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Jax Build Guide by XenoSlayer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XenoSlayer

Jax: Terror of the Shadow Isles

XenoSlayer Last updated on June 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Some might wonder why I would bother to make a 3v3 guide. The answer is pretty straightforward: different items! In 3v3, you don't have access to the Bloodthirster or Thornmail. Also, due to the layout of the map, game play is pretty different. Some teams choose to try a laning system like they would on the Rift, but The Shadow Isles allow for effective lane hopping, which is how I play my Jax. The disadvantage to lane hopping is that you'll tend to level a little slower at the start if you hop too much. The main advantage is that it keep the enemy unorganized. If you communicate well with your team, you'll find you'll be able to lure players away from each other and set up some amazing ganks. Since this Jax does a lot of damage, can move quickly, and has a decent amount of lifesteal, you'll find that in the endgame you'll be able to solo all but the very best teams. This is largely because of Jax's E ability, and we'll get into that later.


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To the Naysayers

Many people have expressed that they think this is a **** build. These are 7 straight matches played after coming off of a 6 months hiatus.

As you can see, only one of these matches was a loss. Review of my teammates revealed that they loose most of their games. I win most of mine. What I am trying to say is don't talk **** about it before you have had a chance to try it out, or at least until you have read through everything.

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The Start of the Game

If you play 3v3, then you know that the first battle tends to happen in the middle. This is going to be one of the harder battles for jax, because even though he hits hard, he will still be pretty squishy, so it is important that you stick by your team. Find the weak link on the enemy team and focus that guy. Generally, this will be the summoner that runs away from his teammates during the initial fight. If you're lucky, his teammates will see the danger he is in, and flock to rescue. I say lucky because if you kill the stragler before they can engage you, then you'll be able to turn around and attack his buddies, who will probably have started to flee by now. Jax's leap strike is particularly good at hitting that champ that looks like they just might get away.

However, sometimes the first battle doesn't go your way, and you'll be the one running. Jax's Leap Strike comes into play here as well as you can leap toward allied champs and minions, almost like flash. It is a great escape tool, and in the early game, I highly recommend you stay near minions, monsters, and friendly champs.

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The altars

Many players tend to forget about the altars, and will not try to capture them. This is a mistake. Controlling 1 altar grants you any extra 3 gold per kill. Controlling both grants you 10% additional AD and AP. This Jax build tops out around 300 AD. Factor in the extra 10% from the altars, plus the 250% damage you do with Crit strikes, and you are looking at doing up to 750 AD per hit. Couple that in with your attack speed, and you're talking about close to 1500 DPS. And that is before you factor in the empowering strike and the splash damage from the Hydra.

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This is where things get tricky. Remember I talked about lane hopping and how it might cause you to level slower? Well, in the early game that is a huge deal, since if you are not leveling, you are probably also not getting much gold, and you need gold to buy all of the very expensive items that make this Jax build work. The best way to level, and thus get gold, are to pull off ganks. The basic idea here is to let an enemy champion get himself into a position where he can't escape. Attack speed is important here, as it allows you a better chance to score a last hit, and therefore get money and XP. Don't be a **** though. No one likes the guy that jumps in out of nowhere and steals a kill. Remember, there is a difference between teamwork looking out for number one.

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Build order

The build order I have laid out is pretty specific for the first few items, and you do not want to mess with it. If you paid attention, you probably realized that this Jax has virtually no defense. The life steal provided by the ravenous hydra is what makes up for this. Without the lifesteal Jax cannot survive any real battles.

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AP Enhanced (Recommended)

If you think that grabbing the Infinity Edge after picking up the Static Shiv is a bad idea, then you can alternatively get the Hextech Gunblade. This will grant you extra lifesteal, AP, and Spell Vamp, all of which are pretty helpful. However, you will sacrifice the 100% crit strike by doing this unless you ditch your boots or the Ravenous Hydra. I would advise against getting rid of the Hydra, as it grants 12% lifesteal, plus has that awesome splash damage, and the very useful active ability. So, if you want some AP, but also want 100% crit strike, lose the boots and grab another Phantom Dancer. This will help offset the loss of movement speed.

