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Evelynn Build Guide by noaesra

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author noaesra

Jungel Evelynn <3 [S3]

noaesra Last updated on September 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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lets start!

Hii guyz,

im Dukamal im playing main jungel als my fav roll in game i have a short bud efectif jungel guid for Evelynn for you guys i hope its great for you !!

it works great for me! :D

Awsome movie!:

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- High damage
- Very good gank potential
- With good use of passive, can give all but first blues away
- Good pushing ability
- E steroid means for fast turret taking
- Excellent counterjungler

- Quite squishy
- Often targeted
- No hard CC
- Tendency to KS (Q spam)

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how to roll <3

Early game

Generally, you're going to want to get a smiteless leash from your ad/support lane. AD can stay for like 1 hit then support can just stay until it's dead because support doesn't need to be that early to lane. So if you're blue side, start red - if purple side, start blue. Note that this can change if level one shenanigans go down.

Standard paths:

Wolf -> Blue -> wraith > gollem > Red -> Gank

While you don't have any CCs, you can sneak up really close to enemies for early ganks. Make sure you go on someone that's overextended however, or you'll be forced to chase into tower range. Walk up and get your , chase with , and if they have slows make sure you wait on until after they use it.


Another thing you can do is look to counter-jungle early, especially vs junglers like Amumu, Maokai, etc. If you do that, get your smiteless leash then run to their second buff. For example, if they started blue, you run to their red ASAP after getting your smiteless leash. If they're doing it, engage when the buff is at ~800 health so they can't finish it and walk out - they have to give it up. If they aren't, just wait - they'll be coming, and they will face check you. Make sure you let your team know what you're attempting, and keep an eye on enemy lanes also. You don't want to get stuck 1v3.

Be careful when you do this, as Evelynn isn't that strong at first two levels. I'd only do it if the enemy jungler was Amumu/ Maokai, and you were sure where they started, and sure that they got a smiteless. If you just never counterjungled at all I wouldn't say you had a huge gap in your gameplay, but it is a decent tactic sometimes. Evelynn can also run through mid to do this since she doesn't reveal to creeps, just make sure their mid laner doesn't see you!

Mid Game

This one's pretty simple, dive bot win game! As soon as you have Agony's Embrace just run bot. Check with your team for enemy pinks, if they don't have any just go straight on lane. If they do, then you have to tower dive, which is fine since you have high MS from and the big shield from . When setting up a tower dive, make sure you tell your team to shove the lane first - you want to arrive at tower with at least 1.5 creep waves. If they fail, just go somewhere else I guess, but bottom is the easiest place for kills since dives are easier and your shield is bigger (2 enemies).

If you're not ganking bot, ask your team for enemies with no for an easy kill. Not much to say other than walk up and use your buttons, don't forget to use after slow if they have one as usual.

You can also look for counterganks, your ult pretty much means you win every single 2v2. If your team has good wards watch for enemy jungler ganks then just show up for the double kill!

Late Game

If you complete DFG, try to pick off enemies that are off farming by themselves. Other than that, just stay with your team and look to teamfight because your ult does ******edly large damage. Oh yeah and shields you for 1500.

So if you haven't guessed, winning late game with eve revolves around one thing:

There are two ways to hit good ults.

1) Bait them. If they enemy doesn't have a large amount of stun/silence (snares are fine), just run at them and use . When they turn on you, pop then ulti when you're out of it.

2) -> when they are pushing. Most people don't expect the range of this, especially when you're invisible from . If you hit a good ult off this their whole team will be slowed and you can just run at them with and . Remember you can pop if they ever turn.

3) Hope they go on your team. This is the easiest ult to land, but obviously depends on them playing into you so it's the hardest. Simply wait for big ticket enemy ults to go off (ex: [amumu],[malphite],[sejuani], and everyone on their team will be like OMG MUST FOLLOW UP!!! at which point you take away 40% of their HP and shield yourself for 1500 ^_^.

4) Follow up your team. If you have an easy setup like [malphite][sejuani][amumu] then obviously if they hit a great ult it's not hard to just pop yours right on top.

her is a lil route !

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's Spells

Evelynn's new passive turns her into a real assassin (not like wannabe-assassins like Twitch or Shaco ;-) ). She gets invisible till she touches a champion within the radius around her. Only Vision Ward or towers can detect her - so you can easily gank a warded bot- or top-lane if they didn't buy Vision Ward.
When she turns invisible Evelynn regenerates mana which is quite important to know if you want to prevent needless recalls.
Care for every bush you want to walk in - if you hit an enemy champion in it your whole gank (or whatever you wanted to do) can be failed and your stealth is canceled.
An additional function of this spell is it's scouting-ability. Use it (carefully!) to scout positions like Baron, Dragon or Blue/Red-Buff.

This spell is the main-nuke of AP-Evelynn and an average dmg-source for AD-Evelynn. The AoE-effect of this spell just goes in front of the direction Evelynn is turned to. Don't forget to use Hate Spike whil chasing fleeing enemies - especially as AP-Evelynn.
While jungling you have to get the whole jungle-camp into Hate Spike which is kinda tricky.

This spell's active increases your movement-speed significantly for a few seconds and removes all slow-effects. Passively you get additional movement-speed for every spell-hit on an enemy champion.
Use this spell while jungling for moving to another jungle-camp or to get a speed-buff after a recall to the base. Always Dark Frenzy before team-fights/ganks or if you know that you could be ganked for some reason (for example while tower pushing).
This spell can be a lifesaver after you finished an enemy - especially during a tower-dive.

AD-Evelynn's bread and butter and a good damage-source for AP- Katarina. This spell allows us to create versatile item-builds with Evelynn. In this guide I'm focussing on full AP- and AD-Evelynn but there are Hybrids-Builds for Lane- Evelynn's.
Especially as AD- Evelynn you have to activate the attack-speed-buff of Ravage while you destroy towers!

This spell is just great - for you and your team. Most of the time we use it in team-fights to hit as many enemies as possible for maximum shield-absorb and damage.
But sometimes you're able to safe an ally by slowing chasing enemies with Agony's Embrace or just saving your own life if something went wrong.

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Evelynn is an excellent decision to join a tanky team with decent CC. She offers high damage, good ganks, fast clearing and pushing, quick turret taking, fast general map speed and excellent counterjungling.

However she is somewhat squishy and lacks hard CC.

She can destroy in laning phase - and in teamfights should aim to stay near the back, only going in to cast her ultimate, and to take out the enemies highest damage dealer.

Feedback always appreciated


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Construction site (updates)

lanched: 02-03-2013

Constructed: 09-03-2013
- boots
- some sexy stats of my <3
-trust me this build rock's !