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Kayle Build Guide by Ssenkrad II

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ssenkrad II

Jungle in Style: Kayle

Ssenkrad II Last updated on August 31, 2012
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Normal/Health S./Tank/Mana S.

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 12

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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To whom it may concern...

Note to whom it may concern: I've noticed updated "build guides" for Kayle that are voted some of the best on MOBAfire that have copied my build... Dont vote yes to those guides who steal ideas for builds just because they have lots of needless pictures and color. If you want detailed pictures on where to place wards, or a detailed walk through and specifics on jungling look up guides specific to that. Every build guide doesnt need to be fattened down with needless information. This guide provides basic information and build strategies that work. (Infact have been stolen, so obviously they work!) If all you do is look at the build/masteries/runes and dont read anything else, I can still promise you that your jungling with Kayle will be more successful than if you hadn't. Period.

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Welcome to the world of the underestimated jungle kayle...

This being my first guide, and being a gamer myself, I know that much of the hard work put into guides really isnt ever read... With that in mind I will keep it short and sweet.

I love jungling! It is a blast once you get the hang of it and a pain in the rear for the other team, if you are good at what you do. With that said I cant tell you how many times i've played kayle jungle and heard "jungle kayle? wtf?" and then been razed for most of the start of the game. By the end of the game however people dont seem to find you that funny, as youre kills pile up and your deaths are avoided.

Note: Test, try,and learn= bots... Dont go trying to jungle with Kayle in PvP when you dont know what you are doing and give us other Kayles a bad name! Thats what bots are for! Use them!

Note: If you can't read past a 3rd grade level (paragraph form) please do yourself a favor and stop reading now as your brain might get confused with the lack of pictures and needless explanations OF the pictures...Thank you!

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Pros and Cons


  • Is one of THE fastest jungle clearance champs and will always end with highest neutral monster kill count- will out jungle the more common junglers such as Warwic, Udyr and Lee in numbers and speed to gank everytime.
  • Free exhaust with your Q, allowing for amazing ganking ability early on, and often.
  • Once you get ult you are able to tower dive gank. This allows ganks to be even more effective as you can finish them off under the tower and then ult+w to get out alive.
  • Her abilities allow for great support in team fights or on herself if she is being targeted. This allows her to deal massive damage before anyone can bring her down.
  • A great snowball victory champ! (Ill show some pics of games ive had)

  • If cc or silence hits at wrong time ult is useless, you then die.
  • You are at the mercy of your team holding lanes as you ability to counter jungle is weaker, as well as being weaker to counter jungle. Just like jungling with Udyr if your team loses their lanes early and in turn you lose your jungle and ganking ability, it is crippling and hard to recover from. (It is their job to hold towers, your job to gank when enemies push in... Dont let dumb team mates EVER blaim you for their failure to hold lane!)
  • Blue bluff is needed, end of story... If you have dumb team members who steal your blue you will be crippled and speed in jungle is killed. This is also a blow to your mid (if your mid is a mana hungry champ) because he will end up raging the whole game about wanting blue... Sadly cant be done with Kayle jungle, you will need first 2-3 blues no questions...

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Preface to Rune/Masteries

The masteries and runes are designed to help you jungle faster and survive long enough to kill on your ganks. You will find she is a bit squishy, and the runes and masteries help with that in a gank, as well as not losing all your hp in the jungle. Both sets of masteries and runes listed work, just for slightly different style of play. Depending on how you want to play the Rune/Masteries fit into the core build either way. So it doesn't matter which set you go with, both are designed to fit into this build scheme.

Note: I have tried jungle with pure attack masteries vs combined masteries and clearly combined worked better for her. She is weak in the jungle early on without them, (loses massive amounts of hp, health pots gone before you even hit red or bot golems)The def masteries allow for fast clearance of jungle early with little hp loss which allows for early ganks!(Hopefully this FURTHUR explanation of why the masteries are what they are will make sense...)

Note: The runes and masteries should be self explanatory, a rune that makes you attack faster, is so you'll attack faster... If you think you have a better combo of rune/masteries, GREAT! I can tell you these have been proven to work countless times and are a great starting point from which you can expand as you evolve as a Kayle Jungler...

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SEAL: Greater Seal of Defense or Greater Seal of Armor

If you know you are going to be getting an awesome leash at blue go with the Greater Seal of Defense , if you are unsure about the quality of the leash and dont want to take too much early damage go with Greater Seal of Armor.