This build works very well, even in 5v5, and this picture is evidence of that (My Jax is on the Far Left:

The game lasted for 49:07. Having recently tried the 100% Crit build on Twisted Treeline, I knew that the build was a little too squishy for the characters I was up against. I decided to go with the AP enhanced build, and it worked perfectly. I didn't follow the purchase order above, though. I started with is Dorian's Blade, then later got a ward and health potion, and bought the IE before getting the Hextech Gunblade. Finally, I ditched by boots for another Phantom Dancer. This meant I had 105% crit strike chance, 420 run speed (still pretty fast), and my crit hits were doing up to 1008 damage on impact. Combine that with an attack speed that topped out somewhere around 2.5, coupled with splash damage, dodges, stuns, Ignite, Static Charge, active Grandmaster's Might, and two activatable weapon abilities, Jax become a one man show. In a 4v1 battle, only one member of the opposing team survived, but just barely.

The only possible improvement I could see was replacing the Static Shiv with the Trinity Force. The the TF, you gain +2% move speed, +30 AD, +30 AP, + 250 Health, + 200 Mana, + Icy, + Spellblade. The tradeoff is that you (effectively) lose -5% Crit Chance (95% total), -400 magic Damage (with 1000 crit strike cap, -250 per target), and -10% attack Speed. This would, in effect, make you more effective against turrets and much more difficult to escape from, so it would be better for 1v1. However, for 4v1, the Static Shiv will provide a better lead in, and will help clear large groups of minions faster (though not by much).

So, what does the game look like if you sell the Shiv and get the Trinity Force? Well, it might look like this:

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AP/Armor Build

This is a build for that game where JAx's squishiness is no longer being offset by his attacks and life steal. There is no denying that this build does not focus on defense, but focuses on offense instead. This makes Jax the ultimate 1v1, and he is pretty damn good for a 2v1 depending on who the two are, but once three enemy summoners get involved, **** can get pretty hairy when they all start stunning and slowing and fearing or whatever horrors they are capable of. This leaves you at their mercy, even in a teamfight, unless you are being ignored, which is unlikely, because this build causes a lot of damage, which generally makes you a target for focusing.

There are several items that are capable of protecting you, but Wooglet's Witchcamp works in a couples of ways. 1) +40 Armor and Stasis. This is obvious, I shouldn't have to explain it 2) +100 AP +25% AP. When using Grandmaster's Might, Jax gains a shield that uses 20% of his AP as Magic Resist. Chances are if you are having issues in the late game, they are being caused by a character that's dealing magic damage as opposed to physical damage. Using this build will grant you 236 AP, and using your Ult will grant you an additional 47 magic resist to the base 45. However, doing this build will drop your total AD, reducing the amount of armor granted by Grandmaster's Might.

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100% Critical Strike AD

Some people made it very clear that they thought having two Infinity Edges was stupid. The plain and simple fact of the matter is that you will rarely ever get to that point in a 3v3 game. In my last 10 matches, I only did it once. As stated in the Build Order notes, the double Infinity Edge does have the advantage of bring this to a 100% critical strike build. Combined with the Frenzy Mastery, this increases attack speed by 10%, since you will always land criticals. In the notes, I also left open the option for getting another Phantom Dancer, which would also hit the 100% crit strike cap, but also grant extra attack and movement speed. However, with the infinity edge, you are getting an extra 175 Damage per Hit.

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The test of Time.

Now, you might look at this guide and think "wow, there are some serious flaws with it." Maybe you're right. I'm not a pro player, and I tend to rely more on shows of brute force than strategy and defense. Here is why, after months of letting this guide sit in the "works in Progress area" that I am finally publishing it: I am a very busy person. I know that doesn't make much sense right now, but hear me out. The last time I played League of Legends was about six months ago because I have been so busy at school. The last time that happened, I spent my first few games getting my *** handed to me. Not this time, though. The first thing I did was pull up this guide and use it to have a very successful night, winning six out of eight games, and one of those defeats was the fault of one of my teammates feeding the enemy. So, try this guide out, maybe tweak it a little, and let me know what you think. Help me improve it.

Happy Hunting,