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Jax Build Guide by Atonifex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Atonifex

Jax - The Ultimate Carry (Jungle)

Atonifex Last updated on April 5, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Jax with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gragas He has surprising burst, but you should have no problem counter jungling him when he goes for ganks. You beat him in extended 1v1's.
Aurelion Sol If you get in close to this guy, he is absolutely toast. He can ult you, but as long as you can get back in again, he is GOOOOOOONE. Also counterjungling him is easy because he has low health on his initial clearings.
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This guide is still in the process of being updated to Season 4. I'm working on it, and I'm changing it as fast as I can. Most notable changes will be in the item build above, and the situational items section farther on. Enjoy!

Hello, this is my second guide. I hope you like it, still learning out how to use mobafire. Going to say thanks to jhoijhoi up front because of her templates, and her excellent How to Make a Guide, Guide which can be found here. So here is my Jax guide. The build works very effectively, and is heavily tested. Please post comments and i'll be sure to respond to them. Here is the Jax Champion Spotlight to start it off.

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Pros / Cons


+//Very Strong 1v1
+//Fast Clearing Times
+//Great Burst Damage
+//High Survivability Late Game
+//Amazing Sustain In Jungle
+//Nice Combos


- Expensive Build
- Not Very Tanky Early Game
- Well Plaved Flashes Prevent Ganks
- Has Been Nerfed Recently
- Early Game He is Mana Dependant
- Requires Lots of Money

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The Fervor of Battle makes you such a formidable force since it has so much synergy with your attack speed. Ferocity gives you damage, with a tiny bit of sustain with Feast and Vampirism.
Oppressor vs. Bounty Hunter is personal choice. More than likely, Bounty Hunter will pay off, but it is slightly more risky. If you can get kills on 3 of the enemies, Bounty Hunter will be better for you.
Resolve gives you some of the tankiness you lack early game with spending money on such a damage focused build.

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I take Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration for maximum damage.
Greater Mark of Attack Speed works nearly as well, and is much cheaper and owned by most people.

For SealsI take Greater Seal of Scaling Health because Jax has so much innate armor and Magic Resist. Another option is Greater Seal of ArmorGreat Seal of Armor which doesn't scale great but helps you with early clears.

For Glyphs I use Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist another option is: Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Attack Speed Quintessences are the best for this slot. These give you the most damage and help you on jungle clears. Other options include: Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage , Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage , and Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration
However, one of my favorite Quintessences overall, that is probably 3rd runner up (Personal Taste) is

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Abilities and How To Use Them Most Effectively

(Passive) Every time you auto attack your attack speed increases from 3.5-11% increasing every 3 levels, stacking up to 8 times. If you get caught fighting an enemy champion you will do more damage the longer you fight him. This works so well with

(Q) You leap to target, if enemy it does damage. Tips&Tricks You can jump to wards, allies, minions, enemies, or enemy champions. If you do Empower right before this you will immediately do the Empower damage. If a skill shot is aimed at you, you can avoid it by jumping somewhere else, or occasionally on to the enemy launching it. Purpose:This is your main gap closer, and you can use this to gank, escape ganks, use this to go through walls (when you plant a ward and jump to it). Spellshields negate the damage from it, but you still jump to them.

(W) When you use this, your next basic attack will do increased damage based upon your Ability Power. NOTE: this immediately resets your attack timer, so to use it most effectively you should do an auto attack, then immediately press Empower to attack immediately. It is almost always better to Leap Strike, auto attack, then Empower rather than use before . This ability greatly increases your burst damage and continued damage, and that is why I would max it immediately.