GLYPH: Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

If you are not building towards a Nashor's Tooth or a Athene's Unholy Grail then go with Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction as your CDR is going to be hurting (blue buff does provide you with some CDR). If you are building towards those items then get Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist as it will provide that extra beef.

MARK: Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Attack speed is not an option...

QUINTESSENCE: Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Attack speed is not an option...

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Summoner's Wrath -1
Mental Force -4
Alacrity -4
Weapon Expertise -1
Sorcery -4
Arcane Knowledge -1

Summoner's Resolve -1
Hardiness -3
Tough Skin -2
Bladed Armor -1
Durability -4
Veteran's Scars -1
Indomitable -2

Improved Recall -1

Total:15 Offense, 14 Defense, 1 Utlity
Provides you with the tool to be a killer, dealing massive damage and surviving long enough to secure the kills.


Summoner's Wrath -1
Brute Force -3
Alacrity -4
Weapon Expertise -1

Summoner's Resolve -1
Hardiness -3
Tough Skin -2
Bladed Armor -1
Durability -4
Veteran's Scars -1

Improved Recall -1
Expanded Mind -3
Swiftness -4
Runic Affinity -1

Total: 9 Offense, 12 Defense, 9 Utlity
Provides you with the tools to have more sustain in jungle. Keeping you alive and your buffs active longer this is a more well rounded set of masteries.

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Spells that work

Smite is obviously a must if you are going to be jungle, it give you the extra 10 gold every use, might not seem like a lot but using it just 10 times gives you an extra sight ward, well worth it. Not to mention the much needed extra damage early game to neutral monsters as well as late game finishing touches on dragons and baraon...

Surge is my second spell and the reasons once again should be obvious if you actually play with Kayle... The use of surge on an early gank with the added attack speed of your runes and masteries equals one hell of a gank... End game? unreal... Run into the enemy team, hit your E with surge and watch as the whole enemy team melts- if they target you hit your ult and drain them all as they frantically try and kill you, wasting precious time attacking you for 0 dam as your team finishes them off... Attack speed? Extra ability power? Can you scream kayle anymore? I think not...

Heal is a solid second choice, and here are my "noob" reasons.
1. Kayle is squishy early game
2. CC kills Kayle, heal allows for extra precious time to use abilities and escape.
3. Support, you would be amazed at the effect a small heal spell can have end game team fights, where ignite? Not so much end game...
4. Perfect for baiting into a tower trap or into a fight they think they can win. Kayle needs time to wear champs def and magic res down, heal can provide that.
5. If you find flash is working better, you are playing Kayle wrong and not optimizing use of her W/R!

Exhaust is for the gank kill, which with Kayle + Q + Exhaust= kill everytime... Loses late game appeal vs other spells though...

Ignite if you are finding you are having trouble finishing them off, you can try ignite. Havent had much need or use for it using Kayle Jungle though...

Ghost clearly seemed to work better than Flash for those new to kayle and find they cant excape. Also was more effective in ganks than Flash as you could dive using Ghost, get the kill and then ult+W to safety with no issues from minions with added speed, vs the one time extra movement burst... Your call!

Note: Flash is a wasted spell on Kayle jungle, simple as that. Try flash in a couple games if you must but I ask that you try the other spells as well, and judge for yourself which one yields better results. With W and R you have a free Ghost spell, plus some extra hp, and immune to damage... If you are getting into dangerous situations that W and R cant save you, you are doing something horribly wrong...

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General Skill Sequence and Jungling

Items to Start: Cloth Armor, 5 Health Potion

Early Jungle and Skills: Start by taking point in Righteous Fury, get a leash for blue and take out blue with Smite when applicable. On lv put point in Reckoning and take a gank if there. (AFTER BLUE GANK) Only gank the two lanes closest to you (picture below for clarification) if someone is pushed out take it right away, leading your attack with Reckoning and then throwing down Surge with Righteous Fury to deal your damage/kill. If there is no gank there, go to wolves next, using Righteous Fury and target large wolve in center of pack, using Health Potions to heal. Then go to wraths, note when attacking them to get into the middle before attacking main wraith or your Righteous Fury will not hit the whole group! Easy thing to do is go into wraths, attack main wraith without Righteous Fury activated, and once targeted then trigger Righteous Fury. After Wraiths get red, Smite should be ready for use again to finish him off. With this lv put point in Divine Blessing and look at map once again for gank possiblity (AFTER RED GANK) . Only gank lanes that are pushed back into YOUR OWN towers, if you team is pushed forward it is their job to ward for ganks and keep themselves safe. If there is a gank there, take it. You will still have blue buff and red, and lv 3. Take a wide birth and ping the enemy you are targeting so team knows you are coming in. Target low hp champs first. Start with your Reckoning as it slows the enemy down and then pull off your Righteous Fury to start killing from range. Dont stand still as you are attacking! Attack and move, attack and move, will grant you best chance of killing blow (staying as close to their side as possible). If enemy uses Flash or Ghost use your Divine Blessing to try and run them down. Once you reach lv 6 you can chase into tower and Intervention out to safety. I found that using Intervention and running through tower into enemy jungle, and then quickly using Divine Blessing on myself to speed back into river was easiest and safest.

