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Jax Build Guide by BeyondGods

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BeyondGods

Jax Jungle - Season 5

BeyondGods Last updated on January 13, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Jax with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Xin Zhao You beat Xin Zhao so hard, you should invade his second buff which is usually red.
Master Yi Same as Xin Zhao.
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Hey, my name on mobafire is BeyondGods and in the LoL client is HITMANNOJI.
I am an experienced Jax player, who's been playing since Season 3 but I got banned, hence I made a new account in Season 4 and have mastered Jax. Although I am Silver 5, I am climbing rapidly and will hopefully get gold next season. So let's start.

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Hextech Gunblade is a very strong item on Jax, however where will you put it in your build path? It is very outclass nowadays because of how good BOTRK, and Trinity Force are on Jax right now. So this item would be like an item if your very ahead. I've personally used this item several times on Jax, but only for the lol's.

Guinsoo's Rageblade This item is like Hextech Gunblade because of how other items outclass it. So, I would only get this if your team is relying on you to be the splitpusher. Because of the attack speed boost every attack.

Guardian Angel This item is very good, but only when it's revive is up, this is mainly why I don't get it. Why get a revive, into a situation where you're probably already dead when you could use another tank item? Overall, don't buy this.

Ravenous Hydra Good for splitpushing. Only get it when your the only splitpusher on the team and you need to do it.

Maw of Malimortious Get Hexdrinker after your jungle item, if the enemy AP carry is very fed, then proceed with your build.

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Pros / Cons

Brute Force
- Is a good jungler
- Blocks autoattacks
- High clear speed
- Free attack speed
- Good gapcloser

Tough Skin
- Weak early
- Needs items
- Build is expensive
- Not good in teamfigthts

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Jungle Route

Where do I start?

Gromp you do it smiteless, then go to your Blue Sentinel and smite it.
Then go to your Greater Murk Wolf . Once your done that proceed to Crimson Raptor , if your smite is up and a lane is open to a gank, smite it and gank. If not, go to your Cinderling and smite it because it gives health back. Still no ganks kill your Krug and then check if the Rift Scuttler is up and if it is take it. Repeat this and gank if a a lane is gankable.

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Flash is a very good spell on all champions. However sometimes you can replace it with Teleport because it gives much more map control and if they're taking Dragon you can Teleport and steal it. When you're jungling, Smite is mandatory!

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Early Game

Jax early game isn't great. So it's usually best to try to just farm the jungle , try to quickly get your core items.

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Mid Game

This is your stronger stage, you're probably 7/3 or maybe 5/2. So you're ahead basically. Abuse this in the mid game so in late game it takes much longer for them to catch up, so for e.g. you'll be at full build and their still on their fourth item.

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Late Game

This is when you're at your climax, you will see they avoid you. So what do you do now?
WIN! Basically, you can splitpush or teamfight. I said earlier Jax was a bad teamfighter but if you're ahead enough you can get extremely fed off the enemy team.

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Playing Ranked

When you go in ranked, and pick Jax top, it doesn't matter whether or not you're countered honestly. If you can just get through the enemy by abusing minion aggro you can turn the tides into your favour. For e.g. vs Pantheon top what do I do? Level 2 all in. Even though his early is very strong you can W+E with minion aggro boosting it and probably getting him to half health. So you can carry your team like this just think of strategys that fits your playstyle, for e.g. I'm an aggresive farmer. I try to reach the most CS I possibly can, but also get the most kills with the least deaths as much as I can.

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You can't pick Jax and expect to win because you're Jax. Ignore what those enemies say and ignore when they say "your jax wtf", yeah I know the typo. Because Jax takes a lot of strategy to master. Henceforth I've been practicing him for 2 years and making guides in my head. So the most useful strategy you'll benefit from in ranked and SoloQ is "Freeze Lane". Seriosuly this helped me so much once I got into silver since I always pushed or got zoned. This meanas going in for the very very last hit and walking back. So the minions don't push on either side unless the enemy is. Now they're into your turrent, open to a gank, all-in, etc. So I get Doran's Shield if I'm doing this since I won't be touching minions to much to lifesteal from Doran's Blade, but the health regen on Doran's will help me. My only easy tip for ranked is to feed your ADC, invade their buffs, for e.g. ward their blue if your on the red side and take it when the jungler comes and he's low., and just have fun. You'll notice you'll play better if you just have fun!

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Overall Jax is a good jungler who can dodge all their attacks in 2 seconds and return it in physical damage. He has auto attack reset which helps his clear speeds faster, and his passive allows him to gain attack speed at level 1.

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That was the guide, and I will update it almost weekly, hope this helps.

Please upvote and leave feedback if you do otherwise.

Username in game : HITMANNOJI
MobaFire : BeyondGods

Good luck on the field of justice, fellow summoner!