffs.
OK srsly we need to focus on this one because ive seen this noobish way of thinking a thousand times and not only with smite.
The two summoner spells i mostly pick are:
Ghost:because you will want that extra speed buff when they are running away from your awesomeness or when you are running away from theirs (ussually only the first senario happens)
IgniteI always use it in fights because ther is always an ashe or a teemo running away so using ignite can ensure you the kill.(prefer to use it on a volibear or mundo once they start regening like crazy)


Obviously Flash could be not only worth mentioning but on the main list due to its versitability like jumping over walls to escape or chase.

Clarity:okay this is a rather good pick due to jax mana problems but i still question myself when i pick it because if you are carefull with the way you spend your mana until lvl6 you are done!No mana problems anymore...or by picking a blue buff at lvl 11-13..that would help also(never steal them from your jungler...always ask his permission to get one of the buffs..even on the enemy team camps...he will get angry and not help you in fights...)

Teleport:i know most of you right now will be thinking "teleport ? wtF? nab!"and so on....
But Teleport actually is one of the best summoner spells for ganking...when you are top lane and bot is being pushed ask your fellow summoners to ward one of the bushes on their lane and use teleport on the ward ( i know that for the most advanced players this sounds natural but i have seen players that do not know that you can TP on wards or even teemo's shrooms...
If you do so happen to use teleport never lane with a mate such as teemo.Always have teemo on the opposite lane so you can TP across the map.

Exhaust:yeah!thats one hell of a spell...havin an enmy yi or twitch etc.. who is fed and exhausting him is the best and most annoying thing you can do in you and your team survive most of the fights and makes their ad carry useless..

Cleanse:another great spell especially if you are in a ranked match and the enemy team has Malzahar, Warwick, Annie and so on or even exhausts on the house its a good thing to have your cleanse ready...

Surge:i have not used it that much but it suits jax pretty well giving him attack speed and ability power...but still there are better picks than this....

Heal:no dont discard it from your life once you reach a summoner level 5...instead keep using it for first blood or even can save you and your mataes from certain death (be sure to use it after or before they ignite you)

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Dorans :all dorans items can be used on jax well giving him regen and attack damage health or ability power...i prefer not to buy em because you end up selling em so its a slight loss of money...but i do insist on buying em if you are new to jaxy.

Boots of Swiftness due to the change to jax's dodge tabi got just so useless unless they have 4 or 5 ad autohitters which jax counters with his dodge....using these boots is a great choice if you want to go for the extra ms in cost of tenacity and mr if they have no great nnukers and cc

Guinsoo's Rageblade:this item is as epic as guinso himself...its cheap and cost stacks attack speed and ability power and gives your flat damage and ability more op can the item get?

Hextech Gunblade:once you make this item your are on your way to gives a good ammount of ability and damage and the most important thing :spell vamp and life makes jax look like superman.Being able to regen 600hp in 3 auto attacks is a great atribute..especially if the 3 attacks are made in no more than 1.5sec...(tossing it also slows their cowards who are triyng to make an escape..)

Trinity Force:by now you should have decided if you will scale with ability power or physical damage..if you have more than 2 mages go with this item it will help you a lot because their tank will be stacking magic resist and we seriously dont give a **** about it if we have a trinity in the inventory...its cost might be high but with a good farm and score it will help you go legendary...

Phantom Dancer:its a good movement speed attack speed and crit...i mostly dont pick it though ...i try to leave this slot to be decided by the outcome of previous fights...i mostly pick a black cleaver over dancer if we dont have great dmgers...givers damage and armor pen which is great and givves some attack speed too...used to be even better by giving dodge but they nefred it so if you dont want to pick this item dont!dont listen to your teammates saying what a noob you are by not picking it..they might aswell have nevep played jax...

Guardian Angel:this it the item that will make the enemy champs cry rivers..with the spell vmp and life steal from gunblade and with the immortality of this item yuo will be able to be always also gives good armor and a bit of MR ...with this item you will have around 60% dmg reduction both physical and magic leading to be simingly undiyng...

The Bloodthirster:Many consider this a rather odd pick on jax...i say go for it if you have the money and dont have a decent dmger in your lifesteal which makes you more beefy and great damage which is great for jax's leap and passive raising your health a lot...if u want to pick it in a game please consider buying it instead of dancer or GA...

The Black Cleaver : awesome item!!simply consider buying it over dancer,...not much more to say... jax's attack speed+armr pen over hit=awesome combo...

Rabadon's Deathcap:if by any chance you want to play ap carry jax thats just fine as well...
rabadons is a supreme item giving you a hell of a boost in your AP making you empower and ultimate killer moves...if you go for the ap carry buy this item over phantom dancer...

Lich Bane:the bane helps you do burst damage and its an awesome item if you go for the ap can be used well instead of the trinity force...

Rylai's Crystal Scepter:another great item...making you beefy and raising you ap +the awesome atribute that slows enemies with spells...a leap strike is enough to slow em until u empower their sorry ***es...

Will of the Ancients:Not enough spells vamp?no prob!nc item especially when one of your mates and not you buy it...on champ selection urge one of your mates to pick that way you wont need clarity heal or this item...force her to make it ;)

Frozen Mallet:if you dont have a tank or you have one and he is not tanking right consider buying this you the slow atribute+ a great ammount of hit points...

Thornmail:great item especially if they have a fed yi or twitch you armor and returning dmg to them while you heal yourself with lifesteal+spellvamp+soraka..they will propably recieve50%dmg from it ..consider that it will return dmg almost equal to their life steal if they have a thirster ot two..