Note; if there are no ganks, dont take them. Keep jungling, kill the golems, anti jungle. Dont waste time helping lanes push, you will fall behind

Skills: After lv 6 you I max out Reckoning first, then Righteous Fury, then finish with Divine Blessing, taking your points in Intervention at 6,11, and 16.

Note: I take my points in Reckoning first as it gives me a more powerful burst during a gank. Taking your points in Righteous Fury first can also be useful as it helps with jungle clearance. You'll have to decide if you want faster jungle clearance or if you want more burst damage during your ganks. If you find you are having trouble finishing off enemies during a gank then i would go with Reckoning, while if i found i was taking them down i would switch it up and max out Righteous Fury first as it would help with my clearance.

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Sphlank's Alternate Jungle Route

Sphlank wrote:

Also, if i may suggest you another jungling route:
Blue side- start at red, boots and 3 pots, ask bot and/or mid to help leash wraiths and red, and once you grab red, immediately gank bot or mid. If you're at top, just do the same thing but with top lane. It's great, because if they try to counter you, then you can steal both their blue, and get out safely.

Side note: Use your E at 1:38. If you don't, you lose a second or two at red, and to me, that's actually very important.

Anyway, I've rambled on too much. Great guide +1.


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After Blue Gank

Guide Top

After Red Gank

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Preface to Items

Note: You will notice I do not mention anymore Health Potions, sight wards, Vision Wards, Oracle's Elixirs, or any other useable item... Does this mean dont buy them? No... Get them when you feel you need them and can afford them. Putting them in the build as if you buy them at the same time every game would be outright stupid and ignorant on my part. (Unless they happen to be STARTING items...)If you have some extra coin throw in some Health Potions into your inventory before heading out. If the enemies are really starting to make you pay with their sight wards get your Oracle's Elixir and start making money killing them. If you have the money and you currently have no vision on baron or dragon then get some sight wards... Simple as that! I will say this though, do not underestimate the use of Vision Wards vs Oracle's Elixirs, they are cheaper and can help you kill unwanted wards hurting your ganking abilities while at the same time warding for your team. I find Oracle's Elixirs expensive and risky! Use at your own risk! (I have marked on the picture below in PINK my favorite location for the Vision Wards)

If you want detailed explanations on how to and where to place wards, there are amazing guides right here at MOBAfire that specifically go over just that. I will say this though, if you watch the pro's play, and I mean pro's, not just "ranked matches", you will notice that EVERYONE WARDS, not "just support"...

To say that support wards everything is outright... silly... To expect someone from bot to go all the way to top to ward baron for you? GG, that's all forks you've already lost... Now you have a totally worthless support who has spent most of his money on wards, and has fallen behind on lv's because he is wandering the map aimlessly placing wards. Because of all that they can no longer really help in team fights at ALL, (and go 0-8 and rage) and all you have gained from it is possibly a few extra items for your carries who are picked apart easily and early in teamfights because support can't keep them alive... No, everyone wards... That includes the jungle...

Jungle's most common ward placements include Baron, Dragon, and Blue/Red buffs (for both your buff and the enemies buffs), support wards bot, solo top wards his river bush, and mid wards his area as he desires. If you honestly don't know where those locations are and need a picture... Ummm... There, a picture... The stars marked in RED are where jungle should be warding most often, with Baron and Dragon being the two most important...

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Jungle Wards Placements

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Core Items

The first four items are a must, after those four I change my build based off what the enemy is doing, and how my team is doing- both their build and how they are playing. Honestly though, nine times outa time in PvP 5v5 double blind normal, the game is over by this point in the build anyway!

First Major Buys- Madred's Razors and Berserker's Greaves
Next Major Buy- Wit's End (Start with Recurve Bow if possible)
Next Major Buy- Malady (Start with the two Daggers)
Next Major Buy- Madred's Bloodrazor (once again starting with Recurve Bow if possible)

Note: If the game is going very poorly early on and you need a fast pick me up, then on recall build Malady with the Daggers first vs saving up your money for the Recurve Bow and Wit's End. The added 15% attack speed from each Dagger might just be enough to catch you back up. On most games though, the extra cash from the jungle and a kill or two makes getting Wit's End first a better option.