(E) For 2 seconds Jax will dodge all incoming basic attacks (excluding turrets). After 2 seconds, or when reactivated, which can be done after 1 second, he stuns everything around him for 1 second. This is excellent for when your in the middle of the teamfight, and people just see you and automatically attack you. Then you have a stun on 4 or 5 of them while you and your team beat them up. Tips%TricksWhen ganking, or catching up to someone, pop this right before you Leap Strike and when you get there you will immediately stun them. You can also use this for escape, it works against almost anyone, because not only will you dodge their attacks, but if they're next to you will stun them without even changing direction. NOTE: Don't be that that uses this and then doesn't get in range of and then wastes your abilities and fails and gank. Not only that, but YOU LOOK STUPID

(R) This is the ultimate. When activated you recieve bonus armor and magic resist, based on a flat amount + how much AP and AD you have. Its on a relatively short cool down. This should be used whenever you take serious amounts of damage and fighting any champions. During teamfights, use this with counter strike and you will become VERY DIFFICULT TO KILL. You can also use it when your escaping, or baiting if you take serious damage. Tips%Tricks on the passive, every 3rd hit you do bonus damage. If your are in lane, or get caught against an enemy jungler get yoru two hits on a minion, then jump on them, and have insane burst damage.
W is maxed first because it does the most damage. Obviously you would get ult when you can. Next Q is maxed, also because itsually does more damage than E, and helps your burst damage, the main source of your burst is coming from Q and W, not E. Finally you max E because there is nothing else :)

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Jungling Route

1. Start with your , and start on Gromp and try to get help if you can, but it doesn't matter too much. Smite it immediately. After killing Gromp, level up Then kill to the Blue Golem.

2. Continue to wolves, then raptors. After raptors, you should be level 3, and now get

3. Next kill the Elder Lizard to get "red buff". Check the bush near to the Krugs, because opposing junglers often wait here to get a kill on you and steal your buff. You can drag the Lizard into the bush and fight it, if there is a pesky Nidalee or Lee Sin trying to CHEESE you are your buff.

4. Now you can look to gank mid, or a side line that you are nearby, with mid lane preferred because it's not too hard. The enemy jungler will also be finishing their clear so maybe you can counter gank.

5. If no gank is viable, then kill Krugs, then and buy up and then look for ganks and more farming.

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Purposes of Jungling

You may, or may not know what exactly you are trying to do when you are jungling. The purpose is not just to gank lanes and get kills. Yes, that is a part of it but not the whole thing.

    Help losing lanes.
    Ward the map.
    Take over lanes while someone goes back.
    Gank lanes.
    Give blue to your AP carry.
    Take out towers when the enemy champions who should be there, are across the map, and you see that you are safe to take it out.
Now that you know what you are trying to do as a jungler you can divide your time between doing these things. If you are jungling and you are close to a lane that is being ganked, you can go gank it and turn the tides. If they are across the map and there's nothing you can do about it, keep on jungling.

NOTE: Never push a lane that you are taking over from a laner, unless the enemy champion in the lane is seen in another lane, or anyone close. If that is the case then push the enemy tower, then get out.

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Counterjungling Your Enemies

Simply put, what you do is you simply go into your enemies' camps and take their jungler's creeps. However doing it safely, and effectively is what you need to know.

Safe times to counterjungle:
    If you have a ward somewhere which reveals him to be a safe distance away from you
    If you have a ward that will show if an enemy is coming before it is too late
    If you see the enemy jungler in a lane (if they're ganking and you are nearby in some situations you should go and see what you can do to help)
Times when you should not Counterjungle:
    When you see lanes closest to you suddenly go mia simultaneously(this is sometimes a clue, but othertimes it could just be that their lane is pushing to where your minions can't see them. You will need to use common sense here)
    If you hear or see something suspicious(like Shaco's laughter, or the sound his boxes make, or eve's invisibility)
    If you have a ward that reveals that they, or laners are coming and you won't be able to finish the minions off and escape easily
    If there is a lane that really needs help(that takes priority over counterjungling in most cases)
    If the enemy jungler is ganking a nearby lane and you can come in and change the tides in your team's favor
If your enemy jungler is a mana dependant champ, like Jarvan stealing a blue, while giving your own to your mid will cripple your enemy jungler's middle game. However, the same goes for you if they steal yours. Good times to steal is is anywhere from 7:00 to 8:30, maybe 9 minutes. the closer to 7 the better. If you get it right as it comes up, there's a good chance that they won't be there just waiting for it. When your counterjungling you generally want to leave one of the small creeps there, so that they have to clear it, then the respawn timer counts. For instance, one of the small blue wolves, or a small wraith, or a small lizard guy in the golem/red camps. Counterjungling gives you an edge over the enemy jungler. Overall jax is a pretty strong 1v1 due to his dodge/stun, bonus damage and MR and armor on ult, and Q to chase, and W for a quick burst.

