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Akali Build Guide by Scyrine



Updated on May 31, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scyrine Build Guide By Scyrine 187 13 528,615 Views 12 Comments
187 13 528,615 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Scyrine Akali Build Guide By Scyrine Updated on May 31, 2022
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Runes: Usual Runes

1 2 3
Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Welcome to my season 12 akali guide!

My name is Scyrine (or Josh) and I've been playing Akali since season 8 (before the rework) I have about 6 million mastery points on her on several different accounts. In this guide im going to give you my favorite builds in order to win every game with Akali along with rune pages and matchups, etc. If you have any other questions let me know! You can contact me when I'm streaming, my twitter, or through the discussions page.

Akali With the new season coming in, Akali is already getting nerfed. as of irght now, her winrate is plummeting and will probably go further down as patches come out. But, when played correctly, Akali can be extremley strong and a huge threat to the point where people may think she's still broken.


High damage potential
Extreme mobility and swiftness
Shroud invis
Low ban rate
Easily shreds squishies
Ability to engage and disengage really well


Hard to master
Squishy champion
Destroyed by CC
Hard to come back
Harassed by ranged champions
One missed skill shot can result in a death

Akali has quite a bit of pros along with cons, but I feel like the most important thing out of this is that her role as a champion in fights and securing kills gives a satisfying reward when done right.

This is where I'm going to put notes for the current patch, and anything new for Akali.

PATCH 10.12

Akali Finally got a needed buff, It's a buff that will help with waveclear and give her a tiny bit more damage to get the execute she needs. Here are the details

PATCH 10.13

The Conqueror nerf is unfortunate for Akali. Her ability to stay in fights and sustain longer is somewhat nerfed, and in some cases Electrocute might be a better pick than Conqueror. If they have a squishy team comp and you feel like Electrocute will work better, then 100% do it. Akali works well with both runes, but after this Conqueror nerf, leaning towards Electrocute is completely fine.

PATCH 10.16

THIS AKALI BUFF IS ACTUALLY INSANE! I'm so excited that Akali got buffed this patch, her Q damage helps her scale and ESPECIALLY her E being changed to Magic REALLY helps her. This forces oblivion second item to be essential since the burst helps all of your abilties now!

PATCH 10.19

This nerf was maddening the moment i saw it. It isn't that big, but you know the moment akali's a little bit behind and the minions are suppper low? it gave that back with this nerf. Honestly this doesn't change too much though if you know you're behind just make sure you know you're dealing with lowered Q damage for wave clear.


So preaseason so far has been pretty good for Akali , but now since shes been good a nerf is coming which is sadly expected. It's gonna nerf her movement and her passive which is huge imo. Running lich bane more would be viable, gain back some of that movement speed and passive damage.

Most of the changes aren't too big, but i will mark whatever is added from last season to this season in red so just look for that.

Akali works well with Conqueror and Domination. These are the main runes that I use in every game i play with akali. I have some other rune choices that are viable on akali too, but Conq and Domination work out the best

I know a lot of people like to run fleet footwork or Electrocute on akali, but Conqueror is just an amazing rune for akali. She's able to continuously fight and gaining more stacks during the fight gives her more of an advantage than other runes

Although akali's energy was reverted to 80, running presence of mind (especially on conq) is necessary. You can get 2 extra Q's off from an extended fight with PoM, so i love to take it with me in most of my games. Presence of Mind gives you the ability to continue fighting with more energy. If you run my eletrocute build, running Triumph instead is a good choice.

Tenacity is such a good rune for akali. Being able to get out of slows and CC quicker allows her to proc her abilities more. I hate being stunned and dying quickly, Tenacity gives the chance to be able to do damage even after getting stunned or immobilized.If their team has low cc, running alactriy is also a nice choice, allows you to proc your passive quicker and take towers faster.

More damage = better. Akali's R is a finisher, and the extra damage with coup de grace helps finish enemies. Always bring this rune over others as enemies might.A lot of people also like to bring last stand, but I would sometimes run it toplane but never really mid It's really a preference but if you think you are going to get more out of last stand, it's still a good choice.

I used to run Sudden Impact with Akali a while ago, but ever since changed to taste of blood because of how clutch it is in laning and late game. Although I would recommend taking sudden impact for eletrocute build, you get a good amout of pen from riftmaker now so it's not necessarily needed.

Ravenous hunter goes well with akali's hextech gunblade to help her sustain in fights. This is a go to rune since she's going to need some health from her damaging abilities to trade successfully with opponents.

Flash Is pretty much used for every champ, and this includes Akali. Flash gives Akali chances to not only disengage, but engage and reposition herself for a kill.

Ignite is also a rune that you want for most Akali games. Ignite not only extends your combo, but gives you the chance to finish off enemies that might get away.

Typically, you should only run Teleport toplane against a matchup that you might lose. If you aren't confident in winning a midlane matchup then bringing teleport is viable also. Compared to Ignite although, Teleport should always be the second choice compare to Ignite.