Most games dont go this far, but if they do here is a bit of advice on what to build when:

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Note: If you find that your AD carry is doing well, your tank is holding enemy champs off, and you're not being targeted in team fights- then build:

Next Major Buy- Guinsoo's Rageblade
Last Major Buy- The Black Cleaver (Start with B. F. Sword if possible)

This will allow you to still provide great damage output but also become a strong support for your AP and AD carry, softening up the enemies with you items as well as your passive.

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Health Sustain...

Note: If you find your AP and AD carry team members are not getting it done, need more burst damage/sustain, and you have the money then build:

Next Major buy: Hextech Revolver
Next major buy: Nashor's Tooth
Last major buy: Hextech Gunblade

This will give you great burst as well as give you some amazing sustain with the life steal and spell vamp. This will basically allow you to carry both AD and AP and pick up for your failing AD and AP team members.

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Note: If you find your tank isn't getting the job done, and you are being targeted and killed often in team fights, but your AD and AP champs are doing fine then build:

Next major buy: Frozen Mallet
Last major buy: Guardian Angel

This will make you more tanky, giving you more hp, def, magic resist and the second chance of guardian angel, picking up the slack from your tank and allow your AP and AD to do what they have to. If the other team has a fed AD carry that is causing problems, getting a Thornmail insted of Frozen Mallet is a smart choice...

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Mana Sustain...

Note: If you find mana is a huge issue, the enemy is stealing your blue (or heaven forbid a dumbass team member...) and you feel like you needed the extra sustain to boot it, then build:

Before Building Madred's Bloodrazor

Next Major Buy: Chalice of Harmony
Next Major Buy: Madred's Bloodrazor (once again starting with Recurve Bow)
Next Major Buy: Athene's Unholy Grail
Last Major Buy: Nashor's Tooth

This will give you great burst as well as give you some amazing sustain with the mana regen and max CDR. This will basically allow you to carry both AD and AP and pick up for your failing AD and AP team members. Hextech Gunblade would give you more life sustain, while Athene's Unholy Grail will give you that extra mana sustain...

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Worthy mentionables...

Note: If the game isnt over by the time you finish your build (very very unlikely) here are some worthy mentionables for items you can get (selling your shoes and buying one more item) that are NOT mentioned above.

For Sustain: Banshee's Veil, Warmog's Armor, Rylai's Crystal Scepter

For Damage Output: Phantom Dancer or Trinity Force

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Some last minute pointers...

Trying to target yourself mid battle can be difficult, since Kayle's abilities require you to target. insted of trying to find your champ in a large team fight or on the run, Alt+Q/W/E/R = selfcast = instant casting on yourself without targeting.( Thank you balafaras for information!)

Kayle doesnt have a lot of hp, which requires you use towers and brush as often as possible. Try to lure enemy champs in on a dive on you while you are on your own tower, using heal spell with youre W and R will allow you to get an easy kill or multi kills. Hiding in brush and waiting for an enemy champ to come to you means instant kill for you- use your q as they get close to brush and follow with E and your fast attacks. Before they can even react you have already built up your stacks on attack and it is over.

The next bit of advice would be to stay in back to mid in team fights. Kayle is an easy kill if she is flying around in the front, stay back. With this build she can turn the tide of a battle very fast, cutting the enemies def and magic res large amounts allowing the rest of your team to deal massive damage. If you are not the one being targeted in team fights all the better, stay back and lay waste to the enemies, when your ad carry is almost dead pop your ult (R) on them followed by (W) and watch as you toast your enemies.

Lastly the best advice I can give is to not get down in the dumps if you die in team fights or if team members give you a hard time. Playing jungle and support are two of the most important parts of winning a game, while they both remain the most UNDER-appreciated. And guess what, jungle Kayle does both... If you can manage to deal massive damage,keep your ad carry alive, while at the same time lowering their def and magic res for your team youve done well. Supports die alot in team fights, they should! If you are alive and your AD carry is dead, you failed. Have fun and know that you are making a difference in the fights.

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Last four games played...

I have pictures of games played with this build and results as "proof" the build works... Sorry for poor quality of pictures, and please understand that these are my last 4 games, you have good games and then you dont. With that in mind a 9-9-17 for my worst game isnt bad. (Went 49-25-63 combined in PvP 5v5 double blind playing same champ each time jungle)