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This is a short explanation on how to gank with Jax. You can skip over this is you want to if you are an experienced jungler but i'm still going to go over it.

The easiest ganks to do are when the enemie(s) on the lane that you are ganking start fighting with your own laners. This works especially well if people like Kennen or Vladimir use their escape moves (Lightning Rush; Blood Pool) while fighting. This gives you time to enter in with your own lane's cc and damage as an advantage. In any gank your going to want to pop E right before you Leap Strike (Q). This way, by the time that you get at that champion, they will be stunned almost immediately. Only very well placed flashes, or a timing mess up will prevent the stun. From then get some basic attacks, followed quickly by W's because you immediately auto attack again.

If you have a more timid team, or they are waiting for you to initiate, then you want to close their escape(for bot or top ganking) by getting your Q in range of the side of the map, that way they can't escape except for running through our area.

For ganking mid you want to see if the enemy champ gets close enough that you barely have to run, if at all to jump on top of them and stun. After that its pretty easy for almost any AP who has common sense and knows how to play LoL, to get their spells off, resulting in a forced Recall, a kill, a "wasted"/used flash, or at least a pressure relieve. That is the goal of your ganks. The point is not always to kill but to get your lane to win.


If your on Blue Side

Ganking Top as Blue: This depends on if you think/know the enemy has a ward, and how pushed they are.
If no ward and They are past the middle of the river, its the regular bush on the left.
If they're pushed to their first bush, then walk into the 3 way bush just over the wall from Baron
If its warded then you might want to enter their side of the jungle where the wraiths are, and go behind the red camp, then go through the 3 way bushes, and cut them off

Ganking Mid: Regardless of which side you gank from, or are on(topPurple side or bottomblue) you want to get behind the enemy, through the bushes, if unwarded, or on the pathways between the walls that seperate the middle bushes, and the wall that is the forest.

Ganking Bot as Blue: YOur only real way to gank, unless your Shaco, or someone who has a natural flash-type ability is to go in te bush by the river(this is for if you are on the BotBlue side).

Ganking Top as Purple is almost luck in higher skill levels, where warding is very common. Almost any ward can prevent a gank, so you want to be able to get in the bush fast and out fast, before your enemy has any time to retreat.

Ganking Bot as Purple: you can go thorugh the standard river bush, which is one of the more frequently warded places, as well as dragon (you want to avoid this early game when ganking bot) and baron (which is obviously only warded late game.

Here are some examples of how ganks look and work.

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Taking Over Lanes While People Recall

There are 2 main things to do: 1. Shove the lane to the enemy's turret to execute your minions which will deny the enemy minion kills and experience and bounce the wave back to your ally, who most likely . 2. Freeze the lane. You just want those Last Hits so you can get MONEY.

For "Borrowing" Mid

If you have an AP against you, say Lux you want to dodge the skill shots (obviously). With Lux for example, you can move to the side from her Q, and for some reason, moving forward towards her, like if you Leap Striked her, she always misses her E. Keep in mind this for all AP. Also keep in mind cooldowns, and keep pressure, or you can harrass some. Many are bad at close combat, like Xerath for example. He can burst you, but it probably won't kill you, then you'll just be getting free hits while he's chained in the air.