When I have extra time i'll change this section for the items, but if you want instant information about them, just remember that Riftmaker is really good, and running zhonyas / Demonic Embrace second / third is usally what you want to do.

this is old will changed later < ----Items on Akali can vary for different types of situations. If the enemy team has heavy AP, maybe running Banshee's Veil or Spirit Visage will help. If their team has heavy AD, then running Guardian Angel or Dead Man's Plate is a good buy. All different games are situational, and all different items have different purposes. Here are some items that are viable on akali that you can use for different situations or every situation. [/quote]

Riftmaker is the go to for akali when you are using either Conq / fleet. Akali. It's the core of her build and the item you should always rush. The lifesteal, extra true damage, everything about this item is perfect for akali.

I usually pick Sorcerer's Shoes almost every time I play akali. The magic penetration granted that later combines with Oblivion Orb and Sudden Impact help deal more damage to enemies. I would only go different boots like Mercury's Treads if i'm really behind and the enemies have a TON of CC

I usually build Oblivion Orb immediately after Hextech Gunblade. This is because I love having as much magic pen as possible. Paired with Sudden Impact the magic pen helps burst down enemies that are squishy or have a lot of Magic Res. Although it's a heavy cost it's always a worthy buy.

Zhonya's Hourglass is an extremely valuable item. It helps with engages, buying yourself time for you CD's, and overall just gives you another chance to make something happen. The only time this item wouldn't be a go-to pick is if you're confident you won't need it or you're really ahead to the point where you can spend your money on another item. (for example, buying Rabadon's Deathcap instead)

Rabadon's Deathcap Is such a great item on any AP champion capable of dealing high amounts of damage. Since it's an AP item that scales off of other AP items,it's extremely useful for spiking your damage if you're ahead or even scaling it if you aren't.

I like to build Void Staff only if their team is tanky or is stacking Magic Resist. It has the ability to shred the enemies MR, and with Sudden Impact and Oblivion Orb, your penetration will be insane. Compared to Rabadon's Deathcap I would only really buy this if their magic res. is high. It's still a really good item that I usually build in my comp.

Morellonomicon is an item that's grants grevious wounds to the enemy. Since you should already have Oblivion Orb it should only be about 1400G to purchase, but only purchase this item if it's the last purchase you need or if their team has a lot of healing/life steal.

Banshee's Veil really helps with engaging in teamfights and lowering the damage done by AP. I usually build this item if they have a heavy AP teamcomp or im getting one-hit CC from the beginning of a teamfight. The spellshield has the same traits as Edge of Night and it really helps with engaging an enemy without getting CC'd

Guardian Angel is a really good buy if their team has heavy AD and you're getting picked in teamfights easily. This paired with Zhonya's Hourglass really helps with sustain in teammfights against high AD team comps.

In all honesty, Lich Bane isn't really a worthy buy. A lot of people like it because it procs with Akali's passive, but it's such a heavy cost and the item gives mana that you don't need. It's to the point where saving up a bit more for Rabadon's Deathcap is more viable. Nonetheless, Lich Bane is still a good choice, it provides a good amount of damage.

Another item that's a really good buy if you're going against a heavy AP team. Spirit Visage gives you a good amount of health, magic resist, and even a passive that supports your Conquorer and Hextech Gunblade heal.

Going against a team with a lot of CC? Quicksilver Sash is a really good item to counter that. The fact that it gives you some magic resist and the ability to get out of any CC with a click of a button is a worthy buy. The only problem is that it costs a good amount of gold, but if you can't get any picks because of the enemies hard CC, then its definitley a worthy buy.

Of course there are many other items that work with Akali, but these are the typical items that akali can use to win and carry games. Akali is a pretty flexible champ and can use a good amount of different items in the game to her advantage.

Akali Early

Akali's game could easily be decided early. Her ability to snowball and solo carry a game is honestly impressive. Most akali player mistakes that happen early game is that they play aggressive pre-3, or they get heavily poked. Before you get level 3 you shouldn't look for too much of a hard engage. Once you get level 3 you should be able to pressure your opponent easily. If you start to snowball from a kill, then you should easily be able to carry the game when mid game comes.

Akali Midgame

Midgame is where akali shines the most. Once you hit level 6 the game is in your hands. This is where you should really focus on pushing the wave and roaming to your botlane or toplane. I've went botlane so many times and even if I assist them a little bit it changes the whole game. Akali has an immense 2v1 potentail, so you should abuse it especially during mid-game. When you want to roam remember to shove your lane and sneak to your teammates lane to get easy kills and snowball even harder

Akali Late

In most cases, akali WILL have a somewhat harder time in late game, but she doenst lose any of her potential to win and finish the game. You have to be more strict and less careless about your picks, as one mistake can lead to your demise. I would suggest not being the first one to engage in most cases, and to follow your team in teamfights, delivering final blows to the squishiest opponents. There shouldn't be too much of a problem if you play it correctly


Although I haven't added a combo section yet, a general idea of a quick full combo with her R is R > E > E > AA > Q >> R although this ISNT a combo utilizing her full abilities, it's a quick combo that does a lot of damage in a short amount of time compared to extended combos

I'm going to record all my combos and skills and publish them soon. Please check back when it's released!

Akali is a very nimble and quick champion, that can easily demolish squishys and even some tanks if built correctly. I spent a good amount of time on this guide, I really wanna share my experiences with akali and hear from you how you feel about her. If anyone has any questions or needs any tips drop a message in the discussion or check out my twitch/twitter. Good luck and i hope you enjoyed this guide!
Check out my Twitch and Twitter down below!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Scyrine
Scyrine Akali Guide
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