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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tesedin

Jungle Jax Hybrid - Ever Present Danger

Tesedin Last updated on March 24, 2011
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Last Updated - March 24, 2011

The Ever Present Danger

Been jealous of those Shacos and Xins strolling through the jungle at level one? or the endless ganks handed out by Nunu or Warwick? Well, this is how Jax gets things done in the thick and this is how you can be the ever present danger lurking in the woods.

I've been using Jax as my main since I played against one that seemed to tear my Warwick up mid to late game every time and decided to give it a try. I learned quickly Jax could take nearly anyone toe to toe mid to late game, except for a select few champions... Irelia... wench. But laneing with him brought on certain disadvantages. Not being able to harass against heavy disabling couples, Alister and Xin, without nearly dieing, or the high damage low level, beef heroes, Mordekaiser or Udyr. This was my reply and it is safe to say not only that I was able to provide a low level threat and maintain it throughout the game, increasing my assist and kill count, but that my win percentage improved greatly. I was more efficiently assisting my team throughout for the overall goal of winning.

I'll go through the runes; masteries; summoner abilities; general and situational items; early game jungling, and ganking; mid game to late game style of play; skill sequence, to give you an understanding of why and how I play this build.

Most of all, have fun, and try different variations as to suit your play style. Let me know what worked better for you, and what presented problems.

Pros and Cons

-Provides early game map control
-Allows Jax to be played as support (ganking; covering lanes; destroying towers; etc)
-Allows Jax to level faster
-Higher chance of early game kills allowing Jax to snowball
-Allows Jax to be more reactionary mid to late game
-Can take most melee characters mid to late game
-Allows for a solo top

-Not a strong jungler
-Reliant on successful ganks (can fall behind)
-Vulnerable to jungle ganks
-Item dependent

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Greater Mark of Alacrity

Greater Mark of Desolation

Now I know you may be wondering why I choose attack speed over armor penetration or magic penetration, and luckily, it's just personal preference based on my style of play. This is a very flexible part of the build, but I find the attack speed gives me a huge advantage jungling and ganking early, before you get your . It also enabled me to provide a higher damage output with , since I reached that third hit and built up stacks just that much quicker.

Overall, providing a 15.5% increase in attack speed at level one, and costing 3,690 IP.

Greater Seal of Evasion and Greater Quintessence of Evasion

Dodge, dodge, dodge means stun, survive, run. Dodge seals and quintessences are what make Jax such a powerful character. It's the reason you can take on the beef cakes and high dps fighters so well, especially when they are focusing you while you focus their Eve or Ryze. It works extremely well with the passive dodge you receive from , which will proc so frequently it'll make the enemies head spin, and the dodge percentage you gain from . More dodging means taking less damage; means stun locking your enemies with preventing them from escape; means escaping or running down foes with Nimbleness (On dodge, increases movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds). Dodge also makes your active proved more magic resist. Perfect for that Ryze or Eve.

I specifically choose not to use . One, because they are the same price as . Two, because I feel that 4.5% dodge will spare you more than the 78 additional hp, especially mid to late game. Three, it really doesn't help all that much jungling, especially once you get the hang of tearing through the bush.

Overall providing 14.85% dodge at level one, and costing 13,530 IP. (7,380 + 6,150)

Greater Glyph of Clarity

CDR is no joke mid to late game, but since you have these sweet CDR runes, you can focus on items full of ability power and attack damage. CDR will allow you to leap on those targets running from you or quickly leap to their support after you drop their squishy carries. Why not go with for the straight CDR reduction? Well, it's because it does not compete past level thirteen in CDR, and at level thirteen plus, is when you really want that CDR to spam your abilities.

Overall providing .45% CDR at level one, 8.10% at level eighteen, and costing 3,690 IP.

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I don't know if it's necessary to explain why I went this route, but I'll do it anyway. Spec in defense is what allows you to so successfully jungle and still maintain the ability to gank without recalling, and the minor in utility allows you to keep up in level while running around. Why not go all the way with defense? I prefer the extra pill times, it's worth sacrificing 4% of your body. I'll go over some of the more pivotal masteries.

