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Jayce Build Guide by xTechlordx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xTechlordx

Jayce Face.

xTechlordx Last updated on August 2, 2013
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Hi guys my name is Techlord, you may say I am not the best League of Legends player, but I do like to shine as a champion when I am playing them, Jayce fills this position.

I enjoy playing Jayce top lane and he is one of my best champions, he has amazing poke aswell as utility, he is hard to master, thus the reason I am making this guide :3

I enjoy playing top lane to a large degree, aswell as jungle, I like to play a champion who is usually average with a kit that can provide alot, thus the reason I also love Zac

This is my first guide, so go easy on me :P

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Jayce thrives in certain ways whereas he lacks in others.


    Long range poke that has small AOE.
    Has amazing power at all points in the game.
    Acceleration gate can provide aid in laning aswell as during teamfights.
    He has the potential to burst towers quickly.
    Thundering Blow deals a ton of damage to tanky champs as it does %DMG
    Can simply stomp top lane with his range

    Very mana hungry at all stages of the game.
    Again, very hard to master.

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Why play Jayce?

Jayce can provide so much potential if used correctly on the battlefield, he has excellent versatility aswell as being a total badass, especially if you use Full Metal like I do :3

He may not be as all up in your face as Darius or as annoying as Nidalee, but he is a decent champion that can fit in the middle of these credentials.

Jayce is a ton of fun and if used correctly can be a total beast against anybody.

Jayce' Acceleration Gate can also provide plenty of utility to either initiate or escape by himself or with his team, the recent increased cooldown barely affected me as I barely ever fired lasers in lane unless totally necessary if I am going for a full combo.

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Rune choices.

Marks: Standard AD marks, and armor penetration are both very viable choices to use on Jayce.

Seals: Armor is simply the only viable choice for seals on Jayce and could save your in a life or death situation.

Glyphs: Again, only MR glyphs as you again need a little extra defense, to give you an all round stat bonus to counter any opponent.

Quints: AD Quints are very effective to help with early game damage, Movement speed or amour Pen are also viable choices, Only if you can last hit WELL.

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Skills, Explanation and usage.

Hextech capacitor: Jayce' passive, hextech capcitor allows for him to be more mobile, allowing for increased movement speed every form change, he is also able to walk through units allowing for great Chase. This hopefully encourages Jayce players to change weapons to maximize mobility in lane and later on.

To the Skies: Jayce' Q, To The Skies!, is an essential piece of Jayce' kit. It allows for a melee form gap closer that deals tons of physical damage, it allows for him to also stick onto targets by slowing them by a substantial amount, allowing him to land more basic attacks or, knock back with Thundering Blow allowing for increased basic attacks and combos.

Lightning Field: Jayce' W, allows for an AOE damage over time, this is a fairly weak as it is magic damage but it adds up when you are up in somebodies face, The passive also allows for mana to be regenerated on melee form basic hit, allowing for some sustain, soon to be removed.

Thundering Blow: Jayce' E, Allows for either an offensive or defensive move. It knocks back and stuns for the briefest duration, this can be used to help ganks from the likes of Zac or Lee Sin. It can even be used to deny or make a gank less efficient by knocking the ganker or the enemy laner back, an effective escape for Jayce.

Jayce' melee form can provide alot of power when in lane, please do not stay in ranged when playing Jayce, switch forms to confuse your opponent to thinking how you will initiate or if you will initiate, normally, go in to melee form from ranged after farming abit to gain the speed increase with Hextech Capacitor and initiate with Q To The Skies! and then get the initial hit with the form change to deal extra magic damage and the knock them back, This usually allows for great trades in melee form. In team fights, you can jump to the squishiest after initiation and maximize damage output on them, usually the ad carry, you can easily shutdown Vayne or Caitlyn if you do this correctly.

Shock Blast: Jayce' Q in ranged form shock blast is the bread and butter of his ranged harass, it deals a large amount of damage on it's own and can be combined with Acceleration Gate to increase damage potential and the speed of the blast, even the radius, this move can be used to harass on lane and initiate teamfights, and becomes very powerful for a long range poke.

