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League of Legends Build Guide Author Komasao

Jungle Tryndamere: Gank Domination

Komasao Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Credits go to skaule @DeviantART for this picture

Hai everyone. Welcome to my first guide on Mobafire.
This guide will teach you how to effectively jungle with Tryndamere as an AD melee carry.

I build Tryndamere pretty glass-canony and rely on out-DPSing the opponent to win fights. His ultimate also privileges a less tanky and more DPS build.

Please read the entire guide before voting/criticizing.

Thanks! And enjoy!

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Why jungle with Tryn?

To begin, I would like to list arguments that would favor jungling over laning.

Advantages of JUNGLING:

- His E skill allows him to close the gap between him and his target, as well as its ability to jump over walls for surprise ganks.
- His W skill slows enemy champions, allowing him and his teammate to get extra hits on the opponent. The AD reduction gives you the upper-hand if your enemy decides to fight.
- His base 320 movement speed is higher than most champions, thus giving him an edge when chasing/escaping. Mobility is essential to junglers since they are constantly moving between each camp and lanes.
- Red buff really benefits Tryndamere, for the same reasons as mentioned above.
- Allows 2 solo lanes (if your team doesn't have a jungler)
- Tryndamere is a strong 1v1 fighter due to his passive and Q heal, giving him an edge if you happen to fight enemy jungler in any jungle.

Disadvantages of LANING:

- As a melee champion, Tryndamere will easily get harassed in lane and will not be able to last hit. He might also get zoned out by some aggressive harassers.
- Less opportunity to gank other lanes since you have to hold your own lane.
- May require a more defensive starting item to counter harassment, which hinders his ability to carry.
- If duo laning, you will get less XP and Gold than jungling.

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Greater Mark of Alacrity


Greater Seal of Resilience


Greater Glyph of Alacrity


Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

Total of 31.26% Attack speed and 12.69 Armor.

I've tried Crit Chance runes over Attack Speed runes, and I've noticed that AS runes make jungling faster. This is most likely due to the fact that I tend to stay as low HP as possible to make use of his passive which allows me to reach a high enough crit chance. In this case, the extra AS benefits more than the extra crit chance.

Armor seals are great for any jungler and it lets Tryn stay at low HP while jungling.

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Pretty standard 21-0-9.

Since we are not building Madred Razors or Wriggles, I find the extra 4 dmg to creeps pretty useful while jungling.

Perseverance is pretty useless to Tryn since he does not have a high enough HP5/MP5 to really benefit from it. Good hands is really good late game.

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Summoner Spells

Mandatory for jungling

My personal favorite. The extra MS is essential for melee carries and lets you chase anyone running away. Let's not forget the ignore unit collision part that is great when fighting around minions. Ghost + Spinning Slash will discourage anyone trying to chase you.

Exhaust is mainly used for 1v1 situations...which you should always win if you have your ult. The slow is really nice, but you already have mocking shout.

A great choice on Tryn since the only way to kill you is to hard CC you right before your ult ends. Definitely take this if you are not running merc treads.

I believe spinning slash does the same job as Flash and while sometimes it can be useful to have 2 quick escapes, the CD on flash is just too big without utility mastery or improved flash.

I've seen some Tryns with Ignite. Not the best choice I must say. The main reason I can think of for running Ignite is its 50% reduced healing effect. If you are facing a heal reliant team, you should consider getting Executioner's calling. The DoT of ignite is not needed as you are Tryndamere and will be dealing 1k+ crits.

Other spells are not worth mentioning.

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Start with for sustained jungling. I never start with since I'm not building , which is not essential for jungling with Tryndamere as he can easily crit over 500.

On your first trip back, get and Sight Ward. You may buy a pot if you wish.

I usually get Zeal after boots. They provide MS, AS and Crit Chance, all stats that Tryndamere needs.

Depending on how you ganked or farmed, this should be your goal as it will greatly increase your damage output.

I get this before finishing IE since you really need that extra mobility during ganks.

Your bread and butter. A Tryndamere without IE is a real joke. AD and crit chance are your core stats and the unique passive is just godly on Tryn.

You can upgrade your now if you need the extra MS, or leave it for later.

By this point in the game, your opponents should have stacked armor heavily or else they are Tryn food. This is the perfect time to purchase this baby and tear off their armor.

More AD, more Lifesteal, more win.

I usually get this as my last item. It provides decent Armor/MRes and has good synergy with your ultimate in case you timed it too late or if you happen to die after your ult ends.


Instead of if the enemy team has very low CC

Instead of if your opponents have low armor.

This is a must get if you are playing against suppressors such as or . It acts as a better Cleanse as it also removes and or any DoT that can kill you after your ult.

Another one instead of if you have no trouble surviving in team fights.

Instead of if they are AP heavy. The extra MS is great too.

Instead of if they are AD heavy.

If you are facing Jax.

If you are facing a Heal-reliant champion.

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Skill Sequence


Prioritize your Q first since it gives you extra AD and crit dmg. The heal is very nice for jungling.

W should be maxed before E since the AD reduction and slow % is better than the extra Magic Damage from leveling Spinning Slash.

And obviously, level you ultimate whenever you can.

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Jungle Route

This is the route I usually take:

Twin golems => Wraiths => Wolves => Blue golem => Recall => Twin golems => Red lizard => (gank) => Wraiths => (gank) => Wolves => (gank) => Recall

I start at twin golems since Tryndamere does not really need the blue buff as he has no mana and CDR is pretty useless at this point. In order to gank successfully, you need your E and W skill and Red buff really helps too.

Please watch my tutorial video for more details.

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Well, I have said pretty much most of what I felt was necessary. I would also like to recommend Apotheosis' Tryndamere guide on Mobafire since it covers all other aspects of Tryndamere that I haven't covered.

Since this is my first guide, I am open to criticism and ways to improve my guide. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below.

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Some screenshots

Will add more later

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2011-06-01: Guide made public