Nimbleness 1/1

On dodge, increases movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds

This is a must for Jax, it will help you chase, escape, or just navigate the map. Coordinates well with Jax's high dodge percentage.

Haste 1/1

Your ghost spell increases movement speed by an additional 8%, and increases the duration by 1.5 seconds.

Jax needs an escape. This simply upgrades your escape, especially after back dooring a turret.

Veteran's Scars 4/4

Increases your champion's health by {12/24/36/48}

This mastery and any damage reduction is mainly to assist in the ease of jungling and ganking. The additional health is just enough to nullify the need for and allows me to focus on dodge.

Ardor 3/3

Increases your champion's attack speed and ability power by {1.33/2.66/4}%.

This works well with your . Attack speed will again, make jungling that much easier and build the stacks on and faster. Also making that deadly third strike more frequent.

Awareness 4/4

Increases the amount of experience your champion gains by {1.25/2.5/3.75/5}%

This, also, is a must for jungle Jax. It allows you to take on neutral creep at higher levels. You hit level two after small golems, and from there on it's jelly. It's the oil in your engine, and although you can go without this, I feel it's what allows you to keep up while running around for ganks.

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Summoner Abilities


Smite is a must for any jungler. When and where to use it I'll cover later, but it's nice later game to make sure it's always on cooldown, just sniping a creep here or there.



Now, I used to say Exhaust was essential, but Jax really needs an escape. That's where Ghost comes in and it doubles as a nice escape after turret diving. Simply Ghost up going into a turret, kill, and get out, all within the time it lasts. It's also really great late game for taking out a quick turret or chasing down Te emo across the map to get that ACE. Now there's no excuse with Nimbleness (On dodge, increases movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds) and for getting caught out of position or ganked in the forest.

As I played higher tier players, I found not having a good escape hindered my ability to support my team or fulfill objectives. Exhaust is still a viable option, but you're limiting yourself to stick very close to your team or to a turret. Flash is also a good alternative, but I still stick to the fact that a good player can easily predict where a flash with go, and it's worthless if you're playing against an Ezreal or an Kassadin. I have an alternative to this as well, but that update is coming later.

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Cloth Armor and Health Potions

These are your opening items. They'll keep you from having to recall and focus on jungling efficiently. I tend to buy four to five health potions, but I tend to only use three or four, depending on how frequently you dodge. Obviously, cloth armor leads to the next item.

Ninja Tabi and Health Potions

Sweet little kicks. The added dodge percentage and movement speed are what give you the ability to be everywhere and anywhere for the gank, also providing the dodge percentage to keep your prey nice and stunned. I tend to buy these on my first recall, around level four depending on how jungling goes.

More health potions?! Yup... I get these to continue jungling, and from levels four to six are the most likely level you'll see an opportunity to get your first gank. The health potions keep you from recalling, the less you recall the more money and experience you are gaining.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Om nom nom nom. That's what I usually /all after I get a few ears on my necklace. Guinsoo's is the defining moment for Jax. Once you get this, jungling becomes a lot easier, you still don't have any life leech, but you'll almost always be ready to jump and bash a mid without question. The added stacks will also help you take down turrets. If at all possible, try to build stacks before leaping onto a foe, they won't be able to stop the onslaught.

If you're jungling well or have made a few killing blows or assists, you should be able to get or on the way to Guinsoo's to help put out a bit more damage.

Bilgewater Cutlass

This is the item that will make you the King of Forest. It provides the life steal to never have to recall while jungling, or even let you heal in the jungle after a quick battle. It also provides a good snare active I like to put on (3) to either get that last little hit, or keep an enemy within range. It's also a preamble to the Hextech Gunblade.

Usually I can buy after Guinsoo's to allow a bit of life steal for jungling ease.