Jayce' W in ranged is an attack speed steroid that can deal damage based on the level of the spell, begins at a lower percentage of maximum attack damage, and ends up being higher, an extra 30% of your full ad added on to the triple shot, this can destroy turrets and can be a nice quick harass too in lane, when added with crits late game, this thing is deadly. Hyper Charge can be used for multiple thing but is amazing in team fights to shut somebody down like Teemo

Jayce' E in ranged is a move that Jayce is especially known for, the Acceleration Gate. Acceleration gate can be used to increase Jayce' movement speed while also being able to fire a deadly shot with Shock Blast, This move can provide to aid with decent harass and can be amazing in teamfights to initiate a fight or retreat from ones, it provides so much utility in just one move.

This allows to switch from the Mercury hammer to your ranged cannon form, The primary basic attack in this form allows you to decrease your enemies armor and Magic resist, this can allow for a quick counter on enemies such as Malphite, Singed and Darius.

This allows for Jayce Switch to his hammer form from the cannon form, after this the first initial basic attack deals extra magic damage depending on level and can be great used with To The Skies! to deal tons of damage early and late game.

Jayce' ranged form allows for alot of damage At a large range, harassing with Shock Blast, with or without Acceleration Gate is still useful, you can use these to finish targets getting away, Use Acceleration Gate to speed up towards the enemy perhaps, ensure it is placed to aid you at a maximum rate. Use Hyper Charge To deal damage when getting on them and apply maximum basics, this can maximize damage on the target. When using Acceleration Gate in teamfights use it to help all of your team, this can merge with a Zac's Elastic Slingshot to aid with ganks and initiations, an amazing move just to have for various purposes.

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Summoner spell usage.

is a simple spell to use if you cannot see your matchup, it provides an initiate aswell as an escape. This sis simply good to go with, it is overused for a reason, although I do not like it, it can provide alot.

is another spell that can aid to finish enemies, ignite is a straightforward DOT summoner spell, that deals true damage, this can be used to apply extra damage on a target or to finish them.

Other useful summoner spells:

Teleport can provide a summoner spell that can be used to assist teammates in other lanes that may be losing, do this ONLY if you are winning an have time to do it, Another useful spell if you are willing to give up Ignite or Flash

Flash applies an on usage speed increase, this can be increased by an even larger degree by combining Ghost with Acceleration Gate. Ghost can be useful against targets such as Olaf and Kennen who have decent escapes and can assist you with sticking onto the target, in minimal cases, could be a better choice than flash.

Jayce can Excel when using summoner spells correctly to aid with his kit, he can use Flash to keep on targets to apply more spells and basics aswell as Ignite to finish enemies off before they escape.

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General Build explained.

Standard Build:

The Brutalizer: Allows for a nice damage increase aswell as cooldown reduction, both essential on Jayce, especially early game, making it a very efficient item for early game Jayce.

Tear of the Goddess: Aids you in having good sustain and you can gain stacks early to get Muramana later on after getting Manamune, this allows for more spam of spells while safely not losing all of your mana early on.

Build these two before boots unless boots are completely viable at early points in the game, if you feel you need more mobility against champions such as Nidalee and Gragas

Build these items into The Black Cleaver and Manamune, at this point you have amazing sustain aswell as armor penetrating attacks, this makes you fairly all-round at this point in the game, next comes the core items needed.

The Bloodthirster: This allows for a major damage increase aswell as sustain from the lifesteal given, as Jayce plenty of kills should be yours and this can be used very effectively on Jayce, a massive damage increase for a champion who benefits from it, a very good item on him.

Trinity Force: This allows for an all-round stat boost, Jayce is a rather all-round champion and benefits greatly from getting an all-round stat boost, [Trinity force]] allows for a massive boost on Jayce to increase stats like crit chance and damage and mana and Movement speed, all great things that Jayce can truly benefit from.

Guardian Angel: Some people may disagree, but this is good on Jayce as, if you do get targetted you can counter this by using this, as, using my build, you will be squishy unless build otherwise, you will need this to assist with survival purposes, if you do get targeted you can atleast come back and deal damage once again.