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Possible item combos

Ninja Tabi+ Guinsoo's Rageblade+ Hextech Gunblade+ Trinity+ Phantom Dancer+ Guardian Angel....this is the most common jax build and works great most of the time

Swiftness + Guinsoo's Rageblade+ Hextech Gunblade+ Trinity Force+ The Black Cleaver+ The Bloodthirster:this built is usually used if there is no ad carry in your team so you play that role build but you will need a lot of g to accomplish it

mercury's+ Hextech Gunblade+ Rabadon's Deathcap+ Rylai's Crystal Scepter+ Lich Bane+ Will of the Ancients or even better Zhonya's Hourglass! ;)its the ap carry build aimed to be both beefy and deal tons of damage in seconds..

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Basic play style

Jax is a grandamster at arms meaning you have to be aggressive!dont be a chicken...use your Empower+ Leap Strike combo to harrass em early and with the right items leap +empower can deal up to 1k dmg...just be sure not tto get kited by the enemy Teemo...
Know your limits:i know how much you love to leap strike on poor Teemo but there might be a Garen might have the talent and natural awesomeness to become superman but you are not from lvl 6 and without proper items...
All summoners playing jax have actually understood that jax has a tendency to sometimes(and especially when the enemy is a teemo)to leap on his own...try to hold yourself from clicking Q as soon as you see that poor little Teemo...a Garen or maybe a fed Master Yi or all the team might be nearby and will probably die ^^

EARLY GAME:jax used to dominate early game with his awesome burst damage...but not anymore :'(riot kept nerfing and nerfing until he couldnt get teemo down to half life at lvl 2 with leap stike+ be veeerrrryy carefull until you reach lvl 6 and farm well.If possible stay to your lane until you have tabi and rageblade.After that well...start killing anyone you see except a Mordekaiser...

MID GAME:always have wards in bushes,..i know no1 wants to buy em but some1 has too (not you ofc...) if you are top lane which you should probably be push turret and go gank mid...u shouldnt feed em at all..its best to have no kills or deaths and many creeps than feeding a yi and grabbin some kills by will all end up dead solo aced by him and you will just you should be aiming for a gunblade which will make you awesome...if farmed well a part of trinity force such as the sheen will help a lot...

LATE GAME:by now you should be dominating em and be the top dogg of your team...make the trinity or lichbane depending on what path you followed and always be in fights..the global stun you have will make sure you will kill their ap and ad carries without a scratch (maybe one but thats acceptable :P) and maybe kill their support and tank if you have co-oped well with your last get all the items (GA is highly recomended) and go push mid.

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Due to the remake jax became an almost excellent jungler..picking dodge skill 1st lvl will allow you to grab blue buff easily and make you an excelent jungler..also leap strike gives you great ganking capability so i totaly support playing jax as jungler if your team need one...also jjax at lvl 5 can counter jungle with a wriggles and he is great to do so if you happen to need,,,be carefull of an enemy Udyr

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Team work

This is the most important part in all of LoL.Team work is the Α and the Ω in the order to have good teamwork you should first of all be polite and have fun throughout the whole game..keep in mind that the best player is the one having the most fun...(after all its just a game...)apart from that having wards in key locations such as buffs nashor and drake will help a lot.Stealing their baron nashor after they did all the hard work will enrage em,disorient em and possibly make some1 rage quit...

Ganking:start ganking from min 10-9999
it will literally save the game...if you gank their carries early its a sure win...make sure to grab their blue and red buffs often (if you jungler gave you permision ofc..)

Do not underestimate the power of the blue buff !It gives cdr and a huge ammount of mana regen...its what you need and you are the champ that 90%in every fight will have both red and blue buff..if not something ir wrong...discuss it with you team and convince em to let you grab it,...

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Game going bad?

This is a senario where you have to be very carefull and fast..if the score is messed up and most turrets are gone there are three ways of turning the tides.

1:defending and grabbing turret kills.It will give you g and you will get fed an might win!dont ever become enraged or loose your cool...always try to be helps a lot

2:ganking their carries and heavy nukes 5v1.I know it sound a bit unfair but when you are loosing you must do anything in your power to prevent defeat...though cheaty it may sound it will destroy his stacks if he has meja or occult and also it will save your day..srsly try it when a yi is backdooring your turrets and you will see the dif...jax is good at that due to his ability to jump over walls....

3:backdooring/its the most unfair and cruel way to win a match but its a depserate and risky solution..u must leave one to def and once they reach your base go from the junle and rampage in their camp...they will possibly recall..while they do so the guy defing should start pushing like hell!

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Grand Finale

ALWAYS when you destroy the enemy nexus you should go in front of their spawn and shows class and skills...none dance better than jax except blitzcrank but you cant be an awesome fighter and dacner...also pick all items you can and in fights if you die check death recap to see what went wrong...too much magic?get a veil.!too much physical?THORNMAIL!
most people when they die they go to the wc or facebook but not you!be smart and check the recap every time to aadjust you playstyle,items and focus..

For any recomondations and ideas on how to improve the guide dont refrain from commenting and i will make sure to check it....also any builds and tricks on jax are also welcome so please post it below ...for further things just add me in leagueoflegends i play easteu so for anyone wanting to help me or him add HYPERGANKER (name sais a lot :P)DONT STOP GANKING!Untill then keep on leaping :)