Hextech Gunblade

Think you're a cowboy? Grab your gun boy. Hextech is just a delicious slice of everything a good Jax needs. Life steal, spell vamp, ability power, attack power, and yeah, an active with long range that does instant damage and slows the target. When exhaust is spent, hextech is there to slow that Yi so you can put a whole lot of wreck on him. Oh yeah, and it's only a minute cooldown... mmm... late game strength.


Sheen is your late game ability power upgrade. It's passive allows you to put out a significant amount of damage, especially to those more tanky characters. It's a great item on it's own regardless of if you build it into Lich Bane or Trinity Force.

Situational/Open Items

Trinity Force is a great go to item, I tend to get this more often than not. It provides attack speed, target slow, health, movement speed, etcetera, and it is built from sheen. If you're able to get this early late game, you'll be unstoppable, and it provides a good answer to an enemy with good group composition.

Lich Bane, also a great weapon based off your sheen. I tend to get this if just isn't cutting it for magic resist. The addition movement speed, ability power, and attack speed also help prevent any escape.

I started using Stark's Fervor late game simply because Jax is so beefy with the extra twenty percent life steal. That, and you're adding attack speed to yourself and your team. Now, if someone else has this item along with you, the effects stack... and then, it's pretty much endless life steal Jax, even Vlad get's jealous of. I actually started using this instead of , since stark's is cheaper and seemed to work way better for me late game.

Madred's Bloodrazor is that perfect answer to a super beefy, armored, annoying late game team. Really, there's not much more to say about it as it speaks for itself.

Guardian Angel is one of those items that will inflict rage on a team when worn by Jax. Oh, Jax fell after getting beat on by four of you, while bringing two of you down with him? Well guess what... It's annoying and if you're in one of those fun, goofy moods... this is the item to wrap around that strange alien body.

Testing and working on a completely different item build inspired by a LOT of Udyr play.

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Jungling and Ganking

Jungle Jax, Ever Present Threat's Mindset

Now jungling takes a bit of skill. You'll need to have very good map awareness, while multitasking... checking the health of champions in the lanes and their position while attacking and moving to new neutral creep. Be prepared for people to be frustrated if it's your first time, but practice makes perfect, and I recommend running my or you own path through the jungle in a couple custom games.

Skill Sequence

First: I get Counter Strike first simply for the dodge and the stun are the two things that make you durable enough to jungle efficiently. I don't level this again till late game simply because it doesn't scale as well as Jax's other abilities. Max this out last.

Second and Third: Empower helps to down creep and gank. You should level this every time you can, except level three. Take a look at your lanes and the status of enemies to decide if you want this third level or fourth. Max this out first.

Fourth: Leap Strike scales very well, reducing cool down and upping damge, but it costs a significantly larger amount of mana than empower. I Max this out second.

Sixth: Relentless Assault is Jax's go to passive. Once you hit six, things become significantly easier for Jax. Obviously level this at six, eleven, and sixteen. It scales well and makes your third strike that much stronger.

The Trail

This is the route I take through the forest, simple, easy, step by step, starting at level one. They are all the creep on your side of the map.

1.Small Golems: Open with and as soon as you're hit. Use conservatively to hold on to some mana.

2.Wolves: Simply attack the main wolf, and now, use and as needed as well. Be smart, don't when there's one wolf left.

3.Casters: the main caster, and focus one at a time while using and as needed.

4.Idle: You have twenty or thirty seconds while the small golems pop up, check the lanes.

5.Small Golems: won't be up, but you won't use it this time around till right before you recall.

6.Wolves: Focus large wolf.

7.Casters: Focus main caster.

8.Red Pill Minions: one minion and the other to death, then run, don't attack Lizard King of death.

9.Recall: Buy your and three or four .

10.Small Golems: Burn ; conserve mana.

11.Wolves: Focus large wolf; conserve mana.

12.Blue Pill: the golem, using and liberally.

13.Casters: Focus main caster.

14.Red Pill: Make the Lizard your *****.