For "Borrowing" Top

A majority of solo tops are melee ADs. As said in the pros up at the top, Jax excells at these kinds of fights, he puts out more damage, and is almost as tanky as them. You should be able to handle quite well almost any bruisers 1v1, except for maybe people who have execution ultimates (like Darius or Garen). As for others, like assassins, like Akali you have to draw them out survive they're burst. If they are fed then you might have to watch out. But anyways, survive their burst, then just keep up the auto attacking. Your dodge negates Talon's Bleeding attack i think. If you have any questions about a specific champion let me know in comments.

"Borrowing"/Aiding Bot

This kind of depends on whether both of your bot have gone back, or just 1.

If only 1 went back:

Turn the pressure up, have your other person in lane help you. Throughout your jungling you should try to be above your, or your enemies' bot levels. Kind of gives you a comparison if your behind or not. So if you have more farm or money and are a higher level, tan you and your partner can turn up the pressure, hop on them, stun them, and whack their faces off. Otherwise, don't push and just go for the last hits.

If both went back:

Go for the last hits. Don't let them push the tower if you can help it. If they're pressuring you, while they're attacking turret, then see if they will attack you, then jump and stun them. Clear the minions as fast as possible so there is less time for the enemies to attack your turret.

There's a video here, its kind of long, and it shows how jax works in lane. If you can, skip to 1:13, where it starts for its effectiveness. Its a 7 minutes video just to let you know.

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This is an expensive build and you can easily spend up to 16k on it by late, late game. In order to get this you need to help your lanes out, by ganking, keeping your levels up, and especially CS/MINION KILLS. Minions and Jungle Camps are essential to you, by the time Mid Game ends, you want to have over 100 minions AT LEAST. In a majority of my games, I'm one of the most farmed people.

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Late Game/Teamfight Duties/Playstyle

With this build, your going to be kind of an offtank/initiator, your pretty tanky, but not really a tank. In the teamfights, you want to be going for the enemies main damage, AP carry, Ranged AD Carry, people who can kite and then win teamfights. In most cases its 2 to 3 people, your tanky enough, and have enough burst, as well as sustain to beat almost any one of them 1v1, so if you can scare the other(s), you will be able to take them out of the fight, while you have a 4v2 or 3 advantage for the rest of your team.

As I said at the very beginning of the guide, warding is VERY, VERY, important.
If you can catch someone, even a tank on their team out of position, feel free to stun and kill him. However, as soon as their carries come, your goal is to take them out of the fight, either by killing them, or chasing them away, or frightening them off. You are literally one of the BEST 1v1's in the WHOLE GAME. AD carries have slightly more damage than you, but you have like 5x their survivability. AP carriers can't nuke 3k health with 170 MR(your ult gets you to that high, and higher). Bruisers think they're tough, then you melt them like butter, and Darius and Garen are scrambling to get away. You have 437 movespeed. That's faster than anybody who doesn't have Phantom Dancers, or Movespeed items with the obvious exception of boots. Tanks are the only ones who can possibly give you trouble. The only way Jax can lose is if he kills himself on a Thornmail. The only main people who can trouble you are Rammus, and Shen. But that doesn't mean you can't kill them.

Your DUTY can be to INITIATE teamfights, just by leaping in, and landing a stun, while popping your ult for some survivability.

If i can figure out how to get pictures in here, I will show Scores, and Proof that this works. If you want to do it in the comments below feel free to.

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To sum it all up, Jax is a:

  • Strong Jungler
  • Excellent 1v1
  • Great Counterjungler]
  • Fast Pusher
  • Carry When Played "Correctly"
  • Amazing Ganker

I hophe you enjoyed my guide and learned something, I'm open to suggestions, please post comments below and i'll try to get back to you, or answer any of your questions. If you want you can post your scores in the comments below as well. I can use all the votes and comments I can get :)