Other Viable options:

Frozen Mallet: This allows for a large health increase aswell as a little bit of damage, The slow effect also applies on basic attacks and can aid you with sticking onto targets, build this if you need to be a little more tanky or if you feel the slow will help you kill your enemies, again, may be good for fighting against Kennen and Nidalee.

Maw of Malmortius: This allows for extra damage aswell as more Magic resist, this can be good when facing alot of ap, as it still gives you plenty of damage aswell as the magic resist added on as a bonus. The passive shield allows for extra defense as it blocks magic damage temporarily when you get low, and could save you from a Lux or a Morgana

Warmog's Armor: This is an item only viable if your team need an off-tank, if your team need a rather tanky top laner like Darius or Singed then build warmogs, you decide what to replace, this is again, not amazing but will be if your team need it and you can give up some damage potential for tankiness.

Overall Jayce needs alot of damage from items but can be tanky also, with these items, you should have plenty of power and sustain, build other items if you feel they are correct, he needs alot of mobility also, and can benefit greatly from health, making him an amazingly diverse champion.

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Early, mid and late game strategies.

Early game: Jayce excels in lane as he can farm safely as he will usually be against a melee opponent, he can farm and harass freely unless put up against the likes of Nidalee or Kennen, You can pretty much farm early on, nicely. Always harass in melee or ranged form based on the situation, In melee, combo To The Skies! aswell as Thundering Blow and the initial basic attack on the melee can deal a ton of early game damage, in ranged form, you can simply basic attack them or poke them with Shock Blast with or without Acceleration Gate depending on mana at the time, early game, he is very mana hungry. With all these spells, you can provide decent early game, although, keep in mind, his early game is his weakest stage, it can sometimes be a good idea, to all in Squishy targets such as Teemo at level 5, Sometimes a kill can be secured. If ganked, you can easily shake them off by using Thundering Blow to quickly escape the situation.

Mid Game:During mid game, hopefully your top lane tower has been pushed at this point meaning you can assist in other lanes, usually past the 20 minute mark. At this point you should be well on your way to getting Muramana As you should be spamming your spells to boost this up, you can help mid by poking at the tower with your range and firing your accelerated shock blast every now and then to cause them to back off so you can push, mid game, accelerated shock blasts, deal a ton of damage to squishy mid laners, Use it but do not overdo it, go in for the kill in melee form if the opportunity arises. Begin poking at towers to take them down aswell as warding Dragon if need be, as getting Dragon will benefit greatly, initiate team fights with Acceleration Gate, this can help your team greatly at this point, ensure Baron is also warded to disable your enemies access to it.

Late Game: At this point, you should almost be fully built, continue pushing towers and get Baron at a safe time, ensure you buy wards when you can to assist your team with there map awareness, When in teamfights, target the squishy ADC or mid laner first, other than that, anybody who is fed try to To The Skies! onto them first, to slow them and perhaps secure a kill for you or your teammates, continue to keep all lanes pushed, use your accelerated shock blasts to take down waves quickly and the AOE on To The Skies! to take out minions quickly, Steal jungle buffs and keep Baron warded to ensure victory, use Acceleration Gate to assist escapes or ganks or even initiates, you provide so much as Jayce late game, your damage, your utility, and your combos can aid in victory.

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Jayce can pretty much handle himself in various matchups, depending on how you play him, with each matchup, he must be played a little differently. Various matchups can cause various difficulties.

Darius as a matchup is failry easy if you play it correctly. Darius is a scary enemy to be faced against, as Jayce, you must take advantage of your long range poke with your accelerated Shock Blast. Avoid his Apprehend by baiting him to use it, Ensure you are able to dodge his Decimate, when he has blown his Apprehend you are free to melee harass him with your melee combo, this ensure better trades on your half, I would recommend, if you believe you would need it, starting with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion.

Teemo, for Jayce, is a very easy Matchup if,done correctly. Teemo is a very squishy champion and can easily be shutdown.

Not finished yet.

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Overall, Jayce is an amazing champion with so much to his kit, he is hard to master, but when used correctly, he can be a real treat for the enemy team, he will soon be getting changes, I take heed to them, and will be happy to help when this happens, all the best on the Fields Of Justice.