At this point, you'll be six, and ready to gank any lane if you haven't already. You should be one level under the solo lanes assuming you weren't off too long hiding in a bush.

The Gank

Now as far as ganking, start keeping a sharp eye on the lanes once you hit four and your is ready. Now the largest mistake I make is paying no attention to my mana. Often times I'll find I can't because I'm out of mana, and the pray simply gets away. Another problem is having teammates that don't poke, asking for a gank when both enemy players are full health and your teammates are at half... those are usually the people that leave you to die after you leap in. Simple solution, play with good players or simply scare the enemy so they play back.

Approach from bushes and the jungle, avoiding the river as it is very often warded, and can either turn a gank on you or cause you to fail gank. Stealth is key, and keeping your enemies in the dark with your location will give your team map control.

Pay particular attention to your solo top, if there is no jungler on the other team, they are taking on two players. Try to poke out anytime you're in the area to keep them from putting too much pressure on your solo top. Don't be afraid to lane for a few minutes to push back aggressive enemies.

The execution is simple with Jax. + is your big hurt. Try to leap on enemies in their creep, they'll focus you causing Jax to dodge madly, so spam + . Next thing you know, Te emo is dead, unless he starts running, but then you simply burn him with . Cast as needed against ability power champions.

Turret diving is also one of those things Jax does particularly well. If you see your team demolishing and sending the enemy back to base to cry, try to time a well placed + while they're recalling next to their turret. Stay for one hit, and get our of there as soon as possible, either the way you came in, or towards your team depending on where the enemy champions are located.

Now remember, it's not about the numbers on the top right of your screen, don't chase too far, don't get caught dramatically out of position, and tab often to take account of the enemy's levels, items, and death timers.

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Mid to Late Game

Responsibility, What's That?!

As a melee carry, you're easily focused, you're expected to destroy casters; you're expected to protect your squish squish in the back. Most players have an unreal expectation of the abilities of Jax... well, try to meet it.

Mid Game to Late Game

Mid game is a great defining moment, where teams start transitioning from lane play to four man / five man teams. Jax's job is to continue to jungle while either doing any of the following: aiding your team in team fights; taking out a turret while your team distracts the enemy team ( and make you an ideal turret demolisher); ganking stragglers in the forest or attempting to take out your turret; pushing out neglected lanes; dragoning; stealing red or blue pill from the enemy forest.

Approach in team fights is tough, and depends on the enemy team. With beefy teams, it's hard to get that carry in the back, but Jax is totally dependent on your team composition, and if there are good initiators. Be aware of the enemy and your teams location, as it's easy to get caught off guard by an angry team who's bush party you just crashed.

What I like to do, although people don't like it, is body guard your squish squish teammates. When two teams clash, you're in a good position in back to either single out an enemy carry with + or prevent an assassin from dropping your back players. Don't focus tanks, but any and all DPS characters first. The reason I play like this is because if I leap deep into enemy ranks during the back and forth before a clash, I simply get dropped. Don't initiate, a living Jax does significantly larger amount of damage than a dead Jax. Chill back, poke once in a while with + and maybe proc a dodge for . I found I get a lot more assists and a lot less deaths playing like this, and over all I deal more damage. It's particularly helpful if you can focus those fighters who focus your squish players, and that is where most of your kills will come from. It's worth doing 700-1000 damage in a leap and living than staying, maybe dropping one champ, and being out the rest of the fight.

Tab, tab, tab. Be aware of what the enemy team has and purchase appropriate counters to their carries and their DPS. Be aware constantly of death times to quickly down a turret or to evade that last alive enemy from clicking you once while you recall in a bush.


Have fun, it's a team game, it's not about the counters on the top, it's about that win and the rush of taking Shen, Yi, and NuNu all at once, or at least those assists after they take a year and a day to drop you.

Let me know what you think, what could be improved, and what sounds absurd. Thanks for reading and for any feedback.

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March 24, 2011 : Pros/Cons Added; Changes to Items; Summoner Abilities; Masteries

March 9, 2011 : Guide Published